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On the Road Again

On the Road Again

Ron Brock is on the road again; this time he is exposing Walmart. He has his RV decked out in full Save Walmart regalia. Ron began his save Walmart tour in Colorado Springs, CO after the Nov. 6th election and hit all of the Walmarts there. He had a day to spend in Denver and was able to visit at least five Walmarts before he headed for the highway to California.


The placard on the driver's side says, “Walmart What are you thinking?” The passenger's side says, “No longer Always moral, save Walmart. Ron is also advertising the web site, savewalmart.com on the sides as you can see here in the white at the bottom of his RV. It is also clearly seen on his front and back bumper. The web site is a very effective way to impart information to anyone who sees Ron's RV. He obviously is driving and unable to hand out literature, with the website it is still available to anyone interested in looking it up.

When Ron left Denver he was headed for Las Vegas and then on to California. Amazingly, he was able to reach all the Walmarts in Las Vegas with OSA's. message. He also spent a good amount of time cruising the “strip” in the middle of the casino district. After a brief stay, including a Wednesday worship service with fellow pro lifers, in Vegas Ron headed west for California. In his usual diligent manner he visited every Walmart possible along the highway on his journey to the golden state.

Ron is now in California and to date has covered every Walmart between San Clemente and the Mexican border and most between San Clemente and San Francisco. His goal is to have every Walmart on the map between San Francisco and the Mexican border covered by Thursday of this week.

Thursday Ron is leaving California with Phoenix on his radar, then on to Arkansas and Mississippi. You can be sure that the Walmart stores across the country will not soon forget our very own “Little Big Man,” Ron Brock. He comes in a small package, but he packs a GIANT punch.

God Bless,
Jo Scott