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Victory in Jackson, Mississippi

Victory in Jackson, Mississippi
Dr. Pat McEwen

Jackson Mississippi City Circuit Court December 19, 2006:

We went to Jackson expecting to be hammered by the courts as arbitrarily as we were persecuted on the streets in July. Our experience in July taught us that Jackson had chosen to serve another king and banish King Jesus from her streets.

Before entering the court building our group met on the steps to pray and witness for Jesus. The word went out. Cal Zastrow led us in a number of hymns that seemed pertinent to our situation Among them were: Stand Up For Jesus, A Mighty Fortress is Our God, Faith of Our Fathers, and I pledge Allegiance to the Lamb. Passersby stopped to listen as we lifted up His name in praise.

Eleven gentle Christians from all over the nation, who were arrested in July, returned to the city at great personal cost because we who follow King Jesus are law abiders not law breakers. When the roll was called in the court Jackson saw that “they all came back!”

Rev. Ed Martin, Clifton Powell, Tanya Britton, Esther Mann, Dr. Patrick Johnson, Pastor William Dumfey, Ron Brock, Phillip Carnaggio, Harriet Ashley, James Esser and Franklin Weimer all appeared before the Jackson court. Rev. Cal Zastrow appeared before a court in Pearl, MS the day before.

Court began at 10am. During the morning session we listened as a female police officer changed and embellished her testimony and seemed to be getting away with it. Each defendant honored God in their witness and respectful demeanor. The Word of God went out and the testimony was powerful, yet four were convicted of violating the city's “Special Events Ordinance.” They were all on the “wrong” side of the street where the permit did not specify a “side” of the street.

Steve Crampton, from the AFA was brilliant in pointing out the weaknesses in this ordinance and its obvious infringement on First Amendment rights, but the court convicted.

In speaking to Steve during the lunch break I learned just how amazing our God is. He can even use a donkey! The judge referred to a “federal case” that might affect our cases and I thought it was our challenge to the ordinance. It was not. The wheels of justice turn very slow in Mississippi and our challenge is mired in court paperwork BUT God was using a donkey. The ACLU was challenging the constitutionality of the ordinance that very day in federal court. If they prevail, and it looks like they will, our cases will all be reversed on appeal. In the afternoon we began winning some cases and I realized that the only ones we lost concerned the ordinance. God was moving.

Some of the gentle Christians were charged with disturbing the peace and disorderly conduct. The amazing thing was that we won each of these cases and it was the admission of the police themselves that we were never violent. They were untruthful about their conduct and warnings given, but when asked directly if any of our group used profanity, were violent, or threatened anyone they responded - “No!”

Yes, four were found guilty, of “ordinance related” charges but these will probably be overturned on appeal. The word went out. The Christians honored Christ in their testimony. Their testimony was absolutely honest, even when it cost, they told the truth. Over and over these defendants proclaimed Jesus from the stand.

And you will even be brought before governors and kings for My sake, as a testimony to them and to the Gentiles.  But when they hand you over, do not worry about how or what you are to say; for it will be given you in that hour what you are to say. For it is not you who speak, but it is the Spirit of your Father who speaks in you. Matthew 10:18-20 NAS

Jackson Women's Health Organization - the Gates of Hell
Jackson Women's Health Organization - the Gates of Hell

The Saints of Mississippi were encouraged. They are continuing to stand for Jesus at the very gates of Hell, the last abortion mill in Mississippi. Faithfully, whenever little baby boys and girls are being killed, they come, to proclaim Jesus and say to those who would shed innocent blood, “No, you do not have our permission to do this awful thing.” It is not OK to kill children in Jackson. God calls it murder.