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America's Sins are Coming Home to Roost

's Sins are Coming Home to Roost
By Jo Scott

In American government today it is a rarity to hear anyone call upon the name of Jesus Christ without a cacophony of complaints and accusations of intolerance and hate.

American judges have taken it upon themselves to legalize unthinkable perversions from their benches. They have forgotten that God almighty gave us the justice system in the first place.  It's obvious that man could not have conceived justice; it's against his nature.  Just look around you.  America loves the criminal and hates the most innocent among us.  Just read the headlines.  A little girl is raped and the rapist is sentenced to a short term of probation.  A protester speaks up to save a little girl from abortion and he goes to jail with the label “domestic terrorist” in tow.

In America's schools the name of Jesus Christ has been outlawed unless it is used as an expletive, while allegiance to Satan, sex, lies, homosexuality, abortion, suicide and evolution is considered "progressive" and enlightened.  God has been thrown out and primordial ooze has been elevated to "creator."  There is no longer any thought of one's personal accountability to the righteous and holy God.  There are no consequences for sin in this ill-conceived primordial scenario, and therefore, no limitations to what evil can be spun in the mind of the Godless sinner.

American television cleverly belittles the Christians by stereotyping them as either hapless fools or hate mongers. The "Christian Right" is labeled intolerant and is demonized because they have the audacity to speak out against the immorality of our courts, politicians, public schools and the entertainment industry. All the while Hollywood has managed to sexualize our young children, inculcate them with their filthy rhetoric and make them easy prey for the vultures of a culture in moral freefall.  It lures the "masses" to explore the most deplorable of human depravities and desensitizes them to the point that they are willing to accept the most repulsive human behaviors as normal. All this is done under the guise of “entertainment” or “educational TV” with the help of a few talking heads.

The American political system has thrashed itself to shreds.  There are no longer men, or women for that matter, in the political system that can be trusted.  Sex scandals are rampant among politicians.  It was demoralizing when our leaders were involved in illicit affairs with adults.  Recently, their affections have turned to our children, making it impossible for us to trust any of them.  Politicians have made it legal to kill our unborn children.  Now, the children who do survive the horrors of abortion are at risk of being molested by those same politicians. 

Family is the very foundation of society; it is the cement that binds us together.  Today the American family is under attack.  Homosexuals are poised to undermine the institution of marriage. By affording homosexuals the same rights as married couples, whether it be called "domestic partnership” or marriage, America will unleash Pandora's box of mischief known only to those who made their abode in Sodom and Gomorrah in the time of Abraham. It will affect everything from the ability to teach the truth about Christ to the economical stability of our nation. 

America's sins have come home to roost. The sins of the heathen are not responsible for our deplorable state, but rather it is the uselessness of the Church. We've been complacent, reveling in our luxuries instead of loving the world around us enough to stand between them and their destruction. We've eaten the sweetness of the world until our teeth are rotten and our bones are softened and bent from the lack of meat. We are weak, unwilling to stand for even the most vulnerable among us, the unborn child.

It is time for every born again Christian in this nation to get down on their knees and pray. Pray, not just for someone to help, but pray that God leads YOU in what YOU need to do to pull us out of this cesspool of sin. Paul was one man, but he turned the world upside down for Christ. Imagine what we, the body of Christ could do if we would humble ourselves and pray, seek God's face, turn from our wicked ways and allow the Holy Spirit to lead us in the battle for the souls of our lost and dieing world.

Are we, the Church, going to be able to grapple with the issues that confront us? Or will we continue down the path of indifference? The answers are available, but only with a humble and repentant heart will we be able to see them. Is our destruction on the horizon, or is our greatest hour just ahead?

Will we turn our world back to Christ, or will we nest in our sins?

Nesting with Jesus,
Jo Scott