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Boycott Update

Boycott Update

Operation Save America/Save Wal-Mart continues to hear from Christians with questions about the boycott. The answer is – we're standing firm! Meanwhile, we're praying for Wal-Mart to repent. The following correspondence will serve to update you.


From: Kathy S.

Greetings, everyone!  I wanted to confirm a notice from the American Family Association that Wal-Mart has severed its relationship with the NLGCC.  My family and several others have been participating in the boycott, and if it has had its desired effect, we would like to “call off the dogs”, offer our sincere thanks to Wal-Mart, and begin shopping there again.

Also, do you know if they have continued to sell the Plan B abortion pill at their pharmacies?  I would appreciate an answer at your earliest convenience.

God bless you during this holy Advent Season, and may His grace be upon you this Christmas and always!
Keep up the good work! 
Kathy S.


Hi Kathy,

I'm eager to get back to shopping at Wal-Mart too! We're out in kind of a rural area and Wal-Mart is closest to us, plus they have the best prices. 

I'm responding to your question by sending a message (see below) that was forwarded to OSA, that inspired me personally to willingly stay in the boycott mode.  Hope this helps you. 

Please note one change that has happened since Bro. Cal sent out his message: Wal-Mart has fired their marketing agency.  We'll be watching to see if this indicates a true repentance and righteous change in Wal-Mart.

May you and your family have a blessed and very happy Christmas.


Cal 's message follows:

> -------- Original Message --------

• Subject: Fw: Re: THIS JUST IN: Updated Response from Flip Benham
• about American Family Association's Cancelled Boycott

• Date:        Fri, 24 Nov 2006 11:40:10 +0000

From: Cal Zastrow

Dear Dave,

Holiness unto the Lord!

Did Wal-Mart apologize in writing for any of their actions?  No.
Did they pledge in writing to stop funding all homosexual causes?  No.
Did they apologize for funding Planned Parenthood, in word or writing? No.
Did they stop selling Plan B?  No
Did they withdraw from the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce?  No.
Did they fire their homosexual marketing agency? No.
Did they repent?  No.
Did they remove all books from their store[‘]s [web site]promoting homosexuality?  No.

The issue at hand is the sincerity of Wal-Mart.  If they wanted to do right, they would speak right and do right.  They have not. If the A.F.A. does not want to continue with us in this project, okay. We'll work with them on other projects that we agree on in the future.  If the A.F.A. attacks or criticizes us for moving forward, then I'll respond to that.

Meanwhile, 4,000 preborn Americans get murdered daily by surgery and untold numbers by drugs, including the Plan B that Wal-Mart sells. Thus, I'll be out in front of 4 Wal-Marts today with our huge aborted baby signs.

This is why it is so important to follow the Lord and not ministries. I have learned in political dealings, if it isn't in writing, it is just talk.

God bless you, dear Brother.  I've CC'd this e-mail to some others to encourage them to keep on standing.

love & prayer,


Kathy's response:

Dear Brenda,

Blessings on the eve of the eve of the eve of Our Lord's Birth!  (Can you tell I have eager, excited children?!).  Thank you so much for the input- I have learned to hold “corporate-speak” suspect, and the Wal-Mart letter sounded too neatly packaged. The boycott will continue in our home as well, and I will pass this info along to others. 

God bless, and thanks again! 
Kathy S.