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What is God Doing in Your Area?
We would really like see what you have to report. People from all over the nation write and give us updates of how Christ is moving in their region. Please send us reports and photos of what Christ is doing in your area! No victory is too small that it does not encourage others. "The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." Revelation 19:10 Send your reports & photos to: streets@operationsaveamerica.org


Four Down – One to Go: Birmingham Abortion Mill Closes!!
June 12, 2006
All glory be to God! Summit Medical Center, the abortuary that has been killing children in Birmingham, Alabama for the past 24 years, has been shut down for good. That's right! The Alabama State Health Department walked into the doors of Summit Medical Center at 11:00am, Wednesday morning, May 17, 2006, and closed the doors of this horrific business forever.


San Diego
Updated January 24, 2007
Heather Mechanic shares this report from outside the San Diego PP abortion mill with testimonies of lives changed and babies saved.


Bridgeport - At the Summit Women's Center
Weekly Updates
From Marilyn Carroll and Carmen Vazquez. In their 17th year, the group gathering at this mill (now in a new building at 3787 Main St.) after beginning in 1990 have been used by God to save 1,604 babies from death and lead 358 souls to Christ! Last update March 13, 2007.

By Marilyn Carroll
Posted August 24, 2005
August 14-18th we were at OH SARATOGA! with Fr. Francis and Pastor Flip. We had about 30 people from OSA-CT and OSA-National there, including Fr DeMayo. Carmen and I were able to do a radio show for Florida and I did a short clip for AFR about the police in Albany. It was an awesome event filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. We went to two abortion mills, a hospital, and 3 Catholic charities that refer to PP. We also had a BETH DIN "House of Judgement" reenactment of the legislators in NY who legalized abortion there in 1970. It was a learning experience. ...

Protest staged against abortions
@ Connecticut Post, January 25, 2005
This January 25, 2005 article by the Connecticut Post covered the Christians with OSA-CT in their Mourning of Remembrance also as the Post quotes Marilyn Carroll and others remembering the infamous Roe vs. Wade decision that has and continues to cost all in our nation so much. In this article you will read a Christian response to those decrying six puppies cruel killing while ignoring the murder of preborn children. - Steve

By Marilyn Carroll
Posted October 23, 2004
About 20 saints came out to the streets to proclaim the Gospel and the truth about abortion at Bunnell High School in Stratford, CT. Everything went decently and in order. Fr deMayo and Rev. Flip Benham were there to represent the clergy. Four to five police cars were on the scene to observe and keep everything orderly. There were no problems and the police did a good job. A few staff came out but kept their distance. Government officials should not inhibit our ability to give out material to the students or interfere with the students rights to receive the information on public property.

More News & Articles From CT
Here are quite a few stories of interest from the Bridgeport both both recent and from the past. Some of these are on or may have appeared on the front page. Give it a browse for more good news on the Good News at the gates! Here's a sample.


Updates from the Streets of Orlando
Patte Smith with Sanctuary Ministries sends periodic reports from the saints' ministry at the gates outside the "Orlando Women's Center" mill. Latest updates added:July 12 2006 as King Jesus continues to minister through His servants. Please pray for us! Sidewalk counselors continue to labor outside Orlando's four killing places.

Oops! I Had An Abortion
By Patte Smith
in her street report
Posted January 29, 2004
Even dear brothers and sisters who minister with me on the street sometimes refer to the sin of fornication and abortion as "mistakes." Say what? Come again? Mistakes? Like using baking soda instead of baking powder? Like mis-spelling a word? Like calling someone by the wrong name? Now, THOSE ARE MISTAKES.

What Happened to Baby Christmas?
By Patte Smith; foreword by Flip Benham;

Posted December 11, 2004
Orlando, FL: So much grief at the clinic today. Just as Claire, Melissa, Amanda & I arrived at 8:00a.m., an Asian woman in her early twenties and wearing pajamas came stumbling toward the clinic door clutching her pregnant belly. Connie was obviously in active labor. The door was locked because the abortion clinic doesn't officially open until 9a.m. Connie couldn't catch her breath. This was her first baby. She was just 19 weeks, about half way through pregnancy. Pregnant at Christmastime. A Christmas baby. Her first child. Connie wants to murder him for Christmas.

By Pastor Sam Green
Posted February 18, 2003
Back in October, on Halloween, about 75 saints from Palm Bay and the surrounding area took to the streets and participated in Word in Warfare (reading the entire Bible out loud at the very gates of hell). They were peppered all over the county at various places such as the abortion mill, a building housing a homosexual website, a XXX video store, several strip clubs, high schools, the police department and city council chambers. ... The saints were commended by a number of people who were blessed to witness such a visible display of faith. One lady in particular approached Pastor Sam and asked how they knew to come to the city offices. She declared, "You don't know how much you are needed here. There is such a spirit of adultery in the mayor's and city manager's offices." She never explained exactly what she meant by that statement, however, everyone rejoiced that the Lord led his saints to the places HE knew needed a witness!

Ft. Pierce
August 3, 2001
Witnessing for the babies.

Clearwater - Acquire the Burden
March 14, 2001
Not wanting to deal with the reality of life seemed to be the main problem. Isaiah's prophecy of "Seeing they will not see, and hearing they will not hear," was vividly portrayed when a group of teens, all dressed in orange "Stand Up" (Acquire the Fire) tee shirts and directed by their leader, stonefacedly "stood their ground" in blocking off the view of our graphic signs from the rest of the Acquire the Fire teens.

Other News, Articles & Reports from Florida
This Index of News, Articles, Etc. contains recent articles as well as those from past months and years. With numerous ministries in various cities, we have posted the links and descriptions here in this separate index. So if you don't see it here, look inside. Newer articles will appear here in the Streets index also.

Reports from the mills in Atlanta
From Michelle Wolven and Michael Wolven. Hear from the saints of Atlanta who are standing in the gap for those who have no voice. Last update January 23, 2005

On January 22, 1973, Abortion was Legalized in America - When Will It Stop?
By Michelle Wolven
January 23, 2005

Hello Friends, A good sized group of prolifers joined the Helpers' of God's Precious Infants on Saturday, Jan. 22nd. in front of the Atlanta Surgi center for a prayer vigil in memory of the millions of children who have died over the last 32 years from legalized abortion. Many new faces were so dedicated and moved that they stayed past the end of the vigil which was supposed to end at 1:00pm despite the rain, snow and cold weather. It is here at this site of the Atlanta Surgi center that the actual killing of Gods' precious children takes place. It is here that it will also end.

Atlanta - The Full Story of Flip Benham's Arrest
March 13, 2001
The death camp went abuzz with anger and hysteria when we showed up with the gospel. One man, after cursing and yelling at Flip, was rebuked by Flip. Flip told him about our Jesus. The young man later gave Flip a hug as the tears ran down his cheeks.


"SMALL VICTORIES" Weekly Reports from Granite City
Latest updates added for week of February 26 - March 3, 2007 - Granite City for now hosts the busiest abortion mill in America. Christians have been used by God outside this abortuary to help save 2,171 precious baby girls and boys, 23 adopted and led many other men & women to Christ just since the year 2000!

The Vision for Victory 2005 is Victorious
Written by Angela Mivhael
Posted Jult 2, 2005
Angela & Pastor Clenard Childress of LEARN counsel Valarie & Jason outside Hope Clinic during Vision for Victory eventThe battle was waxing hot in Granite City, Illinois, and so were the sweltering temperatures as proclaimers from across the country and three modern-day prophets of our time, led the charge. Reverend Flip Benham, Director of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America, Pastor Clenard Childress Director of Life Education and Resource Network- New Jersey, and Pastor David Lackey from Operation Save America-Alabama.

More News & Articles From Granite City
Here are a number stories of interest from the Granite City area both recent and from the past. Some of these are on or may have appeared on the front page. Give it a browse for more good news on the Good News at the gates!


The HEARTLAND HEARTBEAT a Weekly Update From Heartbeat Ministries and Operation Save America - Wichita
Last updated Julye 28 , 2005.
The Weekly e-Newsletter of Operation Save America—Wichita (316) 612-3500 News, Articles, Events, On-Site Reports, Contact Info, and much more.


Street reports from the gates in Louiville, KY
Last updated April 1 , 2006.
Good news in saints outside the mill in the Bluegrass state


Reporting from the streets of Detroit
Updates from Chris Coatney. Offering his reports from the streets of the Detroit area, Chris shares the efforts of the faithful. Last update Dearborn Street Reports - November 15, 2006.

Why I go to the Abortion Mill
By Chris Coatney in Dearborn, MI
Posted November 29, 2004
Thursday an African-American man came across the street as I was getting ready to leave the abortion mill after they had closed for the day. He offered me a small donation and a plate of food he had bought at the restaurant next to the mill and stated that he, himself, was an abortion survivor. He appeared to be about my age (which is 54). My ears perked up, as abortion would have still been a criminal offense until several years after his birth.

Dearborn Statutory Rape Report
By Chris Coatney
Posted November 20, 2004
... We repeated this charade several times, as they followed me first out into the street, and then back onto the sidewalk. One of the women hit me once in the head, but it didn't hurt. Eventually they returned to their car and I returned to the front of the mill, when a police car showed up. I thought the officers were pretty fair in the way they handled the situation. They could see that the 14-year-old was still crying, 10 minutes after the incident began, and believed my story that I was concerned about her. The interesting thing was that they told the two responding officers that the girl who had the abortion was only 14, and the officer who talked to me said he was going to include that in his report.

15-Year Old Dies from Abortion
By Ann Norton
Posted March 2, 2004
In Detroit, Michigan, on Jan 8th, 2004, a 15-year old female died from what we believe to be a Partial Birth Abortion. The clinic where this occurred is called Woman's Care in Lanthrup Village. The girl appeared to be the victim of statutory rape since her boyfriend was 24.

Saginaw - Holiness Unto the Lord!
Street reports from Cal Zastrow and the Zastrow Missionary Training Academy.


Pro-Lifers Take To The Streets At The 2004 Freedom Awards In St. Louis
By David Leefe
Posted April 2, 2004
Every other year the “Missouri Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice” holds an awards dinner to honor those that they feel to be “outstanding pro-choice advocates”. On March 14th 2004 they met to honor: ... Among the uninvited guests were members of the Pro-Life community who took to the streets to spread the Gospel and shine the light of Jesus upon the darkness of abortion. We were present to expose abortion for what it really is….MURDER!

By Dave and Jenni Leefe
On a very cold January 22nd 2004 the Unborn Protection League and Church Without Walls along with fellow Pro-Lifers from the St. Louis area took the tragedy of abortion to the streets of metro St. Louis. ...Praise The Lord, this past week, one of the killers at this location, Jackie Turner turned in her suction hose and quit killing little baby boys and girls because persevering Saints have been standing at this clinic and at the office where she has her Ob/Gyn practice to inform her patients about her part-time job. This leaves two butchers at this location and both are close to 70 years old.


From the streets of Las Vegas
December 2, 2002
I am trying to start a sidewalk counseling ministry, [ LVLifeSavers ] here in Las Vegas. There are 7 abortion mills,and 2 Planned Parenthood's[they refer only],here. There is also 1 CPC. There are Rosary Prayer Groups at about 5 of the mills.They are out one or two times a week. They will not show any photographs[either of preborn or aborted babies.]They will not allow anyone with them to show them either. I believe that the photographs work. ... Please, if you, or someone you know, lives in or travels to, Las Vegas, Nevada,...Let's Get Going.

New York

Reports from the Streets by Rescue Rochester
Rev. Mike Warren, Jerry Crawford and others offer these reports from the streets of their section of New York. This latest update is from October 22, 2004.

Schenectedy - Street Reports
- Beth Lynch reporting -
March 25, 2005
The Gospel of Jesus Christ continues through preaching, the Scripture Walls, prayers and signs. The Truth is darwaing the line between darkness and light exposing the need for a saving knowledge with the Lord Jesus Christ. The gates of hell cannot prevail.

Reports from the Streets of Albany
Tom Tarantelli Reporting
March 12, 2005
These periodic reports tell what Jesus is doing in the streets of Albany. Some of these will amaze you as simple Christians just obey Jesus' command to go.

Reports from the Streets of Hudson
Pastor Stan Webster Reporting
These periodic reports tell what Jesus is doing in the streets of Hudson. Some of these will amaze you as simple Christians just obey Jesus' command to go. Last update February 4, 2005

Glens Falls, Reports from the Streets
By Jeff Smith
These periodic reports tell what Jesus is doing in the streets of Glens Falls. Some of these will amaze you as simple Christians just obey Jesus' command to go. Last update April 9 & March 14, 2005

Father and son reporting from Glens Falls, NY
By Jeff & John Smith
Posted October 11, 2004
There were two Pastors, one Priest and 40 others that decided that the emergency that day was being at the death camp physically and spiritually where God and Satan were contending for the next baby that was going to be killed. We don't know of all the hearts that were touched that day and how many people that God allowed us to witness to!

Poughkeepsie - Street Reports
- Rich Van Slambrouck reporting -
Reports from the Scripture Wall people present at the gates in Poughkeepsie, New York to proclaim the love of Jesus, the full gospel and truth about abortion. Last update is for May 3, 2005.

More News & Articles From NY
Here are a number stories of interest from the New York area both recent and from the past. Some of these are on or may have appeared on the front page. Give it a browse for more good news on the Good News at the gates! Here's a sample.

North Carolina

News reports from the Christians on the streets of Charlotte where the hearts and minds of the people are won over to the Lord Jesus. The battle is won by lifting King Jesus higher in the midst of thee! Latest update April 25, 2006

Good News from the "gates of hell" in Charlotte
By Sheryl Chandler
Posted October 8, 2004
Our August baby shower was a huge success! The London Broil dinner was lovely and the guests were honored and blessed. Kathleen Dellinger made the most gorgeous cake I've ever seen! The gifts were abundant. God provided for the practical needs in a rich and overflowing measure. Word spread to several area churches and we were swimming in baby gifts! So much was received that we need to store a large portion of the items for “next time.” It was a sign to me that God has many more babies to save through this ministry.

More reports and articles from Charlotte
Index to many other exciting articles and reports from the streets of Charlotte. Some may be newer but access the links to all the older news here.

Articles from Rescue Event - Charlotte, July, 2003

February 11-16, 2002
Cry for God's help in the battle for life in this city. As Jesus told the 70 as He was sending them out, "Beseech the Lord of the harvest that He will send [literally thrust, or force out] laborers into His Harvest." Luke 10:2


Good news from the Streets of Columbus, Ohio
Reports of good news about the Good News from the streets of cities across Ohio. Victories are won whenever everyday Christians dare to come outside the four walls and offer themselves to the Lord Jesus as vessels to use as He chooses. Latest report added November 6, 2004.

Familes as Living Parables at the Gates of Hell
Posted June 7. 2005
Cleveland - On May 21st, nearly 100 little boys and little girls, moms and
dads, grandmas and grandpas took their theology out of their church house and allowed it to become biography on the streets of Shaker Heights in front of one of the longest standing killing centers in Northeast Ohio, Surgi-Center. Pro-life Saints from all denominations became living parables for the beauty of life and the God-ordained institution of family.

Going to Church in Cleveland
December 18. 2002
We took the large graphic signs to the doors of the Church for not only is Scripture clear that God is looking for His people to repent (II Chron 7:14), but also says judgment begins with the House of God. ... "We responded and we worshipped with our brothers and sisters-we knew their welcome. The Pastor began to preach the Word and declared he had much to preach on, but was struck by the Pro-Lifers in front of the Church. He said if we had all remained in front of the Church, he would have exhorted his congregation to join hands with us to block the street in front of the Church to bring Truth to all the neighborhood!!! ..."

More News and Articles from Cleveland
Index to past articles on the battlefield in Cleveland.


Our First Report From OSA-Tulsa
By Bill & Ruth Darr
Posted April 24. 2002
Here is a report from Tulsa that will be very encouraging to all of you who participated in and prayed for our mission confronting and calling out the Church of Jesus Christ in that city. Many brothers and sisters are being raised up to storm the gates of hell. They are, for the most part, college students at Rhema and ORU who are answering God's call to be a voice for the voiceless. Hallelujah!
"Then, on April 7th, we had the first formal meeting of OSA Tulsa at our home. Of the 18 in attendance, there was Lars and 7 of his friends from Rhema and Rebecca and 3 friends from ORU. There was instant camaraderie of purpose and a game plan was set for praise, study, and abortion mill activities. We agreed to meet every Monday night for preparation and Saturday mornings for presentation. Also, some are going to the mill during the week. The effort at this time is the primary group will go on Saturday and others will go during the week with a minimum of two if at all possible. ..."


Giving Em Heaven in Pittsburgh
by Joseph Parente
Posted August 14, 2003

This weekend we had the privilege of Flip and his family visiting and speaking at our church. It was a tremendous blessing and we're very grateful that we were given the opportunity. Special thanks to Pastor Rick for opening his heart and the church to this ministry, and to Pastor Larry and family for hosting the Benham's while they were with us. We kicked-off this week's city-wide "Truth Tour" ( http://www.facethetruthamerica.com/) on Saturday morning at Planned Parenthood/Women's Health Services, and were joined by pro-lifers from all over the city...

News Reports From Pennsylvania
Good news about the Good News from Pittsburgh and other cities in the state of P - index. Joseph Parente, Team Redeem and others report.

South Dakota

Mark Gabriel on Tour
June 5-8, 2001
We learned that at least one couple planning to abort that day changed their mind after seeing our display. The father said, "What are the chances that they [us] would be here on the very same day..." Three women signed up for post-abortion counseling after driving by our signs. They [the crises pregnancy center] received many more calls than usual.


Miracles in Austin: Reports From The Streets of Austin
Last update June 2, 2003
See what God is doing through His saints in Austin. Reports from Jim Phillips and Renovation Ministries. This young ministry is growing rapidly.

Miller's #3 - Click image for larger viewPosted June 3, 2003
Jim Phillips of Renovation Ministries reports from Austin, Texas on how ordinary gentle Christians obeying Jesus to simply take the gospel in love and truth to the gates brings victory. Praise the name of Jesus! Read this encouraging report of things to come to an abortion mill near you! Stay faithful and never lose heart saints!

Austin's "Repro" is now covered 5 days a week
October 1, 2002
One save was particularly easy... a Hispanic woman drove in alone one weekday and the first thing she said upon rolling down her car window was,"I really don't want to do it. Do you think I should do it?" You can imagine what the sidewalk counselor told her, and he told her that God didn't want her to do it either. She soon, without ever getting out of her car, turned around in the clinic parking lot and headed for a nearby crisis pregnancy center. Literally, a dog with a note in his mouth could have done the same job. Some customers just want someone to tell them the truth and to encourage them. Reports from Jim Phillips and Renovation Ministries.

Youth Storming the Dallas, TX
Report from Benda Spurlock
Posted February 27, 2007

What a tremendous encouragement for all of our brothers and sisters that have been fighting this battle for so long.  To see the desire of the generation coming behind us to bring the Gospel of Christ to the gates of hell and end abortion, is a sight for sore eyes.  Abortion surely cannot stand, any more than Goliath could, in the face of Christians like these. 

Reports From The Streets With OSA-Dallas
See what God is doing through His saints in Dallas. Reports from John Reyes , Kristene, Brandi and others with Operation Save America - Dallas. Since August, 2002, these saints have seen many babies saved! Last update for May 13, 2006

Fruit Cometh Forth
By John Reyes
Posted January 14, 2004
Dear Brothers and Sisters, Yesterday morning I received a phone call from Stephen Bennett who is the Director of SBM (Stephen Bennett Ministries). Stephen has devoted his life to the ministry of deliverance for the homosexual. He himself, a former homosexual, has seen many set free from their perverted lifestyles to become the men and women that God had intended them to be. Stephen called me with some very encouraging news! This past weekend he received a phone call from a young 20 year old homosexual male who lives in the Dallas area. Here is Stephen's account of the conversation: ...
He told me he was at a "gay" pride parade in Texas this summer and someone handed him our "I Was Gay" tract. He kept it and held on to it as his only source of hope, until he could get up the courage to call the ministry. Well, that planted seed this summer paid off...

Ft. Worth Street Reports from Jericho Mission
Last update added for August 26 & 19, 2006
See what God is doing through His saints at Ft. Worth. Reports from Jericho Mission. God is reaching out to bring souls to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and saving lives at the gates.

Baby Carole was saved from abortion by the prayers and efforts of the Christians who come to the Westside abortion clinic, and the help that she received from the Pregnancy Help Center But her mother Lisa would never have made it to the Help center if Christians had not been there to talk to her. The point of intercession has to be made on the battlefield!

San Antonio
Diane Wooley
March 22, 2004

Debbie Locander, June Burnette and I conducted an outreach to the National Women of Faith Conference at the Alamodome in San Antonio, TX today. We positioned ourselves on the path which led to the downtown area as the women left for their dinner break. We handed out literature about the dangers of birth control and abortifacients. We distributed approximately 500 packets with about 3 pieces of literature in each packet. Debbie was thanked by one lady and June had two women thank her for being there. There was a obviously apathetic response by most of the women.

Latest update July 12th, 2007
Dorothy Boyett gives these wonderful reports.
They stand outside the abortuary in Lubbock pleading for the lives of innocent babies and preaching the Gospel of Christ.In addition these gentle and faithful warriors stand boldly for King Jesus on the streets and at the gates of city hall.

Lubbock prolifers accused of targeting children by local media
By Dorothy Boyett
Posted September 13, 2004
When the City of Waco passed an ordinance banning free speech in a school zone, (Planned Parenthood's death camp is within this zone), prolifers from around the state drove to Waco to stand with Rusty Thomas and other Christians in that city. “In addition to supporting our dear friend Rusty, we also knew that other cities might try to follow with ordinances of their own if this goes unchallenged,” voiced many. That could be the case now in Lubbock, Texas. Abortion protesting in school zones was the top story August 26, on Lubbock 's KLBK TV 13. The station‘s motto is: “we're on your side,” but this apparently isn't true in regards to prolifers Judy Kreller and Dorothy Boyett. Channel 13 reporter Ellen McNamara left the impression that the women are deliberately targeting an elementary school.

Charges against Two Life-saving Grandmothers Dropped!
Lubbock, Texas December 19, 2003
Judy holds one of the babies saved from deathBill Sowder, Lubbock County District Attorney has dismissed charges against Judy Kreller and Dorothy Boyett citing "Justice can no longer be served". Judy & Dorothy had been charged with trespassing in April, even though the police admitted they did not observe them on the property. The evidence submitted by the abortuary included three poor quality pictures which showed the two sidewalk counselors standing on the adjacent parking lot (they have permission from the owner to do so) and on the public sidewalk; on this "evidence" warrants were issued for their arrest. Judy & Dorothy posted bond, after spending the afternoon in the city jail, but were back outside the abortuary the next morning. Thirty four babies have been saved this year.
Previous stories on Dorothy & Judy being charged, arrested, etc.-
The State of Texas vs Judy Kreller & Dorothy Boyett October 29, 2003
Grandmothers Arrested in Lubbock, August 19, 2003

Showdown in Waco Continues
By Liz Thomas
Posted March 15, 2004
Last Wednesday, March 9th, none were arrested or cited in front of Planned Parenthood in spite of the threat of arrest that was given the week before by the police officers. Many Christians came out who are fairly new to this aspect of bringing the claims of Christ to the culture, so God is using this opportunity to recruit soldiers into His active army. As long as they were standing 5 ft. away from each other, not forming a group or assemblage, they could sidewalk counsel, sing and pray to our hearts content. Of course, this cannot last long, (I was not there due to sickness, but how can I stand 5 ft. away from my newborn baby and 2 and 4 year olds?) however since the group already had legal plans underway to proceed with, they decided to comply. We are planning on being tried by a jury as a group, being represented by the Christian Law Association from Seminole, FL. Also, Christians from the Waco area are being asked to come to the City Council Meeting on Tuesday evening at 5:15 p.m....

Tyranny in Waco
Posted March 13, 2004
This is an excerpt taken from the OSA Dallas newsletter. John and many others joined Rusty before he left for California as they challenged the City Council's ordinance restricting their activities at the mill. For more information see the articles entitled “ Waco Report,” “Update in Waco ,” and “Pastors Take the Helm.” ... So what we have here is Waco's own 10-40 window - a Gospel-Free Zone! This as an all out assault on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and if we do not stand in opposition to this, you had better believe it will spread like gangrene to the rest of the United States, including our city of Dallas. Satan will do whatever he can to silence gentle Christians from proclaiming God's Word on the highways and byways of this nation.

More News & Articles From Texas
Here is an index for a number stories of interest from the state of Texas both recent and from the past. Some of these are on or may have appeared on the front page or here. Give it a browse for more good news on the Good News at the gates!


Latest update April 26,2006
As gentle saints show up for battle at the gates of hell God moves and babies are saved and sinners repent through the preaching of the gospel of Christ and sidewalk counseling. These are their reports of what God is doing.


March 19, 2004
Reports from Mark Gabriel.

Madison - Peaceful Pro-Lifer Arrested Laying Down His Life for the Unborn
December 8, 2000
A peaceful rescue at Madison abortion mill culminated in the arrest of William Goodman, a full-time pro-life missionary. "Children are dying not because God doesn't love them. He does love them. Children die because we don't love them enough," Will said from jail.

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