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1999 Articles

 1999 Articles

Wisdom for the Republican Primaries
by Rev. Flip Benham
December 22, 1999

Do we vote for the lesser of two evils? Never! To vote for the lesser of two evils is to vote for evil still! What do we do? We must trust God and allow Him to have His way with the sorry state of the Republican Party. There will never be room for men like Bauer, or Keyes in the this Party any more than there was room for Jesus at the Inn. We must go outside, to an insignificant stable and allow God’s Word to be birthed.

Savage Wolves
November 2, 1999
John D.Reyes

I watched from my jail cell in horror as I witnessed Mel White and his savage wolves gather in Lynchburg, Virginia, to promote their sinful homosexual lifestyle. These lying prophets prophesied a peace that can never be attained until a righteous holy fear of God is imparted in a man’s heart through repentance and regeneration. Mr. White has come out from the evangelical community, left the wife and children of his youth, to embrace homosexuality as God’s way. This counterfeit Gospel proclaims that homosexuality is not a sin but rather something that God approves.

Homosexuality vs. Christianity, Continued...
A Dialouge
November 2, 1999

This is a dialouge that took place between Andrew Street and a college student subsequent to an emailing of the entire article, Homosexuality vs. Christianity, (mentioned below) from Andrew Street.

Post-Abortion Healing
by Kirsten
November 1, 1999

I would never ever be the same, I just wanted to die. I did go on with my life, but not a day went by for two years that I did not remember what happened in the clinic that day.

Post Traumatic Abortion Syndrome - Non Existant?
by Kimberly Henson
October 12, 1999

I know that people say there is no such thing as Post Traumatic Abortion Syndrome. I would beg to differ with them. I have lived it every day for 11 years and really never even knew it

Safe, Legal, but Rare Late Term Abortion?
by Maggie Gallagher
August 31, 1999

"Safe, legal and rare" is the public stance. But I guess when push comes to shove both the "safe" and the "rare" parts are dispensable.

Conservatism is Pretend Salt
by Rev. Flip Benham
Updated September 29, 2000

Conservatism looks like salt, talks like salt, acts like salt, seeks the vote and friendship of salt, yet, when the test of taste comes, it is revealed for what it really is -- a tasteless enabler of perdition!

Unequal Justice Under a Bad Law
by Cal Thomas
June 18, 1999

The Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE), passed in 1994 by a Democratic Congress and signed by a Democratic president, unfairly singles out a single issue -- abortion -- and makes certain forms of protest against it a federal crime.

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