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Letter to Tanya Britton, Pres. Pro-life MS

I'm sure Jesus had many friends like Doug and Laree, who dared not venture outside where the battle was waxing hot, but were happy to advise Him of how the battle should be fought.  It is interesting indeed, that his little band of misfit disciples, who most assuredly did not have everything just right, were the instruments used by Him to turn the whole world right-side-up!.  Read the rest of Flip's message.

Letter to Tanya Britton, Pres. Pro-life MS
From Doug and Laree Hiser
July 27, 2006

Subject: Recent Events


You probably don't know me, but I go to DaySpring Community Church and do sidewalk counseling every Friday morning and I contribute to the financial well being of the CPCs and Pro-Life MS. Janet knows me well. I am writing you because I was really disappointed by events this last week. Most of this disappointment is centered around articles in the Clarion Ledger which give a wrong impression of events because of the pro-choice slanted newspaper and police force.

The thing I am most worried about is that we maybe help convert 1000's by the posters and events, but lose 100k's by the bad press. The press portrayed us as radicals and religious fanatics. We need more people to take a stand for babies that are dieing daily in Jackson, but the one thing that prevents them from coming over is the stereotyping of pro-lifers.

In my prayer time last week, I was convinced that God wants us to repent of this evil deed as a state--congregation by congregation, but until we have a consistent message to the people based on the Bible, we will fail. Jesus preached and acted out of love and compassion.

When you--the president of Pro-Life Mississippi--were arrested, I read in the newspaper that one charge was civil disobedience (or disorderly conduct--I forget which). These charges are usually associated with drunk driving arrests on late nights. Both of these are inconsistent with the teachings of Jesus, Peter, Paul, John and Jude in the New Testament.

Jesus only got really angry once and turned over tables, and that was in His Father's House the week before His death.  Jesus regularly broke the law of the Sabbath by healing people out of love and compassion. And I know that you were arrested out of your love and compassion for the unborn babies-- though I doubt the readers realized this.

Many in the New Testament were arrested for preaching the Gospel, but the articles made it sound like you were only fighting to be able to hold a sign and were being disrespectful and disorderly to the police in the process.

We are judged by the readership of the Clarion Ledger--like it or not-- as whether our behavior is rational. Most readers would not consider this rational behavior. I know that in the Final Judgment you are already cleared of all charges, but right now we are fighting for the lives of babies and we need the readers of the Clarion Ledger on our side. We are judged in their eyes by their standards and not Jesus'.

I hope I do not sound too down on events of last week, because there were also a lot of good things too.

I think having the President of Pro-Life MS arrested for disorderly conduct really impedes people from getting in the fight. I know God will amplify the good and turn the bad to good. I pray that when the authorities clear you and the others of all charges that the Clarion Ledger will carry that article too--though I doubt it. I really pray that the truth will come out in the end.

We plan on continuing to be out there in the fight, but we wish not to be associated with Pro-Life Mississippi, which is now perceived as being led by a bunch of religious fanatics who do not respect the law of the land. So in light of this, will you please remove my wife and me from your mailing list and sidewalk counseling calendar. We think our message is strengthened by not being a part of Pro-Life Mississippi, but by participating as Sidewalk Counselors as part of a church that believes that we need to be out there helping the lost.

We are united in cause and in Christ, but not in name.

In Christ's love,
Doug & Laree Hiser