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Scary Halloween Outreach

Scary Halloween Outreach
by Dr. Patrick Johnson

Hello, rescuers of the pre-born!  I want to invite you to a scary Halloween outreach!   Ha!  Scary for the devil, that is, not for you brave warriors for Jesus' kingdom!

We have obtained and confirmed the home addresses of at least two Columbus abortionists.  On October 28, we'll kindly inform the residents of this neighborhood of the murderer that lives beside them, and we'll encourage them to "Not hate thy brother in thine heart... (but) rebuke thy neighbor, and not suffer sin upon him." (Lev.19:17).  At least one of these neighborhoods has a good public sidewalk for ministering, and we'll research the second neighborhood soon. 

Our theme will be "The Scariest Neighborhood in Town."  I'll have a banner made, and we'll have brief tracts made for the occasion.  The tracts will simply inform the residents of the abortionist that resides in their neighborhood, provide a photo of them entering the child-killing facility.  There will be a brief message about abortion, and we'll close with a Gospel message about Paul, the murderer, repenting and trusting in Christ and being mightily used of God, and inviting the reader to do the same. 

It is my sincere prayer that Mark Harrington can afford to bring a Truth Truck.  We'll also have the dead baby pictures.  It's a bold outreach, but hey, they're really killing babies!  We'll walk around the neighborhood once or twice with banners, distribute our tracts, then head for the next site.  We'll go to two neighborhoods, close with prayer, then leave.  Let's start at Noon, and I suspect we'll conclude by 2:30 p.m.  Please inform in the next seven days if you are able to come.  If you are not, please keep this event bathed in prayer.  Thank you.

The gates of hell will NOT prevail!