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2006 Articles Part 2

 2006 Articles Part 2

Merry Christmas!
~ From all of us in the Benham family

Christmas Message from Flip
Eight grandchildren, what a miracle! My dad, an only child, was shot down twice in the Pacific during WWII. God's footprints, though unseen, were surely there. Shortly after he returned from the war he married my mom (pictured in the middle) and they had two children, my sister Chrissy and me. I was the last “Benham.”

The Truth from Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline
via Pastor Mark Holick
Kline to Appoint Special Prosecutor in Tiller Case
December 27, 2006
I am announcing that tomorrow I will appoint an independent special prosecutor for the case of Kansas vs. Tiller in Sedgwick County, Case No. 06CR 2961.   With this appointment, Mr. Don McKinney, a Democrat attorney from Wichita, will have full discretion regarding how the state will proceed with its case against Mr. Tiller.

Boycott Update
Posted December 27, 2006
Operation Save America/Save Wal-Mart continues to hear from Christians with questions about the boycott. The answer is – we're standing firm! Meanwhile, we're praying for Wal-Mart to repent. The following correspondence will serve to update you.

A growing split in the pro-life community
Posted: December 15, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern
By Ed Hanks
The debate over incremental anti-abortion laws, versus working toward the goal of stopping abortion altogether, is a necessary crisis of conscience for pro-lifers. Its resolution will determine the future of abortion in America.

The First Gift was a Baby
Posted December 23, 2006
This is always the hardest time of year to be a lifesaver outside this deathcamp in Granite City, Illinois. They kill between 150-200 babies now 5-6 days a week. It was always so special to see pregnant women or be pregnant at this time of year. But sadly, nowadays, children are considered a curse rather than a blessing. Do you realize the first gift that God gave the world was a baby? His name was Jesus. He was born in a manger and died on a cross for our sins so that one day we live with Him in eternity.

If they were not murdered children,
then what exactly were they?

Commentary by Tim Hanline, Jr.
Posted December 21, 2006
The Clarion Ledger in Jackson, MS has yet again shown its dedication to professional and unbiased journalism – it has none. 

Victory in Jackson, Mississippi
By Dr. Pat McEwen
Posted December 21, 2006
Gentle Christians on their way to court in Jackson, MS
Gentle Christians on their way to court in Jackson, MS
We went to Jackson expecting to be hammered by the courts as arbitrarily as we were persecuted on the streets in July. Our experience in July taught us that Jackson had chosen to serve another king and banish King Jesus from her streets.

Abortion Protesters in Court
WLBT-TV - Jackson,MS, USA
Rev. Flip Benham says, "We're going to court, we're going to give 'em heaven in court, smiling in Jesus's name, thankful that God came to this earth to be with us over 2000 years ago and thankful that we could allow the theology of the church to become the biography in Jackson and lots of little babies were saved this week when we were here in July."  

Jackson, Mississippi Attempts to Criminalize Christianity
December 18, 2006

Eleven gentle Christians will be returning to Jackson, Mississippi this Tuesday, December 19, 2006, to stand trial for exposing the horror of abortion on the streets of Jackson. There is one remaining abortion mill in the entire state of Mississippi, and it is located in Jackson. Jackson was the focal point of America's war over abortion this past summer as hundreds of Christians came to the streets.

The Mail Has Been Delivered...
Posted December 16, 2006
We just finished up a long day at Wal-Mart Stores Home Office in Bentonville, Arkansas. Saints of God from all across the United States converged on Bentonville, Arkansas from December 14-16, 2006. They came bearing a message of repentance, urging Wal-Mart to turn from its wickedness and return to the family-values and biblical principles that made it great. The name of Jesus Christ was glorified and many, many Wal-Mart employees heard the Gospel of the kingdom. - news, photo & video links enclosed

Could the next prez be black or female?
A response by Chris Coatney
Posted December 14, 2006
“Could the next prez be black or female?”  A gentle warrior for Jesus in Detroit, Michigan, responds to this article written in the Detroit News, on Tuesday, December 12, 2006.  Chris Coatney begins his response with, “I don't know the answer to this question, but there is a real good chance the next aborted baby will be black or female…”

Dead Fetal Pain Act Causing Pain in Movement
Colorado Right to Life
Denver, Colorado December 13, 2006
Law Professor and Pro-life Leader Differ on Life After Roe
Dead Fetal Pain Act Causing Pain in Movement
Posted December 14, 2006
Here is an excellent press release put out by our friends at Colorado Right to Life.  This exposes all of us in pro-life for the fools that many of us have become.  Yes, the devil always wins when we fight with any other weapon than the Word of God.

Abortion Industry Crumbling in Bridgeport
By Marilyn Carroll
Posted December 14, 2006
Praise be to God, the abortion industry is crumbling before our very eyes. From what we saw; FIVE MOMS WENT IN TO KILL THEIR BABIES. Of course this is five too many, but it is fewer than normal. Remember in 1990 when we first started this ministry, they were killing up to 80 babies a day, four days a week with two abortionist on killing duty. Now they are down to two days a week, one baby killer and single digits. One day the killing will stop, hopefully very soon. Please put this on your prayer lists. Thank you. Bane

The Election is Over - Now Let's Storm the Gates of Hell!
By Flip Benham
Posted December 13, 2006
The election results are in. The News media frenzy is over. Many of us are remembering once again that life does not begin and end in Washington, D.C. National, state and local elections are not nearly as important as breathless radio and TV talk show hosts would have us believe. Understand, ratings are driven by numbers. Every little thing therefore, no matter how utterly trivial, becomes a monumental “breaking news story.”

December 2006 Newsletter
Posted December 13, 2006
Merry Christmas!
~ From all of us in the Benham family

Eight grandchildren, what a miracle! My dad, an only child, was shot down twice in the Pacific during WWII. God's footprints, though unseen, were surely there. Shortly after he returned from the war he married my mom (pictured in the middle) and they had two children, my sister Chrissy and me. I was the last “Benham.”

City ordinance trumps U.S. Constitution, Hendersonville police say
By Evangelist Randy Bane
Posted December 13, 2006
Here is a report from our precious brothers in Christ as they brought the Gospel of Christ to the very gates of hell.  This is from the Bible Belt.  Startling how our religious liberties are disappearing through unconstitutional city ordinances.  We are witnessing the systematic criminalization of Christianity and it is not because the enemy is so strong that we can't resist him.  It is because we Christians are so cowardly that we would surrender anything to keep our own personal peace.

Letter to Ministers
Posted December 8, 2006
Pastors respond to needs based on knowledge of them. Rather than being a part of the problem of ignorance about Wal-Mart be a part of the solution. In keeping with our privilege of being salt and light, here is a sample letter for you to both encourage and support your pastor. Use it to build up your local church by reaching the lost and helping an old friend, Wal-Mart, in dire need of help right now.

Fetal Pain Legislation
Posted December 6, 2006
Fetal pain legislation - email exchange between Tim Broderick, executive director of People for Life, Erie, PA and our own Flip Benham. - See also Flip Benham's article, Incrementalism, the Lie from the Pit of Hell.

AFA calls off boycott of Wal-Mart stores
By David Crary - Associated Press
Nov 30, 2006, 17:21
Discount retailer agrees to earmark funds for specific causes rather than making unrestricted gifts to groups.   This is an article from the “Dallas Voice,” a blatantly pro-homosexual news publication. Sometimes it is helpful to view “our declared victories” from the perspective of our enemies.  What have we won as far as bringing Wal-Mart to repentance over what it has done to the Gospel of Christ, to the legacy of Sam Walton, to the biblical principles that made Wal-Mart great, and to the American Christian family?

Income drops as Christians publicize 'gay' Wal-Mart
'Information explosion' about support for homosexuals targeted retailer
Posted: December 1, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern
© 2006 WorldNetDaily.com
"Nationally, we heard from Wal-Mart's own mouth that its sales during the month of November – including Black Friday – fell 0.1 percent below expectations," said Rev. Flip Benham, who worked to coordinate sign-carrying volunteers in front of Wal-Marts across the nation under the Operation Save Wal-Mart banner.

On the Road Again
By Jo Scott
Posted December 4, 2006
Ron Brock is on the road again; this time he is exposing Walmart. He has his RV decked out in full Save Walmart regalia. Ron began his save Walmart tour in Colorado Springs, CO after the Nov. 6th election and hit all of the Walmarts there. He had a day to spend in Denver and was able to visit at least five Walmarts before he headed for the highway to California.

Another Alabama Abortion Mill Violates State Health Codes
By Flip Benham
Posted December 1, 2006
The horrible truth of what goes on in our nation's abortion mills is being exposed as Health Departments across the nation are taking another look into this once “most favored” business.  What they are finding is absolutely revolting!

A Word about Fetal Pain Legislation
By Flip Benham
Posted November 30, 2006
That's right!  The devil would be happy to sign this, oh so cleverly crafted, piece of legislation.  “We need to be kind to the babies we are going to murder, so let's reduce the pain for God's sake.  Let's be humane in the way we kill.”   See, the devil loses nothing here.  It is just a “gentler and kinder” way to kill.   

Wal-Mart, GOP forsake God, groups say
Posted November 30, 2006
The Hill -The Newspaper for and about the U.S. Congress
Tues Nov 28, 2006
Some Christian conservative groups say both Wal-Mart and the Republican Party have “forsaken God.” And just as the GOP took a hit in the elections earlier this month, the groups say the retail giant's lower-than-expected November sales figures are the wages of that sin.

Trussville, AL Wal-Mart Report
Posted November 29, 2006
Brother Dave Lackey and four other Christian proclaimers visited the Wal-Mart in Trussville, AL, a suburb of Birmingham, on Black Friday, November 24, 2006, to lift up the name of Jesus and inform shoppers of the unholy alliance Wal-Mart has formed with The National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC).

Pastor Mark Holick Wichita's Pro-life Shepherd
Posted November 29, 2006
There is no question whom God is raising up to be the Pro-life shepherd in Wichita.  Pastor Mark has been so faithful through all of the years of our battles with the abortion industry in Wichita.  He was there in 1991 and he is still there today.  It has cost him and his family much, yet he has stayed the course. 

Wall Street Has Worst Day in 4 Months
By TIM PARADIS (AP Business Writer)
From Associated Press
November 27, 2006 7:18 PM EST NEW YORK - Wall Street had its worst day in more than four months Monday as the dollar weakened and concerns about the strength of the retail industry arose following a rare sales decline at Wal-Mart Stores Inc . The Dow Jones industrials fell 158 points. Read Flip Benham's note to the Saints.

Operation Save Wal-Mart, North Carolina
By Pat McEwen
Posted November 28, 2006
Pastor Flip Benham led a group of saints to the Wal-Mart on JW Clay in Charlotte. We had a glorious “black Friday” proclaiming Jesus to the people in the Wal-Mart parking lot and along the streets approaching the store. We passed out over 2600 flyers and received many more positive responses than negative. About thirty Christians came “out of the closet” to allow their theology to become alive and active to confront Wal-Mart with her sin.

2,500 Flyers handed out at Wichita Wal-Mart
Posted November 28, 2006

Pastor Mark Holick, joined by 19 other Saints, handed out
approximately 2,500 flyers at the Wal-Mart at Pawnee and
Broadway in Wichita, KS on Friday, November 24, 2006.

Group targets Midland Wal-Mart
By Angela E. Lackey
Daily News photos/JESSE OSBOURNE
Cal Zastrow, right, and his 13-year-old daughter Corrie, left, protest on the curb in front of Wal-Mart Friday afternoon. Zastrow is protesting Wal-Mart for their decision to sponsor National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, their funding for Planned Parenthood and their decision to sell Plan B, a birth control medication. Zastrow held signs that depicted two aborted fetuses. Many people passing by thought the signs were disgusting and had vulgar words for Zastrow. "Oh thank you, I am number one," Zastrow said in response to negative comments or gestures.

Stratford, CT Proclamation Reaches Hundreds who are Uninformed about Wal-Mart
by Marilyn Carroll
Posted November 25, 2006

Twenty people showed up to proclaim the gospel of truth to the customers and passers by. We were able to pass out about 800 pieces of literature in a three hour span. We had people at both driveway entrances. Signs were held so thousands of cars stopped at the light, read the signs and some asked questions and requested the flyers.

'Wal-Mart retreat from 'gay' agenda not enough'
Campaigners still plan 'information explosion' at retailer's stores
Posted: November 22, 2006
By Bob Unruh
Campaigners say they plan to hold their "information explosion" at Wal-Mart stores Friday even though the company has signaled a retreat from its support of the radical homosexual agenda.

Christian conservative group calls off Wal-Mart boycott
Hattiesburg American
An announcement late Tuesday by Wal-Mart that it would no longer support controversial issues prompted the AFA to call off its boycott, according to its Web site. [Save Wal-Mart and Operation Save America held prayer and preaching rallies outside many Wal-Mart stores on Friday.]

Wal-Marts in Tri-Cities of Michigan Hear the Gospel
By Cal Zastrow
Thousands of shoppers saw the photographs of aborted babies and heard what God's Word says about perversion.  Christian preacher, Cal Zastrow, remarked, "Praise God that many people told us that they would contact Wal-Mart and ask them to stop supporting wickedness.   Many folks were thankful for our being there to educate them."

Three babies spared from death in Bridgeport, CT
by Marilyn Carroll
Posted November 24, 2006

Those who hate life were out again but, in spite of their feeble efforts to block the voices of God's people, three precious babies were saved at 3787 Main Street. All the praise goes to our God and King, Jesus Christ. In spite of what the enemy tries to do, the Lord prevails.

Dr. Wiley Drake stands for righteousness, says "NO" to Wal-Mart
Posted November 23, 2006
Dear Mr. Scott,
Please accept my appreciation for Wal-Mart taking a stand to remain neutral in the cultural wars.
However as long as you are killing babies with your selling "Plan B" I will not return to your stores.
Also as long as you are still a member of the Sodomite Chamber of Commerce I will not return to your store.
I could go on but the list is long, and until Wal Mart Repents I will do all I can to keep people out of your stores.
I am pastor of First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park California, and I am 2nd Vice President of the 16 million strong Southern Baptist Convention.

OSA will expose the truth about Wal-Mart!!
by Flip Benham
Posted November 22, 2006
The same spirit that inhabited the shell of William Jefferson Clinton has found a resting place in the confines of the once, God honoring shell, of the Wal-Mart Corporation.  It has been caught dishonoring the God of its founder Sam Walton.  It has been caught “dissing” the American Christian family.  It has been caught calling that which is evil, good and that which is good, evil.  It has been caught by the Church of Jesus Christ betraying the God of the Bible, calling Him “a big, fat, black dyke.”

Don't Believe the Hype: Wal-Mart is Still in Bed with homosexuality
Operation Save Wal-Mart press conference, Friday, Nov. 24
Contact: Rev. Flip Benham, Dr. Pat McEwen, 972-200-4074 on site, both with Operation Save America, Operation Save Wal-Mart
CHARLOTTE, NC, Nov. 22 / Christian Newswire / -- In a statement to the American Family Association yesterday, Wal-Mart agreed that they, "...will not make corporate contributions to support or oppose highly controversial issues unless they directly relate to our ability to serve our customers". To this we say, "NUTS!"

Wal-Mart blacklisted for Black Friday
Shoppers urged to boycott No. 1 retailer due to pro-homosexual commitments
Here is a powerful article written by Bob Unruh on WorldNetDaily.com.  Bob has been recording for all of us, in several different articles, the incredible slide of Wal-Mart into the promotion and all-out support of homosexual sodomy.  Not only that, Wal-Mart is a financial supporter of Planned Parenthood, and dispenses the plan B abortifacient that kills baby boys and girls in their mother's wombs.  Sam Walton would never have allowed his corporation to ever sink so far from the principles of Almighty God.  He would have closed it all down before allowing this.  Money was never Mr. Sam's first priority.

Ministry's photograph gives evidence of forced abortion
Ministry's photograph gives evidence of forced abortion
Teen accused man of rape, pro-life group documented her clinic visit
Posted: November 18, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern
© 2006 WorldNetDaily.com

A Christian ministry whose leaders have spent 14 years outside an abortion clinic in Granite City, Ill, taking photographs of abortionists, clinic employees and customers are being credited with the arrest of a man on suspicion of the rape of a child.

When Christians boycott - does it work?
By Randy and Shelley Rodehorst
Posted November 18, 2006
Scan of Target receipt compliments of Eva Motley

In case you are wondering if we, just the little ol' Church of Jesus Christ, are having an impact when we allow the theology of the church house to come out of the closet and become biography in the streets, please note attached sales receipt from Target.

Protesters' photos may be clue in rape case
By Shane Graber
GRANITE CITY — The Arkansas cop admits he was just taking a chance when he called the couple that protests at the abortion clinic here. Turns out, it might have paid off.

Homosexuals decry savewalmart.com
Posted November 18, 2006
Southern Voice, which unapologetically has a deep pro-homosexual bias, at least included a picture of our Save Wal-Mart ad and brochure in its article.  World Magazine and the Liberty Journal would not publish the ad, even after we offered to double the price for a full-page ad.  What is it about this ad that terrifies both friend and foe alike?

Wal-Mart Pulls Lesbian Training Manual for Teens
By Brenda Spurlock
Posted November 18, 2006
Praise God and thank you to everyone who emailed Wal-Mart about the pornographic lesbian training manual for teens The Little Black Book for Girlz!! According to Bob Unruh of World Net Daily, Wal-Mart removed the book from their web site at 1:00 am this morning, November 17, 2006.  I went to the Wal-Mart site last night and actually saw this book for sale before sending out an e-mail regarding it ... but it is truly gone now and this is a cause for great rejoicing!!   It is a victory for Jesus!!  See Mr. Unruh's articles:

Reported by Marilyn Carroll
In spite of attacks by the enemy to cause confusion, lives were still saved at the Bridgeport, CT abortion mill, November 14, 2006. Why? Because Jesus is greater than anything Satan can ever try to do. Sixteen lifesavers were present, no escorts. The police were on the scene. Pastor Miller represented the local clergy. He led two women to Christ after one of them changed her mind about killing her baby. Radical lesbians, one wearing a white shirt that says, "Nothing Christ-like in terrorizing women," and one holding a sign "Pro-choice - don't bring God into this," came out to try to overturn the efforts of God's people. They came out losers again. In spite of what the enemy may try to do, God turns things around for good for those who love Him and are called to His purposes.

Hope Abortion Clinic,
a Child Predator's Paradise

Posted November 16, 2006
Daniel and Angela Michael helped Arkansas Police with an investigation that has lead to the prosecution of a child rapist.

Save Wal-Mart Rights
Posted November 16, 2006
Have You been wondering what your rights on the public sidewalk are?

November 14 Updates on Wal-Mart
We have some really great updates on savewalmart.com just for you!

Guilty in Mississippi
By Cal Zastrow
Posted November 14, 2006

Cal Zastrow and Ken Scott represented our Lord Jesus and His precious preborn children in court this past week in Pearl, Mississippi. Their crime? Holding up the horrible and very graphic truth of what abortion does to a living human being. You expose this sin, and do it in the Name of King Jesus, and you can expect the maximum sentence.

Why South Dakota's Pro-Life Bill Failed
By Jason Troyer, Director, Colorado Right to Life
Posted November 10, 2006

Why did South Dakota 's anti-abortion Referred Law 6 fail? Was it too pro-life? No! It wasn't pro-life enough. How can I say that when there wasn't even an exception for rape or incest in the law? The flaw was not in the law but in the marketing.

Operation Save Wal-Mart
By Flip Benham
Posted November 9, 2006

Operation Save Wal-Mart will be taking place on Friday, November 24, 2006.  It is picking up steam fast.  For those of you wailing over the 2006 election results – enough already!  Our hope has never been in a political party.  Jesus is the hope we have, and He is all the hope we need. 

Another Wal-Mart Employee Quits
Posted November 7, 2006
Janet Baird, the Ohio Wal-Mart employee who quit rather than work for a company that has trampled under foot the Christian values of its founder, Sam Walton, sends us information on a Florida Wal-Mart employee who was inspired by Janet's stand and has also quit.

Letter from Fergus
Posted October 31, 2006
Fergus Ross Ferrier from Cambridge, England writes: Wal-Mart does not exist to further the aims of the Christian faith. Though its founder was a caring and loving Christian, I think of all people Sam Walton would see that, in business, at least in a free democratic country, equality and profits come before a religious agenda. Read Flip Benham's response.

A Sample Press Release for Media Outlets
On Friday, November 24, 2006, the busiest shopping day of the year, Christians from across the nation will bring the Gospel of Christ to the very gates of the largest retailer in the World – WAL-MART! Christianity is moving out of the closet to become biography in the streets to come to the aide of America 's favorite store!

Wal-Mart Employee of 13 Years of Quits!
Written by Janet Baird
Posted October 27, 2006

I have worked for Wal-Mart stores for over 13 years. On September 5, 2006, I received a call from my brother asking me if I was aware of what was going on in Wal-Mart. He then informed me that my company had joined the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC). I was shocked! I called my home store and asked one of the managers if this was true. He read me a short e-mail stating that it was, and gave me a phone number to call the home office in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Wal-Mart Rolls Out Red Carpet for Homosexual Marriage
American Family Association

When Wal-Mart announced its support for the homosexual agenda a few weeks ago, they meant what they said. As you know, Wal-Mart asked for, and received, permission to join the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC). Wal-Mart will also prefer homosexual-owned businesses when purchasing products.

Pastor Mark Holick Leading Way in Wichita!
Article by Mark Holick, commentary by Flip Benham
Posted: October 26, 2006
Pastor Mark is an awesome man of God!  He never fails to find new and creative ways to allow the theology of the church house to become biography in the streets.  Not only are the messages on the marquis in front of “Spirit One Church” hard-hitting, but his God inspired plan to bring truth to the churches in his area reminds me of David doing raids on the enemy's camp from Adullam's cave.  “Operation Righteous Leaders” is something we all should consider.

Report from Bridgeport
by Marilyn Carroll

Posted: October 25, 2006

We had an awesome weekend with the Benhams visiting us here in Connecticut. God blessed us allowing us to be His vessels on the streets. Friday morning before we went to the mill about 20 of us met at Central High School at 7am. We were able to pass out 100 Bibles, 550 newspapers (mostly LoveMatters.Com) and hundreds of gospel tracts and abstinence/STD information.

Why Wal-Mart?
Posted October 24, 2006
A writer asks why, when other stores are engaging in just as much evil, we've decided to boycott Wal-Mart (see www.savewalmart.com for boycott details).

Please Pray for the Carroll Family
           Marilyn & Danny Carroll

Posted: October 17, 2006

Our wonderful sister in the Lord, Marilyn Carroll, has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  The doctors have found a malignant cancer in her breast.  They have removed it but are desirous to do more surgery to make sure they have killed all the cancerous cells. 

Finally, Victory in Waco!
City crafting street ordinance in fight with abortion foes
Rod Aydelotte/Waco Tribune-Herald with forward by Flip Benham and response by Rusty Thomas.
Posted: October 13, 2006

The Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas of Elijah Ministries said Wednesday that the city withdrew from its final appeal in a state criminal case against protesters arrested in March 2004 and agreed to pay $30,000 in attorney fees to the litigants in a federal civil rights suit filed in July 2004.

YWCA Bid to Quell Violence Compared to Bin Laden Helping Israel
By Randy Hall
CNSNews.com Staff Writer/Editor
October 12, 2006
(CNSNews.com) - The YWCA is responding to the recent spate of school shootings by expanding its "When I Get Mad, I Draw" art contest to give children across the country an opportunity "to explore positive ways of expressing angry feelings." But a critic of the YWCA said that for the organization to "present itself as a cure for the violence that is savaging our children is like Osama Bin Laden coming to the aid of Israel." (OSA Director Flip Benham quoted.)

Scary Halloween Outreach
Written by Dr. Patrick Johnson
Posted: October 11, 2006

You're invited to October 28 outreach at Columbus Abortionist's neighborhood

Young Women's Christian Association - a Lie from the Pit of Hell
Written by Flip Benham
Posted: October 10, 2006

Reading this press release today “When I get mad I draw,” almost made me physically ill.  This is the whisper from the devil himself.  Here is the YWCA trying to make kids good without God.  It cannot be done!

Pastor Mark Holick Stirs It Up Again-video
Posted October 10, 2006
Pastor Mark Holick is certainly a great friend of Jesus and also a mighty man of God.  The statements on the marquis of Spirit One Church in Wichita gave him a platform to proclaim the Gospel of Christ.  It also provided a platform for a channel 10 News reporter to say, “Jesus is Lord!” twice.  That's right!  Watch and see.

SIN is Destroying America
Written by Flip Benham with introduction by Wesleyan pastor
October 8, 2006
Why do we spend so much time and money trying to reduce the harm of sin? Schools throw condoms at our kids so that they can sin safely. Clean needles are given to drug addicts so they can sin safely. The homosexual community is doing all it can to reduce the harm (AIDS) of its own sin. Alcoholics are told to “drink responsibly” so they can sin safely. Abortion enables us to sin and avoid the consequences (a baby).

E-mail Response to Strongest Dad in the World
Written by Michael Wolven
Posted: October 9, 2006

I sent Strongest Dad in the World to many, many people in my office - quite frankly I was brought to tears just wishing that I would be able to do the same for my son.  I can see God doing this for us.  The poem we have on our wall - Christ walking with man - why when I was at my weakest do I only see one set of footprints.  Response - that was when I carried you.

America's Sins are Coming Home to Roost
Written by Jo Scott
Posted: October 4, 2006

America 's sins have come home to roost. The sins of the heathen are not responsible for our deplorable state, but rather it is the uselessness of the Church. We've been complacent, reveling in our luxuries instead of loving the world around us enough to stand between them and their destruction. We've eaten the sweetness of the world until our teeth are rotten and our bones are softened and bent from the lack of meat. We are weak, unwilling to stand for even the most vulnerable among us, the unborn child.

The Media - Promoting Homosexual Sodomy
Written by Flip Benham
Posted: October 4, 2006

“Given ‘em Heaven” at Gay Pride at Duke
Here is just one more example of the media painting a beautiful picture of pure and unadulterated evil.  Anne Blythe of The News & Observer, the local newspaper for the city of Durham, North Carolina, tells a story (a whopper of a lie) about the wonders of the homosexual lust fest held on the East Campus of Duke University this past Saturday.  For the life of me, as I was reading this article, I couldn't stop thinking about the Disney classic, “Pinocchio.”  You remember the story.  The good father Gepetto creates his premier puppet “Pinocchio” and wishes that he would become a “real boy.” 

Frenchman Stands with OSA
Posted: October 3, 2006
It is amazing the friends we make when we stand for King Jesus and tear down the devil's strongholds in the heavenly and earthly realms. 

Abortion laws take 2nd place to dollar signs
Prosecutor says pregnant 10-year-old failed to trigger assault investigation
Posted: September 28, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern
By Bob Unruh
© 2006 WorldNetDaily.com
Flip Benham, of Operation Save America, noted that Kansas' most famous abortionist, George Tiller of Wichita is famous for his late-term abortion services, and he compared Tiller to another Wichita man, Dennis Rader.  Rader was convicted of being the BTK (bind, torture, kill) killer who was arrested years after he killed a number of people.

God is Going Back to School
Written by Marilyn Carroll
Posted September 27, 2006
HARDING HIGH SCHOOL, Bridgeport, CT - Friday, Sept. 22, 2006
The angels in Heaven were rejoicing! This was an awesome outreach. Each student had to go in through these front doors. We had access to about two thousand kids in forty-five minutes time. We were able to dialogue and pass out thousands of pieces of literature and Bibles as we continue OSA's national campaign: GOD IS GOING BACK TO SCHOOL.

Tolerance is the star of Freedom Parade
12:00 AM CDT on Monday, September 18, 2006
By LAUREN D'AVOLIO / The Dallas Morning News
Posted September 21, 2006
Just reading the title of this article can leave little doubt as to its positive portrayal of homosexual sodomy.  The Dallas Morning News and the newspapers of our land have become the purveyors of sin.  They paint it in the prettiest of colors to cover-up its hideous and deadly design.  They make it appear as if everyone is having a good time.

Homosexual Thanks Flip - Flip Responds
Posted September 21, 2006
I would like to thank Flip Benham for attending the 2006 Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade (a.k.a. Dallas Gay Pride Parade) this past weekend. 

Illinois Plans to Resurrect The Parental Notice of Abortion Act
By Shelly Bortz
September 19, 2006
Angela Michael, who praises the initiative, is founder of Small Victories Ministry, an outreach program for woman dealing with unplanned pregnancies. In addition to her radio talk show every Tuesday, Angela protests five days a week in front of an abortion clinic for what she believes in.

Wal-Mart, the Demise of a Godly Cororation
Melody Miller and Flip Benham
Posted September 14, 2006
“The Makeover of Wal-Mart” appears on today's AOL opening page Thursday, September 14, 2006.  You might want to see it.  It brings to light how Lee Scott, the CEO of Wal-Mart Stores and called "the most powerful CEO in America" by Fortune Magazine, has hired outside "Image Consultants" to clean up its image.  Cleaning up its image, however, means doing away with the Godly principles that made it great.

Pastor Mark Holick Stands Again
September 11, 2006
Pastor Mark Holick is a mighty man of God.  He stood with us in Wichita, Kansas, during the “Summer of Mercy” in the summer of 1991, as God gave us a glorious revival of true Christianity in that city.  Thousands of Christians picked up their cross and laid down their lives that children in the womb might live.  He has been the faithful Pastor of Spirit One Church in Wichita for the past 16 years.  Hundreds of children are alive today because of his efforts.  He has stood, no matter the cost, for King Jesus and the lives of His precious preborn children.  Today, Pastor Mark is taking a stand again!

Malachi Meets the Mayor
God's mail is delivered at the annual Granite City Labor Day Parade
Innocent blood has a voice…and that voice cries out for justice
Genesis 4:10
Written by: Angela Michael
Posted September 12, 2006
Chief Rich Miller & Granite City police protecting pro-lifersTension and tempers had been rising since the Honorable Wm. Stiehl handed down his judgment that this little remnant had a right to be at the annual Granite City Labor Day Parade. Galatians 4:16 “Have I now become your enemy because I tell you the truth?”

Charlotte Observer's Outrageous Censhorship
Posted September 2, 2006
Once again, the Charlotte Observer reveals their irresponsible bias in support of sodomy and against the Gospel.

Ban on signs at parade lifted for now
Abortion protesters can carry banners
September 1, 2006
GRANITE CITY - Large anti-abortion signs, including pictures of dismembered fetuses, can be streetside at Granite City's Labor Day parade, a federal judge ruled Thursday. U.S. District Judge William Stiehl granted a temporary injunction against enforcement of a city law banning signs larger that 8.5-by-11 inches within 25 feet of a parade route.

Judge suspends sign ordinance
St. Louis Dispatch
August 31, 2006
EAST ST. LOUIS Granite City abortion protesters won a victory in federal court Thursday when a federal judge froze an ordinance that would have restricted protesters' signs near parades to the size of notebook paper.

Understanding Bloodguilt
From Mike Warren
Posted August 31, 2006
The following is copied from a wanted poster that was distributed by Secretary of War Stanton following the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. It shows how far we have fallen from a biblical world view that once influenced our nation and protected our liberties.

News on Zack Daubenmire
Submitted by Coach Dave 08/24/2006 - 6:34pm.
Posted August 29, 2006
Flip writes: I spoke with Coach today and asked him if I could publish this on the web and to OSA leaders.  His response, “Absolutely.” [This] is the most powerful email I have ever received.

Yale School of Medicine Requires Abortion Training for Ob/gyn Residents
By Peter J. Smith
August 23, 2006
Posted August 25, 2006
What we have been saying for years is corroborated again in this article.  No student working toward his degree to practice medicine desires to become an abortionist.  But, in view of the abortion industry's collapse in finding new doctors to replace its aging child-killers, Planned Parenthood has succeeded in requiring ALL resident Ob/gyn's attending Yale University to learn the abortion procedure.  What a travesty!  ~ Flip

Clarion Ledger Lies Again
Written by Flip Benham
Posted August 24, 2006
Here is yet another example of the Clarion Ledger, the local newspaper in Jackson, Mississippi, bringing forth as fact, a bold faced lie.  Never in its history has Operation Rescue or Operation Save America ever been tied to a violent crime - not ONE!  In the over 57,000 arrests that have taken place at Operation Rescue sponsored events since 1986, there has not been one convicted act of violence anywhere in America, or on the face of this globe. 

Fed Up With Ignorant Use of the Term "Fascist"
Fed Up With Ignorant Use of the Term "Fascist"
By Tim Hanline
Posted August 22, 2006
When Rev. Flip Benham burned a Koran last month in Jackson, MS, the epithet of choice leveled toward him was the term “fascist,” but was Flip Benham acting in a way becoming a fascist?

Response to Charles Haynes' Quran Burning Fuels Terror?
By Dave Ford
Posted August 22, 2006
God deplores all false religions.  He deplores any religion or person that teaches hate and murder.  You sir, teach hate, lies and a religion of murder.  You act as an authority on an issue you have no education in.

Be Very Afraid!
Letter to the Editor
Clarion Ledger, Jackson, MS
August 14, 2006
Butch Berget
As one who has been a pro-life activist since 1976, traveled nationally and internationally as a missionary evangelist, and enjoyed the privilege of working on various church staffs as a volunteer and paid employee, I feel I am qualified to comment on the recent flurry of press (good and bad) and opinions (ignorant and informed) of those criticizing the efforts of Operation Save America and others who graphically portrayed the realities of what is taking place within the abortion chamber on North State Street. 
Posted August 15, 2006

Clarion-Ledger, Jackson, MS - photos of Memorial Service

Pastor Ronnie Wallace's Response to “The Mississippi Link”
July 20-26 Article “Are Black People Avoiding Abortion Agenda?”
Posted August 15, 2006

Read your front page story “Are Black People Avoiding Abortion Agenda?” and found it the fairest story published in Jackson during my two week visit to the city for the OSA event. However, the “Abortion Agenda” is exactly what White owned newspapers and White owned television makes every attempt to avoid.

Quran burning fuels terror?
By Charles C. Haynes
Gannett News Service
August 13, 2006
Posted August 15, 2006
Flip Benham witnessing The National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) will never take a principled stand against Islam because it fears losing members more than it fears Almighty God.  Here is a man (Charles Haynes) more concerned with the words used to describe the enemy than he is with the enemy himself. ~Flip  

Letter to Tanya Britton, Pres. Pro-life MS
From Doug and Laree Hiser
Posted August 11, 2006

We plan on continuing to be out there in the fight, but we wish not to be associated with Pro-Life Mississippi, which is now perceived as being led by a bunch of religious fanatics who do not respect the law of the land. So in light of this, will you please remove my wife and me from your mailing list and sidewalk counseling calendar. We think our message is strengthened by not being a part of Pro-Life Mississippi, but by participating as Sidewalk Counselors as part of a church that believes that we need to be out there helping the lost.

Ester Mann's Response to Hisers
Subject: Misinformation about Tanya
Posted August 11, 2006

Dear Doug: I know you meant well by your letter to Tanya and me about your feelings of shame over her arrest while president of Pro-Life Ms. You mentioned a charge of disorderly conduct and something about this being used in DUI arrests. I don't know where you got your information but it is most incorrect.

Abortion foes do agree on basics
Letter to Editor Clarion Ledger
Pat Cartrette
August 7, 2006
Your coverage of the recent Operation Save America events in Jackson addressed the lack of agreement among pro-lifers as to the appropriateness of the events. You are correct in noting the lack of agreement. But please take a moment and consider some of the things that pro-lifers do agree upon.

Communists report on the OSA event in Jackson
In defense of abortion clinic
"Women activists lead fight against right-wing"
Workers World
Published Aug 6, 2006
Notice how the incident with Adam driving his car to the Unitarian Universalist church, only to have it jumped upon and damaged by a gaggle of raucous anarchists, has been transformed into “They harassed churchgoers and drove a car into a crowd of youth.”  You would think that Adam was Mohammed Taheri-azar .  This article is yet another example of how Christ's enemies unite against Him.

Endowed by Our Creator?
Written by Coach Dave Daubenmire
Posted August 6, 2006

I've just returned from four days on the streets in Jackson, Mississippi, fighting abortion with Operation Save America. Despite what you read in the press, OSA is a group of God fearing, Christ honoring, patriotic Americans. They are not a street mob, as many would have you believe, but faithful, gentle Christians who hate what is happening to America.

Update from the Streets of Jackson
Written by Beth Lynch
Posted August 6, 2006

Much has occurred since we arrived in Jackson for Oh Saratoga! Before it gets away from me, here are some highlights from the streets during our first two days. There are about 20 of us here, some from OSA and some from Oh!

Homosexual-activist cop threatens Christians

Officer orders pro-marriage petitions removed from Promise Keepers event
August 4, 2006
©2006 WorldNetDaily.com
Homosexual cop threatens Christians OSA experienced bizarre and irrational behavior from the Jackson, MS Police Department at the national event just a couple weeks ago.  The police arrested street-preachers and confiscated anti-abortions signs in direct violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution.  Fort Lauderdale, FL police now are accused of using their authority to wield their personal agendas at a recent Promise Keepers event.  Police officers allegedly illegally confiscated a pro-marriage petition and then mocked Christians in a vulgar display of sodomite affection.  

ESPN2's Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith
July 27, 2006
Posted August 4, 2006

Operation Save America Director Flip Benham appeared July 27, 2006 on ESPN2's Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith. Other guests were Bill Donahue, President of the Catholic League; Danny Schayes, Jewish NBA center; and Rev. Barry Lynn of Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

Abortion under siege in Mississippi
Posted August 2, 2006
When Salon and the others attack us like this, you've got to know that we're moving in the right direction because they are doing everything they can to shame us off the street. They fabricate lies; their father is the author of all lies. We must learn to despise the shame. Jesus did it! We must pick up our cross and follow Him. “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. (Heb 12:2)

Response to Anti-abortion protesters' tactics questioned
Jackson Clarion Ledger - July 23, 2006
Posted August 2, 2006

By Ester Mann
Personally, I hate the graphic pictures of aborted babies and wish that it were not necessary to use them.  The bloody, mutilated body of JESUS that hung on Calvary 2000 years ago was probably very shocking then also. Further, after WWII, horrendous pictures of victims in Nazi death camps were what convinced the world of atrocities committed in THOSE evil places. 

RESPONSE to Protesters Helped us the Most by Departing
By Marilyn Carroll
Posted August 2, 2006

Letters to the Editor – Jackson Clarion Ledger
The reason OSA goes to churches with signs of aborted babies is to wake up the congregants to go to the streets where the killing center is located in their community and help save the babies lives before their very own parents kill them. Shame on the church if they don't care that innocent little boys and girls are murdered in their city! God commands us to go to the Church, judgment begins in the house of God.

Shining the Light of Jesus on Articles From the Dark Side
When you expose the lies of Satan, all hell breaks loose among the wicked as evidenced by this collection of articles.

Talk To Action | "Gentle Christians" of OSA Desecrate the Koran

Creative Loafing - Creative Loafing Charlotte: News: Feature: Operation Save America Takes a Holiday

The Smeal Report - >From Inside Washington

Feminist Daily News 7/24/2006: Protestors Leave Mississippi Clinic After Eight Days

Protesters helped us the most by departing

Divine Appointment
Traveling back north from Operation Save America's recent national event in Jackson Mississippi, the Michael family ran into two familiar faces from the Granite City, Illinois deathcamp.
Posted July 31, 2006
Written by Angela Michael
Deathscort threatening to attack Savanah We refueled in Blytheville, Arkansas of all places and who do we see exiting the restroom with a little boy in tow? The white haired, foul-mouth deathscort from Hope Clinic and his female companion walking with two little girls.

God Moves to Shut Down San Diego Gay Bathhouse During San Diego Gay Pride Week
Posted July 30, 2006
James Hartline, Publisher of The James Hartline Report: “San Diego is home to over 1,700 Churches and not one pastor of any of these churches showed up to oppose the proclamation issued by the San Diego City Council to honor the 2006 Gay Pride Week. Something has gone terribly wrong with the churches in San Diego and it is destroying us and our city."

Santorum Nails the True Nature of Islamic Fascism
Posted July 29, 2006
Rick Santorum at the Conservative Union League in Center City, Philadelphia, July 27, 2006: “Those who refuse to criticize Islamic fascism undermine the cause of freedom of religion because if the Islamic fascists win this war, no other religion will be permitted to flourish.” - One day after we publicly burned the lies contained in the Koran, the homosexual flag, and seven abominable Supreme Court decisions in Jackson, Mississippi, Senator Rick Santorum gave this speech. It is remarkable, and perhaps the most powerful speech given by anyone in the United States Senate in the past fifty years.

Lubbock Police's Attempt to Censor Gospel Message at Abortion Clinic has Opposite Effect
Posted July 28, 2006
–KLBK13 television news station spreads the “word” about prolife Christians Dorothy Boyett and Gilbert Nichols spreading the WORD.

Paper Tiger in the Pulpit
Written by Rev. Ronnie Wallace
Posted July 26, 2006

You can't tear down any of Satan's strongholds if you falter in the preliminaries. Showing yellow is an almost insurmountable obstacle to overcome when you do it your first time under fire. It's hard to get men to follow you once you show yellow. You can't take back what the devil stole and you certainly can't take the gates of the city if words and threats strike fear in your heart."

Letter to Rev. Ronnie Wallace from Pastor Chet Gallagher with Flip's response
Posted July 26, 2006
Help me here...BUT did we actually fail beforehand to communicate with this godly pastor regarding burning the Koran on the grounds of the church he invited us to?


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