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Wall Street Has Worst Day in 4 Months


God has used you so mightily. 

"Wall Street Has Worst Day in Four months"

What a great title for a movie about a tiny group of Christians who, in faith, step out of the closet for King Jesus and show-up at the gates of hell.  God had an opportunity (an excuse) to show-up and do exceedingly, abundantly above all this little Church could possibly imagine.  Even Wall Street was affected as God disciplines a wayward corporation named Wal-Mart.

Our action at Wal-Mart was and is an action of love.  "...the Lord disciplines those He loves..." Hebrews 12:6.   Wal-Mart, the corporation, has wandered far from her Godly heritage, straying from the biblical principles which made her great.  She has abandoned the God of her founder, Sam Walton.  She is cozying-up to those who are evil and desire only her destruction. 

Our purpose is to rescue this once God honoring corporation from the lie of the radical homosexual agenda, and the abortion industry.  The Church is the vehicle that God has chosen and gifted to storm the gates of hell.  We went with our faces low to the ground and the high praises of Jesus on our lips.  As we did, God did something amazing!

All we did was show-up!  

What is happening in Wal-Mart is a microcosm of what is happening in America today.  We have forgotten God, cast Him behind our back, and are now suffering the severe consequences of our own foolishness.  The solution rests in the Church of Jesus Christ.  Will we show up for the battle? 

You guys are the best,