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Articles 2003 Part 1

 2003 Articles Part 1

Victory and Justice for All in Jesus!
Abortion Doctor, Matthew Kachinas, Guilty of Battery

Posted June 28, 2003
June 26th, Sarasota, Florida: Words cannot describe what the Lord did in the courtroom today in Sarasota, Fl. Although God's judgments continue to come forth on this wayward nation and irrelevant Church, a small band of His lowly servants experienced the mighty hand of our Lord as evil was exposed, justice actually prevailed and victory was won. This was your victory - all of you who have persevered in the battle for Truth and righteousness - all of you who continue to fearlessly lift up the standard of our magnificent Lord and King, Jesus!

Another Attack at the Sarasota (Florida) Women's Death Center
Posted June 28, 2003
On the afternoon of June 17th, Rachel McGlade, Scott Heldreth, along with his three year old daughter, Esther, decided to make a surprise trip to the abortion mill believing that the mill had changed the hours of when they were killing children. Scott had anticipation in his soul that the Lord was going to stir up somebody's heart that day, but never did he imagine the violence ahead. After being there a short time, a young man and woman who obviously had just aborted their child, walked slowly to their car. Scott called out to them to say that they needed to be honest and repentant before a Holy God who absolutely hates the shedding of innocent blood, before they could ever be free and forgiven from their sin. He wanted them to know that the blood was on their hands and the only way to come clean was to be washed in the blood of the Lamb!

Who Will Take a Stand for King Jesus?
By Stephen Mashburn
Posted June 26, 2003

The denomination said "the health of the mother" cannot justify taking a human life." Richard Land, who now heads up the SBC's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission found the health exception "lamentable" but said it can serve as a warning. "It's not a position we've had for the last 30 years. We have been a strongly pro-life denomination. If many of our leaders and many of our people could be confused or blinded by the spirit of the age on this issue in the early '70s, then it could happen again." Could?

Posted June 26, 2003

Here is simply one more example of the abortion industry's absolute disdain for the lives of mothers who come to it to "solve" the problem of pregnancy. The poor mother is coming to the devil himself to offer up her child and will find no mercy in him at all. The abortion industry doesn't care about mothers, their children, health care, or anything else. The abortion industry cares only about itself! "The wicked man (abortion industry) craves evil; his neighbor gets no mercy from him." Proverbs 21:11.

Kansas Attorney General takes on Abortion Industry!
By Pastor Daniel Thompson
Posted June 26, 2003

I praise God for the opinion given last week by our Attorney General, Phil Kline, requiring by law all abortion clinics to file reports of criminal sexual abuse anytime a girl under 16 is pregnant. The law prohibits adults from having sex with those under 16 because they are legally below the age of consent. The crime is called statutory rape or aggravated indecent liberties, and is punishable in the state of Kansas. By law, all medical facilities and their professional personnel are under obligation to report all knowledge of such a crime to the local child protective services.

The Truth Suppressed at Springcreek Community Church
By Kristene O'Dell
Posted June 25, 2003

On Saturday, June 21, 2003, and again the following Sunday, a small group from OSA - Dallas stood outside Springcreek Community Church with signs of live children, aborted children, and literature entitled "Sing a Little Louder." Why would we do this? Because directly across the street is a practicing abortionist. Dr. Stella S. Kwong does abortions in her family practice office in the quiet suburb of Garland, TX.

His is a ministry of confrontation
Posted June 24, 2003
Flip BenhamHere is a front page article that appeared in the Sunday Morning edition of the Charlotte Observer, June 22, 2003. Notice that it is Cristina Breen that has written about us again. She also covered our excursion into the sodomite fiasco in downtown Charlotte. We brought the Gospel of Christ to the very gates of hell, and God gave us many opportunities to witness the love of Christ to those enslaved by homosexuality. Cristina does not understand yet the difference between love and luv. That is why she writes about us the way that she does. You will all have an opportunity to witness to her during this summer' national event!

"God Is Going Back to School - The Last Day"
June 18, 2003 - Posted June 20, 2003

Brianna Lynn, 10 months, rescued from death - Why we call  those limiting choice deathscortsThe saints in Bridgeport, Connecticut gave 'em heaven at the gates of a local high school and, in so doing, touched the hearts and minds of hundreds of kids, teachers, and parents. It was the last day of school, and our last opportunity to bring God back to the school room through the hearts of our kids. - ... About fifteen saints came out to the streets today at Central High School in Bridgeport. We had all ages witnessing for Jesus from ten years old to eighty years old.

Look Who is Defending Eric Rudolph
By Flip Benham
Posted June 19, 200
You won't believe who his attorney is! Rudolph did what he did out of hate. The devil himself was the one orchestrating Mr. Rudolph's bombings, for the devil himself has come to rob, kill, and destroy. For any Christian to take up Mr. Rudolph's cause is utter foolishness. It is my prayer that, if Eric is guilty of these bombings, he will come to repentance while in jail and ask Jesus to forgive him of the horrible things he has done. There is no pit so deep that Jesus is not deeper still.

Homosexual Heresies
By the Rev. Rusty Thomas
Posted June 19, 200
Rusty has done a great job depicting the bending (isogesis) of Scripture done by the sodomite Metropolitan Community Church(MCC) in an effort to make its way (sodomy) pleasing to the Lord. So many lost in the bondage of homosexuality seek a right relationship with God through Jesus Christ, but only on their own terms. They offer the sacrifice of Cain who attempted to approach God in "his own way" rather than offering the sacrifice of Able who approached God in His way. Genesis 4: 1-8.

Is An Embryo Human?
Posted June 19, 200
Dear Rev Flip, Thanks for taking time to speak moments ago. I have found in my attempts to put forth both an ethical argument against abortion & abortifacients, that the media will sometimes publish the religious ones but never publish the ethical ones. It has become clear to me that they want to keep pro-lifers characterized as religious extremists, whose arguments are not to be taken seriously by those who are (as they would put it) "enlightened" by rationalism. However, I have found the attached purely ethical short to be helpful and persuasive for those people who pride themselves in being ethical to the exclusion of religiously motivated. You may use it with or without credit to my authorship; just use it by getting others to print and cut copies.

"They do not plead the case of the fatherless to win it." Jeremiah 5:28
Posted June 18, 200
Royce Dunn is the Founder and President of Life Chain. His home is in Yuba City, California. California? I never dreamed in all of my "California dreamin" that there could be such clarity coming from the left coast, but here it is. Royce has expressed our sentiments for the Lord, His preborn children, and His church far better than we ever have. Enjoy! -
"... Pastors please lead us! The war against the unborn is surely winnable. In any year we commit, the Church can end legalized abortion and bury the ominous myth sustaining Roe v. Wade-the myth that abortion is a 'necessary evil.' For victory to be ours, two formidable weapons await our use. In righteous hands, they defeat the mightiest foe. They are weapons of divine origin, fueled by truth, mercy and courage. Their humble names are Integrity and Resolve. ..."

Dear Pastor and Friend of the Unborn,
Posted June 13, 200
Royce Dunn, the Founder and National Director of Life Chain, has long been a friend of Operation Rescue/ Operation Save America. He has presented a powerful appeal to the pastors of the greater Charlotte area. Not only is Royce's letter a prophetic call to pastors, but an inspirational reminder to us to remember who we are in Christ and what we are about. See you at the gates of hell in Charlotte - they cannot not prevail!

World Magazine Exposes Randall Terry
Posted June 12, 200
Below is email communication between Brenda Spurlock and Randall concerning the World Magazine article. The article exposing Randall's fundraising ploy is included with a response from Flip. Our heart has always been that Randall repent and return to loving the Lord wholeheartedly. The sacrifices he made in the founding days of Rescue were instrumental in spurring so many of us on to fight the battle. We followed his example to willingly give everything for the Lord. It is as you lose your life that you truly find it. Randall, please lose yourself in Jesus and allow Him to be the lifter of your head.

Storming the gates of hell in Bridgeport, Connecticut
June 7, 2003 - Posted June 12, 2003
Brianna Lynn, 10 months, rescued from death - Why we call  those limiting choice deathscortsThe saints of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America in Connecticut are on the move and Jesus is bringing through them the life saving message of LIFE and LIBERTY. Hallelujah! - ... We went to New Haven to meet Stephen Bennett to go to the Connecticut GAY Pride - New Haven Block Party. The New Haven Green was decorated with rainbow balloons and flags in one corner section. MS. Gingrich, Senator Bill Finch and Congressman Michael Lawlor were present. A couple of hundred people were there. It rained on their parade. We were able to give out many tracts and mini-CD's with Stephen's testimony. Stephen was saved from the homosexual life through a personal relationship with Jesus. After the staff got wind of what we were doing, they spread the word via walkie-talkie. Some were following us and telling attendees not to take our stuff. After that we concentrated more on the perimeter of the event and did pass out more gospel literature and CD's in spite the attempt to silence the truth. Please pray that the Lord would use these tracts and CD's to save the lost.

Sexually Oriented Businesses Draw Fire from Milford Residents including OSA-CT
Milford residents applaud strict adult-business rules
Posted June 11, 200
On June 3, 2003, The New Haven Register reports:
MILFORD — More than a dozen city residents pleaded with members of the Board of Aldermen’s Ordinance Committee Monday to enact what city officials say will be state’s strictest regulations governing adult entertainment establishments.

Is This Flip Benham?
Former abortion mill employee, now a mother and gentle warrior for Christ! - Words From One that Jesus Saved Out of the Abortion Industry
Updated with photos and more June 4, 2003
Kristen Breedlove and her 6-yr old daughterThis is another powerful story of the love of Jesus and what happens when gentle Christians allow Him to get close to those lost in sin. Theology has to move out of the church house and become biography in the streets. Those people so despised and sued by the world and so despised and defamed by the church, are really the one's our Lord can and does use. He uses "broken" things.

North Carolina Report
By Rusty Thomas
Posted June 4, 200
Just returned from a rather interesting mission's trip from North Carolina. Flip Benham, National Director of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America, moved there about a year ago. Thus Charlotte, North Carolina has been selected as the chosen site for this year's 2003 national event. The dates are July 12-20, 2003 . Excitement is in the air and a genuine expectation is growing throughout America for this particular gathering of the saints to storm the gates of hell. One entire hotel is booked with another about halfway reserved. There has even been a decent response to the vision and mission from local churches and pastors as well. Flip is pessimistically optimistic.

"Mommy, Want Me!"
Here is a term report written by Marissa Phelps, a great young friend of Jesus and a friend of ours. She interviewed us and this is her finished product
Posted June 3, 2003
Can you really say that an unborn child is not a child at even eighteen days old when their heart is already beating and their body is already forming to look like our own? Rev. Philip Benham is the founder of Operation Save America (OSA), was influential in converting Ms. McCorvey (Roe in Roe vs. Wade), baptized Ms. McCorvey, and is a strong voice for unborn children. Rev. Benham said to me, "Marissa, one third of your entire generation is dead because of abortion."3 I don't think we realize how provocative abortion really is and how many lives it has stolen.

Miller's #3 - Click image for larger viewPosted June 3, 2003
Jim Phillips of Renovation Ministries reports from Austin, Texas on how ordinary gentle Christians obeying Jesus to simply take the gospel in love and truth to the gates brings victory. Praise the name of Jesus! Read this encouraging report of things to come to an abortion mill near you! Stay faithful and never lose heart saints!

Lubbock Prolifers win at City Hall
Posted May 30, 2003
Local prolifers are rejoicing over Lubbock City Council's decision to overturn the Citizen's Traffic Commission's placement of NO-PARKING signs on 67th street. This unanimous decision by the council May 22, brought to an end realtor Roy Middleton's efforts to curtail the lifesaving action of two local grandmothers.

By Rusty Thomas
Posted May 30, 2003
The Budget Bill passed with the Rider 11 attached! This, in effect, defunds Planned Parenthood abortion mills in Texas. They can no longer receive our tax money to slay the innocent in the wombs of their mothers. They now have to make an impossible choice, money or abortion. They can no longer have both.

By Flip Benham
Posted May 26, 2003
... What do all of these recorded instances of sheer violence and evil have in common? Islam! Why are all these terrorists Muslim? Their false and murderous religion demands them to be so. There is no escaping the link between terrorism and the Islamic faith. Islam is a lie birthed in the very pit of hell that must be defeated before it destroys everyone who will not bow the knee to Allah and his lying prophet Mohammed.

By Rusty Lee Thomas
Posted May 24, 2003
Recently, a poignant poem was circulated that certainly captures the basis for honoring our brave military veterans. The author is unknown. The poem is simply called “It Is The Soldier.” ... Without memorials, without recounting our true history, without acknowledging God, and the sacrifices of American soldiers, we have no accurate concept of where we came from. Thus we surely won’t have the proper vision to know where we are going or what to do once we arrive...

God is Bringing More Ministries to the Charlotte Area
Posted May 24, 2003
Dr. Michael Brown defended our Lord alongside Flip on the Phil Donahue Show back in December, 2002. God is bringing Dr. Brown's ministry to Concord, NC where the National Office has now relocated. Could it be that God is still answering the prayers of David Drye that Concord would be a "city set on a hill."

PRAY! Planned Parenthood Could Be Toast In Texas!
Posted May 21, 2003
Last week the Lord drove out Planned Parenthood from our public library. No sooner than we gave public praise to our Great God and King for this wonderful victory, He is answering even more prayers. In today's paper, it was announced that our state legislators are considering defunding every family planning organization that performs abortions. If it passes, there is a strong possibility that the holocaust in Waco and in other cities in Texas will come to a grinding halt.

God honors those who honor Him
Posted May 21, 2003
City settles suit about graphic truck images
God honors those who honor Him (1 Samuel 2:30). Our prayers are being answered so rapidly that it is difficult to sing His praises fast enough. Thank you, Jesus for honoring Ron Brock's faithfulness to your preborn children. You have exonerated and exalted him and he is pointing the whole world toward You! - "
Royal Oak will have to pay California resident Ron Brock almost $45,000 for impounding his truck - which was decorated with graphic anti-abortion images - during the Woodward Dream Cruise in 2001." ...

Roe No More
Norma McCorvey's conversion to Christ
By Erica J. Parkerson, first printed in The Charlotte World, reprinted by permission
Posted May 20, 2003
Operation Rescue volunteers also shared the Gospel with McCorvey, and she challenged them with her book of Runes and crystals. "It wasn't exactly Elijah and the prophets of Baal, but in both of our minds it was clearly a case of 'may the true God win,'" wrote McCorvey.

God is Exposing the Abortion Industry!

June hearing set to determine raped Orlando woman's competency
Posted May 20, 20003
Orlando Sentinel article ... "
Gov. Jeb Bush is requesting guardianship for the woman's fetus as well, a position that has sparked anger among women's-advocacy and abortion-rights groups."- Would that G.W. Bush could have the courage of his brother Jeb when it comes to standing strong for our Lord's precious children. Once again we see the abortion industry's desire to kill no matter the cost, no matter the person, no matter the bad publicity. God is exposing the abortion industry for the liar it is. It has never been about "choice" for these murderers. It has always been all about "me."

Memorial Day Services at Abortion Mills
Saturday May 24th

Most of the men, who fought and died for this nation, did so with the sacred intent of passing on a heritage of freedom to their posterity, the unborn. We, in betrayal of their righteous intent, now take that freedom to slay the unborn. This is a national disgrace that mocks, scorns, and betrays the blood of the patriots who died in freedom's cause. In light of this deplorable condition, Operation Save America is calling for a National Memorial Service at the "Gates of Hell" on Saturday, May 24th, 2003. We are asking for willing Pro-life Christians in each city to conduct an official Memorial Day Service in front of their local abortion mill...

Storming the Gates of the Homosexual Community in Charlotte
By Flip Benham
Posted May 17, 2003 (Updated May 21)
Below you will read about our first foray into the homosexual community in the Charlotte area. The reporting is the same and, in some ways even worse, than it is in other major cities. The sodomite agenda has won the day here. The presupposition that one is born a homosexual is all but absolute. This leaves little room for hope for those enslaved by homosexual sin and makes much room for despair. What happened? ...Our report follows this one by Cristina. She will be the one covering our National Event for the Charlotte Observer this summer. You will have a great opportunity to witness the love of our Lord Jesus to her.

Flip Benham's Battle Cry for the Unborn
Founder and director of Operation Rescue calls men to frontlines of abortion war
By Erica J. Parkerson
(Charlotte World)
Posted May 17, 2003
Abortion is a man's issue, according to Benham. He urges pastors to call their men to the battlefront. "They'll come if the pastor will just give them a vision. All he has to do is call them," he said. "Men are free to act like irresponsible thugs, siring children and not raising them. If they were taking four-year-olds to the three abortion mills in Charlotte and ripping them apart, what would our pastors do?" ... "There has to be, in this city, an absolute repentance over this sin," he said. "If we're looking for the power of Almighty God, if we're looking for His mercy to be poured out, then we have to confess our sins." ... Charlotteans will have an opportunity to repent corporately this July 12-20 in Kannapolis, N.C., and on the streets of the Queen City. "We believe God wants to show up and show off in Charlotte. We're going to give Him every opportunity," Benham said. "Christians from all over the country will gather in Charlotte."

God is Exposing thse Abortion Industry!
June hearing set to determine raped Orlando woman's competency
Posted May 20, 20003
Orlando Sentinel article ... "
Gov. Jeb Bush is requesting guardianship for the woman's fetus as well, a position that has sparked anger among women's-advocacy and abortion-rights groups."- Would that G.W. Bush could have the courage of his brother Jeb when it comes to standing strong for our Lord's precious children. Once again we see the abortion industry's desire to kill no matter the cost, no matter the person, no matter the bad publicity. God is exposing the abortion industry for the liar it is. It has never been about "choice" for these murderers. It has always been all about "me."

Look What the Lord Has Done!
Posted May 17, 2003
Here is the article from the Waco Tribune, Tuesday, May 13, detailing the wonderful victory our Lord gave to Rusty and several other gentle warriors for Christ who confronted the unholy alliance that was being established in Waco, Texas, between Planned Parenthood and the Waco Public Library This is great news for all of us who believe in the power of Almighty God when it comes to storming the gates of hell. If we are willing to take the fight to the gates in Jesus' Name the gates of hell cannot prevail. Hallelujah!

"Detente?" by Mike Warren
Posted May 12, 2003
Detente is a term made popular in the 1970s during the cold war between the Soviet Union and the United States. Webster defines detente as, a relaxation of strained relations or tensions. The former U.S.S.R. and the U.S.A. sought common ground, an exchange of cultural missions were pursued. Detente symbolism even extended to space as the two super powers staged the great handshake between cosmonauts and our astronauts while they hurtled through space at 17,000 MPH. On earth negotiators labored to start the dismantling of each of the superpowers’ nuclear arsenal, so that we would move away from the specter of a nuclear holocaust. Mutual peaceful coexistence between enemies has a nice sound to it. Can’t we all just get along?

King Jesus Champions the Gospel and KOs the Devil at the Gates in Granite City
Posted May 17, 2003
Friday, April 25-Flip Benham came to the gates of hell in Granite City this past weekend and proclaimed the truth. Friday there was a victorious fundraising banquet for Small Victories in St. Louis at the Bevo Mill. Flip proclaimed the need for men to fight this abortion battle and the need for people to get out on the front lines. "Jesus through Small Victories and company has saved 635 babies since January 2000, that's incredible," said Pastor Benham. There were over 200 saints in attendance. A free lance photographer gave his heart to Jesus and a few minutes later a love offering was taken for Daniel and Angela's ministry. The Holy Spirit came down and filled this new, baby Christian's heart with the grace of the Holy Spirit and he announced he would match the offering taken… PTL!

St. Louis Radio Station Draws Attention to Hope Clinic
Posted May 17, 2003
Here is a story that appeared on the front page of the Illinois Leader on Wednesday, May 7, 2003. God is exposing the abortion industry for the murderous liar it is on so many different venues that it is impossible to continue the cover-up. The violent, uncaring, lies of abortion mill employees are being exposed over the public airwaves by those who have actually been through the torturous procedure of killing their own child. Here is one case where a precious woman thought she had had an abortion for over three years, only to find out that the abortionist did not find a baby. She wasn't pregnant! He charged her for the abortion anyway. Read this story from a secular newspaper...

God Is Exposing the Abortion Industry For the Liar It Is
Posted May 3, 2003
It appears that God is everywhere exposing the abortion industry for the liar that it is... Today, we have a front page article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch, exposing abortionist Yogendra Shah for the liar he is. He is being charged with doing an abortion on a woman who wasn't even pregnant. If he has done it once, how many other times do you suppose he has done the very same thing. So much for abortionist Shah's concern for women! He is in it for the dollars and he doesn't care for anyone but himself. ...

Granite City's Abortionist Exposed Again
Posted May 1, 2003
The Illinois Department of Registration has filed charges against Abortionist Yogendra Shah over a recent lawsuit filed against him, May, 2002. The lawsuit alleges, Shah did an abortion on Mary Doe, when she wasn't pregnant...

Dear Home School Association,
By Flip Benham
Posted May 1, 2003
First we want to commend you on your commitment to homeschooling. We are home school families ourselves. We believe that parents are the best educators of their children. We believe that "family" is the tool God has ordained to raise up and educate our children to take the wonderful theology of the church house and make it biography in the streets. We want to give you an opportunity to sharpen those arrows (children) that our Lord has placed in your quiver. There is no greater heritage that we can pass down to our kids than allowing them to see mom and dad engaged in the battle for the heart and soul of our nation...

Rusty Thomas and Steve Mashburn are right on, as they reveal how God is exposing the abortion industry for the murderous villain it really is.The double homicide of Lacy Peterson and her son Connor (who was eight months old in his mother's womb at the time of his death) has brought the abortion industry to its knees. It has no where to run and no where to hide. The truth is out! The humanity of a child in the womb has now reached its logical legal consequence. A child in the womb of his mother is a human being! Could any revelation be worse news for an industry dependent upon deceit, lies, cover-up, and murder! - Flip 

Laci and Connor Peterson and Schizophrenic Law
By the Rev. Rusty Thomas
Posted April 25, 2003 April 23, 2003
This particular murder case is troubling to those who support abortion on demand on two counts. It first reveals what the abortion industry and its advocates would prefer to remain hidden, the humanity of the baby in the womb. This is especially grievous to them when the media, the law of the land, and the state that enforces the law acknowledges this truth. It calls into question what has been purposely censored for over thirty years since the infamous Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court Decision. If the child in the womb is a human being, a person, like you and me, then the law of the land should protect its life, just like it does for us all.

What NOW Really Thinks About Laci & Connor Peterson
By Pastor Steve Mashburn
Posted April 25, 2003 April 22, 2003
Witness the latest posturing by the National Organization for fewer and fewer Women over the media coverage of the murder of Laci Peterson and her 8-month old unborn son Connor. NOW is alarmed that Scott Peterson have been charged with double homicide under California's hypocritical penal law. Like over 2 dozen other states, the law classifies the killing of an unborn child in the act of a crime to be murder - except in the case of abortion.

Three Different Colored Gloves - One Fist
By Flip Benham
Posted April 24, 2003 - April 22, 2003
Homosexuality, Islam, and abortion have something in common. They are three different colored gloves covering the same fist. Abortion is a crimson glove (stained with the blood of our pre-born children). Homosexuality is a pink glove (stained with the blood of young men and women given over to their own lust, and stained with the blood of nations that approve of such behavior). Islam is a black glove (stained with the blood of Christians, Jews, and anyone else who dares disagree with the false "god" Allah and his demon possessed prophet Mohammed). Three different colored gloves, yet the same fist. It is the fist of him who robs, kills, and destroys. That's right, I'm talking about the devil himself! We are not unaware of his schemes.

Original Letter from Rhema to Pastor Mark
Posted April 24, 2003
This is a copy of the letter Rhema faxed to Pastor Mark Holick.

Reply Letter from Rhema to Pastor Mark
Posted April 24, 2003
This is a copy of the reply letter Rhema faxed to Pastor Mark Holick.

Bible School Students Dismissed
Posted April 24, 2003
A must read piece of account in American history taken from "Why You Can't Stay Silent, A Biblical Mandate To Shape Our Culture," by Tom Minnery. This true story of seminary students faced with a moral crisis of faith and obedience to God holds valuable lessons for Christians today when faced with Church leaders ordering them to be silent.

Why Pastor Mark Must Lead His Flock into the Battle (Information on Tiller)
Taken from a flyer by Pastor Mark Holick
Posted April 24, 2003
Abortionist George Tiller of Wichita, KS, specializes in the latest of late-term abortions. He kills babies all the way to full term. He charges as much as $10,000.00 or more for these late-term abortions. He kills on average over 100 baby boys and girls-EVERY WEEK. He will baptize dead babies on Saturday and take the Lord's communion in church on Sunday. Do we the Church care that a complete mockery is be made of the body and blood of our Lord?? ...

Wasn't Voting Republican Enough?
By Thomas McKnight
Posted April 18, 2003
For three years I had parked next to one of the busiest abortion clinics in the Midwest. Oblivious to the thousands of babies being ripped from their mothers, month after month I strolled into the hospital across the street to take care of business. As a pharmaceutical sales manager I was in dozens of hospitals each month. All the clinics and adjacent buildings look alike after awhile, so how was I to know that babies were being aborted in Granite City? My route to the hospital never took me to the east side of the building so I had an excuse, right? After all I was pro-life. I had even supported a local Crisis Pregnancy Agency and I certainly voted Republican. Wasn't that enough?

I Am Not Ashamed of the American Flag
By Flip Benham
Posted April 15, 2003
"Faith logo atop Rhema Church should FEARMy recent trip to Yale University helped clarify my thoughts concerning our flag. When we arrived at the gates of hell (the entrance of Yale) the first thing we ran into were Yalies (students) with 12 large American flags lying on the ground. The flags were carefully placed upon a layer of plastic to show some form of respect for the "Stars and Stripes." The Yalies busied themselves taking AJAX and washing the brand new flags with toothbrushes. We thought this to be very odd and asked the "young and brilliant" exactly what it was that they thought they were doing. They replied that they were cleaning the filth and dirt from the flag of the United States of America. ...

Click for larger view

"Given 'Em Heaven in Connecticut"
By Marilyn Carroll
April 13. 2003 (posted April 13)
We had a very busy week as we proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ on the streets in Connecticut. Many followed hard after Christ - unashamed of His Word in this wicked and adulterous generation. Hundreds of gospel tracts were given out, the truth was shown throughout our cities and at least three came to know the Lord as Savior! We thank God for having Rev. Flip Benham (OSA National) and John Reyes (OSA Dallas) here visiting and ministering to and with us. ... Sunday- we visited a local Christian Church early to pass out literature and let them know where and when babies were being killed right in our community. This is a part of the "God is Going Back to Church" campaign. We need to alert the churches to our responsibility to rescue the innocent from slaughter as the blood of 44 million babies cries from the ground.

A Message to NOW From the Women of OSA
Kristene O'Dell, Becky Puckett, Missi Owen & Brandi Chapman
Posted April 12, 2003
Our small bible study has a message for those involved with NOW. We know that many of you have been hurt. We know that many of you believe that you are standing up for the right to be treated correctly. We in Operation Rescue have stood opposed to your agenda as an organization. We will not move from that position. But we do believe there is an aspect of our message that you have missed.

Can a Christian Have an Abortion?
Posted April 11, 2003
Below is an email from one friend to another answering a difficult question about Christians who have abortions. Flip replied to these ladies as well. His response is below. (C wrote to me wondering how people who say they know God and are believers could be doing such heinous things like killing their babies. This is my answer to her.) P ...

Godly Submission versus Blind Submission
A clarification of meaning in "Confronting the Church of Jesus Christ in Tulsa, Oklahoma"
Posted April 10, 2003
In this article cited, a question arose about the meaning of submission after Flip used a godly wive's submission to a wicked husband as a comparison of Pastor Mark Holick's godly submission to Rhema Ministerial Alliance International. Below is the question and Flip's response. Flip, In your April 4th article online, you said, "When a husband asks his wife to sell her body to prostitution to support his cocaine habit, she must submit."

Confronting the Church of Jesus Christ in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Report by Flip Benham April 4, 2003
Posted April 6, 2003
"Faith logo atop Rhema Church should FEARMore than 70 saints from across the nation joined their brothers and sisters in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our purpose was to confront the Church of Jesus Christ with her responsibility to speak for children in the womb who cannot speak for themselves. We also sought to bring an evangelical voice to the one lone abortion mill in Tulsa, believing that the gates of hell cannot prevail against the Church of Jesus Christ. ... Friday morning was our first foray into the city of Tulsa. Rhema cancelled its classes because it knew we were coming into town. Strangely reminiscent of a Proverb in the Bible: "The wicked man flees though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion." Pr 28:1. The spirit of fear manifested itself so often and in so many ways at Rhema Bible College and Rhema Church that it seemed incomprehensible to us that Christians would act in such a way.

A Question Concerning the Anti-War Protests
Posted April 1, 2003
Flip, What is your opinion, according to the Word, of Pro-Life Christians aligning themselves with the ungodly in protest in the streets against the war and the government? Don't get me wrong, I have disagreements with the government on lots of things, but do not believe God wants us to be unequally yoked with unbelievers. Ruth, For the Unborn - Flip answers

Letter from Pastors in Tulsa
Posted March 25, 2003
Below is a letter we received from several Pastors in Tulsa, Oklahoma concerned about the upcoming "Operation Restore Justice" event. We have included Flip's letter in response to these men of God. We, the ministers of the gospel representing these churches listed below, on hearing of your planned Tulsa event, felt the need to contact you in advance, expressing our comments and concerns, for your prayerful consideration. First, please note that we are all strongly pro-life, and have been involved in a variety of pro-life activities through the years. Many members of our respective churches are significantly involved with local crisis pregnancy centers, have prayed and demonstrated at the local abortion clinic, and have, in many other ways, put feet to our convictions about the sanctity of life... Nevertheless, we're troubled by the tone of your planned "proclamations" scheduled for March 27-29. ... (emphasis added)

April 3, 2003
The day of reckoning has finally come. With the help of the United States Justice Foundation, the city of Waco and Planned Parenthood will now be held accountable in a court of law for their blatant disregard for the concerns of Waco's tax paying citizens, their refusal to protect our children from predators, and their violation of our First Amendment rights as peaceful, pro-life Christians to enter a public library.

By Rusty Thomas
Posted March 25, 2003
Here is Rusty's report from the Word in Warfare Event in Waco, TX. We left out the scathing article that was published in the Waco newspaper, but we have included Rusty's response entitled "Is Christianity a Hate Crime?" Way to go, saints in Waco! - On Thursday, March 20th, 50 peaceful, loving Christians went to 9 other gates of our city to speak God's Word over our city. The event was not called the "Gates of Hell" as reported by Miss Ryan, but "Word at the Gates." Some of the gates we went to were legitimate, such as Baylor, Waco High School, Police Station, and City Hall. While others we went to were sin centers and demonic strongholds, such as, a porno shop, the Islamic Center, the homosexual "church" on Clay, Planned Parenthood, and a pro-abortion "church," otherwise known as Lake Shore Baptist Church.

By Flip Benham
Posted March 19, 2003
My dear friends, for those of us believing that we won a major political victory by finally by getting the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban passed into law, you are mistaken. The devil is pleased that you feel so victorious. Now you will keep your mouth shut about babies living in the 1st and 2nd trimester. It also provides our spineless Republican representatives with a crumb that they can throw our way demonstrating how "pro-life" they are. What a bunch of baloney! The Partial-Birth Abortion Ban will not save one life. There are other ways to kill third trimester babies. Anyway, who is going to oversee that this procedure is not done; Nobody!

The Streets and the Legislature
By Fr. Francis G. McCloskey
Posted March 17, 2003
We will be joining Father Francis in Saratoga Springs, New York this August 17 -23, 2003. Theology will become biography at the four abortion mills in Saratoga Springs at the height of horse racing season. It will be an awesome time in the Lord. - Christian, are you paying attention? Your church began in the streets and was in the streets, markets, public squares, catacombs, highways and byways for 300 years before it got to build church buildings.However your sanctuary is a heated building which tends to rivet you to pews and comfort zones. The devil concedes buildings as long as he can have all the rest. Where does the rubber meet the road? In the streets. Satan tries to intimidate you from shouting the Good News from housetops. He wants to keep you in your churchy comfort zone. Defy him. To win the hearts and minds and votes of legislators and destroy the culture of death, first win the Streets. As did New Testament Christians in the Acts of the Apostles.

James Kopp - A Discussion
Posted March 14, 2003
Below is email discussion concerning how to deal with confessed murderer, James Kopp. The original article that is referred to has been left out. In it's place is Flip's article "Why We Don't Shoot Abortionists or Blow Up Abortion Mills."

Christians Live Out Faith - Church Says NO!
Posted March 14, 2003
Whenever a Christian begins to crawl out of the cave and proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord and allows his theology to become biography in the streets of his city, the enemy always begins his scorning attack. Finally, in Waco TX, Rusty is stirring up a maelstrom simply because he is bringing the Gospel of Christ to the gates of hell-that is every gate in his city where authority is defying God's Word. Here is a reaction from one of the scorning pastors in the city of Waco. Give 'em heaven Rusty!

Words From a Gentle Warrior for Jesus
Posted March 15. 2003
Marilyn has been faithfully reading through the Bible with us for the past several years. Her theology has truly become biography in the streets of Bridgeport, Connecticut and God is drawing her ever deeper into His Scripture. He is giving to her a depth of insight that comes only to those who seek God with their whole heart. Here is just an "everyday" report from Marilyn but, as you will see, it is more than just an "everyday" report. THE STREETS, BRIDGEPORT, CT - TUES. MARCH 11, 2003 "Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it." James 4:17

Waco Tribune Story on "Word At The Gates" in Waco
"Anti-abortion plans to demonstrate against Waco's 'gates of hell'"
Posted March 11, 2003

Pastor Rusty Thomas sent a copy of the following article about the upcoming event, "Word At The Gates" that appeared in the Waco Tribune-Herald. The gloves are off, the dragon is being drawn from tha lair, and the battle is waxing hot in Waco. Keep us in your prayers. IN KING JESUS' SERVICE, Rusty At 9 a.m. March 20, 10 teams of at least five "prayer warriors" each will go to a different "gates" of the city to demonstrate. ... His selected sites are Baylor University, Waco High School, the ALICO Building, Central Texas Metropolitan Community Church From the Heart, Lake Shore Baptist Church, the Islamic Center of Waco, Planned Parenthood, Waco City Hall, Waco Police Department and the adult video store off Interstate 35 North on the way to Hillsboro. ...

Posted March 9, 2003
Operation Rescue and Operation Save America are coming to Tulsa March 27- 30, 2003 to confront Rhema and admonish her to repent over the direct violation of Jesus' commands. We will encourage her to take a principled stand for Life! ... Rhema's doctrine of salvation is orthodox, not heretical. The problem is that Rhema itself will not enter into the battle for the lives of unborn children and is barring others from doing so. In a letter to Pastor Mark, RMAI said, "Although Rhema shares your moral and religious convictions against abortion, Rhema does not agree that the Church should participate in or endorse direct abortion protest activities." This is a dangerous precedent and must be opposed. ...

Where Do We Stand on Fundraising? - Flip Answers
Posted March 6, 2003
They (NOW and Planned Parenthood) forget that our Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills - they can't bankrupt Him! When they came into the Operation Rescue offices in Dallas, Texas, in April of 1995 and took every piece of furniture, every computer, every pencil, ad infinitum, and sold it all at a humiliating public auction, we were not paralyzed with fear. We didn't give in to cynicism. We didn't put out a fund-raiser.

Do You Love Your Neighbor?
By Brandi Chapman
Posted March 6, 2003

"The opposite of tolerance is biblical love." These words began to echo over and over again on an early evening in March of 2002. Little did I know that the three people standing before me would become part of the team of people who would lead me into my purpose and life-long dream in life: to save innocent lives. As I sat still and silent in the upstairs drafty classroom, I began to evaluate my values, dreams and aspirations that had brought me to this meeting.

Resurrecting Rescues
Posted March 6, 2003
Below is email communication between Flip and Joseph Parente concerning the "resurrection" of rescues since the NOW vs. Scheidler case has been settled. We thought many of you might be asking the same questions. Congratulations are in order for Joseph and Stacie on the birth of their first son, Joel Asa. We pray this little arrow hit the mark he is destined for with courage and zeal for the Lord Almighty. Dear Flip,

Eye Opening News From Charlotte
Posted March 3, 2003
All of this because the abortion industry in Charlotte knows you are coming to town July 12-20, 2003. Hallelujah! This is a letter from Dr. Matthew P. Harrison, who is one of the obgyn's who is coming to the abortion mill with us. On February 15, 2003 he had an opportunity, along with Dr. Danny Holland, to meet Ron Fitzsimmons, the Director of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers (NCAP). Ron is in charge of representing the desires of hundreds of abortionists, presently killing children in America, to our legislators in Washington, D.C. He had come to Charlotte, ostensibly to set up a meeting for me to meet and chat with Debby Walsh the director of one of the mills here in Charlotte. ... Dr. Matt's report of this meeting and what transpired is truly eye-opening.

LEADERSHIP MEETING in Charlotte, NC - Report
Posted March 3, 2003
45 leaders within Operation Save America/Operation Rescue were invited to North Carolina for our "Leadership Meeting." We gathered to seek the Lord's face and strategize the demise of the abortion industry in America. PHOTOS INSIDE!

Flip Ministers to the Church in Granite City then Joins the saints to Storm the Gates of Hell
Posted March 3, 2003 - February 26, 2003
God brought a remnant of five churches to stand, World Harvest, Our Lady Queen of Peace, New Birth, Spirit Life Worship Center, and New Life Assembly of God. Over eighty saints and five pastors stood in the gap for the unborn. But it was another day of bloodshed in Granite City as thirty-six baby boys and girls were killed. Pastor Flip Benham, OSA director, led the Church of Jesus Christ to storm the gates of hell, with Scripture being proclaimed, praise and worship, and prayer. The weather was very bitter, freezing temperatures, ice, rain and snow pelted the saints as they stood in the gap pleading to these mothers for their children’s lives. 2 babies were saved from death. PTL!

February 26, 2003
"This morning the Supreme Court of the United States of America issued a fateful ruling that stopped the enemies of Christ dead in their tracks," said Rev Flip Benham, National Director of Operation Rescue, "The ruling in the NOW v. Scheidler case is a spectacular victory for those living out the Gospel of Christ in the streets. Today, Operation Rescue is free. Free from the chilling effects of the strong arm of NOW and the United States Department of Justice. Free to bring mothers a real choice at abortion mills."

Replay 2 articles one more time...
God gave us an early Christmas Present in our Nation's Capitol
By Kristene O'Dell
December 10. 2002
In spite of an antagonistic White House, God's hand was evident as the justices grappled with this case and began to lay the predicate that, what gentle Christians do outside of abortion mills is not racketeering but protected under the First Amendment. Be encouraged saints. This battle is being won on more venues than you and I will ever know.

Praying For Our Troops
Posted February 23, 2003
Below is an email from Mike Link in NY to a young lady named Bren. We thought it was an excellent response to why we must go to war. God bless you Mike. We pray for these friends as well.

Victory in Pittsburgh Courts
By Joseph Parente
Posted February 19. 2002
Some of you may remember that I was cited with harassment for sidewalk counseling outside of Planned Parenthood/Women's Health Services at 221 Fifth Avenue in Downtown Pittsburgh on August 3rd of last year. The citing officer was Bryan Sellers, the very same officer who arrested Pastor Keith Tucci in November of 2001. I was found guilty in magistrates court by a judge who not only refused to hear the facts of the case, but openly mocked "God's work". I appealed the ruling, and Monday, February 10th, I was found not guilty by the Honorable Judge Gallo!

Testimony of Martin Wishnatsky on HB 1242 before the North Dakota House Judiciary Committee
Posted February 19, 2003
This is a piece of legislation with the courage and the grit to upend the entire abortion industry. Martin brought this up before the Legislature in North Dakota and I am in absolute agreement with him. This is the kind of legislation that draws the line, just like Elijah of old: "...How long will you waiver between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow Him; but if Baal is God, follow him." This is how Elijah rebuilt the altar of God that had been lying in ruins since Jereboam had become king. People, you can't waiver between two opinions. It is God's way or the devil's. It is life or death. God give us more Elijah's like our good friend Martin Wishnatsky! - Flip

Where a Mother's Heart is You'll Find Her Treasure
Posted February 19, 2003
It's 8:04 a.m. "Hey guys, it's Zack!… I picked up the phone and replied "Hi!" "Hi mom," Zack said... Are you okay? Yeah mom, I'm fine… that's good, if you're calling about your sister, no news yet. Tension is building in my chest, "Zack, are you sure your ok, you never phone me this early… silence… Zack? "Mom… I love you…I'm leaving today… I am heading out"… silence… "Ohh…Zack…no…no. (I'm sobbing at this point) Please… please…don't go…this can't be happening…Zack your within days of coming home from your tour of duty…No…don't go… Please keep him and all our service men and women in your prayers. Angela Michael -
This is Flip's prayer in response to Angela's heartfelt plea as a mother:

By Pastor Sam Green
Posted February 18, 2003
Back in October, on Halloween, about 75 saints from Palm Bay and the surrounding area took to the streets and participated in Word in Warfare (reading the entire Bible out loud at the very gates of hell). They were peppered all over the county at various places such as the abortion mill, a building housing a homosexual website, a XXX video store, several strip clubs, high schools, the police department and city council chambers. ... The saints were commended by a number of people who were blessed to witness such a visible display of faith. One lady in particular approached Pastor Sam and asked how they knew to come to the city offices. She declared, "You don't know how much you are needed here. There is such a spirit of adultery in the mayor's and city manager's offices." She never explained exactly what she meant by that statement, however, everyone rejoiced that the Lord led his saints to the places HE knew needed a witness!

Letter Delivered to Angela Michaels at the Hope (less) Abortuary in Granite City, IL
Woman Tells Angela What She Really Thinks
Posted February 17, 2003

This is a very touching story.This letter is from a woman who crossed my path outside the abortion clinic in Granite City, IL shaking her fist in God’s face and literally in mine. She was bringing all three of her daughters to this abortion clinic when I asked her, "To kill their babies?" She responded, "explicative … yeah!"

Angela in Action

Botched abortion rushed
across street to Gateway Regional Medical Center
Baby was 22 weeks old


Two Botched Abortions in 28 Days
Complete Update Posted February 14, 2003
(New Photos)
By Angela Michael
Saturday Abortionist Shah has his own surgical team for his botched abortions, we saw them flying in. He has three surgical nurses that he uses to cover up for his botched abortions. He calls them in, so they can get these girls patched up and on the interstate before Monday, when the regular administrative staff is at the hospital and nobody knows anything. - Two deathscorts arrested, Yogendra Shah wants to play Let's Make A Deal, Three babies saved, and Miracles visit the saints to deliver a special letter...in newly added Granite City news.

Let's Make A Deal!
"Yogendra Shah, You're no Monty Hall." A.M.
Posted February 14, 2003

Apparently the Hope Clinic lawyer Mark Levy approached our lawyer Jason Craddock and has proposed a deal concerning the Michael's and Yogendra Shah and all the frivolous lawsuits this abortionist had filed against these gentle Christian warriors. ... Mark Levy, the attorney for Hope Clinic submitted a proposal from his client abortionist Yogendra Shah. "If the Michael's will quit standing in front of his offices (and exposing) then Yogendra Shah will drop all his lawsuits against them." (Background info on Shah and one of his silly suits along with links here added below article...)

Small Victories Street Update
Hell is hemorrhaging! - Granite City, IL (St. Louis)
Posted February 14, 2003

Saturday- Late-term mothers already in mill by 6:30 a.m. At approximately 7:20 a.m. another "botched" abortion happened within 50 minutes of this couple’s return from the day previous, a young black woman was rushed quietly in full view of proclaimers covered in sheets and on a gurney, she wasn’t breathing... she appeared "lifeless" ... Several of the deathscorts were on hand to make sure abortion was the only choice there was for the moms and dads going in to the clinic. Proclaimers were sharing the gospel and offering other options to these parents, and that must have hit a nerve with two of the deathscorts, who attacked four pro-lifers, including a 5 yr. old girl. The Granite City Police were called and two escorts were arrested and taken in squad cars to the police station. ... There were 3 babies saved from death today. As a couple sat in their car on the back lot, Karen offered them help and prayed for them. A few minutes later they started up their car and left! PTL! Another couple said they changed their mind due to the large multitude (proclaimers) standing for the "least of these."

Response to Article About President Bush
Posted February 11, 2003
This is an email we received in response to Flip's article - George W Bush, A Judgment From God Upon His Church. We have posted this on the web so that folks can see the utter foolishness and arrogance of those lost in conspiracy theories. (Are these the same folks that complain about the apathy of the Church and its AWOL shepherds that refuse to engage the Enemy at the gates?)

The Law That Gives Freedom
Posted February 11, 2003
In an email to Flip, Marilyn Carroll wrestles with the relationship between judgment and mercy. Flip's response gives us clear understanding that the Law of God has not been abolished. It points us to the One that can save us from our wretchedness - Jesus Christ, the Savior!... "Flip, Can you explain to me what James 2:13 says about judgment and mercy? We had a bible study last night and I need to write something about it in my streets report ASAP." This is Flip's Response...

Signs in the Skies
By Flip Benham
Posted February 6, 2003

Steve Mashburn asks, "Could it be just mere coincidence that the we lost the Columbia just 1 day to the day of the anniversary of losing the Challenger - And that tragic loss occuring within a week of the anniversary of the tragic loss of astronaughts' lives in a 1967 fire? Has our mourning of these tragic losses while ignoring the tragic loss of 47 million other Americans over 30 years gone unheeded?" Flip's response to those asking about the prophetic impact of the Space Shuttle Columbia's disintegration over Texas.

The Columbia Tragedy and Irony
By Rodger Goodwin
Posted February 5, 2003

... That colorful and strange sight we had just witnessed was the Space Shuttle and crew being literally ripped apart as we were watching it. I felt very sad upon realizing what had just happened. I knew that seven lives had just been taken in this tragedy. I knew that families would be grieving the loss of their loved ones. I knew that our Nation would be traumatized as we watched innocent people dying before Her eyes. That's when the irony really set in...

William Jefferson Clinton: A Judgment from God upon this Nation! - George W. Bush: A Judgment from God upon His Church!
By the Rev. Flip Benham
Posted January 29, 2003
Many of us believed that the Bush Administration would be the remedy for all that was wrong with the Clintons, but we were wrong! We expected way too much from a young Christian man who only reflects the teaching of a morally weak, self-absorbed Church, closeted in today's cesspool of the culture. By and large, we are afraid to stand upon the Word of God because it seems so intolerant and judgmental. God is showing us through the Bush Administration, what we have become as His Church. It is not a pretty sight

The Standard for This Nation
Posted January 29, 2003
God has given us many convincing signs that the logo he gave us in the summer of 1995 with the "old rugged Cross" in front the American flag was the right one for what we were about.

Terrorist Attacks on America - Special Report
From the OSA-Dallas Dispatch
Posted January 28, 2003
...Most of the victims were found to have been disemboweled and be-headed, with no sign of a struggle. It has been difficult to properly assess the damage as piecing together body parts has proved nearly impossible. ... President George W. Apathy had the following to say: "I'm very sorry that we did not do something about this sooner. I have failed the people of the United States of America by not acting on this long ago. I cannot express my remorse to the nation as a whole. We have all been greatly and devastatingly affected by this mass destruction of human life.. [A must read!]

It Starts with Just 1 - 30th Roe Memorial in Lubbock
Dorothy Boyette Reports from Lubbock. TX
Posted January 27, 2003
I set up the signs outside the courthouse and was handing out brochures to everyone who passed by as Fox News set up their equipment. I did an interview with Fox News (local affiliate 34). My daughter Charlotte joined me and gave a fantastic interview. She called the Church to repentance for peacefully coexisting with abortion. When the interviewer asked, "What is it going to take to overturn Roe?" She said, "When the Church gets some courage." I was so proud of her.

Response to "The Walls Come Down"
Posted January 24, 2003
We are glad that some from Cathedral of Hope read our website. Perhaps it will in some way point them to Jesus - the real Jesus who will set them free from the homosexual bondage that will most certainly hasten their physical deaths. Because we love them, we tell them the truth! If we, in any way misled folks coming to our web, we owe it to them to make this letter known.

By David Lackey, Director, Operation Rescue Alabama
Posted January 24, 2003
I had sent a letter to the Pastor two weeks before our coming to the gates of the church, detailing the reason for our coming. The senior elder went back to the Pastor to see if he had received the letter. He did! Then a most fascinating miracle happened! The Pastor told his leadership that we were doing the job he should have been doing all along. He gave them instructions to help us in any way we needed.

Plan Press Conferences in your cities for the 30th Memorial of Roe v. Wade
January 4, 2003
Please do not forget to be planning a press conference for the Saturday morning preceding the 30th memorial of Roe v. Wade, on January 22, 2003. Just show up at the abortion mill as you always do on Saturday morning and have the media meet you there at about 10:00 a.m. You will be receiving in your January Newsletter an updated brochure, "The Heart of our Nation is Changing." If you don't receive one, call Kristene and have her send you one immediately. You can also find this brochure on the web: operationsaveamerica.org, if you would like to preview the statistics.

The 30th Memorial of Roe v. Wade
By the Rev. Flip Benham
On Wednesday, January 22, 2003, we will be mourning 30 years of "legalized" child-killing in America. Over 45 million children slaughtered by a lie called "choice." For many, this will be a great day of rejoicing. It will be one where they will parade "our national sin" arrogantly in Washington, D.C. Planned Parenthood, NOW, NAF, NARAL, ad nauseam, are gearing up for a spectacular 30th anniversary of bloodshed in our nation's capital. They can't wait to frame the argument as a woman's rights issue - totally eclipsing the rights of small children in the womb. We must not let them get away with it!

Originally posted December 10, 2002
These startling statistics are well beneath the radar of Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings, and Dan Rather, but they should be greatly encouraging for those of us standing for life. As you will see, the battle for the lives of little baby boys and girls in their mother's wombs is being won as gentle Christians are living out their faith in the streets of their cities. That's right! During the administration of the most pro-abortion President our nation has ever had, the number of abortions performed in America, the number of abortion mills, the number of doctors performing abortions plummeted dramatically. William Jefferson Clinton did everything in his power, but build an abortion mill in the West Wing of the White House, to aid and abet the abortion industry. Still, the numbers plummeted and they are plummeting today! How can this be?

Media Miracle on the 30th Memorial of Roe v. Wade
PostedvJanuary 24, 2003
In 21 cities across the nation, Christians who regularly bring the Gospel of Christ to the gates of hell (the local abortion mill) were inundated with media. These quiet, gentle, warriors who faithfully give mothers a real choice outside these death camps were given a platform on January 22, 2003, by none other than God Himself. There was a profound sense of remorse portrayed in the media coverage that Roe v. Wade was sliding down the slippery slope to oblivion. In much the same way that slavery was erased from our national psyche, so abortion will also go. No one today would say that it is a matter of "choice" whether or not he owned slaves. Slavery was and is a national travesty and an embarrassment. One day, child-killing will be thought of in the same way.

Christians All Across the Nation are Taking the Gospel of Christ to the Streets on the 30th Memorial of Roe v. Wade
Posted January 16, 2003
All across this nation, Christians are coming to the streets of their cities. They come to the streets remembering the horrible holocaust that has taken the lives of over 45 million pre-born children in 30 years of legalized slaughter. They come to the streets knowing that the battle for the lives of children is being won in this nation. They come to the streets knowing that Jesus is Lord and His laws reign!

From Life and Liberty Ministries
Posted January 16, 2003
The latest news coming from Washington is that partial birth abortion "WILL BE OUTLAWED". As one who has for the last 13 years stood on the front lines in the battle for children's lives, I say, "BIG DEAL". We are a pathetic lot when we get excited over the banning of one form of execution as opposed to another. The banning of partial birth abortion will not save a single life. Not one! Large donor based "pro-life" organizations raise enormous sums of money over this non-issue because it is an easy sell to their gullible Christian donors.

Jennifer O'Neil (Summer of '42) Speaks with Our own Angela Michael
Radio Ministry St. Louis, MO
Posted January 16, 2003

Today's guest on Small Victories, KJSL 630 AM radio program is actress/writer, former Cover Girl model and abortion survivor, Jennifer O'Neill. She is the author of "From Fallen to Forgiven" "Surviving Myself" and founder of Women Deserve Better ministry. She is also a sponsor of "Silent No More" - a post-abortive survivors group. (Refer to www.jenniferoneill.com) Who would've guessed that behind the Hollywood stardom, an international modeling career, fame and fortune, Jennifer O'Neill lived on an emotional roller coaster of inner turmoil. A teen suicide attempt, several near-fatal accidents, multiple failed marriages, an abortion, and nine miscarriages colored her life with pain and sadness.
(Read part of the interview...)

Are We Standing in the Gap?
A Quote from Jerry Crawford in Rochester, NY
Posted January 16, 2003
"The worst of churches reject absolutes and teach a social gospel where we all just do the best we can to love somebody. Morality, if any, is based on situational ethics. These churches accept abortion as a social necessity, welcome homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle, and deny the existence of Hell. These churches, while abhorrent, are not the main cause of the decadent society we live in. ...

Making Sense of the Statistics
Posted January 16, 2003
Trying to make sense of the statistics, Marilyn Carroll asked a good question concerning the abortion statistics from the Alan Guttmacher Institute. "Flip,
Do these stats agree with ours? Do they agree with Our Nation is Changing? MC" Flip's response is at the end of this report.

Fairmount Street Report from OSA-Dallas
By Melissa Owen
Posted January 16, 2003
What a bizarre morning we had this Saturday, out in front of the Fairmount Women's Center! It wasn't just the usual mocking from the customers, or the usual harassment by the police. Please forgive the length of this street report, as there is so much to report it could not be shortened. ... It all began with one woman who was being dragged into the clinic by her boyfriend. She literally was digging her heels into the pavement, desperate to hear what the sidewalk counselor had to say. ...

January 13, 2003

Rev. Flip Benham, the National Director of Operation Rescue, America's largest pro-life activist group, addresses a salient issue in a new pamphlet entitled: "Why We Don't Shoot Abortionists"
On the 30th Memorial of Roe v. Wade - a day to mourn the deaths of over 45 million children killed by "legalized" abortion - our nation's attention will be diverted from its most egregious national sin, to a small group of people rallying in Buffalo, New York, to support James Kopp. Kopp is the self-confessed murderer of abortionist Barnett Slepian. Those who advocate murdering abortionists are going to be given a national platform from which to spew their vitriolic poison. How sad!

The Magnitude of What We've Done
January 12, 2003

Sometimes it is very difficult for us to comprehend the magnitude of the toll that the abortion holocaust has taken on this nation over the past 30 years. When one says that over 45 million children have been slaughtered by "legalized" abortion since January 22, 1973, the numbers just don't seem to register.
- See map inside.

Why We Don't Shoot Abortionists and Blow Up Abortion Mills
The Way of the Cross: No Cheap Solutions

By the Rev. Flip Benham
January 12, 2003

Operation Rescue unashamedly takes up the cause of pre-born children in the name of Jesus Christ. We employ only biblical principles. The Bible is our foundation; the Cross of Christ is our strategy; the repentance of the Church of Jesus Christ is our ultimate goal. As the Church changes her heart toward unborn children, God Himself will hear from heaven, forgive our sin, and bring healing to our land.

Who Determines the 'Official' Definition of 'Pro-Life?'
By Jeff Johnson CNSNEWS.com Congressional Bureau Chief
Posted January 11, 2003
(written December 24, 2002)
Capitol Hill (CNSNews.com) - Tennessee Republican Bill Frist hit only one small speed bump along his road of ascension to the post of Senate majority leader when questions were raised about his record on abortion. But the disagreement points to the larger question of, "Who determines the 'official' definition of 'pro-life?'"

Posted January 11, 2003
A short commentary by Flip concerning the battle for the lives of unborn children in America. It was written in response to a CNSNEWS.com article, Who Determines the 'Official' Definition of 'Pro-Life?' ... Steve Lefemine and Judy Brown are hitting the nail on the head. There can be no compromise, no "reaching across the aisle," no "middle ground" in the abortion battle. Abortion is a Gospel issue and neither side will tolerate the other. Yes, it is a physical manifestation of the battle between two seeds - the "seed of the serpent" verses the "seed of the woman." Genesis 3:15

Eric, Scott, Sam, Keith, and Rachel

Report by Tom McGlade
Posted January 11, 2003
During a break in play, the team and supporters took a thirty minute trip to the Tarpon Springs home of abortionist, George Nauert. Traffic on the busy country road slowed as the graphic ministry of "Malachi" reached out to soften hearts. A large yellow arrow with the word ABORTIONIST pointed to the immense estate purchased with the blood of thousands of innocent pre-born children. Nauert owns four abortion mills, including the Sarasota Women's Health Center where Matthew "headbanger" Kachinas continues in Nauert's stead.

Two bulldozers stand guard over the pile of rubble that was once the Cathedral of Hope's Youth Center.
Two bulldozers stand guard over the pile of rubble that was once
the Cathedral of Hope's Youth Center.

The Walls Come Down!
Cathedral of Hope Demolishes Youth Center
By John Reyes
Posted January 11, 2003

Many of you were a brilliant testimony of Jesus' love to the Cathedral of Hope during this summer's event in Dallas. This MCC "Church" is the largest homosexual congregation of its kind. The work is strong in Dallas and this article should bless you tremendously.

American Family Association (AFA) Wins Another One!
January 10, 2002
The old saying goes, "The wheels of justice move exceedingly slow and grind exceedingly fine." Ordinarily when we Christians are found living out our faith in the streets, and are thrown in jail, the court system generally grinds us into pixie dust. Not this time!

Encouragement From Another Pro-Life Front
By Amy Miller
Posted January 8, 2003
I just saw the OSA website tonight. I must admit, I am sorry I have not found it before. I certainly will pass this along to my LINK friends and contacts all over the US. I am sure they will find it very interesting and educational. Of course, they are all pro-life, and wishing to adopt or have adopted. Many of their children would have been aborted if not for their hearts and homes being opened to them. Just like my little five year old Taylor! Whose birthmother and father were discussing abortion before she was born. Flip, you have seen that child, what a blessing she is - Smart and beautiful. Growing with a strong Biblical foundation, and loves Jesus. ...

Sorry for the Confusion
By Kristene O'Dell
Posted January 8, 2003

Some confusion has been expressed to us concerning Flip and Faye's move to
North Carolina. Please forgive us if we have not been clear. The leadership structure has not changed. Flip Benham is the National Director of Operation Save America and Operation Rescue. The national ministry has moved to Concord, North Carolina. The administrative office, however, is still located in Dallas for a time. You may send all correspondence and donations to the PO Box in Dallas. That address has not changed - PO Box 740066 Dallas, TX 75374. The phone number to the office is 972-240-9370. ...

Plan Press Conferences in your cities for the 30th Memorial of Roe v. Wade
January 4, 2003
Please do not forget to be planning a press conference for the Saturday morning preceding the 30th memorial of Roe v. Wade, on January 22, 2003. Just show up at the abortion mill as you always do on Saturday morning and have the media meet you there at about 10:00 a.m. You will be receiving in your January Newsletter an updated brochure, "The Heart of our Nation is Changing." If you don't receive one, call Kristene and have her send you one immediately. You can also find this brochure on the web: operationsaveamerica.org, if you would like to preview the statistics.

Bill O'Reilly Exposed and Now Suing Stephen Bennett Ministries
January 3, 2003
Today, we find that Fox News and Mr. O'Reilly are attempting to sue Stephen Bennett Ministries. We have some words for you, Mr. O'Reilly. ...

O'Reilly / Fox News Threatens Legal Action Against 39 Year Old Christian Minister, Former Homosexual
Released January 3, 2002
Bill O'Reilly of 'The O'Reilly Factor' and Fox News threatened legal action Thursday against Stephen Bennett, a Christian Evangelist, for the ministry's October 'Audio Resource of the Month' entitled 'The O'Reilly Shocker.'

O'Reilly & Fox News Pick Wrong Christian to Demonize and Sue
By Pastor Stephen Mashburn
January 3, 2002
We reported on our Wichita voicemail ministry Thursday on the shift of cable news with MSNBC and CNN sinking dramatically in viewers and ratings while Fox News and Rush soar. Much of this is good news but beware - all that glitters is not gold. Fox is threatening to sue Stephen Bennett, a Christian evangelist of the gospel. ... The American Family Association's Center for Law and Policy is representing Stephen Bennett on this threat or any future action by Fox.

By way of Tom McGlade
December 30, 2002
(posted January 2, 2003)
SARASOTA, FLORIDA: Abortionist Matthew J. Kachinas was cited for two counts of battery with additional charges pending. On Friday morning, December 27, Kachinas arrived at the Sarasota Womens Health Center, 5025 N. Tamiami Trail, to perform his bi-weekly ritual of state sanctioned child sacrifice. While still in his vehicle, Kachinas was once again invited into the freedom offered through the forgiveness of his sins upon repentance through the sacrificial blood of Jesus the Messiah. Kachinas exited his vehicle in a fervor. Obviously enraged, Kachinas, cursing, walked directly toward Linda McGlade who had delivered the Gospel message of hope and love to the abortionist. Stopping within centimeters of her face, he clearly and pointedly whispered several times the words, "I'm going to kill you!" Then ...


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