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2004 Articles Part 1

 2004 Articles Part 1

Posted June 30, 2004
If I want to grow in faith I have to allow my theology to become biography so that God can show Himself strong. The Church has tried far too long to find God’s power through theological study and pompous tradition and we have made the Word of God simply words again. We have substituted knowledge in the place of obedience and passivity for power. Flip states: "We have men with large heads and no chest. We preach the Word, pray the Word, sing and talk about the Word. We do everything but unsheathe the Word. The Church has been emasculated and has become powerless.

Walk Across America June 28 Report
By Brenda Spurlock
Posted June 29, 2004
St. Louis Planned Parenthood was treated to a second go-round with our Walk team on Saturday. Afterward the team went to the Hope(less) Clinic in Granite City where a baby's life was saved, thanks be to God! Flip said police brought a horse trailer around and "tried to put our animals in jail, because they're 'farm animals.'" He told them, "These aren't farm animals, they're parade animals!" That did the trick. Justice and Mercy retained their freedom.

Trish Was Right Again
By Cal Zastrow
Posted June 29, 2004
A month ago I bought some nice used tennis shoes at a garage sale. Preferring laces to the velcro straps that had been sown on, I cut the velcro off, bought some laces and was happy. Trish told me when I went for the laces, "You can wear them in jail if you leave the velcro on."

Fetal Pain Bill: A Christian Response
By Carole LaFreniere
Posted June 29, 2004
Dear Friends: Right now there is a bill before Congress, introduced in the Senate by Sam Brownback (R-Kansas) and Chris Smith (R-New Jersey), dubbed the "Fetal Pain Bill" that has been supported by well-meaning Christians. Some of the groups supporting this bill are the Southern Baptist Convention, The US Conference of Bishops, National Right to Life, Concerned Women for America, Family Research Council!! Please understand: I do not doubt their integrity, or motives, however, I find myself in the unenviable position of not being able to support or even having the option to stay silent regarding this bill.

Walk Across America June 25 Report
By Brenda Spurlock
Posted June 26, 2004
When I reached Flip by cell phone today, he and our walk team, with the Jim Zes and Daniel Michael families, were at the Old Courthouse in St. Louis, the same courthouse where Dred Scott sued for his freedom from slavery in 1846. In a 7 to 2 decision that brought America to the brink of Civil War, the Supreme Court declared some eleven years later that, as a slave, Dred Scott wasn't a citizen of this country, that he was not even fully human but was "personal property." In 1973, in another 7 to 2 Supreme Court decision, the same thing happened to unborn children.

A Messy Sacrifice: arrested, charged, 8 hours in jail, a baby saved...and Glory
By Pastor Daniel Thompson
Posted June 24, 2004
Why do we often think our sacrifices to God must appear clean and looking good? Where did this idea come from? I cannot find one sacrifice in the Bible that did not have the appearance of a mess. From Able’s bloody sacrifice all the way up to the lives of the Apostles, they all appeared to be quite messy. Abraham, our father in the faith, cut up animals, made a big mess, and then God passed through it, spoke out of it, and blessed Abraham from it. (Genesis 15). I would suggest He still does the same today. It is the messy sacrifice you will find God passing through, speaking out of, and blessing us from.

Murderous Spirit Has Invaded Columbus, Ohio
Posted June 21, 2004
As hundreds of Christians prepare to descend on Columbus, for the Operation Save America National event July 17-24 it is important to understand the attack that Ohio's capital city has been facing. Considering the following: * The year 2003 was one of the bloodiest in the history of Columbus. More than 100 murders were committed last year. Once considered a "cow-town," Columbus now ranks with the leading cities in America in violent deaths. ...

Walk Across America June 21 Report
By Brenda Spurlock
Posted June 23, 2004
God prepared the way for the faithful today. They walked to the capitol building in Jefferson City which Flip described as one of the largest capitol buildings in the country. No other building in the city is allowed to be taller. He said it was very rainy which made walking up to the capitol difficult, but as soon as they arrived the weather cleared. The Lord had even saved them a parking place right in front of the building where they could park the RV with the big speakers going full out.

Prayer Request for Ryan McGlade Update
From Tom, Linda and the McGlade family and our little body of believers
Updated June 22, 2004
Ryan and TanyaThe battle continues to rage! It has been almost two weeks since our son, Ryan, has slept. (He had one night where he slept for four hours and that was in direct answer to prayer.) His leg continues to swell - it looks like a stump from the knee down. The pain, although it is not as excruciating as it had been (also due to the Lord's intervention, since no pain killers could touch it), is constant. For those of you who haven't heard, Ryan has a disease called neurofibromatosis which causes benign tumors to be formed anywhere in the nervous system. Although this condition has been virtually dormant for most of his 26 years, in the last month, a tumor that was located in his leg suddenly began to grow at a tremendous rate. We have heard by those closely associated with Ryan's condition, that there is a strong possibility that the tumor in his calf has become a fast growing malignancy (an occurrence which we now find out is common at his point in life) - and if true, the situation would be life threatening.

A Night with Bulls and a Day with Vets
Walk Across America June 18, 2004 Report
By Brenda Spurlock
Posted June 20, 2004
The 'Walk' crew spent last night in a pasture of Brahman bulls in Syracuse, Mo. Flip said, "Those things were monsters! You've never seen anything so big!" He said he woke up and went out into the pasture about one o'clock in the morning and "...four of these 2,000 pound monsters walked by. I tell you, I was never so scared in my life!"

Walk Across America Report - Warrensburg to Sedalia, MO
June 16, 2004 Report
By Brenda Spurlock
Posted June 20, 2004
The team visited Sedalia Planned Parenthood today. When folks in the tattoo parlor across the street heard our sound system and came out to investigate, they were very irate at encountering the Living Parable. They began blowing their car horns to drown out the sounds of the Gospel being preached. As Flip put it, "The tattooed and pierced come out to stand in the gap for Planned Parenthood."

WAA Team Rocks the World's Boat in Sedalia, MO
The Sedalia Democrat
Posted June 20, 2004

After leaving Kansas City the Christians with our "Walk" team did what Jesus said Christians are supposed to do everywhere – rock the boat of the world’s false peace in their sin with the gospel of Christ. This is what Jesus did when He proclaimed the Word of God which convicts us all of sin and points out our desperate need of a Savior. Those who are blind to the fact that they are dead and perishing in their sins always resort to attacking the messenger verbally if not both verbally and physically.

Justice and Judgment
Posted June 19, 2004
By Elsie Darrah
Hi, I am Elsie Darrah in Nortonville, Kansas. ... I have a 21 year old registered chestnut Tennessee Walking Gelding, Darrah's Delight "Sunny", that I can no longer ride because of my health problems (3 back surgeries and Parkinson Disease). I have owned Sunny for his entire life. I asked Flip and Gib if they might allow him to fill in for Judgment on this ministry. When his travels are over I would like you to have him placed in a therapeutic riding program. Sunny is a well trained horse that has taught many people how to ride and drive a horse. He has been in parades carrying the American Flag in 5 states and used as a trail riding horse for many years.

Walk Across America Team Leaves Kansas City
June 14 & 15

Posted June 19, 2004
By Liz Thomas
The WAA Team is leaving Kansas City, which has given them quite a story for their journals. As the Team was nearing the Kansas border, Flip began feeling compelled to make a change of plans and to take a northern trek up to visit Kansas City. ("A man's heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps." -Prov.16:9) When they arrived, Judgment, the horse, came up lame, which hindered their progress. They had to get him checked out and things were not looking too good for him. There's a possibility that Judgment may not be able to continue the Walk, which is sad for all the Team. They have literally fallen in love with this animal. They are asking for your prayers for him and for wisdom in how to proceed. ... P.S. We've received news that the Lord has provided another horse to take Judgment's place while he gets taken care of! Read on if you'd like to know this amazing story, posted by Brenda Spurlock of OSA. They just crossed the Missouri border as well!

Christians from Six Area Churches Rescue Children in Wichita, KS
At least one baby's life saved, mother rejoices - Priceless

Posted June 17, 2004
Pastor Mark Hollick, Bill McGinnis and Donna Lippoldt
We entered into the parking lot at around 12:45 pm, on Wednesday, June 16, 2004, in the year of our Lord. There were 12 of us ready to lay down our lives that day, ten men, two women, from six different churches, made up of pastors, elders, deacons, business leaders. All of us were local Wichita or El Dorado residents.

News Media Covers 12 Christians When Arrested for Saving Children
Two of the Wichita news articles

Posted June 17, 2004
The arrest of 12 peaceful Christians somehow garnered coverage on all 4 TV stations at 3 different news casts, their web sites and of course the Wichita Eagle. Apparently the media thinks people are interested in news about Christianity only when Christians are jailed or ridiculed for daring to proclaim the Word of God in public calling such abominations as homosexual marriage sin. Below are just two accounts in the Wichita media of the June 16 rescue of at least 1 child's life and possibly several others whose mothers left Tiller's abortion mill and did not return.

Judah Benjamin has arrived!!
     He weighed 7 lb. 4 oz. and is 21 1/2" long
   Congratulations to Mike & Kristene O'Dell

Mike Warren: Another Pastor Unjustly Imprisoned
By Cal Zastrow with an update (on Mike Warren) by Jerry Crawford
Posted June 8, 2004
Question: How many Birmingham, Alabama police officers does it take to force two petitioners off of the public sidewalk?
Answer: More than eight!

Right Choice Made
British Olympic Star Opts Against Having an Abortion
London, UK (LifeNews.com)
Posted June 1, 2004

The "pro-choice" position is one only of the wrong choice and a poor choice. Too many women are sold this wrong and poor choice under the guise of gaining the world. Here is a story of a young woman who weighed the costs and the choice she made.

British hurdler Tasha Danvers-Smith had her life centered on her Olympic dream, when she was shocked to discover she was pregnant. As the unplanned pregnancy devastated her hopes, she briefly considered an abortion, before deciding that she could not kill her child.

Righteousness Prevails as Men of God Stood
Two assaults flow out of child killing in Wichita
By Pastor Steve Mashburn
Posted June 1, 2004

More saints stand as security guard John Rayburn tries to drive truck over men of God including veterans At a Memorial Service in Wichita, KS on Saturday, May 29th, the Wichita Police Department once again tried to silence the gospel of Christ on the public streets and sidewalks. Operation Save America-Wichita obtained a parade permit well in advance, jumping through every hoop the City asked but one lone security guard for Mr. George Tiller was determined to stop the gospel from being proclaimed. The police in a city that protects a killer gladly helped him. Two assaults would ensue: one assault on a pastor and another assault on the liberty of all.

When Christians come out of the closet it's Christ or Chaos
In the secular media it's Chaos in a controlled spin

Followup media hit piece and May 26 Walk report included
By Pastor Steve Mashburn
Posted May 28, 2004

What is bashing anyway? A woman driving by in a car stopped to scream at the men and youth with the "Walk" team sharing Jesus, "Stop spreading lies!" is not considered bashing but pointing out the truth that no denomination can save you – only Jesus can save somehow is? We won’t go into the language this woman was using in front of children but would somebody please help me understand? It just seems that something is wrong with this picture.

The Inextricable Connection and Why Our Complacency Must End
May 25 Walk report from Hutchison, KS included
By Pastor Steve Mashburn
Posted May 27, 2004

Last weekend in Wichita a very large funeral was held for a 3-month old baby that was brutally beaten to death. Some of the members where I attend church and serve are related to this family. Our Sunday morning service was one of testimonies and several words from the Lord. The Holy Spirit has opened the hearts of many with a couple of saints testifying to the connection between murder in the womb by abortion and the violence and murder we see in the streets. The connection between the violence of abortion and the violence done to the family by abuse, be it by individuals or the State, was also testified to. The message last Sunday also addressed the increase of violence, child abuse, perversion and the tyranny of the State (SRS) and connected it to the failure of Church to maintain its presence in all the gates of authority.

The Day the Earth Stood Still
by Stephen Bennett
Posted May 19, 2004

Stephen Bennett Ministries
May 17, 2004
"D" Day is what many are calling it -- "Destruction of Marriage Day." Yet it's so much more. America has arrogantly declared war against the God of all creation. By America flipping the middle finger at God, I'm sure it will draw a quick and appropriate heavenly response.

Walking Through Bleeding Kansas
By Fr Francis
Posted May 18, 2004
Just hung up from a phone conversation with Pastor Rusty Thomas who with Pastor Flip Benham and some brethren are walking across America . I had heard they were in the eye of one of those big Kansas Plains storms and called to see if and how they were still ticking. They were warned off the road by local weather-watching officers. A church offered them basement hospitality and they experienced the hail, lightning and thunder but thankfully escaped the devil's Tornado twisters. He said that today in Hays Kansas they turned a corner and stumbled upon a Planned Parenthood [aka Banned Parenthood or Planned Barrenhood] and immediately went into Church-On-The-Street mode, preaching against the demons of child-sacrifice. Whereupon 8 police cars suddenly showed up to protect the child-killers.

Free Speech Opinion Curve
Posted May 18, 2004
As We See It: Free speech gets a workout
OPINION: Santa Cruz Sentinel
May 18, 2004

Have you ever wondered why people living in a supposedly liberal and tolerant community seem to struggle so much with basic liberties such as freedom of expression? This paradox was revealed yet again in the current dispute involving a chain of women’s fitness centers with five franchises in Santa Cruz County and women who believe in the right to abortion.

All This Over a Few Upset Pro-Abortion Women?
Posted May 15, 2004
Pro-choice members throw women’s gym a curve
By JENNIFER PITTMAN - Santa Cruz Sentinel correspondent
May 15, 2004

Curves International, America’s fastest-growing fitness franchise, is devoted to women’s health. But its founder’s financial support of women and teen clinics that either denounce abortion or decline to discuss it has triggered a membership cancellation drive among pro-choice members who say his stance is not healthy for women. ...
Heavin’s ideas about abortion are widely known, at least in Texas. In a Feb. 28 guest column in his hometown newspaper, The Waco Herald-Tribune, Heavin said: "The debate on protecting the life of unborn children is far from over. Also, don’t attempt to marginalize those of us who value the life of unborn children even though you may value the convenience of discarding this life. Abortion is not healthy and should not be a form of birth control in a country that protects its innocent."

San Francisco Chronicle Reversal on Slam is Noticed
Posted May 15, 2004
San Fran paper backtracks on Curves slam
Chronicle runs correction to clarify 'inaccuracies' against pro-life exec

May 14, 2004
© 2004 WorldNetDaily.com
The San Francisco Chronicle yesterday printed a correction to two columns it had run saying the head of a popular women's fitness company had given millions of dollars from the firm to "militant anti-abortion groups," likely heading off a threatened lawsuit by the executive. As WorldNetDaily reported Tuesday, Chronicle columnist Ruth Rosen wrote that Curves founder Gary Heavin "has given at least $5 million of his profits to some of the most militant anti-abortion groups in the country."

Curve Balls Thrown at Founder of Curves
Posted May 13, 2004
Can someone please tell me what is so radical about actually going to the abortion mill and interceding on behalf of the children by using God's Word? The only violence that you will find in us is the violence that takes place in the heart when the Word of God gets into it.
Local Curves seeks distance from founder
By Deborah Eisner / Chronicle Staff
Thursday, May 13, 2004

For a chain that advertises a safe haven for woman, Curves has had to fend of recent criticisms about founder Gary Heavin's political connections. A Texas Republican, Heavin has donated $5 million to three "pregnancy crisis centers" that have been verbally endorsed by Operation Save America, a radical pro-life group, published reports indicate.

Christians Called to Observe the National Day of Prayer
At the Local Abortion Mill

By Rev. Mike Warren
Posted May 13, 2004
Rescue Rochester coordinated two National Day of Prayer gatherings and had 26 believers from 8 different churches participate. While we were praying and quietly interceding for the clinic workers and the moms and dads that had scheduled appointments to have Dr. Wortman kill their child, three dedicated sidewalk counselors pleaded for the babies' lives. The killing center was especially busy May 6th, as if Goliath was taunting the armies of the living God saying, "Go ahead and pray, I still will receive the blood of the innocent!"

God opens the door for two of OSA’s leaders to bring His Word to China – by Tom Raddell
Posted May 12, 2004
Dave Lackey and Tom Raddell had the awesome opportunity to smuggle Bibles into Guangzhou, China and worship with the underground church. We met with a missionary and his wife in Hong Kong where we were given instructions and a suitcase full of Bibles and Gospel tracts. Our instructions were to meet outside of a restaurant at 6:30 in the evening on Tuesday. There we were met by a man who led us across the street and down some back alleys in an impoverished area. In broken English, our guide invited us back to meet with the pastor and to join in their service the following day.

As We Walk Along the Road
Some of Flip's Thoughts as the "Walk" Continues
Paraphrased by Kristene O'Dell
Posted May 12, 2004
The "Walk Across America" started out in simple obedience to the call of God. As it has progressed, God has encouraged us with His truth in surprising ways. We all understand the importance of the white horse. When a king comes riding on a white horse, it is a time for judgment and vengeance. For those with eyes to see, we see the horrific remedial judgments America is under. We understand the significance of "Judgment the Horse" in this living parable that God has called us to. For many of us, we thought we understood "Mercy the Donkey" as well. We understand that God longs to be merciful to us if we would only repent of our wicked ways in this nation and once again stand on what is right and true according to God’s Word. What surprised many of us was that "Mercy the Donkey" was white. We thought donkeys were brownish-grey. It was as we were reading through our Bibles in the book of Judges that we saw the meaning behind "Mercy the Donkey" being white. "Speak, you who ride on white donkeys, Who sit in judges attire, And who walk along the road." Judges 5:10

The Power of Pictures
Posted May 10, 2004
The outrage that pictures showing the abuse of Iraqi prisoners raises an interesting point regarding the influence of images. Showing these pictures brought an end to despicable acts and stripped away the rationalization and justification from the minds of those responsible. They caused the authorities to take action against these abuses.

'Walk Across America' Under Way
by Steve Jordahl, correspondent
@Focus On the Family

Posted May 9, 2004
This article is a feature by Focus on the Family on our "Walk" team as they passed through Colorado Springs, CO as they deliver a prophetic message to America calling the Church and our nation to repentance. Please enjoy this article and support the fine work of Dr. Dobson and the brethren at Focus on the Family. The OSA "Walk" team was treated like kings at FOF however they were greatly saddened by the state of the Church when they visited the lone abortion mill in Colorado Springs. There are over 60 major Christian ministries reaching the world with headquarters in Colorado Springs. Yet there are only three Christians going to the gates of hell, the lone PP abortion mill open only on Tuesdays. With these major ministries doing so much for Christ - except - stopping the shedding of innocent blood, Flip likens it to pastors who preach to others but lose their own children. We must repent of this sin in America if the Church ever hopes to avert more judgment and the eventual destruction of America by God Himself. Please do all you can in your city and state then lift up this sad situation in Colorado Springs which is so indicative of the Church in America regarding child killing. - Pastor Steve Mashburn

Homosexuals Flaunt Their Sin
Posted May 5, 2004
This was our vendor booth inside the homosexual festival. Christians gave away 100 Bible bags which included the complete Holy Bible, Gospel tracts and CD-Rom testimonies from former homosexuals. We also gave away free snacks.This past weekend in Charlotte, NC, thousands of homosexuals showed up to parade their lewdness in the public streets and parks of our city. The weekend called "Progress Thru Pride" was started off Friday night, April 30th, with a "commitment ceremony" in which 8 homosexual couples exchanged vows. Saturday, May 1st, was an all day homosexual display at Marshall Park, with an AIDS awareness parade, bands, booths, etc. Sunday, May 2nd, the homosexuals invaded Carowinds Amusement Park for "Gay Day."

The Saints are Being Stirred in Waco, TX
By Pastor Ronnie Holmes
Posted May 5, 2004
The City Ordinance that seemed to be largely directed at curtailing activity in front of Planned Parenthood has seemingly backfired in its effect. There are generally between 25 and 40 people that are coming every Wednesday morning now, where it was just a handful before. This past Wednesday there were three pastors, one associate pastor, one youth pastor, that were all present with the other saints in front of the abortuary. Saints are coming out worshiping, praying, and doing sidewalk counseling now with an intensity and a fervor that has not been witnessed there in quite some time. The saints are being stirred; babies are being saved.

Posted May 5, 2004
By BeckyPuckett

Curtis blows the shofar"You have the brazen look of a prostitute; you refuse to blush with shame." (Jeremiah 3:3b) The headlines today are filled with quotes of those crying out for justification of their immorality and perversion. Everywhere we turn we hear about the battle to redefine marriage or the right that we have as women to murder our children while they are being formed within our womb. And yet the most disturbing of all is to hear the false priests and prophets of the "American Church" today giving their consent and defense of those who would participate in such wickedness saying "Peace, Peace, when there is no peace." The Word of God is barraged with the outcries and accusations of the wicked. From within the very walls of the Church, the battle rages over the authority and power of God’s Word in our lives. Are there many roads to heaven or is Jesus the way, the truth and the life and no man comes to the Father but through him? Can I worship the demon gods of Chemosh, Molech, Ashtoreth and Baal, sacrificing my children on the altar of abortion and turning those who are born to me over to a culture of sexual perversion, immorality and death believing all the while that I will find favor in the eyes of "Yah-havah," Jesus the Lord of heaven and earth; the Everlasting One.

The Intolerance of Tolerance
Posted May 5, 2004
Last month, Marilyn Carroll sent a letter to the editor of the Milford Weekly as a "Declaration of Tolerance" was being passed around. Pastors were even signing this article that in seeming kind and merciful, put all religions on an even playing field with Christianity. There was a battle in the editorial section. The newspaper would not print Marilyn’s article because they said that it incited violence and her views were too extreme. She countered with the fact that they were not being tolerant of her views. The newspaper printed her article below. We have also included a very interesting response to her letter:

Posted May 5, 2004
April 28, 2004 - CITY WANTS RESTAURANT TO REPLACE KANGAROOS - It was reported in today's CT Post by Greg Shulas that city officials hope a new restaurant will fill the void left by the departure of Kangaroo's Nite Klub, which closed following a Dec. 27 murder on its premises.

Jericho March in the Streets of Bridgeport, CT
Posted May 5, 2004
Jesus is risen!May 2, 2004 - Over 75 of Jesus' followers came out to the streets today to take part in our Jericho March. It was a huge success. The presence of the Lord was felt by all that were there. Pastor Miller, Pastor Greco, Pastor Martin and Fr deMayo were there to represent the clergy. The three police officers did a fine job for us (V. Rodrigues, Cintron). They escorted us around the block seven times. We had loads of children and babies there. It was a family event! Vinny brought the most beautiful banners from his church, Wendee got the helium tank and blew up the balloons and we had youth and flags from Calvary and other churches. Pastor Miller brought his wooden cross that lead off the march. We had the 10 Commandment tablets from Pastor Ed. We thank you all that made this event possible. We are believing God to do mighty things!''

Walk Across America Report - April 30, 2004
By Brenda Spurlock
Ken and Jo Scott and Bob Enyart, the pastor of Denver Bible Church and radio talk show host, treated the team to breakfast this morning. Flip said, "They treated us like kings and queens!" To hear Flip's interview with Bob, go to http://www.kgov.com/.The team made a trip to Columbine High School in Littleton, CO. Curtis sounded the shofar as they walked past the school. Students came to the windows to see what was happening...

Owner of Large 'Curves' Fitness Chain Attacked for Contributing to Pro-Life Cause
Posted May 1, 2004
SAN FRANCISCO , April 30, 2004 (LifeSiteNews.com) - A successful Christian business owner has come under attack by feminist extremists for using his profits to support pro-life charities.
Gary Heavin, the owner of a chain of extremely successful health and fitness centres for women, is a born-again Christian who gives 10% of his gross annual income to charities. Heavin is also the author of two books on fitness that take a Christian approach. His wife, Diana produces Christian music. Curves fitness centres cater particularly to middle-aged women who may be intimidated by other more youth-oriented fitness venues.

Group walking, preaching path to God
Posted April 29, 2004
JANE STEBBINS, Summit Daily News

FRISCO - Flip Benham is on a mission for God. The North Carolina pastor and eight others are walking across America - from California to Washington, D.C. - to spread the word of God and speak out against abortion, homosexuality and Islam. The group passed through Summit County on Wednesday.

Anti-gay T-shirts spark suspensions to God
Posted April 29, 2004
Scott Nicholson, Watuga Democrat

A free speech and dress code controversy blossomed at Watauga High School on April 21 when students wore T-shirts apparently intending to counter a student action designed to support gays. April 21 was a "Day of Silence," a voluntary student-led movement in which students go through the day without speaking to mark their support for gays.

Bridgeport, CT - God is Going Back to School BASSICK High
By Marilyn Carroll
April 28, 2004
Twenty evangelists came out today to minister and witness to the students at Bassick High School about the truth. We had sign holders and literature distributors on the scene. Fr deMayo was there to represent the clergy of our community. We gave out a case (100) Passion Bibles and Bob had some Gideon Bibles that he passed out too. We gave out thousands of pieces of literature about the gospel, abortion, abstinence, STD's, etc.

Walk Across America Report - April 26, 2004
By Liz Thomas and Brenda Spurlock
Flip enthusiastically explained why nation-wide media had gathered in Eagle, CO just as the Walk team happened to be close by."Jesus set this up for us!" "This was a God incident, not a coincidence!" Bill Darr was the first to learn and inform the others that the Kobe Bryant trial was taking place in Eagle. So the team turned around and marched into the business district of Eagle right up to the courthouse where the case was being tried. Jim Phillips set up the loud speaker close to the courthouse and "We unsheathed the Word of God," Flip said.

By Mary Ellen Urmin
Posted April 25. 2004
It was worse than a dark and stormy night for this mystery, but it was Good Friday, 2004, a frightening day for the wicked who refuse to repent! In this true story, the wicked were those pulling apart little baby boys and girls piece by piece inside the largest abortion chamber in the state of Ohio, as the Church of Jesus Christ and the Cleveland Police Department looked the other way. But they were found to be innocent of any crime, and instead, the culprit in this case was the Word of God, a Holy Bible.

Columbine or Christ
Walk Across America Report, by Brenda Spurlock
April 24, 2004
A group of about 50 elementary students were touring their town on a field trip as the Walk Across America team arrived on the main street of Rifle, CO. The kids immediately spied Judgment the horse and Mercy the donkey and became very animated. When Flip realized that they couldn't come to the animals, he and Rusty brought the animals over to them. The kids loved them! Flip began to explain that his son Jonathan was carrying the broken Ten Commandments because our nation has broken all of God's commandments. He told them Shekinah was carrying a broken baby. He talked about Judgment the horse, then asked them, "Do you remember what animal Jesus rode into Jerusalem on?" At this point one of the teachers said, "Oooh, you can't say that!" Flip continued speaking to the kids asking how many of them loved Jesus. About 20 of them raised their hands.

Sermon From Pastor Dan Little
Posted April 22, 2004
Pastor Dan Little is one of the founding theologies of Operation Rescue. He is still faithful at pastoring his church in Bingington, NY. He is the provider of much of the theology found in the book Operation Rescue. He is a great friend of ours and a wonderful voice for pre-born children. Most importantly, he is a friend of our Lord Jesus Christ. This sermon needs to be read as if from the very heart of God. - Flip

Massive "God is Going Back to School" Campaign Planned for May 3-7, 2004
Posted April 22, 2004
If you have been sickened, as we have been, by the expulsion of God from our public schools and His removal from the public square, then let's do more in 2004. Let's push out into the deep water and bring Him back to school, and back into the public arena - Ten Commandments and all! This will never happen at the political level – at least not now. But it can happen if a few moms and dads, pastors, students, and teachers join the Second American Revolution to turn our nation right-side-up again, in the Name of Jesus.

Becky Puckett
Posted April 20, 2004
When I spoke with Flip this week, he began to share with me the living parable that was unfolding before his very eyes. He told me about the horse, Judgement, and reminded me of how at the leadership meeting the leaders laughed at him. He was sickly, lame and sway back. Yet, this was the horse that God had chosen and Flip knew it. He watched a beautiful transformation begin to take place in Judgement as Ms. Sherry Gray of Concord, NC nursed the horse back to health. As they started out on their journey, Judgement began to look like the horse that he really was. On the other hand the donkey Mercy, who began the trip as a beautiful picture of health, was now looking terrible. She looked ragged and beaten; she had a nail through her hoof and didn’t even resemble a donkey. "This is a picture of the kind of mercy the American Church is dispensing today. We have made mercy unrecognizable." says Flip. ...

Observations from the Niagara County Jail
By Jerry Crawford who is serving a 30 day sentence in federal prison
Posted April 20, 2004
I’ve been here 12 days now. There have been two different pastors lead a short service each Sunday, a visiting Pentecostal Evangelist and short presentation by the chaplain on Good Friday. There are formal Bible studies and devotionals twice a day. I was quite surprised by the number of men attending. There is no lack of evangelism here, but sadly, most of these men will return to their old ways-often immediately upon their release. My primary mission became clear when I reached "Pod 1". Fred has a pastor’s heart and is responsible for the good things that are happening here. He has a passion for Jesus and to see his friends prosper spiritually. I have been helping him understand the context of Scripture and shared the truth regarding activism and laying down one’s life.

The Unproclaimed Message
By Kristene O'Dell
Posted April 9, 2004
Here are Flip’s thoughts on what is taking place as our "living parable" proclaims the "unproclaimed message." This message is for a nation that is dying on the vine and the true Church of Jesus Christ which holds the keys!
Do those of you who go out to the abortion mill ever sit in your church and wonder why your brothers and sisters really do not understand what you do? Do you sit and listen to sermon after sermon about evangelism, that you agree with, but wish that what was spoken went just a bit further? Are you always trying to explain to others who tell you that you should love people and just evangelize, that you do love people and you do evangelize? There seems to be such a disconnect in the Church today of why we do what we do. Don’t you agree?

A Declaration of Tolerance in Milford, CT
Posted April 7, 2004
A "Declaration of Tolerance" is being circled around Milford , CT. Even pastors are signing it. We have included several newspaper articles about this Declaration. Below are some of Flip’s thoughts he gave to Marilyn. Marilyn’s letter to the editor is included in our report, but this is the response she received from the newspaper:

Victory in the Courts - Wichita, KS
Report by Donna Lippoldt, Intro by Flip Benham
Posted April 7, 2004
Parade at national event in Wichita, KS 2001Finally, our court case against the city of Wichita has been decided! We won! Even though it seemed that the judge was in favor of the city, we won! Even when Pastor Joe Wright thought he needed to expose his brothers and sisters before the city magistrates, we won! Our brother, Pastor Wright, took his stand against those who did their very best to represent Christ at the gates of hell. Although we certainly did not do everything perfect, we did nothing to deserve the public ridicule and disparagement on the stand from Pastor Wright.Thank God the judge didn’t believe him nor did he believe any of the City’s witnesses. He saw through the City’s attempt to censor the Gospel of Christ off the streets of Wichita and to trample our first amendment rights. Thank God the judge didn’t believe him nor did he believe any of the City’s witnesses. He saw through the City’s attempt to censor the Gospel of Christ off the streets of Wichita and to trample our first amendment rights ....

Group marches against abortion
By Jane Zhang
The Spectrum.com
Posted April 7, 2004
ST. GEORGE -- Judgment the horse plodded along St. George Boulevard in heavy traffic Friday morning, closely following a boy holding a broken set of the Ten Commandment and a girl gripping a baby basket with a blood-tainted cloth. The three, all members of the national anti-abortion organization known as Operation Save America/Operation Rescue, had trudged hundreds of miles from San Clemente, near Los Angeles, to call for what their leaders call "repentance for the shedding of innocent blood."

Walk Across America April 2 Report
By Brenda Spurlock
Posted April 3, 2004
The team made their escape from Mesquite, NV, rejoicing in their freedom all the way! They cut across the corner of the state of Arizona and are now between St. George and Hurricane, Utah. A cold torrential downpour forced them to stop and take cover early this evening. They're parked at a fair grounds and will spend tonight there.

Battle Still Rages in Austin Against PP Mill
By Liz Thomas
Posted April 1, 2004
Chris Danze, chairman of the Austin Area Pro-Life Concrete Contractors and Suppliers Assoc., has fought a valiant battle to keep Planned Parenthood from building a baby killing center in Austin, TX. See the following WorldNetDaily article http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=34748. He united Austin builders and suppliers in a boycott of the project, then asked city churches to hire only companies that support the boycott. His Action Alerts have kept prolifers informed and they have called businesses to politely request that they not participate in building the killing mill.

Flip, Rusty, and Curtis Arrested in Mesquite, Nevada
By Kristene O'Dell
Posted April 1, 2004
We knew we were leaving Nevada today, so we spent the day preaching outside the hotels and casinos in Mesquite, NV. We made our way to City Hall and excoriated them, over our sound system, asking how they could erect such a beautiful city building at the expense of others. The casino industry may bring in revenue for the city, but it leaves broken lives strewn about in its wake. At that point, they told me I had been warned and hand-cuffed me (Flip). I responded with, "You have never warned me." I handed the microphone to Rusty and his words were, "Now, city officials, you have been warned!" Rusty was cuffed at that point. Curtis began to sound the shofar. He too was hauled in along with us. Johnny Benham (Flip’s 12 year old son) was left holding the Ten Commandments and the reigns attached to Justice. (When I picture that, I have to laugh!)

I Desire Mercy, Not Sacrifice
By Becky Puckett
Posted March 31, 2004
Flip and Rusty with Judgment and Mercy2 Corinthians 5:10-15. I believe this passage of Scripture very much describes Flip’s heart. God takes the foolish things of the world to confuse the wise. Why is God using the living parable of a broken set of the ten commandments, an actual baby killed by abortion, a white horse named judgement and a donkey named mercy to speak first to His people and then to this great nation of America which has been so graced by Almighty God? Jesus said, "For judgement I have come into this world, so that the blind will see and those who see will become blind…………if you were blind, you would not be guilty of sin; but now that you claim you can see, your guilt remains." John 9: 39, 41.

By Flip Benham
Posted March 31, 2004
Flip preaching Jesus in Las VegasHave you ever wondered how the God of the Old Testament squares with the God of the New? Could he possibly be one and the same? The God of the Old Testament wiped out cities, not even sparing children. He had His people destroy everything that breathed, showing no mercy at all! How does this God reconcile with the God who revealed Himself most perfectly in the person of Jesus? The one who was a friend of sinners and children. They loved Him. The only ones who trembled at His presence were demons and Pharisees.

Jerry Crawford (Rescue Rochester) to Report to Federal Prison, April 1st
By Rev. Mike Warren
Posted March 30, 2004
Jerry Crawford begins serving 30 days in jail on April 1. Please pray for him and his family. His incarceration is an odious miscarriage of justice brought about by renegade Judge Richard Arcara. ... The Federal Magistrate found, during a hearing, that the Temporary Restraining Order had expired at the time the men were in front of Planned Parenthood and Genessee Hospital . Even though the federal appeals court admitted that Judge Arcara's methods could be construed as being unlawful, the court ruled the men will have to serve a 30 day sentence. The U. S. Supreme Court denied their writ to be heard. Below is an email from Mike Warren who is awaiting his reporting date as well:

Courageous Rhema Gradurate Speaks Out
By Linda Caterine
Posted March 30, 2004
I don’t know Flip Benham, but we need more Jeremiahs like him if we ever expect to have the resolve to even fight the battles to come. And they are coming. Yes, you are pro-life if it costs you nothing. A strong Christian is willing to lose everything to stand up for what is right, and you would decree that no one could demonstrate at abortion clinics because you fear a lawsuit. What an example of "Strong Faith" you are! I am returning my diploma. Please take my name off your records. I am ashamed to be associated with such a cowardly ministry.

When Words Fail, God Speaks in Living Parables
By Flip Benham
Posted March 25, 2004
Mary being wheeled out on a stretcher from inside the abortion millWhen words fail, God speaks in living parables. Why? Because we simply don’t see what He is doing. His Word will either harden or soften our hearts. If we refuse to see His hand in His righteous judgments, our hearts will become hardened and we won’t understand. He desires us to understand His ways, but because we refuse, He is now working against us in America.
Torah Grace Thomas

is now safe and sound in the bosom of her long awaited family. Please pray that she survives the hugs and kisses of her 5 brothers and 4 sisters.

Born: March 21, 2004
at 9:21 a.m.
8 pounds 15 ounces
21 1/2" long

Women Forced to Have Abortions?
© 2004 WorldNetDaily.com
Posted March 17, 2004
Responding to a recent ruling allowing forced abortions, a former judge is petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court to acknowledge a woman's "right to say no." An appeals court ruled earlier this year an expectant mother can be aborted by force if the physician argues it is necessary to "protect the health of the mother." But pro-life attorney Chris Sapp is prepared to challenge the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling Jan. 23 in Roe II v. Aware Women Center for Choice, Inc., says the Virginia-based Population Research Institute. PRI is "dedicated to ending human rights abuses committed in the name of 'family planning,' and to ending counter-productive social and economic paradigms premised on the myth of 'overpopulation.'"

Posted March 17, 2004
"Here we were invading the devil's territory, the movie theater, which had long since been captured by the enemy to promote evil," said Pastor Greene, "and all I could think of was how incredible it was to be there with the saints having obtained the privilege to speak to a large crowd with many unbelievers in attendance. Never in my wildest dreams would I have envisioned taking our Wednesday evening prayer meeting to a movie theater to watch an R-rated movie, but that was before God used Mel Gibson to produce such a powerful depiction of the suffering of Christ!"

Showdown in Waco Continues
By Liz Thomas
Posted March 15, 2004
Last Wednesday, March 9th, none were arrested or cited in front of Planned Parenthood in spite of the threat of arrest that was given the week before by the police officers. Many Christians came out who are fairly new to this aspect of bringing the claims of Christ to the culture, so God is using this opportunity to recruit soldiers into His active army. As long as they were standing 5 ft. away from each other, not forming a group or assemblage, they could sidewalk counsel, sing and pray to our hearts content. Of course, this cannot last long, (I was not there due to sickness, but how can I stand 5 ft. away from my newborn baby and 2 and 4 year olds?) however since the group already had legal plans underway to proceed with, they decided to comply. We are planning on being tried by a jury as a group, being represented by the Christian Law Association from Seminole, FL. Also, Christians from the Waco area are being asked to come to the City Council Meeting on Tuesday evening at 5:15 p.m....

Tyranny in Waco
Posted March 13, 2004
This is an excerpt taken from the OSA Dallas newsletter. John and many others joined Rusty before he left for California as they challenged the City Council's ordinance restricting their activities at the mill. For more information see the articles entitled “ Waco Report,” “Update in Waco ,” and “Pastors Take the Helm.” ... So what we have here is Waco's own 10-40 window - a Gospel-Free Zone! This as an all out assault on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and if we do not stand in opposition to this, you had better believe it will spread like gangrene to the rest of the United States, including our city of Dallas. Satan will do whatever he can to silence gentle Christians from proclaiming God's Word on the highways and byways of this nation.

Tyranny in Waco
Posted March 13, 2004
This is an excerpt taken from the OSA Dallas newsletter. John and many others joined Rusty before he left for California as they challenged the City Council's ordinance restricting their activities at the mill. For more information see the articles entitled “ Waco Report,” “Update in Waco ,” and “Pastors Take the Helm.” ... So what we have here is Waco's own 10-40 window - a Gospel-Free Zone! This as an all out assault on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and if we do not stand in opposition to this, you had better believe it will spread like gangrene to the rest of the United States, including our city of Dallas. Satan will do whatever he can to silence gentle Christians from proclaiming God's Word on the highways and byways of this nation.

Rescue Rochester Confronts
" Commission on Christian and Islamic Relations"

By Mike Warren
Posted March 13, 2004
The notice in the local paper was small; just a calendar item of interest announcing a series of meetings. It was the sponsoring agency that stirred my heart. The Commission on Christian and Muslim Relations was going to host a series of teachings called Islam 101 here in Rochester, NY. 9 Islamic leaders and 9 church pastors make up this Commission. These were pastors of Catholic, liberal or apostate denominations being used to spin the idea that Christians and Muslims worship the same God. To give this false hope would doom those that believe it to a horrible eternity apart from salvation in Christ. What a dastardly lie to be perpetrated by those who claim the name of Christ! There is no common ground between these faiths! For the scripture plainly states Jesus is the only way to heaven. In fact there is no other name given among men by which we must be saved. (Acts 4:12)

Girl Scouts in Waco Cause Uproar with Planned Parenthood Support
Posted March 3, 2004
I am writing this message to voice my opposition to the recent attempted boycott of the Girl Scouts cookie sales in Waco. In the past I have always taken a pro life stance but this was going too far. All those idiots did in Waco was make themselves look bad by attacking a bunch of kids who are raising money to go camping. In this day and age we need more organizations like the girl scouts to assist in bringing up young adults with good moral character. As I understand it...the sales went off without a hitch and I think that's great. If that is what being a member of a pro life organization means...then I'm glad I'm not a member...Why don't those jerks pick on somebody their own size. Timothy Pierce, Nederland Texas
Thank you for your email criticizing the actions of the Waco Christian pro-life community. You say that you too are pro-life, tell me Mr. Pierce, have you ever written Waco Planned Parenthood to chastise them for the 1000+ little boys and girls they kill each year or is it just Christians who are standing for life and purity that you actively condemn? ... Headline: Girl Scout Group Severs Ties With Planned Parenthood After Boycott ...

ACLU claims victory in dispute over parades
Posted March 3, 2004
Dear Friends, If you're sick of hearing about the many ridiculous rulings being handed down by federal courts across the nation, then this story is for you. The Constitution has been defended, and a victory for the exercise of the First Amendment has been won in our city. In what seems to be a national trend, the City of Pittsburgh ratified an ordinance restricting and practically suffocating the right to public demonstration. The ACLU, on behalf of a number of local groups including the Pittsburgh Chapter of the NAACP and Rescue Pittsburgh worked to overturn it and won another victory last Friday. I was called as a witness and was able to clearly describe our Ecclesiastical Court held outside of the Federal Court building in September, stating that the Supreme Court of our nation was in contempt of the laws of God. At the request of the ACLU attorney I was also able to tell the Court and all present that homosexual sodomy is an abomination before God, and that abortion is the murder of defenseless unborn children. After my testimony one of the ladies from the NAACP told me that she wants to join us at the abortion mill in her neighborhood! God Bless You, Run the Race to Win! --Joseph

15-Year Old Dies from Abortion
By Ann Norton
Posted March 2, 2004
In Detroit, Michigan, on Jan 8th, 2004, a 15-year old female died from what we believe to be a Partial Birth Abortion. The clinic where this occurred is called Woman's Care in Lanthrup Village. The girl appeared to be the victim of statutory rape since her boyfriend was 24.

Victory in Sarasota, FL!
By Tom McGlade
Posted March 1, 2004

After 30 years of killing children and over 50,000 innocent lives taken, the Sarasota Women's Health Center - known as the North Trail Mill, the citadel of child sacrifice in our area, CLOSED DOWN! On January 22, those who persevered to the end, some of us for over 14 years, went to celebrate and worship the King of kings and the Lord of lords who finally said, "ENOUGH!" We set up our PA system on busy US 41. We prayed, sang and gave testimony of our God's great power.

"The Passion" Outreach in Concord, NC
Posted February 28, 2004
This 27 year old's name is Tessa. She became a Christian 1 year ago, and was so inspired by our tract that she wanted many to give to her unsaved friends. She asked us to pray for her, because she was waiting to meet an unsaved friend and go in to seeLast night a team of Christians went to the theater at Concord Mills Mall, loaded with “The Passion” tracts. A small group of us, 11 in number, were able to pass out 850 tracts. We needed about a thousand more to pass out. Ten screens were showing “The Passion.” Six showings were completely were sold out. We watched as about 60% of the people coming out of the theaters cried their eyes out, while others hung their heads in shame as they were leaving the theatre....

Anarchy in New Paltz
Posted February 28, 2004
New Paltz Village, NY Mayor Jason West, a 26-year-old elected last year on the Green Party line, said that it was his "moral obligation" to perform same-sex marriages and planned to perform at least four such marriages on Friday at a private bed-and-breakfast in his hometown. ...

Pastors Take the Helm in Waco
By Rusty Thomas
Posted February 26, 2004

Yesterday in Waco, despite the freezing rain and threat of citation or arrest, about 50 to 75 Christians in Biblical obedience to tyranny came out to the gates of hell. The police and media came out to meet us. The brothers and sisters in Christ did not flinch. I challenged them to stay or go based upon their conscience and the conviction of their souls. The police came to me to give me a warning. Since I'm leaving, Pastor John Collier from Parkview Baptist Church took the warning in my stead. There were no citations or arrests. Again, the police demonstrated the utmost respect for us and their demeanor conveyed that they were not particularly in agreement with the city ordinance.

Constitutional Crisis Averted in Charlotte, NC - Goliath Roared But His Mouth Was Shut -- Victory!
Posted February 25, 2004
We only learned last week, through a member of the press, that the police department in Charlotte, NC has been quietly at work drafting a new code for the "Picketing, Public Assembly and Parade Ordinance". They thought the old one needed some revisions. They thought the First Amendment needed some "tweaking".

Update in Waco
By Flip Benham
Posted February 21, 2004

The City Council of Waco, TX is demanding that their unlawful, unconstitutional, unbiblical city ordinance be enforced by local law officials. These city magistrates have been sworn to uphold the laws of their nation, state, and city. Not to invent laws as they see fit. These city tyrants must be resisted by the Church of Jesus Christ.

Put on Your Armor and Take Your Stand - This Battle is Coming Your Way
Posted February 19, 2004
In what is becoming common place in cities across America , City Councils in both Waco , Texas and Charlotte, North Carolina are crafting legislation (city ordinances) to remove the free proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ from their public sidewalks. These ordinances seek to have those who pass out literature on the public sidewalk, picket public forums, proclaim the Gospel at public schools, or, in any way, act like Christians - have a permit to do so. Yes, if one has more than 25 people on a Gospel witness team, they must request a permit at least two weeks in advance. If there are more than four people gathered to publicly witness for Christ, they must give at least two hours notice to local police departments.

Waco Report with Photos
Over 100 saints stood against tyranny in front of Planned ParenthoodDorothy Boyett of Lubbock, TX reporting
February 18, 2004

The call went forth "Come to Waco." Christians answered this call from as far away as Wichita, Lubbock, Fort Worth, Dallas, Burnet, and Austin. They came to stand with Rusty, Liz, the Thomas Nations and the saints in Waco against tyranny.

The Walk Across America
Excerpt from the March 2004 Newsletter
Posted February 17, 2004
Are you tired of sitting by and witnessing our nation being turned to hell by an enemy who has come to rob, kill, and destroy? Are you sickened by the absolute gross depravity parading its sin like Sodom through the radio waves, TV waves, and the streets of our cities? Are you tired of working hard to elect pro-life, pro-Jesus politicians only to find that they were pro-life and pro-Jesus just long enough to get your vote? Are you tired of attending Christian rallies, signing Christian petitions, and having to call your “Conservative Christian Congressmen” to remind them to represent your Christian worldview? Are you sick and tired of the bully of the universe telling you that he is boss and that Jesus is not? So are we!

Passion vs Pluralism
By Steve Mashburn
Posted February 18, 2004
In the Wichita Eagle's article, “Jews, Christians plan to counter 'Passion'” critics from the ADL and American Jewish Committee state that dramatizations of the crucifixion called Passion Plays were used in the Middle Ages to incite violence against Jews. Okay, here is a historical fact from 600 years ago in small circles during the dark ages but what does that have to do with the past 400 years since the Reformation or today? Nada! It has absolutely nothing to do with today. Would these critics please show us where a Christian went to a Passion Play in the last 100 years then went on a violent rampage against Jews? How about a Christian that went wild and wrote graffiti on a synagogue?

By Rusty Thomas
Posted February 18, 2004
This powerful tract is available in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format ready for you to download, print and make copies or take to a professional printer near you. Click on Who Really Killed Jesus? and go directly to this powerful tract or see our Brochures section (tracts are in alphabetical order) for many other tracts. This tri-fold tract is provided for you to print, fold and take copies to the theaters to people after they have seen The Passion of the Christ. Feel free to add your own local ministry contact information on the back.

Righteous Anger over Waco's Outrageous New City Ordinance
By Rusty Thomas
Posted February 11, 2004
Waco Tribune-Herald: "A new ordinance banning activities on Waco streets and sidewalks in school zones during certain hours has roiled local anti-abortion groups who say it targets them. The city council passed an ordinance this week that prohibits "street activity and parades" — including demonstrations — during posted school zone hours. City officials say it is intended to reduce traffic hazards and doesn't target any particular school or group. But anti-abortion groups see it as an effort to muzzle free speech and are threatening legal action."

Giving 'em Heaven in Columbus, Ohio
By Patrick Johnston, D.O.
Posted February 11, 2004
Dear Flip Benham, I am writing to express my heartfelt thanks to you for stirring the saints in our community to faith, holiness, and revival. Your speech in front of the Columbus capital building in the freezing rain was the most stirring ten minute speech I have ever heard in my life! The Spirit of God filled my heart with a righteous indignation over our nation's horrible sins, with grief over our impending judgment, and with faith to believe God to "save by few" if most don't show up for battle. The air was as freezing cold as the apathy in the capital building fifty yards away, but my heart burned within me as you spoke!

By Dave and Jenni Leefe
On a very cold January 22nd 2004 the Unborn Protection League and Church Without Walls along with fellow Pro-Lifers from the St. Louis area took the tragedy of abortion to the streets of metro St. Louis. ... We stood witness at the gates of hell known as planned parenthood in downtown St. Louis . ...Praise The Lord, this past week, one of the killers at this location, Jackie Turner turned in her suction hose and quit killing little baby boys and girls because persevering Saints have been standing at this clinic and at the office where she has her Ob/Gyn practice to inform her patients about her part-time job. This leaves two butchers at this location and both are close to 70 years old.

Roe v. Wade 31st Anniversary - Lubbock, TX
By Dorothy Boyett
Posted February 10, 2004
The day began with prayer and intercession at the 67th street abortuary. By 7am cars were already filing past the display of aborted babies at the property line. A press conference was held outside the Lubbock County Courthouse at noon. A display of aborted and living baby signs lined the sidewalk. The local TV stations aired segments from Charlotte's interview on the evening news. The University Daily, Texas Tech University newspaper carried a front-page article January 23rd entitled, "The Choice is Life." Judy & Dorothy had made a visit to the campus yesterday to display signs, talk with students and give out literature.

Roe v. Wade in Rochester, NY
By Rev. Mike Warren
Posted January 30, 2004
On January 22, 2004, with the snow blowing and the wind chills in single digits, 21 believers gathered to hold a Memorial Service for unborn children killed in Rochester, NY. We began the assembly at a statue dedicated to a man who courageously stood for truth and morality in his day. Fredrick Douglass was a former slave, abolitionist leader and resident of Rochester. He was a leader calling for this nation to repent and turn from the immoral institution of slavery. He saw and lived in a time when his people were legally made property by the U.S.Supreme Court's Dred Scott decision. In his day, believers, who dared to act on their faith by aiding slaves' flight to Canada , were harassed, fined and imprisoned. ...Fredrick Douglass' words are emblazoned on his monument and statue. "One with God is a majority." ...

"More Murders of Children in Rochester, Ny"
Posted January 30, 2004
... After private home births in 1998 and again some time around Mother's Day of 2003 mother Stacy DeBeer allegedly killed her newborn babies while the couple lived in the rural town of Canadice, NY. Authorities believe that both infants were born breathing and alive and died at the hand of their mother. The infants were placed in separate 5-gallon containers and covered in concrete. Their bodies were discovered January 22, 2004 on the 31 st anniversary of the U.S Supreme Court ruling decriminalizing abortion. The story has shocked the Rochester area community. ... “Why should we be surprised?” said Rescue Rochester Director Rev. Mike Warren . “Since 1973 and the Roe vs. Wade decision we, as a nation have callously dismembered and thrown away a generation of children...

God's Mighty Hand in Charlotte,NC
By Sheryl Chandler

Posted January 30, 2004
Sheryl Chandler gave personal testimony of the horror of abortion and the glorious salvation that comes only from Christ.
Sheryl Chandler gave personal testimony of the horror of abortion and the glorious salvation that comes only from Christ.
On January 22, 2004 , gentle Christians took to the streets of downtown Charlotte NC. We held a memorial service of remembrance to honor the 45 million children who have lost their lives since 1973 in the tyranny of legalized killing. We remembered the 8,800 baby boys and girls who die annually in Charlotte 's 3 abortuaries. We pondered the fact that this area has over 800 churches who claim the name of Jesus, yet remain virtually silent to the bloodshed going on around them. ... The following Saturday a handful of Christians braved the cold conditions and went to the gates of Hell. God met us in an unprecedented way! Four children and their families were spared from the horrors of abortion! It was nothing short of a miraculous! ...

January 22, 2004 - Day of Repentance, Prayer and Fasting
Posted January 30, 2004
"It behooves us then to humble ourselves before the offended Power, to confess our national sins and to pray for clemency and forgiveness...." Abraham Lincoln, 1863" Operation Save America-Dallas will be setting aside January 22, 2004 as "The Day of Repentance, Fasting and Prayer." We are asking God - fearing Christian men and women throughout the Metroplex to take time during this day to beseech the Lord our God on behalf of the Church, the nation and our city. If you are able, please join us for solemn activities around Dallas.

Ecclesiastical Court in Bridgeport, CT Nullifies Six U.S. Supreme Court Decisions
By Fr Francis
Posted January 30, 2004
BRIDGEPORT - JANUARY 22, 2004 Breaking News: In a decision handed down this morning in Bridgeport CT seven U.S. Supreme Court decisions were nullified by a higher court. At the first Ecclesiastical Court ever held in Bridgeport at the Federal Court House, the seven Supreme Court rulings, including the contentious Roe vs. Wade decision which legalized the slaughter of innocents in America , were definitively nullified and declared non-binding. Great rejoicing at the court decision was observable among the crowd.

Abortion draws fiery protest
By Michael P. Mayko, Connecticut Post
Posted January 23, 2004
BRIDGEPORT - The Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas lit a fire in a trash can full of shredded papers outside the federal courthouse here on Thursday. The papers, torn up by a group of children moments earlier, were filled with decisions that legalized abortion, homosexuality and took prayer and the Ten Commandments out of public schools. ...
Susan Monks of Trumbull brought all four of her children, Lydia , 12; Paul, 9; Bridgette, 6, and Patrick, 4, to pray. "I want my children to know that even though there is a legal decision, that doesn't mean it's right," said Monks. "Abortion is murder. Prayer can work miracles." (Emphasis added)

Ecclesiastical Court - Bridgeport, CT January 22, 2004
The Streets
By Marilyn Carroll
Posted January 23, 2004
Pastors kneel to pray in snow
The Ecclesiastical Court was awesome! The spirit of the Lord was upon us. About 100 people came out to the Federal Court in Bridgeport. Fourteen pastors stood up front and a few were in the audience. Pastors Miller, Vazquez, Chalput, Nugent, Muratori, Hawkins, Marshall, Hoyt, Greco, Flashman, Gast, and Fathers McCloskey and Smith "Stood Up for God" and sounded the alarm to our community and our nation.These are the seven decrees that were cited as an abomination to God and His Law.

Sets of marchers disagree on abortion
By Sarah Jane Tribble, Charlotte Observer
Posted January 23, 2004
"I just believe that the NOW people are (uptown) for a celebration, but actually if you think about all the masses of people killed by abortions, it should be a funeral, and that's what we're doing," said Aurora Aisenbrey, 22, a member of Fire School of Ministries in Concord. Aisenbrey and others passed out fliers and held signs. Jason Benham, an organizer of abortion opponents and son of the Rev. Flip Benham, said it was easy to get people "who have a cause they are willing to die for" to gather on The Square.

Storming the Gates in St. Louis, January 16-18
By Flip Benham
Posted January 22, 2004
The saints were out in force in this city remembering 31 years of Roe v. Wade and unabated child-killing. We gave them heaven at two local abortion mills, Hope Clinic in Granite City, and Planned Parenthood in St. Louis. It rained the entire day but that did not prevent almost 400 folks from allowing their theology to become biography at the mills. Praise God!

Great News from the Saints in Israel
By Marvin Kramer
Posted January 20, 2004
"You were sent to us from heaven!" That was the response of the high school guidance counselor to Orit, following her seminar last night to the students, who are involved in the program "A Listening Ear". Speaking to a mixed group of students at a nationally known high school in Haifa, Orit shared for more than 2 hours about sexually transmitted diseases, abortion and related matters.

The Battle Rages in Austin, TX - We Need Your Help!
By Jim Phillips
Posted January 20, 2004
Hello again, and pardon me if this again duplicates what you may have received lately, but things are heating up down here on Sodom on the Colorado , a.k.a. Austin, Texas, but a just uncovered, back-alley Planned Parenthood mugging may yet be stopped by your prayers going up to heaven. My contractor friend Mr. Chris Danze, who as part of his rallying the forces for righteousness put up $15,000 of his own money for a recent full-page Austin newspaper ad, has found more, and typically sordid tactics of Planned Parenthood in their continuing blood thirst to build a new abortion clinic that would be the largest in central Texas. Chris tells the whole nasty story in his paragraph below.

Your Help is Needed to Stop Planned Parenthood in Austin, TX
By Jim Phillips
Posted January 15, 2004
Quick action is needed I wanted to be sure you had the chance to offer vital help.
... Chris Danze [My Austin, Texas foundation contractor friend] is telling us today that the pro-abortion forces are fighting back, trying to resume construction. Please take just a few minutes and drop a quick note to the contractor at the address listed below, thanking him for his stand and asking him to continue. People, some of the subcontractors who bailed out of this project last fall, thus halting the project, did so at such a great cost that they had to lay off employees. And Mr. Danze has certainly put his own mouth where his money is, putting thousands of dollars of his own money into this without expecting any compensation. That one extra letter, the one you write, might be the one that makes all the difference, leading this contractor to stand firm against a nation-destroying evil.

Fruit Cometh Forth
By John Reyes
Posted January 14, 2004
Dear Brothers and Sisters, Yesterday morning I received a phone call from Stephen Bennett who is the Director of SBM (Stephen Bennett Ministries). Stephen has devoted his life to the ministry of deliverance for the homosexual. He himself, a former homosexual, has seen many set free from their perverted lifestyles to become the men and women that God had intended them to be. Stephen called me with some very encouraging news! This past weekend he received a phone call from a young 20 year old homosexual male who lives in the Dallas area. Here is Stephen's account of the conversation: ...
He told me he was at a "gay" pride parade in Texas this summer and someone handed him our "I Was Gay" tract. He kept it and held on to it as his only source of hope, until he could get up the courage to call the ministry. Well, that planted seed this summer paid off. ...

Be Ye Perfect - Finish the Work
Posted January 14, 2004
Dear Flip, Is there any scriptural merit to the idea that if somebody converts to Jesus Christ fully and rejects and overcomes all sin and keeps the Lord's commandments that God will remove that person from the face of the earth? Jesus said, "Be ye perfect", and John said, "Whosoever is born of God does not commit sin." Therefore is it possible to turn from sin an start to lead a sin-free life by being reborn of water and of Spirit, and upon accomplishing this, will God call such a person home to Heaven? Here and there I have heard the idea that if somebody becomes "perfect" God will call him home. Thanks, Tim
Dear Tim, ...

The Abortion Holocaust Remembered - January 22, 2004
31 Years of Unabated Child Killing

By Flip Benham
Posted January 9, 2004
Sometimes it is very difficult for us to comprehend the magnitude of the toll that the abortion holocaust has taken over the past 31 years. When one says that over 45 million children have been slaughtered by legalized abortion since January 22, 1973, the numbers just don't seem to register. Here is a map of the United States of America indicating the number of states that would have their populations totally wiped out, if war were to come to our shores and 45 million people were killed. If this shocks you, perhaps you might want to rethink who the real “terrorists” are. We are being destroyed as a nation, by an enemy from within. We are being destroyed by a lie that was birthed in the very pit of hell.


31st Memorial of Roe v. Wade, January 22, 2004
Charlotte, North Carolina

By David Benham
Posted January 9, 2004
Coffins bearing 6 abominable supreme court decisions during our Ecclesiastical Court last July in front of the federal court house in CharlotteIf you are wondering what to do on this 31 memorial of Roe v Wade, here is what we will be doing in Charlotte . If you have caskets from holding ecclesiastical court in your city, here is your chance to use them again. Read your Supreme Court decisions or change the signs on your caskets to symbolize the death that has taken place in our nation. Bring the praise and worship to the streets! Ask your Pastor to come and open you up in prayer. Have a post-abortive mother or a mom who choose life for her baby give her testimony. Underneath this article, we have included the text of two of our brochures entitled We are Winning and Sing a Little Louder. Feel free to download both of them and use them during your memorial. Keep storming the gates and stay at the task at hand! Give ‘em heaven, Saints! We are remembering and confessing before God in cities across America today, 31 years of unabated child-killing. One third of the generation 31 years old and younger has already been killed by an enemy (the devil) who has come to rob, kill and destroy. They are not here. They cannot speak for themselves. It is up to us to put worth and value to their lives. Over 45 million children dead.

Sing a Little Louder
A modified Brochure originally by Penny Lea
Posted January 9, 2004
What one perceives the battle to be will determine how he fights it!
For years now we have been saying that abortion is preeminently a Gospel issue. It is a physical manifestation of the battle between two seeds—the "seed of the serpent " versus the "seed of the woman " Genesis 3:15. Because this is true, there can be no compromise, no "reaching across the aisle," no "middle ground" in the abortion battle. Neither side will tolerate the other. When one chooses sides here, he is really choosing between God and the devil—between life and death!

By Flip Benham
Posted January 9, 2004
What the Abortion Statistics are Saying: "Christians winning!"
These startling statistics are well beneath the radar of Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings, and Dan Rather, but they should be greatly encouraging for those of us standing for life. As you will see, the battle for the lives of little baby boys and girls in their mother's wombs is being won as gentle Christians are living out their faith in the streets of their cities. That's right! During the administration of the most pro-abortion President our nation has ever had, the number of abortions performed in America, the number of abortion mills, the number of doctors performing abortions plummeted dramatically.

Condemned Killer Speaks Out - Paula Zahn Transcript with Flip Benham
Aired September 2, 2003 - 20:29 ET
ZAHN: Advocates on both sides of the debate are now wondering what happens once Paul Hill is executed. Hill himself told reporters today, quote, "the sooner I am executed, the sooner I am going to heaven." Joining us now from outside the state prison in Stark, Florida , is the Reverend Donald Spitz, an anti-abortion activist, and one of Paul Hill's spiritual advisers. And in Charlotte , North Carolina is the Reverend Flip Benham. He too is an anti-abortion activist, but he disagrees with the premise that the ends justify the means.

Massive "God is Going Back to School" Campaign Planned for May 3-7, 2004
By Flip Benham
Posted January 8, 2004
If you have been sickened, as we have been, by the expulsion of God from our public schools and His removal from the public square, then let's do more in 2004. Let's push out into the deep water and bring Him back to school, and back into the public arena - Ten Commandments and all! This will never happen at the political level – at least not now. But it can happen if a few moms and dads, pastors, students, and teachers join the Second American Revolution to turn our nation right-side-up again, in the Name of Jesus.

Do Unborn Babies Go to Heaven?
Posted January 2, 2004
From time to time this question is posed to us, “Do unborn babies go to heaven?” We have enclosed Flip's answer to this particular email along with another we received not long ago. Have a blessed New Year, Saints!


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