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2000 Articles

 2000 Articles

Why the Life of the Mother is Not a Valid Exception for Abortion
By Douglas W. Phillips, Esq.
January 5, 2000

What to do? Susie is aware of only three options. Option One: She could simply pray, trust God and accept the very real possibility that both she and her son will die; Option Two: She could sacrifice her own life and leave her son with the necessary provisions for his own survival; or, Option Three: She could kill her son, leaving her with the necessary food and water to make it to safety. This last option is the most ominous, but the one Susie feels obligated to carefully consider.

Let Abortion Die
By Rusty Thomas
December 27, 2000

Let abortion die, its covenant with Hell annulled.
May history condemn it, the present reject it, and the future be appalled.
No memorial, no gravemarker, no inscription to recite,
No burial, no honors, just death to this blight.

Questions Regarding the Integrity of St. Elizabeth's Hospital
December 20, 2000
If the hospital is trying to get things straight now, I say that would be great - praise God. Let's clean house of all involved in any lies and/or deceitful practices first. Let's get the keys for the crises pregnancy center immediately, let's try implementing a practice of full disclosure to the patients of Dr. Shah, let's take away any special parking privileges and office space for Doctor Shah (since they are not required for a doctor on staff), let's have daily prayer out in front of the clinic (on the same side of the road as the clinic, there is a sidewalk there), let's give the counselors full access to any and all facilities and supplies at the crisis pregnancy center (including sonogram, pregnancy tests, etc.). In short, let's drive the point home to Dr
. Shah that the hospital is Catholic and yes, very pro-life - let's not just use lip service.

Our Nation is Shifting Toward the Lie
December 18, 2000
The pluralists felt that evolution should be taught side by side with creation. It certainly seemed fair. "Can't we all just get along?" "For the sake of unity can't we find some common ground?" Little did they understand that one worldview would not tolerate the other. Little did they know that they were being used by the devil himself in the battle between two seeds. Little did they know that they were involved in a war of eternal proportions that has ravaged generations throughout the pages of history. What was done in the Scopes trial of 1925, paved the way for the Supreme Court ruling on January 22, 1973 whereby a mother can, simply because she chooses to, kill her unborn baby.

What "dubia" ["W"]Should Do
December 18, 2000
Do you think for one moment that he [Clinton] was concerned about how signing these Executive Orders would affect his presidency and his ability to govern a deeply divided nation? More than half the people voted against him. He had no national mandate, yet this fact did not hinder him at all. He wasn't looking for bipartisan support and the media didn't demand it of him either. Mr. Clinton understood the battle better than we do. He knew to whom he was beholden and he repaid them quickly and well. The demons in hell rejoiced and innocent blood flowed.

The Tale of Two Blobs
December 18, 2000
Long ago this church became enslaved to Democratic "giveaways" and programs that would benefit the black community's pocketbook. The bride of Christ has been bribed. It voted in lockstep for Mr. Gore to the total abandonment of the principles in God's Word...Look at those who voted for Bush. Ten percent of them were political ideologues also. Most of this ten percent were born-again, radical, socially concerned Christians. The other ninety percent were those who voted for their pocketbooks. They desire government to get off their backs and tax them less. This large glut of oozing ignorance has but one thought in mind before the ballot is cast - itself. To this large blob, as with the Democratic Party, it is the economy, stupid!

Testimony of Rachel's Park
December 8, 2000
The Lord laid on my heart a vision of creating a memorial to the unborn called Rachel's Park, based upon the Scripture in Jeremiah 31 where Rachel is weeping for her children who were no more (Jeremiah 31:15). When I approached my pastor, John Wachsmann, about the idea, we agreed that it should be a permanent site, one right there on the same property where months earlier we had heard the cries. Of course, at the time I never made the connection between the cry of the hurting baby and our proposed permanent site for Rachel's Park.

Vision for Rachel's Park
December 8, 2000
"Welcome to Rachel's Park. A Cemetery of the Innocents and a Memorial to the Unborn." The pathway will continue, and on both sides of the pathway, 2000 little white crosses will be permanently planted. These 4000 little crosses will testify of the horrible truth that 4000 little image-bearers of Jesus Christ die every single day in America. The area of the crosses will be fenced in with a sign on each side that reads, "This is hallowed sacred ground. It is designed to restore the dignity, the humanity and personhood of the unborn that this nation has denied. Treat this site with all due respect."

Our Christian Mandate to End the Murder of the Innocent
December 5, 2000
There can never be national repentance until there is first repentance in the Church of Jesus Christ. We evangelicals have been busy pointing our crooked little fingers at everybody else - the wicked abortionist, Planned Parenthood, the Supreme Court, et al. - but we have failed to point our finger in the right direction. It is us - God's church. That's right! How can we call a nation to repentance while overlooking our own sin - our silence and cover-up of the shedding of innocent blood?

The Great Divide in Our Nation
December 5, 2000
Our nation is not divided over geography, gender, race, or ethnicity. Though the most recent exit polls of our presidential election clearly indicate that these differences do exist, they are not what divide us.

Are Americans Reaping What They Have Sown?
By Bob Behn
November 13, 2000

It is almost comical if it wasn't so sad to watch the upheaval in Florida over the presidential election and vote count. One can see the Republican Party and their supporters getting what the pro-life movement has been receiving for the last 20 years. All the lies, court battles and the never ending lust for blood money has descended upon the citizens of America in the guise of, "We just want the voter to have the right to vote."

Willow Creek Loses a Family Concerning Hybel's Interview with Clinton
Letter from Chris Church
October 29, 2000

This has been a troubling and painful month. We are leaving a group of people we love and a place where we have served and been served. We would never leave over a single issue but I believe your actions reveal deep value problems and we cannot support those values.

The Theft of Thanksgiving
by Rev. Flip Benham
November 1, 2000

Thanksgiving, more than any other American holiday, points us directly to Christ and His providential hand in our national history. It points to the fact that this was a nation founded by Christians. It points to the fact that our governmental system was built upon biblical principles. It points to the fact that the inalienable rights of men such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness were given by God and not by governments.

Homosexuality vs. Christianity
New version
by Rev. Flip Benham
September 29, 2000

This is what inevitably happens when one attempts to "build bridges" into the enemy's camp. The purity of the Gospel message becomes muddied. Rather than allowing God's Word to stand on its own in the condemnation of sin, we attempt to soften the message to make it more palatable to those it is supposed to convict. In an effort to be nicer than Jesus, we strip the Word of God of its convicting power to turn men from sin, and we allow them to wallow in it, "loving" them all the way to eternal damnation. We call this love, but God calls it hate!

Treachery at Willow Creek
September 1, 2000
For more than an hour Mr. Hybels questioned President Clinton about his faith, his conversion, his failure, and subsequent recovery from some "mistakes." The 5,000 pastors, and thousands more who were viewing the interview on closed circuit TV, gave Mr. Clinton a standing ovation when the interview was over. Never once did Mr. Clinton mention his sin - only some "mistakes." Never once was he asked about the other "mistakes" he has admitted to in court but never confessed or repented of. Never once was he confronted concerning his unflagging support for the killing of millions of children in their mother's womb. Never once was he questioned about his adamant support for the radical homosexual agenda. No, he was simply affirmed in his "Christian walk" and reminded that he was a great president. What a travesty!

Conservatism is Pretend Salt
by Rev. Flip Benham
Updated September 29, 2000

Conservatism looks like salt, talks like salt, acts like salt, seeks the vote and friendship of salt, yet, when the test of taste comes, it is revealed for what it really is -- a tasteless enabler of perdition!

Betrayal of the President
by Rev. Flip Benham
Updated September 29, 2000

"The kisses of an enemy may be profuse, but faithful are the wounds of a friend." (Prov. 27:6). Rather than kissing this President and betraying him, we need to become his friends and love him as Jesus does. Most of us are hesitant to do this because what Jesus did in loving others seems so unloving. He loved enough to wound even his own disciples with the horror of their own sin.

Clinic Owner Indicted for Extortion
June 15, 2000
By Rick Cundiff, Ocala Star-Banner

Pendergraft and Spielvogel now are subject to arrest if they do not turn themselves in to federal officials, U.S. District Court spokesman Steve Cole said late Wednesday. Once in custody, they will be subject to a bond hearing before a federal magistrate, Cole added.

High Cost of Muzzling Speech
By Joseph Farah, WorldNetDaily
But while all this was going on, the activists who tried to warn his patients of the dangers they faced were being ordered by a court to take their peaceful sidewalk counseling further and further away from the clinic -- effectively denying patients information about the potential horrors awaiting them at the hands of Dr. Steir. In 1989, the clinic succeeded in getting Judge James T. Ford to ban their counseling: From a 51-foot section of public sidewalk. Two years later, the same judge granted a permanent injunction against the counseling and imposed a $99,100 fine on the pro-lifers, three of whom hadn't been to the clinic since the first injunction.

Stolen Lives
By Brittany Graham, Age 10
We may know abortion is wrong, but there are many who don’t. What does God say we should do? "Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter.... (Proverbs 24:11 -12)

State Won't Reopen Carhart Fire Probe
by David Hendee and Judith Nygren
Donlan and the other anti-abortion representatives asked the state to file criminal charges against Carhart if he has been withholding evidence. If evidence doesn't exist, Carhart should be held accountable for slandering abortion opponents and implying that fire investigators failed to do their job, the group wrote Wednesday in its letter to the state.

White House Seeks to Join Carhart Case
by the Associated Press
The court has not yet said whether it will let the administration participate in the argument, but in a friend-of-the-court brief made public Th
ursday government lawyers called the Nebraska law "unconstitutional for three reasons."

Monaghan Says He Has No Conflict in Carhart Case
by Deborah Alexander
Federal law allows those who provide fetal tissue to recover their costs, but they are not to receive other compensation. Blank says the arrangement between the Medical Center and Carhart violates federal statutes.

What's Wrong With this Picture?
by Patte Smith
Tatoo parlors in Orlando and around the state just have to make sure putting a permanent mark on a kid's body is ok with the parents. Seems reasonable. They might get an infection or something, right? Abortionists here in Orlando don't have to make sure of any such thing.

Fetal Pa#0000FFrts for Sale
by Rusty Thomas
Finally, the 20/20 interview has done something that I thought I would never live to see, an abortion advocate actually admit that something was wrong in the abortion industry. Gloria Feldt, the President of Planned Parenthood, actually said this practice was inappropriate.

Washington Univeristy Continues...
February 29, 2000
A response from a Wash-U student to OSA's stand on birth-control for overpopulation.

The Battle
by Rusty Thomas
For the most part, the Church in America appears to be paralyzed, like a deer hypnotized by the headlights of an approaching Mac truck. One wonders what it will take to move the Church from the playground to the battleground. How long will we sit idle while good is becoming evil and evil, good? When will we take the weapons of our warfare, which are not carnal and pull down these lying strongholds of satanic deception? How long before the Church wrests back from the wicked the virtues of Christianity that must be centered in the Truth that will set the captive free, instead of allowing this enemy to pervert them with his lies to kill, steal, and destroy?

Please Pray for Randall Terry
by Flip Benham
February 1, 2000

Therefore, it is with a profound sadness that I report to you that Randall has separated from his wife and family, from his church, and from all of us who have been running the race of faith with him. It is a self-chosen path.


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