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Paper Tiger in the Pulpit

Paper Tiger in the Pulpit
By Rev. Ronnie Wallace

After a scathing sermon on Wednesday night in which Making Jesus Real Church's Pastor, Sino Agueze, pounded Satan's grip on Jackson, Mississippi several times during his message, “Taking The Gates of the City, Taking Back What The Devil Stole and Tearing Down The Strongholds of the Devil,” I came away thinking here was a man who understood what needed to be done to help the people of Jackson free themselves from the bondage of a ‘hostile to Christians' Mississippi environment.

His sermon came the night after the infamous Quran burning in the Church's parking lot following a clever ploy by Jackson police to stop OSA from the intended public burning on the steps of the Jackson City Courthouse. It was the only spark of intelligence exhibited by the Jackson police during the entire week of events. Rev. Agueze's on time sermon though, came after the initial report of the burning and before The Clarion-Ledger reports of unfavorable comments from Muslims and an unnamed statewide interfaith group.

At the conclusion of his Wednesday night message, Pastor Agueze, invited Rev. Flip Benham to join him on the rostrum for prayer. Fear can be an awfully terrifying companion that will sap most people of their courage when faced with unsupported reports of disgust from their neighbors.

But you can't tear down any of Satan's strongholds if you falter in the preliminaries. Showing yellow is an almost insurmountable obstacle to overcome when you do it your first time under fire. It's hard to get men to follow you once you show yellow. You can't take back what the devil stole and you certainly can't take the gates of the city if words and threats strike fear in your heart.

I heard words of courage from Rev. Agueze as he told of the condition of his Nigerian village before Christianity came to it in one night and what it was like before that blessed event. He spoke powerful words about the blessings and empowerment of Almighty God on Wednesday night and gave the Devil his due like an early American fire and brimstone preacher.

I was truly surprised when he buckled at the first assault Satan sent his way, and over an issue that anyone from Africa could really appreciate the symbolism of. Burning someone or something in effigy is currently and constitutionally an accepted form of expression in America and expressed against our current sitting President by burning the United States flag. It is also world known and a practice of Muslims from around the globe as witnessed by the following pictures:

Thousands in Pakistan burn effigy of Bush.

This one is in Yemen; the crowd is stomping a burning effigy of President Bush.

At a stadium in Cairo, the U.S. is the monster.

Pakistanis burn the flag.

The West Bank

These pictures clearly show that Muslims have taken burning in effigy as an accepted form of dissident expression and added to it the terrorist tactics of beheadings and armed conflict to show their disagreement with America and our sitting President. They include in their dissidence bombing and physical violence, neither of which OSA implied or advocated in the burning of the Quran, the infamous Supreme Court decisions, and the Sodomite, rainbow colored flag. In addition, they have not only burned the Holy Bible, not in effigy, but also the Christians they found reading the Holy Bible or worshipping the author of our faith in nations they controlled or invaded, including Africa

I respectfully submit that Pastor Agueze was right in agreeing with OSA on the burning of the Supreme Court decisions and the Sodomite flag, but wrong in denouncing the burning of the Muslim Quran, the book that allows Muslims only three options for dealing with infidels (Christians and Jews), namely converting, enslaving , or killing . Clearly Muslims have rejected the first two options in favor of the third, and American Christians and Jews cannot silently sit back and pretend that a physical threat does not exist.

To back down after his Wednesday night message, removes all the power and passion of Agueze's sermon and reduces his “Storming the gates of hell” declaration to mere words. Perhaps, and this is only conjecture, the fact that Pastor Agueze may still have relatives in Nigeria, behind the “Muslim Curtain” of terror, accounts for his queasiness in broaching the issue. But his fearful action following the newspaper article clearly removed all the power of his Wednesday night message.

Rev. Ronnie Wallace, Director
Only With Love Ministry