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Articles 2003 Part 2

 2003 Articles Part 2

Ongoing 10 Commandments Updates

James Dobson's Call to montgomery and other updates on his site.

Local News Station in Montgomery, AL WSFA.
Short History
Audio Files

Now Up on the Web, "The Spirit of Montgomery" a web site by Faith in Action, The Christian Defense Coalition & Christian Coalition of Alabama - Links to info on the move to resist judicial tyranny and preserve religious liberty.

Miracle of Montgomery in Pictures
Posted September 20, 2003
Here are just a few photos of saints that joined hundreds of others in taking a stand for God's Law and the right to acknowledge God as God at all times. Thousands participated with saints from across the nation were there on different days and Christians in Montgomery provided food, showers, housing and other needs.. Far from being a sad time, it was a time where pastors openly repented for having withdrawn and hidden the Ten Commandments away in the closet. May it be said that this was the day that the Church in America finally stood up and began to say enough is enough and take our nation back to its heritage. Help us make it so Lord in Jesus' name.

They Moved the Monument
But Nothing of God Has Been Moved!

By Flip Benham
Posted August 27, 2003

At roughly 9:05am on August 27, 2003, the Ten Commandments were removed from their place in the Alabama Supreme Court Building. Be aware Church that God is not ringing His hands. He is showing us something. This is a sign and judgment on us of what has already happened in our hearts in this nation. Most of us believe in the Ten Commandments, but instead of sealing them upon our hearts and minds, we have shoved them in a closet.

They Moved the Monument
OSA Press Release

Posted August 27, 2003

At roughly 9:05am on August 27, 2003, the Ten Commandments were removed from their place in the Alabama Supreme Court Building. “This is a clear trumpet sound to the Church of Jesus Christ. It is not time to shrink back! It is time to stand!” said Reverend Flip Benham, Director of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America, “This is not a time for whimpering...

Shocking Statement Issued by Associated Justices
Posted August 27, 2003
This statement was issued at 2:03pm on August 26, 2003, by the 8 Associate Justices that have taken over for Judge Moore. The Associate Justices submit their Motion and Brief not withstanding the belief of many, if not all of them, that it is constitutional for public officials to acknowledge God in public spaces and to display the Ten Commandments in courthouses. They all believe themselves bound, however, by a final judgment and injunction issued by a federal court that has not been stayed…The Associate Justices believe themselves to be bound by that injunction not withstanding their personal beliefs. Did you get it? This is what it says – Although Judge Moore has committed no crime, and we cannot find any legal reason why he cannot display this monument, and we are in agreement with him, we are bound by this fabricated ruling of Judge Myron Thompson. Think that’s shocking, let’s look at the bigger picture.

Alabama Attorney General Attempts 'Coup D'etat' Against Chief Justice Moore
From Vision Forum.com Breaking News August 20, 2003 - [ IMPORTANT READ ]
By Doug Phillips
Posted August 26, 2003

This article is by our good friend Doug Phillips who is President of Vision Forum and from his web site. We encourage you to read Doug’s account of what was transpiring last Friday then visit Vision Forum for timely updates from Montgomery. Vision Forum also has great audio & video resources to further home school and other Christian education for your family. Because of the urgency and how very much is at stake on the outcome in Montgomery, we have included the entire text here as well as a link for you to visit VisionForum.com and view it complete with graphics and important audio & video links to Justice Moore speaking. BTW, the reference at the end to Doug's BLOG stands for weB-LOG and is Doug's daily web journal.

Update From Flip in Montgomery
Posted August 26, 2003
Flip is still in Montgomery. He said that this morning he got to pray with about 30 pastors who were truly repentant before the Lord. He said that there was such a sorrowful heart for what we have allowed to take place in our nation. He read Lamentations 4:12-13 which says, “The kings of the earth, and all inhabitants of the world, would not have believed that the adversary and the enemy could enter the gates of Jerusalem – Because of the sins of her prophets and the iniquities of her priests, who shed in her midst the blood of the just.”

God Will Not Be Mocked - CT Porn Store Manager Suddenly Dies
Posted August 25, 2003
The story below regarding the manager of the Penthouse Boutique that opened recently in Milford, Connecticut just to spite the Christians and other decent citizens fighting the porn industry appeared in the Connecticut Post, August, 24, 2003. It could be just a coincidence but we know that God is sovereign and holds every life in his hands with an appointed time to die, and then the judgment. Hebrews 9:27. "Say to them, 'As surely as I live, declares the Sovereign LORD , I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather that they turn from their ways and live. Turn! Turn from your evil ways! Why will you die, O house of Israel?'" Ezekiel 33:11

The Battle Between Two Seeds in Montgomery, AL
By Flip Benham
Posted August 25, 2003

God is painting a vivid picture of the battle for the heart and soul of our nation. On the one hand you have a monument of the Ten Commandments... On the other hand, there is another monument that you probably have heard nothing about. The Greek goddess of justice stands guard outside the federal court building where Judge Myron Thompson presides. Her name is Themes. Federal marshals have surrounded her and guard this statue day and night.

Posted August 25, 2003

This is a report from last week's outreach in Sarasota Springs, New York with OSA and Fr. Francis McCloskey of Columbia County. Saints proclaimed Jesus as Lord at the gates of hell from the PP mills to the Sarasota race track. ..We had early morning devotions breakfast. Then we were off on foot to Saratoga Hospital ... where little babies are killed by abortions. We were escorted by police in cars and on bikes. The Saratoga Police were great. We had about fifty moms, dads, children, and grandparents out in front of the hospital with signs. Like in the times of Nehemiah, we must rebuild the walls with our families. This is a family ministry. We teach our children to stand against evil and to what is right in the eyes of the Lord. ...

Pro-life activists converge on area
By JIM KINNEY , The Saratogian      08/16/2003
Posted August 23, 2003

SARATOGA SPRINGS - The Rev. Philip "Flip" Benham plans to take his pro-life message to Saratoga Race Course and other popular sites around the city as pro-lifers gather for a series of protests and revival camp meetings. The message will include posters with graphic photos of aborted fetuses next to photos of infants, Benham said. "So that the racetrack crowd can't run from it," Benham said. "So that you can't just have bread and circuses and ignore the babies being killed right down the street."

Moore barred from duties
News staff writer
Posted August 23, 2003

MONTGOMERY - Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore was disqualified from performing the duties of his office Friday when the state Judicial Inquiry Commission formally accused him of violating state judicial ethics. The nine-member commission filed a six-count charge with the state Court of the Judiciary citing Moore's refusal to obey a federal court order to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the rotunda of the state judicial building.

'The Abrams Report' for Aug. 8
Posted August 23, 2003
Here is the transcript from Flip’s appearance on the Abram’s Report concerning Judge Moore and the Ten Commandments.

Moore suspended on ethics complaint over refusal to remove monument
AP Article
Posted August 22, 2003

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Alabama's chief justice was suspended Friday for his refusal to obey a federal court order to remove his Ten Commandments monument from the rotunda of his courthouse. Roy Moore was automatically suspended with pay when the nine-member Judicial Inquiry Commission referred an ethics complaint against him to the Court of the Judiciary, which holds trial-like proceedings and can discipline and remove judges. ... On Friday, about 100 protesters moved from the steps of the judicial building to a sidewalk in front of the federal courthouse, where Thompson works. Some ripped to pieces and burned a copy of Thompson's ruling. Demonstrators also held a mock trial, in which Thompson was charged with breaking the law of God. [Empasis added by OR/OSA]

Statement of Chief Justice Roy Moore
Posted August 21, 2003
On August 21, 2003, we were witness to one of the most historic speeches ever given on the soil of the United States of America. Judge Roy Moore defended his duty as Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice on the steps of the court building where the monument of the Ten Commandments still stands. Judge Moore made an Elijah call that caused all of us to stop wavering between two opinions. His bravery under fire and his courage in the face of multitudinous national media is an example to all. He made a clear trumpet sound in defense of the faith. Enjoy and pray for us in Montgomery, Alabama. - Flip

The Second American Revolution Begins in Montgomery, Alabama August 21, 2003
August 21, 2003
The “shot heard around the world” marked the beginning of the American Revolution. In Montgomery, Alabama State Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore's valiant stand to honor the Ten Commandments of God marks the beginning of the second American Revolution.

Judge Myron Thompson to Be Found in Contempt of the Court of Almighty God
August 20, 2003
The moment is here. The line has been drawn. Federal Court Judge Myron Thompson will attempt to hold Judge Roy Moore in contempt of court in the State of Alabama. In this attempt to remove the foundation stone of our law based on the Ten Commandments, Judge Thompson will find that this stone will roll upon him. “… and he who rolls a stone will have it roll back on him.” Proverbs 26:27

Judge Roy Moore - A Light Piercing Through the Darkness
August 15, 2003
“Just a couple of hours after Judge Moore's press conference declaring his stand for God and the Ten Commandments -- the lights went out in New York City!” states Reverend Flip Benham, Director of Operation Save America. “The die has been cast, the line has been drawn. Like the prophet Elijah before him, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of Alabama has aligned himself with God and His Law.”

Posted August 21, 2003
Westlake - A part-time church janitor suspects three men beat him because his pastor preached against homosexuality, police said yesterday. Richard Bilski, 49, of Sheffield Lake, told police that the unidentified men assaulted him Sunday morning outside the nondenominational Church on the Rise after demanding to know when Pastor Paul Endrei would arrive. Bilski said the men then fled, one yelling, "This is a message for Pastor Paul."

Homosexuals Attack Church Volunteer
Church on the Rise - Westlake Ohio
August 20, 2003
At approximately 7:00 am August 17, 2003, 4 homosexual men arrived at Church on the Rise in Westlake, Ohio looking for the Senior Pastor, Pastor Paul Endrei. Instead, they met volunteer Rich Bilski, former Army Ranger, as he was taking out the garbage in the back of the church, well hidden from busy Crocker Road.

Grandmothers Arrested in Lubbock
Posted August 20, 2003
Judy & Dorothy spent two hours in the Lubbock County Jail yesterday. Attorney's had made previous arrangements for them to post bond and leave. Local TV 28 sent a cameraman, who filmed the two sidewalk counselors walking into the jail. Judy did an on-camera interview. No trial date has been set.

Barnes and Noble Defeated in Alabama!
By Dave Lackey
Posted August 18, 2003

Barnes and Noble has agreed in court to not only remove child-porn books from it’s shelves, but the books cannot even be purchased through their website. This decision came after God’s people went to their stores, bought 2 of the books and got an indictment against the retailer...

Without God...Without Power!
Without God...Without Light!

Some thoughts on Chief Justice Roy Moore and yesterday’s blackout.
By Pastor Daniel Thompson
Posted August 15, 2003

Chief Justice Moore’s personal stand teaches us all something very important: the days of no cost Christianity are over. They have actually been over for quite a while, but many of us have been slow to realize it. To expect to faithfully serve the Lord in an idolatrous, apostate nation without great personal cost is to fall towards either the spirit of Jezebel or Ahab and away from the spirit of the “True Elijah”. In the coming days what is called “Christianity” in this country will either be identified with Jezebel, Ahab or Elijah. Pray that our faith will be identified with Elijah, because those whose faith identifies with these others are not experiencing true Christianity but a deceived and compromised imitation.

The Darkened Logic of Bill O'Reilly vs. True Salt and Light!
by Kristene O'Dell
Posted August 15, 2003

Last night, Alabama State Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore did a beautiful job of defending the Faith, the Constitution, and the founding of America on Biblical principles. He did all this on The O’Reilly Factor. He was a brilliant light. God used him powerfully to cut through the darkened logic of Mr. O’Reilly. God is using Judge Roy Moore as a beacon to shine the very essence of the Law of God throughout this nation. America has forgotten her history and has all but turned her back on God. Interestingly enough, the lights were out all across the Northeast.

The Lord's Prayer Threatened!
Manatee County School Board Members are Threatened with a Law Suit if They Continue to Recite the Lord’s Prayer Before Their Meetings!!!
Bradenton, Florida
Posted August 14, 2003

For more than twenty years, the members of the school board of Manatee County have been praying the Lord’s Prayer before their meetings. The five members who are presently serving profess to be Christians. Recently, a Jewish man who attended one of the meetings with his son became offended when he heard the prayer. When his complaints went unheeded, he contacted the liberal group, The People for the American Way, who acted swiftly in sending two letters threatening to sue the school board if this practice was not stopped immediately. As soon as the word got out, The American Center for Law and Justice and the American Family Association, stepped in to offer their services pro bono. They were willing to use this case as a test case.

Giving Em Heaven in Pittsburgh
by Joseph Parente
Posted August 14, 2003

This weekend we had the privilege of Flip and his family visiting and speaking at our church. It was a tremendous blessing and we're very grateful that we were given the opportunity. Special thanks to Pastor Rick for opening his heart and the church to this ministry, and to Pastor Larry and family for hosting the Benham's while they were with us. We kicked-off this week's city-wide "Truth Tour" ( http://www.facethetruthamerica.com/) on Saturday morning at Planned Parenthood/Women's Health Services, and were joined by pro-lifers from all over the city...

Thank You for Coming to Charlotte!
by Kristene O'Dell
Posted August 12, 2003

We want to let you know that because of your presence in Charlotte, NC, pro-life efforts have been invigorated. We have several new people who have joined in with us to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

10 August, 2003 - (See the Aug. 9 report below this one for full story)
Posted August 11, 2003

I just spoke with Joseph. His wife is fine now. The ER physician assured Tara that her pain was nothing more than normal post abortion discomfort. By last evening she was feeling much better. Joseph sensed the Lord giving him peace as he walked through caring for his wife and he expressed how thankful he was to have Jesus to go to... [A thank you to all from Patte in Orlando]

Sorrow, Prayer and Praise in the Streets of Orlando
Patte Smith relates the ministry to several mothers & fathers August 9 outside of the "Orlando Women's Center" last Saturday. The high wages of sin, the urgency of need of the Church at the gates and the fruit of obedience from theology turned into biography are all emphasized here. Patte also relates an urgent prayer request and a call to action in this report.
Posted August 11, 2003

Joseph's heart was on his sleeve. He was feeling desperate. His wife of 10 years was determined to abort the child she was carrying. Six weeks pregnant, they had driven from Kissimmee. Tara didn't want another baby. When I asked her why she was ready to abort, she hesitated, mumbling; " I have three children already and my youngest is only 8 months old."

FACTS: Pornography Hurts Families and Communities
Posted August 12, 2003
Here are documented facts on the harmful effects that pornography and sexually oriented businesses have on families and communities. Only the Church is equipped with the moral and Scriptural authority to confront local leaders on these vital issues. We are not just a bunch of "Bible-thumpers" trying to spoil somebody's idea of fun. The facts on how porn and SOBs are harmful prove the Word of God to be correct. "The fear of the LORD is pure, enduring forever. The ordinances of the LORD are sure and altogether righteous. They are more precious than gold, than much pure gold; they are sweeter than honey, than honey from the comb. By them is your servant warned; in keeping them there is great reward." Psalm 19:9-11

CT Saints Refuse to Accept Anything Less Than Victory in Jesus in Porn War
City adopts toughest anti-porn ordinance in state - Eyes more curbs on porn
Posted August 10, 2003
About 15 saints came out to proclaim truth on the streets Monday night 6:30 PM in Milford CT with signs and gospel tracts. We were interviewed by many TV and newspaper reporters. Lots of cars drove by and honked with approval. The mayor and board members stopped by on their way in to show their approval of our concerns. We are very proud of our leaders in Milford that stand for righteousness. Please pray for them.

Granite City's 'Believe It or Not' Injustice Made Visible
Child Predators - Pro-life Pastor Assaulted - Police Arrest Victim also "It's the only way to arrest criminal" say police. All on video...
Updated August 8, 2003

Saturday - "You must make injustice… visible." (Mahatma Gandhi) was the theme of the day. Over seventy-five pro-lifers cared enough to stand for the babies, and church representation came from St. Mary’s, St. Peter and Paul, St. Elizabeth’s, New Birth, and many others. Proclaimers were met with the usual stench of rotting babies in this quagmire, Granite City. Once again a Class A felony in the state of Illinois was being played out at Hope (less), as the underage girl from Indiana, who was impregnated by an older, adult male was being pushed into this abortuary by the perpetrator's mother, to conceal and get rid of any evidence of this twenty-four week old baby.

Ten Commandments Monument Ordered Removed by Close of Business August 20th or Else!
Posted August 6, 2003
A call to Montgomery, Alabama: Many will come for the huge rally to support Judge Roy Moore on Saturday, August 16th – we are asking you to come before 5:00 pm on Wednesday, August 20th to hold this court accountable before God in its attempt to remove the Ten Commandments from the Alabama state court building. Be flexible and be ready in Jesus’ Name! Rusty is going early to help prepare the way. We are unsure of hotel accommodations at this point. We will keep you posted as we know more.

Answering A Fool
Posted August 6, 2003
God is doing wonderful things through the saints in Connecticut. The following is an email that Marilyn Carroll received from one who is not so encouraged by what is taking place in their city. His email has been left in case you would like to respond. Flip’s response is below.

Seeking the Heart of God in Downtown Charlotte
Posted August 1, 2003
Here are gentle Christians in the square (middle of downtown Charlotte) bringing heaven down upon the city while all hell is breaking loose in the city government, federal government, media, and Police Department. For eight successive days the city of Charlotte experienced a witness of the Gospel of Christ that literally turned it upside down (or right side up) in Jesus' Name....

An Encouraging Word From G. Campbell Morgan
Posted August 4, 2003
Mal. 2:17 - What did he mean? "Our God is a God of love; there is no judgment. That man you say is evil, is good if you only knew it. God delights in him.” That is beyond weariness and snuffing, that is treason of the very worst form. That is countenancing and excusing of sin. That is an attempt to gloss over evil, that there is no judgment; then he is committing high treason.

Embryonic Stem Cell Research - Should We or Shouldn't We?
By Pastor Stephen Mashburn
Posted August 3, 2003
Every once in a while a news story will just push all the wrong buttons and I must address it at length. On July 29 the Yankton News in Yankton, SD published a story about a man that has been a quadriplegic for 27 years and his plans to go to China for promising treatment according to the article. The man’s name is Leo Hallan who according to the article is a Christian. Hallan explains, "Dr. (Hongyun) Huang from (Beijing,) China has been doing work with cells called OEG or olfactory ensheathing glia. They come from the area of the nose that meets the brain."

Milford Mirror Front Page - Gentle Christians Refuse to Quit
Posted August 3, 2003
Christians are pressing hard in the streets in the battle against the degradation of porn. This appeared on the front page July 31: "Cori Rowland of Operation Save America protests Penthouse Boutique's grand opening celebration. (photo by Ralph Petitti)" and then there is more news in the New Haven Register August 2 about a new law restricting porn.

Battle Waxing Hot in Milford, CT ...
Porno steals the hearts of dads away from their wives and children
Conn Post; New Haven Register
Posted July 30, 2003

MILFORD — In the saga that could aptly be called Porn War: Part II, a Christian Church on one side of the city revealed Monday it has raised nearly $200,000 in its effort to buy out an adult video store. On the other side of the city, however, the owner of a separate mega adult-only emporium said he’s going to re-stock his store with or without the official OK.

What if Flip Benham is right?
By Danny Fontana
Charlotte World
Posted July 29, 2003

Recently Flip Benham and his group spent a week in Charlotte speaking out against abortion. Protests were held all over the city debating Benham’s methodology. Too strident, the critics suggested. But Warren Smith, publisher of this paper used the John the Baptist analogy and the need for Benham to have had a Jesus-like champion like John had. I must say I liked the analogy. However, I don’t think it had much effect on public opinion. Let’s not forget hat Jesus was crucified. In the end, to sinners, it didn’t matter what John or Jesus had to say. If it interfered with their lives and their pursuits of immoral pleasures, it didn’t hold much water.

The intolerance of the tolerant
Don't conservatives have the right to express their views?

Special to The Observer
Posted July 29, 2003

I am an evangelical Christian. Will you tolerate me? This is a question I find myself asking over and over again, in light of a culture whose dominant theme -- tolerance -- makes one very precise exclusion: conservative Christians.

Teen wearing pro-life T-shirt asked to leave local mall
by Dorothy Moore
Posted July 29, 2003

CONCORD--- A teenager was recently asked to leave Concord Mills for wearing an “offensive” shirt. Graham Pittman, who on July 19 was involved in Operation Save America (OSA) events, went to a movie afterward wearing a T-shirt stating “Homosexuality is sin, Islam is a lie and abortion is murder.” A security guard first asked Pittman to turn the shirt inside out because a shopper was offended at its message. When the young man refused, the security guard asked him to leave.

First Baptist now tied to ugly protests
by Ken Garfield
Posted July 29, 2003

I've visited Charlotte's First Baptist at least a dozen times in my years on this beat and never left without feeling good. From Sunday worship to Wednesday's community lunch and devotional, this is a church that expresses its convictions with a positive warmth. Perhaps until now.

Two Saints Assaulted in Granite City, IL
Report by Angela Michaels
Posted July 29, 2003

Here's the latest assaults on gentle Christians from the Granite City streets. This one happened Saturday morning July 26, 2003. On Wednesday, 3 days prior to Saturday’s assault on Daniel, I was assaulted by a 500-pound passerby. She sacked me and tried to force feed me a Gideon Bible that was handed out to her son the day before. I never saw her coming. “How sweet are Thy words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” Psalms 119:103 Now read the report from the Michaels from Charlotte last week and some of their team's (Small Victories Weekly Reports) ministry on the streets of Granite City, with 10 babies saved just last week!

What happens when Connecticut Christians storm new gates of Hell in their city?
Posted July 25, 2003
Gentle saints in CT took King Jesus to the streets in Milford on Thursday in a public witness against evil when they picketed a new sin club for sexual deviants. As promised in God's Word, the Lord went before them to war against His enemies. Below is a street report from Marilyn Carroll followed by a New Haven Register newspaper article that demonstrates God's intervention when His saints obey Him (let their theology become biography in the streets)."For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him." 2 Chronicles 16:9 [This is actually part 2 of the article below, Saints Continue Battle...]

Saints Continue Battle Against Porn in Connecticut
Posted July 25, 2003
Here are some news stories this week involving the saints in Bridgeport and the battle to rid their community of porn businesses. "Behold, the same people that plunder the kingdom of darkness at the abortion clinics have now come here also." "Milford church buys out sex store lease," "Milford-church partnership praised," "MILFORD PORN MERCHANT BALKS: Church buys building but it'll take $200,000 for him to leave," "Adult mega-store ready to open," and comments.

John Calvin himself responds to complaints concerning our witness at Forest Hill Presbyterian Church
By Pastor Daniel Thompson
Posted July 25, 2003

Pastor Flip, I thought the responses given to Forest Hills Presbyterian church were excellent. While studying, I came across this commentary by John Calvin on Is 59:4 that says "None calleth for justice, nor any plead for truth..." He writes...

A Call to the Federal Courts and the Supreme Court of the United States of America
By Flip Benham
Posted July 24, 2003

If you are as sickened as we are by the infuriating and blaspheming decisions of the Supreme Court and are wondering what God fearing people can do -- Here it is!

Charlotte Police Department Responds to Letter from Chris A. Coatney
Posted July 24, 2003
Here is a response by the Charlotte Police Department to an email sent from Chris Coatney. Chris writes so well of the concern for life and liberty while the Charlotte Police Department mocks. Below the police response is the original letter Chris sent regarding the arrests of Rev. Flip Benham and Rev. Mike Warren.

NEWS UPDATE, July 21, 2003 :
Pastors Flip Benham & Mike Warren and both of the other two arrested in Charlotte are out of jail on bond. Flip & Mike posted bond Saturday. All will plead innocent at a trial date set in September. More to come...

Charlotte’s Response to 'God is Going Back to Church'
Posted July 23, 2003
This is a typical response when we go to the evangelical church regarding her responsibility toward the Lord’s precious children. Below is email communication between two ladies at Forest Hill Presbyterian Church and our own Brenda Spurlock. Flip’s response is also included along with an article entitled “Would Jesus Carry Such Graphic Pictures.” The answer of course is - He already did!

When the Court Proves Itself Contemptible to God and the People
By Pastor Stephen Mashburn
Posted July 21, 2003
- Pictures inside
Coffins bear rulingsThis is from the Monday Godarchy Line and is a commentary on what occurred Friday, July 18 in Charlotte, NC with OR/OSA. In addition we have added some photos taken at the Federal Building on Friday afternoon. - When Flip put the flame to the paper representing the Supreme Courts’ war on Christianity, he set fire to their sacred cows they have aligned themselves with.


Day Six: Supreme Court Found in Contempt
Report from the streets in Charlotte
Posted July 19, 2003
- Pictures inside
Copy of Lawrence v. Texas opinion torn and lit on fire in small fire proof containerFriday, July 18- Just after noon today Rev. Flip Benham and Rev. Mike Warren were arrested outside the Charles R. Jonas Federal Court building. On this day the Supreme Court of the United States of America was held in contempt of the Court of Almighty God. Police lined up between about 100 Christians including children and the building, a large "NO TRESPASSING" sign faced the crowd. Six large coffins bearing the names of six infamous anti-Christ Supreme Court decisions rested on the sidewalk.

Operation Save America/Operation Rescue Statement on Arrests
July 18, 2003
On July 18, 2003 the City of Charlotte decided it was above the Constitution of the United States. At a peaceful assembly on the public sidewalk outside the Federal Court Building, two pastors, Rev. Flip Benham of Charlotte and Rev. Michael Warren were arrested.
Operation Save America held Ecclesiastical Court and held the Supreme Court of the United States dead to the Law of God and burned copies of six anti-Christ decisions in a safe fire proof container.

Ecclesiastical Court - Operation Save America, July 18, 2003
Charlotte, NC
Posted July 18, 2003

We, the Church of Jesus Christ, do on this 18th day of July, in the year of our Lord 2003, hold the Supreme Court of the United States of America in contempt of the Court of Almighty God. We hold it in contempt of the Court before whom every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. In so doing, we, by the authority of God’s Word and without reservation, pronounce this court dead to the Law of God, dead to the biblical heritage left to us by our Pilgrim Forefathers and our Founding Fathers, dead to the historical legacy of those who died to make us free, dead to the righteousness that comes from God alone, dead to the Constitution of the United States of America, and dead before the Court of Almighty God. It has spurned its biblical mandate to judge justly. This court has surrendered its constitutional responsibility. It has forfeited all moral authority. Therefore, we hold its decisions no longer relevant or binding upon us, our children, or our nation.

Day Five: Battle For Souls
Report from the streets in Charlotte
Posted July 18, 2003
- Pictures inside
At 10:30 a.m. everyone regrouped at Marshall Park downtown. First Baptist Church provided parking and cold water for the troops. Phil Anderson, assistant pastor, was out at the Hebron mill earlier in the day. He said that he wanted to see for himself what really happens when Operation Rescue goes to an abortion clinic. A memorial service was held for two little children whose lives were taken from them at 15 weeks and 18 week's gestation. ...

Newspaper Gets It! - Battle for souls
Displayed July 17, 6:30 AM as marching orders given for the day by Pastor FlipPosted July 18, 2003
"The light that is to light the world has become a strange shade of gray. There is black and there is white. There is truth and there is lie. There is life and there is death.”   Rev. Phillip L. Benham - The gates are crumbling before the King of Glory as the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ faithfully proclaims Him Lord in the streets. For 5 days now Michael Roessler, a reporter with the Independent Tribune has followed OR/OSA everywhere. Thursday morning the following article hit the front page above the fold in one of the best examples of pure journalism we've ever seen in coverage of Operation Rescue. - "The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, And he who wins souls is wise." Proverbs 11:30

A Tale of Two Churches
Running commentary on Charlotte, National Event
By Pastor Stephen Mashburn
Posted July 18, 2003

God judges nations and communities when the people refuse to prosecute murder as a crime. Therefore it is imperative that the Church of Jesus Christ confront abortion publicly as God's witness stating that murder by abortion is wrong. Where there is no law, there is no transgression. Yet God has written His laws on every man or woman's heart. Simply not preaching against the sin of murder will not negate God's inevitable judgment on an unrepentant city or nation.

Police and City of Charlotte Align Themselves with Child Killers
Operation Save America/Operation Rescue News Advisory
July 17, 2003
In an obviously orchestrated move, the police of Charlotte attempted to intimidate gentle Christians standing and praying on the public sidewalk outside of both the killing centers on Latrobe and Hebron... Operation Save America will hold a memorial service in Charlotte to honor two tiny baby girls who died by abortion. They will be given the respect in death that was denied them in life by a city, a nation and a church that did not value them.

Day Four: Christian Warriors Age 2 - 82
Report from the streets in Charlotte
Posted July 17, 2003
- Pictures inside
Christian warriors on the street this week range from age 2 to 82. Among the oldest is "Kodak Bill" of Rochester, New York. Bill sustained frostbite on his feet during the Korean War but he doesn't let that keep him from standing up for the babies. Three times a week he takes his place outside Planned Barrenhood in his hometown. He is here this week encouraging others.

Photos Through Wednesday
Pictures from the streets of Charlotte
WHAT KIND OF NATION?Posted July 17, 2003
at 2:00 AM
These are a small selection of photos taken on the streets through Wednesday, July 16. These are in addition to pictures contained in reports from the streets in Charlotte. More photos will be posted this week. Pray for the saints in Charlotte as you storm the gates in your city for King Jesus! "Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near." Philippians 4:5

Day Three: Word In Warfare
Report from the streets in Charlotte
Posted July 15, 2003
- Pictures inside
Just after dawn Tuesday morning OSA participants fanned out all over Charlotte for the Word in Warfare. The entire Bible was read at 15 different locations throughout the city. This was coordinated by Chet Gallagher. Pastor Chet, who introduced us to this concept several years ago, invites others to experience using the Word of God in corporate, spiritual warfare in their own communities.

Day Two: Emancipation
Report from the streets in Charlotte
Posted July 15, 2003
- Pictures inside
It was announced at the rally tonight that the A Preferred Woman abortuary opened later in the morning. A couple arrived and drove into the parking lot. The woman was crying because she had seen the gallery of images displayed on the sidewalk. One of the counselors noted this and called Dr. Danny Holland, one of the volunteer physicians. He came down to the street to say that he would help this family. Praise God, the baby was saved!

Day One: Who is my neighbor?
Report from the streets in Charlotte
Posted July 14, 2003
- Pictures inside
Large banners and aborted baby signs greeted churchgoers at several locations Sunday morning, July 13, as Operation Rescue/Operation Save America brought the gospel of truth to Charlotte, NC. Congregations learned the sad fate of little unborn boys and girls in their neighborhood. Many were not happy to be so informed.

"Shame on you!!! I am very Pro-life...
A response from one church member in Charlotte
Posted July 14, 2003

Below is an email from church member Barbara Sockwell, who is much more upset about the graphic pictures of aborted babies OSA showed than she is about the babies being killed by the abortion mill close to her church. Apparently she even considers "euthanized innocent animals" a concern on par with babies murdered in the womb.

Emergency Response Teams Needed
Posted July 12, 2003
This was in the newsletter of Mecklenburg Ministries this week. The rhetoric of the religious establishment of Charlotte is meant only to incite others to fear of genuine, orthodox Christians who desire to lift up the banner of Jesus Christ in the city of Charlotte. - As you read this, keep in mind these Muslims words about Flip & OSA/OR to the Charlotte Observer Saturday... "Islamic Center of Charlotte spokesman Mujahid Idlibi said his group isn't planning any actions for next week because 'we feel doing a counterprotest might result in counterattacks. ... We believe he just wants to incite anger out of us.'"

City of Charlotte Aligns Itself with Abortion Industry, Homosexual Agenda, and the Nation Islam
July 12, 2003
How long will you waiver between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow him; but if Baal be God, follow him. (1 Kings 18:21). While the city of Charlotte is free to align itself with the enemies of the Lord Jesus under the banner of tolerance, it is not free to deter the severe consequences that will come as a result of her decision.

Muslims plan for protests
Leaders anticipate Operation Save America events

Posted July 12, 2003
CRISTINA C. BREEN, Staff Writer (Charlotte Observer)
On Friday, members of three mosques hosted an interfaith dinner and a news conference geared at educating non-Muslims about Islam and addressing Operation Save America's position about their faith. Some 200 people, including Christians, Jews, Buddhists and Muslims, gathered at the Islamic Society of Greater Charlotte in northeast Charlotte for a meal designed to strengthen the ties between the Muslim community and those of other religions.

Young Connecticut Christian Lady's Letter to Operation Save America
Posted July 11, 2003
I want to share a letter of encouragement to all those who come out to the streets from a 16 year old CHS/Calvary student, I hope it puts a smile on your face and joy in your heart, like it did for me. We give Jesus all the glory, for without Him, we are nothing. - Marilyn Carroll

Posted July 11, 2003
That's right! In Charlotte, North Carolina everybody can come out of the closet! You can be a bold Muslim, a militant homosexual, an avid pro-abortionist, and even a pseudo-Christian in Charlotte! However, when genuine, gentle, Bible-believing Christians come out of the four walls of the church building, everyone thinks that the sky is falling down, including Charlotte's finest, the police department! In the name of tolerance, those that would oppose the Gospel of Jesus Christ have decided to show prejudice to Operation Save America by not inviting us to their coalition dinner! Below is an article from the Charlotte Observer that explains what we mean!

"N.C. Muslims Respond to Protests with Interfaith Event; Extremist Group Plans Protests Outside Charlotte-area Mosques"
Posted July 11, 2003
This is the press release by Muslims in Charlotte, NC
On Friday, July 11, Muslims, Christians and public officials in Charlotte, N.C., will gather for an interfaith dinner designed to promote tolerance among people of all faiths and to counter planned protests at local mosques by an extremist group.

By Marilyn Carroll
Posted July 10, 200
"These are arrows standing strong for Jesus!" -Flip Ten courageous Christians came out to the streets in Milford, CT to proclaim the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. They held signs that said "Porno Feeds Child Predators," "PORN DEGRADES," "Porn Hurts Families," "Porn Shops Corrupt Milford," "Porn Shops Draw Perverts," "Close Down Porn Shops - They Hurt Kids." ... After Colbi [10] spoke they got a standing ovation from the Mayor, the Board and people at the meeting. Jesus was glorified as these girls stood for truth. As their grandmother, I felt such joy in my heart. I was so proud of them and I know our Lord is, too.

These families - especially the young people - standing up for righteousness did not go un-noticed by the City leaders, state lawmakers nor the media. See the 2 articles below. "Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one's youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their enemies in the gate. Psalm 127:4-5"

OSA-CT Goes to the Gates at City Hall - Milford, CT
Parents picket during anti-smut campaign during meeting
Posted July 10, 200
"These are arrows standing strong for Jesus!" -Flip MILFORD — Pornography has no place in Milford. That’s the message that a dozen parents and children brought to the Board of Aldermen Monday night, picketing the board’s monthly meeting. ...
Alderwoman Judith Toohey, R-2, said it’s a great sign residents are out supporting the new adult ordinance. "To see a child here holding a sign, that really makes a statement," Toohey said.

New Haven Register - Sexually Oriented Businesses (SOBs)
Lawmakers intend to resurrect bill on adult entertainment
Posted July 10, 200
Mayor James Richetelli Jr. said he lauds the legislators’ efforts and said the proposal would be a tool that could enhance the city’s ability "to protect our citizens from the secondary effects of this type of establishments. "I’m grateful the state legislature is considering introducing this law," Richetelli said.
Carole of Ft. Worth, Texas writes, I am so glad you guys are working on this problem! These clubs prey on teenage girls and single moms. One of our foster kids was working in a strip club to support her baby at 16, & drugs and prostitution go hand in hand with these clubs. We have lost the battle to keep them out in Ft. Worth - I will pray you are successful in New Haven! FYI most strippers I know have had several abortions, seems to go with the lifestyle. Just wanted to let you know that we are praying for your efforts as you battle this.

Flip Released - Forbidden to Return
Posted July 8, 2003 - 11:50 AM
Flip Benham was released this morning from the Mecklenburg County Jail. The morning began with Christians holding signs and passing out literature in front of the County Court building, where Flip's arraignment was going to be held. The city was greeted with the truth about abortion through the Malachi signs, and the injustice of Flip's incarceration. Security guards emerged, telling us that we could not be within 300 feet of the court building. ...

Operation Save America Releases Press Statement Concerning Arrest of Flip Benham
July 8, 2003
In an attempt to power-up and intimidate those who desire to live out their faith in the streets, the Charlotte police arrested Reverend Flip Benham this past Saturday at the abortion mill. They gave no warning and preceded to tell us that this will be the approach they will use in the coming weeks.

Fireworks Start Early at NRTL Convention in St. Louis
Report by Angela Michaels
Posted July 6, 2003
(photos inside)
July fourth fireworks started a day early as saints stormed the gates of the National Right to Life convention, in St. Louis, Missouri, and proclaimed "God does not compromise"...and "Jesus Christ is Lord" over a surprise press-conference of pro-abortion Dr. Bob Baird & friend. Thank you Jesus!

Get Ready to go Montgomery, Alabama
Posted July 4, 2003
We will Stand with Judge Roy Moore - If there is an attempt to remove the Ten Commandments at the Alabama Supreme Court, we will join our brothers and sisters in Montgomery, Alabama. Be ready! ...We are calling all Law abiding men of God to stand with Judge Roy Moore and keep the law of God in the face of the rebellious lawbreakers who sit on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Charlotte Police Declare War on the Gospel of Jesus Christ
July 5, 2003 - Photo of arresting officer added July 10
Flip Benham was arrested in front of the abortion mill early Saturday morning, as a result of a police set-up. There were hidden cameras and no warnings. Things are heating up in the city of Charlotte. He will remain in jail until Tuesday morning, and is being denied visitors for 48 hours. There is a court hearing scheduled for Tuesday at 9 am. Please continue praying as the battle intensifies and the enemies of God are being stirred up!

The Outrageous Consequences of Lawrence v. Texas
Posted July 4, 2003 - Photos added July 6
The saints in St. Louis have been storming the gates of hell in their city and the gates of hell are not prevailing. If there was ever a doubt in your mind as to the far reaching implications of Lawrence v. Texas they were manifest at the "Gay Pride" fiasco in that city. Here we had sodomites parading their sin saying, "I've been obeying the law all weekend long!" You know what that means and so do I. But to have sodomite physicians chanting, "2..4..6..8.., Don't assume your doctor is straight." and "We're here, we're queer, have you had your pap smear?" is outrageous! "The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honored among men" Psalm 12:8.

A Day of Infamy - Lawrence v. Texas, June 26, 2003
By Flip Benham
Posted July 2, 2003

When the Supreme Court of the land contradicts the Law of God, we are called to resist that challenge and keep God's Law no matter the cost. If it wasn't clear before, certainly since June 26, 2003, it has become painfully obvious that we Christians have allowed the people in America to forsake the Law of Almighty God. The salt has lost its saltiness. We are praising the wicked in this nation (abortionists, sodomites, false religions, ad nauseam) because we Christians have failed to rightly stand upon God's Word. We have sought the favor of men rather than favor with God.


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