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Pro-life Picketer Wins Free-Speech Dispute in Wisconsin
By Rusty Pugh
@Agape Press
Posted October 9, 2004
Since 1999, Mark Gabriel had peacefully demonstrated on a public walkway outside the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Grand Chute, Wisconsin . As part of his protest, he carried signs protesting the abortion provider's activities, neither obstructing traffic nor blocking the sidewalk. In 1999, however, Grand Chute law enforcement officials ticketed Gabriel for violating a city ordinance banning all signs on public rights-of-way. But believing himself to be within his constitutional rights, the Christian activist refused to pay his fine. Therefore, the police subsequently arrested him, and his signs were confiscated.

American Family Association (AFA) Wins Another One!
Posted January 10, 2002
The old saying goes, "The wheels of justice move exceedingly slow and grind exceedingly fine." Ordinarily when we Christians are found living out our faith in the streets, and are thrown in jail, the court system generally grinds us into pixie dust. Not this time!

Police Rescind Order Against Pro-Life Activists
June 20, 2001
"We're gratified that they are beginning to recognize the value of First Amendment rights, even for those who hold pro-life values and beliefs," Crampton says. "It is grievous, really, that public funds -- taxpayer money -- has been used for years to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars to finance ... malicious prosecutions against gentle folks."

Update on Rescue Rochesterl
June 17, 2001
During this case, Judge Arcara has refused to recuse himself, refused to change the venue to Rochester, N.Y., where the alleged contempt occurred, refused to drop the pursuit of this action even though a Grand Jury did not hand down an indictment against either men. Mr. Arcara has also refused to heed the recommendations of dismissal of the charges by Federal Magistrate Schroeder. This magistrate found in a separate hearing that the TRO that Warren and Crawford were supposed to have violated was expired and therefore was not a lawful order. Since that time the US Attroney's Office, the New York State Attorney General's Office and attorneys for the Pro-Choice Network have pushed for prosecution. Hence this 2-year action continues.

Odinance Restricting Pro-Life Freedom Ruled Unconstitutional
January 7, 2001
The ordinance required a 30 day notice before any person or group could demonstrate within city limits. It also required a $500.00 fee and permission from the police chief in order to exercise one's First Amendment rights. Judge Stadtmueller stated that the "ordinance is a a two by four across the brow of the First Amendment face."

OSA Minister Charged With Violating Federal Injunction For Praying In Public
June 15, 2000
While the group of Christians led by Pastor Eric Johns worshiped and praised God, I was carrying a banner that quoted Proverbs 11:30a (The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life) and entered the forbidden prayer zone in front of the clinic where the killing was going on.

Update on Legal News from Rescue Rochester
May 3, 2000
On July 13th at Planned Parenthood we were charged with violating the judge’s order by standing in the bubble zone and holding signs and praying. All these events occurred on a public sidewalk. Criminal Contempt proceedings have started and for each alleged violation we could, if found guilty, be placed in jail for up to a year. The judge has also said that he will allow them to go after us civilly after this criminal proceeding.

Christians Denied First Amendment Rights
Pictures added May 10, 2000
"The ramifications are - and this isn't speculation, this is how it is - is that when pro-life Christians go out to try to peacefully, lawfully protest, speak their Christian beliefs, all bets are off - anything can happen to them - that's exactly how it is in America right now."

A Perspective of Carhart vs. Stenberg
April 12, 2000
However, there are many serious moral problems with this legislation that Christians need to consider. First of all, many believe it will ban late-term abortions, when in reality it won’t ban any abortions at all. It makes no attempt at stopping the killing, it merely regulates the procedures involved. And that is it’s biggest moral failing. Upon what moral principal does a Christian regulate murder?

History of the Dayton FACE Case
April 1, 2000
The United States Department of Justice has just informed us that our FACE trial in Dayton, Ohio has been rescheduled for May 15, 2000. It is spending most of its time and money pursuing those it considers a real threat. Who is this threat you ask? It is Gentle Christian moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, sons and daughters who live out their faith in the streets of our cities. It is those who proclaim that there is another King, one called Jesus. It is those who dare to take the Gospel to the very gates of hell!

Two Brothers in Court for Praying in a Mill
December 10, 1999
by Matthew Bowman

Please pray for the upcoming case in Dane County Circuit Court wherein Will Goodman and Chris McKenna are facing charges of "trespass to a medical facility" and "resisting arrest" for their peaceful physical intervention inside the Meriter Abortion mill on Good Friday of 1998.

New York Passes a State "FACE" BilI
December 8, 1999
Bob Behn

We pray all will join together to stop these kind of laws especially for the abortion providers and to fight like never before to end this industry of harvesting human souls for profit and evil.

Legal Information Concerning Operation Rescue

Update on the D.C. FACE Case
December 21, 1999
God was at work in a mighty way! We made no deals with an enemy intent on obliterating the Gospel message in front of child killing centers. We sought no “common ground.” We continued to storm the gates of hell.

Department of Justice Filled with Confusion!
by Flip Benham
December 8, 1999

...they have been making us so many offers to settle that it really is boggling the minds of our attorneys. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the Justice Department is having much internal strife over both FACE cases.

A Prayer for Justice
by Rusty Thomas
December 3, 1999

God so confused the Justice Department attorneys in the first go round that they could not even establish who was in Dayton, Ohio during the alleged event that supposedly violated F.A.C.E. Please pray for the department's continued confusion.

John Reyes' Unjust Sentence
September 1999
John Reyes lost his appeal and is imprisoned for sharing the gospel.

September 1999 at Dayton, Ohio
The United States Department of Justice has taken upon itself to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to pursue and sue the one force the abortion industry fears most - Operation Rescue!

Reno Sues ORN Again
June 9, 1998

Janet Reno Sues ORN, Flip Benham, and Other Christians Under Civil FACE
April 1, 1998

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