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A Word about Fetal Pain Legislation

A Word about Fetal Pain Legislation
By Flip Benham 

Fetal pain legislation is the typical “incremental” approach to end abortion that National Right to Life (NRTL) always comes up with.  That's all NRTL ever does – come up with legislation.  It will never stand upon God's Word.  It runs from His Name.  Therefore, it will never fight the battle so as to win!   

It mistakenly believes abortion is a legislative issue and therefore can be resolved by political means and through legislative avenues.  Fetal pain legislation is an easy win for NRTL – even Democrats will sign on to this one.  It will also prove to be a good fund raiser, similar to the partial birth abortion ban, parental consent, 24-hour waiting periods, ad nauseam.    

But it is inspired by the devil himself.  Why?  Because fetal pain legislation, though sounding good, is a monstrous lie that takes our eyes off the true nature of the battle.  Abortion is preeminently a Gospel issue.  

That's right!  The devil would be happy to sign this, oh so cleverly crafted, piece of legislation.  “We need to be kind to the babies we are going to murder, so let's reduce the pain for God's sake.  Let's be humane in the way we kill.”   See, the devil loses nothing here.  It is just a “gentler and kinder” way to kill.   

This kind of legislation assuages our guilty consciences over the brutal murder by abortion of thousands of children every day, and makes us feel like we have accomplished something for God.  In fact, we have only exacerbated the problem.  We Christians must unsheathe the Sword of the Spirit (the Word of God) and stand where God stands.  The life of every child conceived is precious in God's sight.  Their little lives are never to be legislated away by God's people – no matter how well intentioned the legislation is. 

The devil always likes to makes us feel that we are the crafty ones.  So crafty, as a matter of fact, that we continue in our lunacy in Washington, D.C., coming up with ridiculous legislation, raising millions of dollars, and accomplishing so very little.  Though these bills, some of them law now, may seem productive, they are in reality counter-productive.

They will be no more effective at ending abortion than all the bills introduced to deal with the issue of slavery.  The incremental 3/5'ths law seemed like progress – the slave was now considered three-fifth's of a man – but nothing less than national repentance over the SIN of slavery would ever end the diabolical institution itself.  The national call to repentance over slavery began in the churches of our land.  A great Civil War had to be fought as a judgment upon both North and South, and an Emancipation Proclamation freeing the slaves had to be signed by the President himself, for God's wrath upon this nation to subside.   

All of the bills initiated by NRTL have done very little to bring abortion to an end.  What I mean is, although these bills and laws may stop some abortions, they will never end ABORTION!  This is a job that only the Church of Jesus Christ is equipped to fight.  The gates of hell cannot prevail against her.  Abortion will come to an end in America when the Church of Jesus Christ makes up her mind it will come to an end – not one second sooner.  Judgment begins in the house of God   

Only a national call to repentance over the sin of abortion (over 50 million children dead), and an issuing of the Emancipation Proclamation for the Unborn Child, signed into law by the President of the United States of America, will demonstrate the fruit of our repentance.  Anything less will prove to be utterly futile.