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Another Alabama Abortion Mill Violates State Health Codes

Another Alabama Abortion Mill Violates State Health Codes
By Flip Benham

The horrible truth of what goes on in our nation's abortion mills is being exposed as Health Departments across the nation are taking another look into this once “most favored” business.  What they are finding is absolutely revolting!  The filth, the caked-up blood, the unsanitary conditions and instruments, the non-caring demeanor of doctors and staff, leaves one wondering where Health Departments have been all these years.

It's not as if they haven't been told.  For years, Christians have been giving mothers bound for abortion a real choice in front of abortion mills like Summit Women's Health center in Birmingham, Alabama.  They know what's going on inside.  They have filed many reports to the Health Department about the horrid and unsanitary conditions of these places of death. 

How did they find out?  Mothers who went in, some who even killed their own child approached the sidewalk counselors to find solace and shared the shocking truth.  Many former abortion mill employees, who have given their hearts to Christ, have corroborated these horror stories.  Yet nothing has been done until just recently.  Why?

The abortion industry had garnered for itself “most favored business” status in our nation.  What were the rules and regulations that applied to every other medical care facility, including veterinary clinics, did not apply to the abortion industry.  It got a pass.  Even the IRS would not touch nor investigate known falsifications of financial records. No one dared touch the sacred idol. 

Doctors and staff got away with murder - literally!  Women were routinely butchered by inept and uncaring doctors and staff.  Some mothers walked into an abortion mill upright and, after an hour or two, were wheeled-out horizontally to the nearest emergency room and some ultimately, to the morgue.

Thank God that in some states like Alabama, Health Departments are finally discovering for themselves the horror, filth, lies, and cover-ups of the abortion industry.  Now let's pray they have the courage to do something about it!

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