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Frenchman Stands with OSA

Frenchman Stands with OSA

It is amazing the friends we make when we stand for King Jesus and tear down the devil's strongholds in the heavenly and earthly realms.  France was almost overcome by the armies of Mohammed and the lie of Islam before Charles “the hammer” Martel arose to defeat the Islamic hordes in 732 AD at the Battle of Tours.  What Islam was not able to do then (conquer France and then all of Europe) it has almost certainly accomplished today, by quietly and incrementally migrating into France and other European nations.  Christianity, what there is left of it in France and Europe, is so weak and effeminate that it dares not confront the false prophet Mohammed and the lies in the Koran with the claims of Christ.

Today Islam is not so quiet.  We shouldn't be quiet either!   

Subject: you are brave]


Sun, 01 Oct 2006 21:03:15 -0500

Jean-François La France wrote:

I commend you for burning the koran in Mississippi . Someone has

finally stood up to the Islamists instead of giving into them.

Good work

Thanks for writing, Jean-Francois.  We hope to be an encouragement to

Christians everywhere to take a stand.  God bless you.  OSA