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Fetal Pain Legislatio-email exchange

Fetal pain legislation - email exchange between Tim Broderick, executive director of People for Life, Erie, PA and our own Flip Benham.

Good morning,

I think the intention of the fetal pain legislation is to inform the mother that her baby will suffer pain if he or she is aborted (thereby providing an incentive for the mother to reconsider her decision to have an abortion) and to remind all concerned that the baby is a human being -- not primarily to ensure lots of pain free abortions.

What does Rev. Flip mean by "ending abortion"?  Certainly, an absolute legal ban on every abortion and every abortifacient would be nothing more than an "incremental" step toward "ending abortion."  I would be extremely surprised if Rev. Benham thinks that abortion will be really and truly ended in practice prior to the Second Coming.  As a pro-life person, I'm quite convinced that everything I do, prior to the Second Coming, is most certainly "incremental" in scope.

Have a happy and blessed Christmas!

Tim Broderick, executive director
People for Life
Erie, PA

Dear Mr. Broderick,

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.  There is such a  thing as doing the right thing in a wrong way.  Please note 2 Samuel 6:1-9.   The Ark of the Covenant was never to be transported on a cart – it was to be carried on the shoulders of priests.  Good intentions, sincere belief, and a desire to do God's will, does not make up for being disobedient to the Word of God.  Though desiring to do God's will (bring the Ark to Jerusale), with sincere belief, and good intentions, David overlooked the very clear directions in God's Word.  Remember Uzzah!

It is not all right to kill a child if a woman has her parents' consent.  Neither is it all right to kill a child if the mother waits 24 hours before making up her mind.  It isn't all right to kill a child in the first and second trimester, but not kill him in the third trimester.  And it is certainly not all right to kill a child after you anesthetize him.  All four of these pieces of legislation violate the Sixth Commandment of Almighty God – “Thou shalt not kill.”

To expect God to honor your disobedience, no matter how well intentioned, is lunacy.

Please read our brochure: “Incrementalism, the Lie From the Pit of Hell!” www.Operationsaveamerica.org .

These pieces of legislation may indeed stop some abortions, but they will never end ABORTION!  We will plead the cause of the fatherless to win it, not to simply plead it.

In Christian love,