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If they were not murdered children,
then what exactly were they?

Concerning Michelle Colon's quotes:  Every policeman that testified at the trial of the eleven gentle Christians Tuesday, testified to the polite and respectful way they responded to them.  Also note that everyone arrested in Jackson during the Gospel proclamation this past summer showed up for trial.  This was at great personal expense for many.  Just look at the way these Christians acted on behalf of their Lord and His precious pre-born children.  

If they were not murdered children,
then what exactly were they?

Commentary by Tim Hanline, Jr.

The Clarion Ledger in Jackson, MS has yet again shown its dedication to professional and unbiased journalism – it has none. 


In this article, journalist Leah Rupp writes, “For a week, anti-abortion protesters gathered outside the clinic singing, chanting, reading the Bible and holding graphic oversized signs they say were of aborted fetuses.” 

Lest there be any confusion created by this ambiguous language, let us have a look at these signs and judge for ourselves whether they are in fact “aborted fetuses,” a sickening euphemism for “murdered children.”

Let us get a closer look at the picture in the upper right….

I am not sure how this can be mistaken. 

 The article also quotes Michelle Colon, the “man-hater-in-chief” for NOW.  "We need to remind people how (the anti-abortion protesters) were acting," said Michelle Colon, president of the Jackson chapter of the National Organization for Women, calling protesters behavior ‘aggressive, disrespectful and rude.'“

Let us examine what behavior Michelle finds reprehensible. 

Apparently being “aggressive, disrespectful and rude” are not admirable qualities of character according to Michelle.  However, by present cultural norms (I am sorry I cannot speak to future cultural norms), ripping off somebody's arms could qualify as “aggressive, disrespectful and rude,” an action that Michelle condones by supporting and encouraging the dismemberment of baby boys and girls.

Colon said, "These people claim to be Christians, but here they are attacking people."

Michelle also apparently believes that “attacking people” is wrong.  Why then, does she encourage crushing the skulls of baby boys and girls.  Wouldn't such a behavior also be considered “attacking people?” 

So, Michelle will, no doubt, be judged by the standard that she judges others.