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2004 Articles Part 2

 2004 Articles Part 2

Liz in the News: Salvation Army Answer to Prayer for Christmas - I Saw Jesus!
By Robert Stinson
Posted December 22, 2004
At least one of Elizabeth Thomas' two prayers will be answered this Christmas. Her first prayer was to make certain her family of 10 has a Christmas this year. The other prayer was to be out of the hospital in time to enjoy it with them.

This Christmas - I Saw Jesus!
By Kristene O'Dell
Posted December 21, 2004
When theology becomes biography in the streets, when the Word of God became flesh, God's love is manifest in a physical way that words simply cannot express.  Merry Christmas to all you rescuers who have allowed the Word of God to become flesh in the streets of our nation. There is hope for America and the One who lives in you (Jesus), is it!

Enjoy this story by Kristene O'Dell of an incredible Christmas encounter right in front of her house.  Be encouraged this Christmas season!

The Nightmare Before Christmas
By Angela Michael
Posted December 20, 2004
Reporters, media, and news anchors were stumbling over the breaking news story in reference to "fetus" vs. "baby" cut from a pregnant mother's womb. A modern Jack-the-ripper filleted an eight-month pregnant, 23-year-old Bobbi Jo Stinnett's womb and stole the "fetus" leaving the near death mother strangled and hemorrhaging.

Free the Philadelphia 4
By Joseph Farah
Posted December 20, 2004
I'm amazed when seemingly intelligent people tell me they still think the American Civil Liberties Union is a group that fights for First Amendment freedoms no matter whose ox is being gored.
If that's the case, why is the ACLU not filing amicus briefs in Philadelphia where four Christians are facing 47 years in jail for expressing their free-speech rights?

God is Looking for Those Who Will Restore Justice in America
By Flip Benham
Posted December 20, 2004
Why is it that the Lord is so concerned for justice? It is precisely because He is merciful. He desires mercy, not sacrifice (Hosea 6:6. Matthew 12:7). He longs to be merciful to us, but mercy cannot be poured out from heaven until justice is done on earth. That's right! Mercy cannot be dispensed apart from justice. Mercy triumphs over judgment to be sure, but mercy cannot be had apart from judgment. (James 2:12-13). How can we have mercy on someone that doesn't think he has done anything wrong? Jesus can't heal those who think they are well. He came for the sick. One has to confess (judge) that he is sick in order to be healed. Mercy cannot be had apart from judgment.

Posted December 18, 2004
Two parents who objected to a Massachusetts high school's homosexual-awareness day were expelled from the campus after a mother began videotaping a session. Four police officers and the school principal warned they would be charged with trespassing if they didn't leave the campus Wednesday. The enemies of Christ have become increasingly bold but we Christians are God's answer. It is time for Christians to engage this enemy on his own turf with the sharp double edged Sword of the Spirit.

Plano, Texas - The Town That Tried to Ban Christmas
By Steve Mashburn
Posted December 17, 2004
Every once in a while I see a story in the news that just grabs my attention and stirs my juices. Today an article carried by WorldNetDaily focuses on how ‘political correctness' has run amok, with those who hate Jesus and Christians growing more outrageous by the day. This story was about the school district in Plano, Texas banning the Christmas colors red and green from its ‘Winter Party.'

What Happened to Baby Christmas?
By Patte Smith; foreword by Flip Benham;

Posted December 11, 2004
Orlando, FL: So much grief at the clinic today. Just as Claire, Melissa, Amanda & I arrived at 8:00a.m., an Asian woman in her early twenties and wearing pajamas came stumbling toward the clinic door clutching her pregnant belly. Connie was obviously in active labor. The door was locked because the abortion clinic doesn't officially open until 9a.m. Connie couldn't catch her breath. This was her first baby. She was just 19 weeks, about half way through pregnancy. Pregnant at Christmastime. A Christmas baby. Her first child. Connie wants to murder him for Christmas.

Why I go to the Abortion Mill
By Chris Coatney in Dearborn, MI
Posted November 29, 2004
Thursday an African-American man came across the street as I was getting ready to leave the abortion mill after they had closed for the day. He offered me a small donation and a plate of food he had bought at the restaurant next to the mill and stated that he, himself, was an abortion survivor. He appeared to be about my age (which is 54). My ears perked up, as abortion would have still been a criminal offense until several years after his birth.

A Physical Manifestation of the Battle Between Two Seeds
By Flip Benham
Posted December 17, 2004
Both the Parliament of the Ukraine and its Supreme Court agreed the elections had been “fixed.” They overturned the election results and are now preparing for a new election. Vladimir Putin, of the Soviet Union, is pulling out all the stops to make sure his Communist puppet Janukovych remains in office. The people of the Ukraine however, hundreds and thousands of them, have taken to the streets with their orange scarves in support of Jushenko. The amazing thing is that no buildings are being burned, no windows are being broken, no looting of local shops, no fighting in the squares – only praying, singing, Christ proclaiming Christians!

By Flip Benham

Sometimes it is very difficult for us to comprehend the magnitude of the toll that the abortion holocaust has taken over the past 32 years. When one says that over 45 million children have been slaughtered by legalized abortion since January 22, 1973, the numbers just don't seem to register. Below is a map of the United States of America indicating the number of states that would have their populations totally wiped out if war were to come to our shores and 45 million people were killed.


By Flip Benham
Her most egregious sin was that she, “…did not plead the case of the fatherless to win it.” Jeremiah 5:28. The people were praising God with their mouths, while sacrificing their children to a false god. This was intolerable before Almighty God. But nobody knew it because the prophets and the priests weren't telling. Too judgmental!
The people loved it this way. They wanted – no, they demanded, positive, “seeker friendly” messages. Messages that would help them feel more at peace with themselves and with “god.” The accommodating priests and prophets of the day, in order not offend the easily offended, dressed the wound of God's people as though it were not serious. They proclaimed peace, when God was not at all at peace with them.

Dear Pastor - Sample letter
Dear Pastor..., This January 22, 2005, will mark the 32nd Memorial of Roe vs. Wade. We have tolerated thirty-two years of unabated child-killing. It was perpetrated by a lie from the devil himself through the Supreme Court of the United States of America, and has eliminated one third of the generation 32 years old and younger. This has been our greatest national travesty! Domestic terrorism has been sown in the womb and we are reaping the horrible consequences of domestic and foreign terrorism in our streets. It is time for us to confess our sin. To own it as Daniel and Nehemiah did, and ask God to forgive us for what we have, and what we have not done for “the least of these” who bear His image. God is waiting for us! (2 Chronicles 7:14)

Horror in Plano, TX
Flip Benham; Dallas Morning News; John Reyes

Posted November 30, 2004
This is an excellent article written by the Dallas Morning News - what a shock!. This newspaper has been an ardent advocate of the murder of preborn children for as long as I can remember. But even the sin hardened Dallas Morning News was stunned by this heinous display of child-killing. I wonder why?
It is because now they (the authors) can see child-killing in all of its horrible color and ferocity. They can see the baby, in their mind's eye, having her arms cut off by a mother who was supposed to lover her. They can see the baby, unable to defend herself, wondering why mom would do such a horrible thing. They can sense the helplessness of being unable to do anything about it. Yes, the authors of this article can see the utter depravity, selfishness, and despair that would cause a mother to do such a thing. If they could but pull the veil a little further back, they would see the glee of the devil and his minions and the weeping of our Father in heaven.

A Nation Reaps What It's Sown 

Mum with postpartum depression cuts off baby's arms
PLANO ( Texas ) AP

charge: capitol murder

What is the Difference?
Both babies cried. Both babies died violent deaths.

Steve Mashburn
Posted November 26, 2004
There is no difference in the babies other than place of residence at the time of their murder and residence of their killers. Perhaps you are like most people are horrified at such distressing news. It is hard to imagine what person would not be repulsed upon hearing of this 11-month old baby girl's fate at Dena Schlosser, 35, her mother's hand. The original AP wire story included the following exchange between 911 operators and this poor mother. Since then the pro-abortion media has conveniently left out these facts.

Battle Heats Up in Denver, Colorado
Sign ordinance once again impedes on Christian duty to be salt in the earth
By Jo Scott

Posted November 19, 2004
... It appears that we will be joining all of you saints in Denver this summer for our National Event, July 16-23, 2005. God is in it and you all have been ever so faithful to Jesus and His children! We are praying and fasting every Monday evening to Tuesday evening for this event and what God would have us speak to our nation. We have four years to prepare our nation for what is coming. We will begin in Denver. Praise God! - Flip
Denver's pro life ‘Name and Shame Campaign' is in full swing and is proving to be quite effective. In the last month pro lifers visited three abortionist's homes. One abortionist has quit Planned Parenthood in Denver and the other's neighborhood is up in arms.

Richmond Police Officer, Howard Noyse is on a mission to lock up Pro-life Christians
Life and Liberty Ministries

Posted November 20, 2004
On Friday, November 5, Officer Howard Noyse of the Richmond Police Department arrested Fred Neal, a Christian, as he preached truth on the public sidewalk at Richmond Medical Center for Women. Fred's charge was "disorderly conduct". This is a favorite "catch-all" charge used when no law has been violated. This is another instance in a long history of harassment by this officer who is on the payroll of RMCW. For several years this police officer has been moonlighting at the clinic.

Guilty As Sin
By Rusty Thomas

Posted November 19, 2004
Every day thousands of women march into abortion mills like our local Planned Parenthood and commit the same act Scott Peterson was found guilty of. How can justice demand his guilt and yet turn a blind eye when it comes to those who are guilty of the same act? We can't have it both ways. Either the baby is not a person protected by law or it is person protected by law. Either people should be punished for harming an unborn baby or they should be free to harm as many as they wish with impunity.

Good Judgment or Hate Speech?
Christian Student Voices Opinion
Posted November 18, 2004
Below is an email from a student who attends the high school that OSA visited Wednesday morning, November 17, 2004. Flip responds to her concerns about making judgments. “Do not judge!” seems to be the Christian mantra of the day and yet, is that truly what Jesus would have us do? - Dear Operation Save America, I am a student at Jay. M. Robinson High School in Concord, North Carolina. Members of your organization are currently protesting at my school and intend to do so all week. I am a very active Christian at my church. I participate in praise band, puppets, ensemble, etc. I participate in CYC (committed young Christians) which is held at my school every Friday morning. In NO WAY WHATSOEVER has my school ever oppressed my values that I can think of. I go on mission trips. I spread the good news of Jesus Christ, His grace, His love and his mercy towards all humankind. ...

Miracle at Central Cabarrus High School
Twenty give their hearts to Christ

By Flip Benham
Posted November 17, 2004
Charlotte, NC  “There is an army, completely untapped, that is simply waiting for its marching orders.” Those were the words of Ryan King, one of the gentle Christian warriors that is bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ back into the high schools with us in the “God is Going Back to School” campaign.

God's Providential Hand in Columbus, Ohio
By Flip Benham

Posted November 17, 2004
Could any of us have possible known the political and spiritual significance of the state of Ohio in this year's Presidential election? No way! Yet, God Himself guided us to the capital of the state of Ohio to conduct our national event this summer and be a precursor to the November elections. The theology of the church house burst into biography in the streets of Columbus and the picture was painted. It was a living parable for all of Ohio to see that moral issues would be the ones determining this election and Christians would be the ones bringing the battle to the gates.

Jesus Keep Your "Shirt" On?
By Tom White, Voice of the Martyrs
Posted November 11, 2004
Thanks to Chris Coatney for sharing this Voice of the Martyr's article with us.This article certainly reminds all of us why we go to the streets with the graphic truth of what abortion really is. How will anyone know if we don't love enough to tell?

Home-Schooled Children - Priceless
11-year-old girl donates money to children in Pakistan
Posted November 11, 2004
Corrie Zastrow...was 8 years old when she first read about Christian girls in Pakistan who were forced to serve Muslim families. In an article in the monthly magazine The Voice of the Martyrs, which she and her family read as part of their daily worship, Corrie, now 11, learned about a girl named Zeba. Zeba was forced to work as a servant for a family who beat and tortured her. Her mother was killed and her sister died ... Although worlds apart, Corrie says she felt a connection with the young Pakistani girl, and three years later, found a way to help others like her.

John Reyes Arrested in Dallas, TX
By Kristene O'Dell
Posted November 7, 2004
This Saturday morning John Reyes and several others were cited for holding signs at Aaron's abortion mill in Dallas, TX. Without Congress passing any laws to strike down the First Amendment, Christians are being arrested or threatened with arrest in cities all across America because of little petty city ordinances. There are battles, just like this one, going on in Charlotte, Waco, Denver, Milford, Columbus, and many other cities.

By Mary Ellen Urmin
Posted November 5, 2004
... my eyes latched onto the first black limousine and there I saw him, the president himself looking at us, at our signs, and waving. My heart was elated. There on that street, we had sent a message to the leader of the most powerful nation in the world, to stand for life.

My love affair with evangelical Christians
By Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
Posted November 5, 2004
Unlike so many Americans, evangelical Christians utterly reject materialism. They raise Godly children...Their women...would never contemplate surrendering their bodies to a man who has not committed to them in marriage... their men are taught to value women and to work to be worthy of them. This is not to say I don't have serious disagreements with evangelicals. Indeed, on my daily radio show, I have a regular parade of evangelical pastors who debate with me constantly, like the Rev. Flip Benham of Operation Rescue in North Carolina.

We Are Being Set Up for 2008
By Flip Benham
Posted November 3, 2004
The Republican Party has been, ever so carefully and stealthily, preparing the way for the nomination of its first "pro-abortion"candidate to run for the Presidency. If you doubt it just look at the prime-time speakers during the Republican National Convention - Arnold, Rudi, Pataki, ad nauseam. They are all pro-abortion.

Eleventh Hour Appeal from Pennsylvania
A request for prayers for the Pennsylvania Senate race
Posted November 2, 2004
Dear Friends, I hope that you are all well. I am writing with an urgent, last-minute request. I have spent the last few months since our time in Columbus, OH working on a U.S. Senate campaign. I have been working on behalf of Jim Clymer, Constitution Party National Chairman in his race against ultra-liberal Arlen Specter here in Pennsylvania. We have faced many odds, including opposition from several Christian groups, even our friends at the American Family Association, but we are overcoming. Jim is a man of character and integrity, a man who truly loves Jesus, and in a race like this one the contrast is clear. With just hours left before the election we are in desperate need of your prayers. David is going up against Goliath, and in the eyes of many he doesn't stand a chance, but we know that with God all things are possible.

Before You Vote Please Read This
Flip and Mike Warren on the election
Posted November 2, 2004
The upcoming election concerns us all deeply. In terms of Supreme Court appointees, the effects may be felt for a generation or more. Flip received an email from Mike Warren telling why he has chosen to cast his vote for President George W. Bush. Flip's response provides some much needed insight regarding this presidential campaign that he describes as a “battle between two seeds.”

The "Reverend" George Gardner Dies in Wichita, KS
(Tiller's Chaplain that would baptize babies as they were being aborted)
Posted October 25, 2004
By Flip Benham
George Gardner, the infamous Pastor of College Hill United Methodist Church, is now standing face to face with our Lord Jesus. “Reverend” Gardner is the one who would baptize little baby boys and girls as they were being aborted in George Tiller's mill. He was very sincere in his beliefs, but he was sincerely wrong. Now he is facing the consequences of his own arrogance and his presumptuous beliefs.

"God is Going Back to School"
Join us in bringing the “Light of the World” into the dark halls of our public high schools!
Posted October 23, 2004
By Flip Benham
If you have been sickened, as we have been, by the expulsion of God from our public schools and His removal from the public square, then let's do more. Let's push out into the deep water and bring Him back to school, and back into the public arena - Ten Commandments and all! This will never happen at the political level – at least not now. But it can happen if a few moms and dads, pastors, students, and teachers join the Second American Revolution to turn our nation right-side-up again, in the Name of Jesus.

The Ubiquitous Censorship of the Gospel of Christ
Posted October 23, 2004
How many times have we been told by well meaning Christians, "I don't like those pictures, but when they legislate you off the streets because of the message, I'll stand with you." Well, here it is! The devil is no longer hiding behind the offense of the pictures. It's the very message of the Gospel that is said to be "too offensive." ...
ZEALOTS offend students with protests
News 14 Charlotte - Charlotte, NC, USA
The demonstrators are part of a group called Operation Save America, which
touts its members as the saviors of unborn children. ...

A Response to "A Lying Spirit"
Posted October 18, 2004
Posted below is an email Flip received in response to his article “A Lying Spirit Manifests Itself in the Presidential Debates.” There are many who email us concerning the President and his policies regarding abortion and homosexuality. As you continue to read, Flip will try to clarify his thoughts about President Bush truly being a born-again Christian and why he waivers on these issues. ... Flip,
While you are correct in stating that Kerry/Edwards are possessed of a lying spirit, why cannot you see that George W. Bush and "CFR" Cheney are possessed of the same lying spirit. How much wickedness must Bush perpetrate before you realize that either his profession of faith is false, or he has given-in to the forces of darkness? ...

A "Lying Spirit" Manifests Itself in the Presidential Debates
By Flip Benham
Posted October 8, 2004
The Presidential and Vice Presidential debates have been quite intriguing in this 2004 Presidential election year. In case you haven't noticed, something diabolical is going on. Yes, Kerry and Edwards seem to be on top of their game while President Bush and Vice President Cheney appear tired, frustrated, and exasperated beyond recovery. What is happening?
One needs to look beyond Mr. Kerry and Mr. Edwards to find the murderous spirit that is both motivating and speaking through them. I am not talking about James Carville and his minions. It's far worse than that. I am talking about a “lying spirit” brought to the fore by Satan himself.

God is Still Speaking.    What is He Saying?
Find out in Romans 2:4 and Isaiah 58 - 59.
Photo of the Day
Many of the signs and billboards in Florida were no match for Hurricane Charley. However, one billboard resisted the 100-mile per hour winds of the eye wall of the storm. While the billboard still stands, the advertisement that was there when Hurricane Charley hit was pealed back to reveal an earlier message. When the sun rose the next morning on Sand Lake Road in Orlando, Florida the words on the billboard clearly read:

Posted October 1, 2004
Email from Steve Lefemine - Flip Benham's commentary follows:
...I believe God is speaking clearly. I find it absolutely astonishing that God is still willing to speak to us at all, after what we have done to drag His wonderful Name through the mud. ...

Curves Owner in the News Again
Missoula Independent
Posted October 1, 2004
About 100 women joined the new women's-only Curves fitness club in Frenchtown in the first week after its Sept. 20 opening, says Frenchtown franchise owner Terry Lyn Venable. But none of those women, she says, are talking about the controversy surrounding Waco, Texas-based Curves CEO Gary Heavin's charitable donations to what the San Francisco Chronicle mistakenly called “radical anti-abortion group[s]” back in April. The Chronicle has since published a correction stating that Heavin in fact never gave to the militant anti-abortion group, Operation Save America, and that only one of his recipients, Waco's Care Net, runs pregnancy crisis centers that encourage women to consider adoption over abortion.

Taking God Back to School Generates Interesting News
@Stratford Star
Posted October 1, 2004
God went back to a government school to the joy of many students. As for the one young lady the school "needing counseling" according to the school principal, one can only imagine what counsel schools that welcome in Planned Parenthood gave her. We do know how God feels about such sorrow when we are confronted with sin. "...Yet now I am happy, not because you were made sorry, but because your sorrow led you to repentance. For you became sorrowful as God intended and so were not harmed in any way by us. Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death..."

Letters to the Editor - OSA Director Responds
By Flip Benham
Posted September 30, 2004
Several letters to the editor published in The Salisbury Post were critical of the Taking God back to School campaign waged by Flip Benham, Scott Heldreth and other Christians at South Rowan High School. All were similiar in content and all had it wrong. We are posting one from a United Methodist minister, Mark Helms, as an example. Flip's response is a general response to all of them.

Republican Convention Speaker Roster Reveals Pending Split
By Flip Benham
Posted September 25, 2004

Republicans are being prepared for a prochoice (prodeath) candidate. They are being baited for 2008. Notice the talk about the Republican Party being a “big tent” party. The Democrats have always been the “big tent” party. You can't be a “big tent” and stand for righteousness.

Abominable Decision by Florida Supreme Court
It was there we purposed in our hearts that, if it was inevitable that Terri must die, it was imperative she not die alone.
By Flip Benham
Posted September 24, 2004

As many of you know, last year on Oct 21, we went down to Clearwater, FL to stand in the gap on behalf of Terri Schiavo. We joined her parents, brother and sister to plead for Terri's life. Pastor Sam Green brought his whole church from Palmbay on the east coast of Florida to join us on the west coast. You see, the courts of this land were allowing Terri's husband, Michael, to remove the feeding and hydration tubes from her. Michael didn't want Terri around anymore.

Stoking Racism After 9/11
By Flip Benham
Posted September 24, 2004

Rest assured the cry of racism is simply a way to soften the hearts of well meaning people while Islam digs its deadly claws in deeper and deeper into the American culture. This is a religion for cowardly men who hide behind women, children, and within mosques as they blow up innocent people and say that it is Allah's will.

Experienced Pro-lifer's Comments on Use of Graphic Pictures
Here are some insights from Janet Spear we thought might be helpful when debating the use of graphic pictures such as Baby Malachi. The arguments she uses here are intelligent and constructive. Keep up the good work, Janet! - Flip
By Janet Spears
Posted September 22, 2004

Just read the "Salisbury (.com)Post" article.
Just yesterday, as I was going into Office Max to get some copying done, a "pro-life but" man in a pickup truck pulled up to my van in passing, and yelled at me as to how sick I was to let children see those pictures; I replied that what is really sick, and abominable in the sight of God, is to let children BE those pictures (yes, it sounds like something Pavone would say, and he probably has) . . . as per Isaiah 1, Proverbs 24:11, James 1:27, etc.

OSA Brings Christian Witness to Dallas Gay Pride Parade
By Brenda Spurlock - John Reyes addition added
September 28, 2004 - Originally posted September 20, 2004

However, at one point all of our jaws dropped when we noticed an incredibly graphic float. It was black with flames and the people were dressed as demons. One homosexual had a sign that read "God hates us!" Walking along the float was a man dressed in a black hood and robe. He stopped for a while and stared at us with his eyes that pierced through the two holes in his hood. In his hands he had a baby doll with a noose around its neck. Along with him, another man with a skull mask walked along the route. Attached to his hand was a rope that dragged a baby doll on the ground behind him. The float, when it turned the corner was dragging a dozen baby dolls behind it.
Homosexuality and abortion go hand in hand. The same devil that hates children takes pride in homosexuality...

More Show than Religion
An Answer to the Salisbury Post
Salisbury Post Opinion
Updated September 21, 2004
When all else fails, you can rest assured that the enemies of the Gospel of Christ will resort to argument ad hominim. That is, verbal attacks, no matter how outrageous, upon the character of those who bring the message. The Salisbury Post's obvious attempt to ignore and discredit the message brought to South Rowan High School by discrediting the messenger is a part and parcel of our Christian heritage. ... - Flip Benham
SP: In a previous existence, before he saw the light and became a celebrity in the anti-abortion movement, the Rev. Flip Benham was a saloon keeper in Kissimmee, Fla. If he changes careers again, here's betting he'll be a talk show host or a carnival barker.

Jesus Lifted High
At the Gate of the City Courts in Wichita

There were times when I doubt that there was a dry eye in the house. A number of the saints had come to support us during the trial and witnessed at times even the judge (also a female) visibly 'choked.'
By Pastor Mark Holick
Posted September 19, 2004
It turned out to be one of the most anointed and moving ministry outreaches that I have been privileged to be a part of in my 24 years as a Christian and 13 years in full-time ministry. Sep. 13, 2004, in municipal court of Wichita, 12 Christians, Pastor Daniel Thompson, Mattie Thompson, Bruce Garren, Pastor Bill McGinnis, Michele Sheets, Kevin Stanfield, Casey Halbgewachs, Donnie Halbgewachs, Peter Klug, Maurice Grey, Shawn Mumy, and Pastor Mark Holick, were counted worthy to be persecuted for their Lord for preaching the gospel and saving innocent children's lives.

David Wilkerson's Pastor's Convention Birmingham, Alabama
By David Lackey
Posted September 17, 200
By LaborOperation Rescue Alabama went to the David Wilkerson Pastor's Conference last week in Birmingham. We carried signs from GAP that Tom Raddell brought from Cleveland in order to reach the 5,200 Pastors that were there. The auditorium entrance is 6 feet from the public right-of-way which enabled us to talk with many of the ministers as they entered.

Southern Decadence
Report by Flip Benham Paraphrased by Kristene O'Dell
Posted September 17, 200
4 - (Pictures Coming)
On Sunday night, Sept 5, 2004, Flip, his wife Faye, and their daughter Abby joined the saints in New Orleans as they confronted the homosexual community in a fiasco called “Southern Decadence.” This is Bourbon Street 's annual gay pride lust fest. Gathered together with about 70 brothers and sisters in Christ and led by Brother Bill Shanks and Pastor Grant Storm, they brought the theology of the church house to downtown Bourbon Street . As Christ entered the city streets through the foolish things of this world , nothing was easy in the “Big Easy.” Here is Flip's report:

35,000 Black Pastors with the Baptist Convention are
Encouraged to "Choose Life" over the Democratic Party

Report from Flip
Paraphrased by Kristene O'Dell

Posted September 8, 2004
On Monday, September 4, 2004 , Flip and his family met up with Brother Bill Shanks and Roy McMillan to give a voice to the unborn at the Baptist Convention in the Mississippi – Louisiana area. This is a predominately black convention. John Kerry will be speaking there on Thursday, September 9, 2004.

Walk Accross America
By Marilyn Carroll
Posted September 7, 2004
We had an awesome time in Saratoga Springs and vicinity with Fr Francis and our prolife brothers and sisters. The Solemn Assembly Sunday night was led by Flip Benham and Rusty Thomas with a call to repentance to prepare our hearts for the upcoming week of ministry. After early morning Bible study and breakfast an Ecclesiastical Court was held in front of the Federal Court in Albany. That afternoon we went to Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood and NYS Capitol Park. We were able to give out some literature at PP and talk to some clients going in. Some left. We believe lives may have been saved.

Walking parable travels through area
Both of these articles, this and the one directly below it, were in the Altoona Mirror as the WAA team journeyed through New York state on their way to Saratoga Springs in August. This second article was in the religion section while the other was in the news.

Altoona Mirror
August 13, 2004
(c) printed by permission
Posted September 7, 2004
Benham, who refers to his organization as gospel-based, said Christians need to stand firm against sin. “Every behavior is out of the closet, but when Christianity comes out of the closet, it's ‘Katy, bar the door!” he said. “Wherever the enemy manifests itself, whatever gate, we know that we are dealing with a gospel-based issue.

The Battle Continues in Waco
The Waco Church on the streets
Posted August 31, 2004
In an attempt to silence Christians' outcry against Planned Parenthood and effective ministry to high school students before and after school, the City of Waco signed into law a City ordinance that forbids any street activity or demonstration in a school zone in the mornings and afternoons.

Thomas Girls in the News Again, Waco Tribune
@Waco Tribune-Herald
Posted August 31, 2004
Part of the 10-child brood of the Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas of Elijah Ministries, the girls upheld the family tradition of Christian dissent along West Waco Drive in front of the city's municipal court building. They joined several others, helping hold aloft banners proclaiming: "What kind of city would allow this?"

It is Finished!
But the Battle has Just Begun

Walk Report – August 30, 2004 By Kristene O'Dell
Posted August 30, 2004
After 2400 miles on foot in six months time, the mail has been delivered! Flip, Rusty, and the rest of the “Walk Across America ” team entered Washington, D.C. on August 28, 2004. Below is the final report from Flip and Rusty.
Flip said that they arrived in Washington, D.C. and were met by Missy Smith and a group of pro-lifers from the area. On Friday morning, they headed to the abortion mill. They went to a Planned Parenthood located on the fourth floor where Gib was assaulted and Flip nearly ran over by a man in a car. Flip said that there were many comments from people who had never seen the pictures of aborted babies. They were in disbelief that these pictures really depict an abortion. They had never seen the pictures before. Flip said that if we don't show them, who will? People are not going to see them in a doctor's office, or at school, or on television, or anywhere else.

Procession Attempts to Rouse Christianity
@Altoona Mirror by permission
Posted August 28, 2004
Wednesday morning, 13-year-old Jonathan Benham was striding purposefully north along the shoulder of Pleasant Valley Boulevard in Greenwood. Carrying a model of the Ten Commandments, he was going fast, but without strain, as if his body had become a walking machine, conditioned by traveling on foot more than 2,000 miles from California since March on the way to Washington, D.C.

License of Jackson, MS Abortionist Suspended
August 29, 2004
Calling him “an immediate danger to the public,” the Mississippi State License Board suspended the license of abortionist Malachy Dehenre effective August 19. The Alabama State Board of Medical Examiners suspended Dehenre's license in July.

"Reasonable Limits" - OSA draws unfair editorial from Columbus Dispatch
Editorial and OSA response from Columbus Dispatch
August 17, 2004
The OSA national event last month in Columbus, Ohio revealed the true nature of much of its city leadership’s feelings toward the preaching of Jesus Christ in the streets. Between 100 and 150 police officers were dispatched to watch over between 150 to 200 peaceful Christians who then allowed several dozen pro-abortion & pro-sodomite protesters to heckle and attempt to disrupt prayers, singing and other free speech. Apparently preaching of king Jesus and God's Word is not welcomed by Columbus city leaders nor its main newspaper and they're now falling over themselves trying to prevent any future preaching of truth in love by OSA or anyone on the streets of Columbus.

Columbus Aftermath and Walk Across America Update
By Brenda Spurlock
August 12, 2004
Eva Edl was arrested at a Columbus abortion mill during the Operation Save America (OSA) national event. She pleaded "not guilty" to disorderly conduct charges. Here's a lady born to give a voice to voiceless children and she does. She chose to have a trial by jury so she can share the truth about the horror that is happening to little unborn boys and girls. Eva was interred in a concentration camp as a child. She remembers being labeled a "nonperson." She told supporters, "It's happening again in America." A. C. Stripp, a Jewish attorney who made his escape during WWII just two hours before Nazi's came to take him to a concentration camp, will be defending Eva at her trial in January.

Gentle Christian Young People Assaulted then Pepper Sprayed Outside Dallas Abortuary
By OSA-Dallas
Posted August 8, 2004
A Christian man was assaulted Saturday morning after an abortion - bound dad attacked him and stole his camera in front of Fairmount abortion clinic. Dan Russell, the videographer with OSA-Dallas, was video-taping sidewalk counselors when the man, in his mid-twenties, came up, pushed and pulled him, forcing the video camera into his possession. The man then took the camera into the abortion mill. Upon realizing that the police had been called, the dad later came out of the mill and returned the camera to Mr. Russell - without the video tape. When the police arrived, Mr. Russell and others gave their eyewitness account of the assault and charges were filed against the man. Police officers entered the abortuary and later returned the videotape to Mr. Russell. "This type of behavior is not surprising to anyone who does this type of ministry. Folks going into abortion mills have violence and murder already devised in their hearts toward their unborn children. If they cannot even respect the dignity of the smallest of human life, why should we expect them to value ours." said Rev. John D. Reyes, Director of Operation Save America-Dallas.

King Jesus confronts the Bloody Choice tour
By Angela Michael
Posted August 8, 2004
Baby advocate Issac being told that he has no rights on the public sidewalk outside Union Station at the Kerry-Edwards Kerry-Edwards "I Believe in America ’s Bloody Choice" tour arrives in St. Louis, Missouri at Union Station, and is confronted with the truth of what this democratic ticket stands for. "The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness." Romans 1:18 We held a peaceful proclamation declaring God is Lord and His laws reign. We read Scripture, we gave abortion statistics, we conversed one on one, we were being salt and light.

Lessons the saints learned in Columbus
By Angela Michael
Posted August 7, 2004
Angela, Celina (saved baby, 12 wks. pregnant) & Marilyn at Founders abortion mill Jesus took the Church to the streets; He ministered to the ditch-diggers; Jesus was a risk-taker. Low-risk, low gain - High-risk, high gain. E-mail lobbying is a low-risk activity, basically referred to as E-whining. Not all, just most. The sodomites didn’t win in the halls of legislatures or courts until they first won in the streets. The feminists didn’t win in the legislature, until they first marched down Pennsylvania Avenue and brought the fight to the streets. ...

Treatment of Muslims and Christians contrasted
By Brenda Spurlock
Posted August 1, 2004

Courthouse in Bagdad or Columbus, Ohio? - photo by Dorothy Boyett
When Muslims rallied in support of suspected terrorist Nuradin Abdi at the federal court building in Columbus, Ohio on June 16, observers say there were no armed guards surrounding the group. There were no snipers on the roof and no police in riot gear on the courthouse steps. There was no injunction read aloud by a federal marshal forbidding them to enter the building and no restriction to ½ of the public sidewalk.

The man who speaks for Muslims
The media savvy Jad Humeidan has found his niche

Posted July 28, 2004
The Koran burned with

The commotion last Thursday was actually coming from two floors below, where more than 100 Muslim women were protesting on an icy downtown street corner. What turned them out was a French campaign to ban all forms of religious symbols, including the hijab—the traditional religious head scarf worn by many Muslim women. Who turned them out was Jad Humeidan, executive director of the Ohio chapter of CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

The man who speaks for Muslims
The media savvy Jad Humeidan has found his niche

Posted July 28, 2004
Jad Humeidan, Executive Director Ohio chapter Council of American Islamic Relations - at OSA's Combus 2004

The commotion last Thursday was actually coming from two floors below, where more than 100 Muslim women were protesting on an icy downtown street corner. What turned them out was a French campaign to ban all forms of religious symbols, including the hijab—the traditional religious head scarf worn by many Muslim women. Who turned them out was Jad Humeidan, executive director of the Ohio chapter of CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

'YOU'RE A SICK CITY' and truth in media
Debunked by Pastor Steve Mashburn
Posted July 24, 2004
The article below appeared in The OTHER Newspaper in Columbus and it is good that they covered us but there are several inaccuracies that we will point out in [ bracketed ] red text as a means of correcting the record. Bias has no place in journalism but unfortunately most of the media at best is controlled by editors with godless and leftist political agendas and at worst is full of reporters with the same agendas. Not all are biased mind you but most, some more than others. This article is indicative of the problem. It is chock full of lies and missing information that is just too convenient in its coverage of OSA in Columbus this week. It is great in that it shows us some of the reactions to the gospel by the enemies of the cross.

July 23 - Rescues, evil SCOTUS rulings burned, arrests
Brenda Spurlock & Dorothy Boyett reporting
Posted July 24, 2004

Viewing of Baby Mercy
Day 7: Approximately 50 men, women, children and babies, entered the grounds of the abortion mill where Mervin and Milroy Samuels kill to plead for mercy for unborn children. Christians sang hymns, prayed and spoke with moms and dads, employees and police on behalf of the babies. They left after receiving warnings from the police. Following that, an even larger group rescued at Planned Parenthood. ...

July 22 - Commuters, babies saved, memorial service, burn permits granted then used
Brenda Spurlock & Dorothy Boyett reporting
Posted July 23, 2004

Viewing of Baby MercyWe all met at City Hall at 11:00 a.m. for a memorial service honoring Baby Mercy, a little girl killed by abortion. A bagpiper playing Amazing Grace led a solemn procession. Shekinah Thomas who has carried Mercy’s casket across America said, "When I look at my baby sister Torah, I wonder how somebody could do this. She wept as she said, "One third of my generation are gone…My generation will have to be the one to stand. We must give the babies a voice." She was interrupted throughout her speech by hecklers. As the service continued the heckling from these people grew more intense. They shouted obscenities through every prayer and Bible reading.

Supreme Court of the United States of America
In Contempt of the Court of Almighty God

July 23, 2004
Operation Rescue/Operation Save America: On June 26, 2003 the Supreme Court of the United States of America declared itself God. The Church of Jesus Christ will take issue with this arrogant and foolish assertion and confront this court. An Ecclesiastical Court will be convened to hold this Court in contempt of the Court of Almighty God. "We will no longer sit idly by while our rich Christian heritage is being flushed down the toilet by Court Anti-Christ bigotry," Rev. Flip Benham, National Director, OR/OSA.

We Still Serve a God Who Answers by Fire
July 22, 2004
Operation Rescue/Operation Save America: Unlike those hecklers who chant "no law," we are law bringers not law breakers. We jumped through every hoop the City of Columbus required, while the city officials practiced content-based discrimination. Finally, after the city received a letter from a lawyer specializing in constitutional law warning of 1st amendment violations, the city granted the burn permit. Now we will burn the abominations!

July 21 - Disruption, free speech, Tasers and burn permits
Brenda Spurlock & Dorothy Boyett reporting
Posted July 22, 2004

David Lackey carries brazier all around townAll during the week we’ve had a small cadre of proaborts, homosexuals and other evil-doers disrupting our rallies by banging on pots and yelling obscenities. Police have refused to intervene, saying they are entitled to their free speech. At the rally last night a young boy was invited to the microphone to read an essay he had written entitled, "My Three Mothers." He told how his birth mother loved him enough to give him life, his foster mother loved him enough to take care of him and his adoptive mother loves him enough to raise him. Sabina, the wicked witch from BARF, began to hoot and holler to interrupt him. Police steadfastly ignored her as they’ve done all along.

July 20 - abortion mills and anti-choice United Way confronted with Jesus and Truth
Brenda Spurlock & Dorothy Boyett reporting
Posted July 21, 2004

July 20th 04 Anti-choice bigotry of pro-choice United Way exposedTuesday morning Operation Save America split into groups to visit three abortion mills throughout the city. Our group went to Planned Parenthood. At 11:00a.m. we all came together at the United Way organization. Coach Dave Daubenmire, of Minutemen United told us that in the spring of 2004, the United Way of Franklin County in central Ohio made the decision to de-fund the Boy Scouts. They claim the Boy Scouts are discriminatory for not accepting homosexual scoutmasters. They decided this even though the US Supreme Court said the Boy Scouts, as a private organization, has a right to limit their membership. Approximately 70% of the American people agree with the Boy Scouts. In addition, he said, United Way no longer allows contributors to choose the charity they want their money to go to. "They’re going to determine it for you," Coach Daubenmire said.

We Still Serve a God Who Answers by Fire
July 21, 2004
Operation Rescue/Operation Save America: We attempted to follow the ordinances of Columbus by obtaining a burn permit. We submitted the forms and asked for an answer. The city is "neither hot nor cold." They did not deny or allow. In true cowardly fashion, they simply did nothing. Then, they sent over 100 law enforcement officers to prevent our proclamation of repentance. While felonies were occurring in the city the police, until the early hours of the morning, followed a little band of Christians and an empty bucket around the streets of downtown Columbus. The police, trained professionals, sworn to protect the innocent, followed a bucket because the authorities of the city were too cowardly to answer. Today, Wednesday, July 21, 2004 we will again apply for a permit and we will not leave until we have an answer, yes or no. Then we will repent and burn the abominations.

How the Columbus secular media reports on OSA
Posted July 20, 2004
After entering the city with a press conference attended by approximately 150 Christian friends & supporters and 100 some pro-abortion pro-sodomite protesters on Saturday, Christians attending our national event visited several "affirming churches" that preach another Jesus and different gospel than the Bible plus visiting an abortionist's neighborhood on Sunday. Monday saw other child-killers visited in order to expose their grisly trade to their neighbors and the historic signing of the Emancipation Proclamation for the Pre-born Child. Today the main newspaper felt they had enough to report on OSA. The article below from Tuesday's edition of the Columbus Dispatch is over all a fair one given the secular worldview held by most in the media. The obligatory comment of "there have been no disturbances so far" is of course included. Why do they keep hoping for what has never happened at an Operation Rescue event in over 16 years?

July 19 - Article and Report on Emancipation Proclamation
Brenda Spurlock & Dorothy Boyett reporting
Posted July 20, 2004

Morning PrayerMonday, 7 am: After prayer and praise and a word from David and Flip Benham outside the hotel, we divided up into our groups and went out to visit local abortionists at their private practices. Later we assembled outside City Hall as Pastor Rusty Thomas read the Emancipation Proclamation. The pastors of Columbus area churches led the saints in signing the proclamation.

July 18 - Stumbling blocks confronted with Truth
Brenda Spurlock & Dorothy Boyett reporting
Posted July 19, 2004
July 18th 04 First Community ChurchWe met for prayer and marching orders at 7:30 am, and then divided into three groups to visit area churches. Our group went to two campuses of First Community Church, a "welcoming and affirming church." Pastorette Barbara Cunningham preached the same false gospel message at both. She told the congregation that God is in everyone, we are to love and affirm all. Her text was Colossians 1:24-29. She expounded on the message by using a Hindu parable and quoting one of the founders of the New Age movement.

July 17 - Walk across America team reaches Columbus
Brenda Spurlock & Dorothy Boyett reporting
Posted July 18, 2004
Team walks across the bridge to City HallA footsore but jubilant walk team was greeted with hugs, smiles, and cheers by approximately 150 friends and supporters as they entered Columbus early this afternoon. Also on hand was a group calling themselves Stonewall Columbus, a loose knit cadre of approximately 100 homosexuals, Christian haters and proaborts, protesting the arrival of Operation Save America in their city.

Walk Across America July 13 Report
By Brenda Spurlock
Posted July 14, 2004
We've lost the Columbus church that was going to host our nightly rallies. Flip asked to have the saints pray about this and to remind everyone that this is not our battle but the Lord's. He said, "We planned our way, but it's up to the Lord to direct our steps." (Proverbs 16:9 paraphrased.) More and more old friends are coming to their camp to visit. John Reyes is there. So is the Heldreth family. Flip said more are due to arrive today. He sounded eager to see everyone and said, "Tell the folks to come on, we're waiting!"

Walk Across America July 12 Report
By Brenda Spurlock
Posted July 13, 2004
Janet and Judy were on their way to sing at a church Sunday morning when they saw our Walk team and said they just had to stop and talk to them. The women who are missionaries and teachers had just returned from witnessing at a South Dakota Indian reservation. Janet told Flip she was having trouble with her eyesight and was seeing double. She said she saw eight presidents at Mount Rushmore! She was concerned that she wouldn't be able to read the music at the morning service. Flip prayed with her asking God to restore her sight. Sunday night Gib came in and asked, "Did you pray with two ladies this morning?" Flip said he did. Gib told him they wanted to see him. As soon as he came out, Janet said, "I can see! I see one!" She and Judy were rejoicing.

Mark Gabriel Gets 10 Days in Jail for Doing Good
News article @ Appleton-Post-Crescent
Foreword comments by Steve Mashburn
Posted July 13, 2004
Mark Gabriel of Appleton, Wisconsin was sentenced to 10 days in jail. However the judge gave him 30 days to report so he will still be able to make the Columbus event. Be a hero save a whale; Save a baby go to jail. Fail to ask, "How high sir?" any time a police officer says jump and "May I come down sir?" before obeying gravity over the officer and you might very well go to jail like Mark. Be an unbelieving fearful member of the masses obeying every word a police officer says just because a policeman said so - even if it is wrong, immoral, illegal or evil - and society will consider you a fine upstanding citizen. Nazi Germany was full of such fine upstanding citizens, many of which attended church each Sunday. Sadly, America is quickly copying their example. However like in Germany, a few godly men are, like Moses, by faith choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the passing pleasures of sin, esteeming the reproach of Christ greater than the treasures of Egypt for they looked to the reward. (Hebrews 11:24-27)

Walk Across America July 9 Report
By Brenda Spurlock
Posted July 12, 2004
While he was preaching outside the Free Methodist Headquarters on Wednesday, Flip challenged employees who were listening with stories about B.T. Roberts and other pastors who criticized the Methodist Church because it did not denounce slavery. Roberts was defrocked in 1858. He and other abolitionist pastors formed the Free Methodist Church in 1860. Many early Free Methodists were active in the Underground Railroad. Flip said, "Today the Free Methodists are into growing and planting churches, but Christ will grow His Church, there's no reason to be worried about this." He said, "The Church needs to go back to confronting the culture with the issues of the day. It needs to stand against the slaughter of unborn babies." He ended with this sad word picture, "Though your convictions were mountain peaks upon which you once stood, they are now caves in which you hide."

Time Served Well for Jesus
By Mike Warren
Posted July 10, 2004
Mike Warren has served his thirty day sentence in federal prison. He has now been released. Thank you for all your prayers for Mike and Jerry. Both of these men represented Jesus well in the Niagara County Jail!

Walk Across America June 7 Report
By Brenda Spurlock
Posted July 8, 2004
One of the most popular secular radio programs in Indianapolis, the Smiley Morning Show on Z99.5, started receiving phone calls from listeners early this a.m. telling about a strange caravan they'd seen winding its way through the city. Host Dave Smiley wasted no time sending out his mobile unit crew to find this pilgrim band. What they found, of course, was our Walk team, and what his listeners got an earful of, via a telephone interview, was Flip giving a full description of the Living Parable.

By Becky Puckett
Posted July 5, 2004
The seeker-friendly church is paving the way for us to be comfortable in our sin rather than recognizing our sinfulness and our need for repentance and genuine faith. Flip spoke of Pastor Kyle, who began and ended his service with the song "When a Man Loves a Woman." The message in between was superficial and shallow. An elder of the church alluded to the Lord’s Supper as nothing but a chicken wing, and a lady in the church said that all were welcome to partake of this sacred ordinance, both lost and saved. He also told us about the pastor of a large Assembly of God in Great Bend, Kansas, who told our team that they were worse than the sin of abortion because they were driving people away from the gospel.

Earthquake hits Midwest
And it walked into the Midwest under the names of Judgment and Mercy
"It’s all good"

By Angela Michael and words from Flip
Posted July 3, 2004
Picture of James Lord In between speaking engagements, Flip, Rusty and the WAA team met Angela at the gates of hell at the annual St. Louis "Sodom-fest" held with a "gay-pride" parade at Tower Grove Park. An approximate 7,000-8,000 were in attendance this day. Proclaimers standing along the parade route were jeered, cursed and even squirted with giant water-guns for standing for the Gospel, all in full view of toddlers and young children. Where’s the tolerance? We entered the enemies’ camp in peace but were met with hostile spiritual warfare.


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