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Homosexual thanks Flip – Flip responds

Homosexual thanks Flip – Flip responds

I would like to thank Flip Benham for attending the 2006 Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade (a.k.a. Dallas Gay Pride Parade) this past weekend. 

I would like to thank him for yelling things like “your parents are going to Hell” and “your parents' church is an abomination” to the children who were marching with the Cathedral of Hope.  I appreciated the most when one of his followers stepped out into the parade route in front of my daughter and shoved an anti-gay pamphlet in her face, yelled at her and scared her into taking the pamphlet.  Several of our youth were visibly upset with the taunting from Mr. Benham and his followers screaming and shaking their Bibles at them.  Again, I say thank you!

Like it or not, we in the gay community have families with children.  Many times our own children hear us talking about the discrimination and bigotry that gays and lesbians have to endure.  And when we try to explain this to our children they say they understand but deep down I don't think they really get it.  Well thanks to Mr. Benham… they get it now.  What a great learning experience he gave the youth of our church.  Discrimination and bigotry is so much easier to understand when you see it first hand. 

Thanks again Mr. Benham.  Our children learned a very important lesson on Sunday and we probably could not have done it without you!

Johnny Bennett


Dear Johnny,

You are so very welcome!  To keep our kids from sexual predators such as you is absolutely essential.  No one shoved a pamphlet into your “daughter's” face.  She wanted it and received it.  You grabbed it out of her hand for fear that the truth would set her free from the horrible lie of homosexual sodomy

The Cathedral of Hope is an abomination before Almighty God and so are you.  Leading precious people whom God loves into believing a lie that one can be a Christian and practice homosexual sodomy at the same time is a crime that cries out to the heavens.

Unless you repent Johnny, you will find yourself in hell!  It will be your own choice.  That's right!  You can choose today whom you will serve but, after you choose, you will have no power to negotiate the consequences of that choice.  You are deeply loved by God and that will never change.  He will love you right into hell – it will break His heart - but it is, after all, your choice!

Thank you for writing to me.  We have had several people out at your “youth group” at MCC.  They were never invited in.  There is not much tolerance for the Gospel of Jesus Christ there.  One has to bless homosexual sodomy or he is out of the group.  There is zero tolerance for the Truth of the Gospel.

We will pray for your “daughter” that she will find her way free from the ubiquitous lie that has enslaved her “father's” heart and soul.  The author of this lie in none other than the devil himself.  Johnny, you are no match for him!  Neither is your “daughter.”

We are praying that the Truth will set you free.  Because I love you, I am sending you this quick response.

In Christian love,


PS  You really should have read the Gospel tract by Stephen Bennett.  God set him free from the sin of homosexual sodomy.  It is an insatiable beast that grows larger with every passing day.  Ephesians 4:17-19