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Letter from Fergus

From England, where homosexuality has been an institution for far longer than America has been a nation, comes this critique regarding Operation Save America's Save Wal-Mart campaign.

Hi Flip,

I'd appreciate your time in reading this and giving me your considered response if you feel it appropriate.

Corporations are not religious organisations. I think it entirely fair that an employer should promote equality in its operations - and the membership of this chamber of commerce is simply to restore balance and address issues experienced by a minority.

Your inspirational story of a hard working and caring Sam Walton doesn't really have any bearing on your argument, and your claim of “This legacy of faith and love for Jesus Christ by Mr. Walton is being trashed before our very eyes!" I disagree with.

Wal-Mart does not exist to further the aims of the Christian faith. Though its founder was a caring and loving Christian, I think of all people Sam Walton would see that, in business, at least in a free democratic country, equality and profits come before a religious agenda. Wal-Mart exists to make available quality goods at affordable prices. They are simply attempting to appeal to another sector of the market: homosexuals. Let's be practical and accept that homosexuals will always exist and that they will always need groceries – and, as Wal-Mart's a corporation not a religious body, this is what they will continue to do, and in my humble opinion, exactly what they should be doing.

I feel that you are interpreting a few words in a very large book at face value, and that the literal interpretation in some way betrays the spirit of their meaning - i.e., they either mean something that you don't see, or the reason for them being said no longer applies, etc. If you disagree, please assure me that you'll never ever eat shellfish again: I wouldn't want to wish hell on anyone.

Why do you (apparently) feel so threatened that others should be doing things/believing you disapprove of? They're not trying to crush your beliefs. They're simply accepting that people have different beliefs and needs.

Why do I feel threatened? Because I'm scared that the propagation of intolerance (or downright ignorance perhaps) by people like yourself will turn the legacy of a free Western world into some kind of totalitarianism with religious belief being the tool exploited in the masses.

Certainly you're entitled to an opinion. It's just your proactive campaigning and the "there's more of us Christians than them gays - so let's impose ourselves" attitude smacks of a bully throwing a tantrum and punching the runt of the class.

That's about it, all the best,


Fergus Ross Ferrier

Tel: 07929 728 053
Selwyn College, Cambridge , England

College Union JCR Treasurer and LBGT Rep
www.faustthepanto.com - Footlights' Christmas Pantomime
and www.Cartridges4Charity.co.uk

Dear Fergus,

I deliver some mail to you and you get upset with me.  Fergus you are a grown-up whiny baby who kicks the dog when he can't have his way.  It is not me that has brought this trouble to our respective countries my friend, it is you and folks of your ilk who, in the name of tolerance, are forcing your personal dogma down the throats of every man, woman, child, and corporation in the world.  Those screaming tolerance the most are really the most intolerant of all.  That would be you!

Homosexual sodomy is a sin (a choice) that leads precious people whom God loves right into hell!  Because we love the homosexual enough to deliver this message – we don't want them to go to hell – you get upset!  God's love for those enslaved by the sin of homosexual sodomy is unconditional.  However, if one chooses to live in homosexual sodomy and pay no attention to God or His Word on this earth, he will find himself in eternity without God. 

This is hell my friend!  Does God love them?  Yes, a thousand times yes, but they have chosen their way and God weeps.  Is this really so difficult for you to understand?  

You will not be satisfied until you blackmail all of us into saying (never believing) that homosexuality is not a sin.  You somehow want us to make a moral wrong into a civil right.  It will never happen as long as God's people have breath to deliver His message.  Fergus, homosexuality destroys those enslaved in its tentacles.  The average age of death for a practicing homosexual male is 42 years old.  Dispute this if you can.  You know you cannot!

Your problem is with God!  He is the One who made the man and the woman, male and female.  He is the One who placed boundaries upon sex.  He is the One who made it very clear that homosexuality is sin (an abomination).  He is the One who is the true Judge.  He is the one that is really bothering you – not me!  Your major problem here Fergus, is that God is, and there's nothing you can do about it.

You Fergus, no matter what you believe or how sincerely you believe it, are not God!  Your shallow understanding of the Scripture and limited knowledge of Sam Walton and how he brought Christ to the market place is quite revealing.

Your foolish statement about shellfish (which, by the way, is a dead give-away of who you are and what you represent) is null and void.  In the book of Acts God revealed to Peter, on three separate occasions, that all food was clean.  In doing proper exegesis, the Old Testament must always be interpreted through the eyes of the New.  Can you tell me Fergus, in your long hours of study in the Bible, where in the New Testament that homosexual sodomy was ever declared clean?

You are the one throwing the tantrum Fergus.  Let the words of William Shakespeare, one of your own and one who often quoted the Bible, be your teacher, “The lady doth protest too much, me thinks…”  You are guilty, and all of your protestations to the contrary are meaningless babblings uttered by one in desperate need of a Savior.  Allow Jesus to extricate you from the deep pit you are in.  He is the only One who can truly set you free.

The back of one of our T-shirts says, “Truth is hate to those who hate the truth.”   Because you hate God's truth, you want to silence His messengers.  May it never be!

“Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?  Galatians 4:16

In Christian love,