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News on Zack Daubenmire

I spoke with Coach today and asked him if I could publish this on the web and to OSA leaders.  His response, "Absolutely."

Below is the most powerful email I have ever received.  It comes from our good friends Dave and Michelle Daubenmire.  You all know them as "Coach and his wife."  Coach has been a powerful example and inspiration for all of us to follow hard after Christ - no matter the cost.  He, Michelle, and their children are a brilliant testimony of what a family should be under the Lordship of Christ.  In these past few days our Lord's Holy Spirit has surgically brought to light a cancer (sin) that has been destroying the life of their son Zach.  Coach and Michelle have not flinched to call this sin what it is.  No cover-up.  No attempt to justify or rationalize it away.

They are exhibiting unconditional love for their Savior Jesus and their son Zach.  Coach and Michelle have learned how to despise the shame and endure the cross as their Savior did before them.  In so doing they have provided all of us an opportunity to search deeply into the hearts, minds, and computers of our own kids to see whether or not they are being transformed into the image of Christ or conformed to this world. 

We love the Daubenmires in Jesus' magnificent Name.


News on Zack Daubenmire

Submitted by Coach Dave on Thu, 08/24/2006 - 6:34pm.

Our 24 year old son was arrested this week for charges involving the use and dissemination of pornography. It is an insidious and shameful story. We are told by the experts that pornography is a victimless crime. We thank God that our son's self-inflicted sin didn't bring physical harm to anyone, but the fact is the landscape is scattered with those wounded by his actions. We are all deeply ashamed.

Our home computer crashed and we took it in for repair. The repairman discovered the material on the hard-drive, called and informed us of his discovery, and with our knowledge reported it to authorities. We willingly met with Det. Barbuto and Det. Harmon of the Sheriff's department and have fully co-operated with their investigation. We refuse to sweep it under the table, but want to face this situation head-on. What he has done is shameful, despicable, and repulsive. But he is our son and we love him. We will walk this path together.

As many of you know we serve the Lord with our lives. We ask no special favors because of our position, but rather believe that we should be held to a higher regard because we claim Christ. We write today to give warning. If it can happen in our home, it can happen in yours. The computer was in our house, right under our eyes, and we weren't aware of his problem. Our prayer is that the Lord might use this situation to rescue others who are entrapped in this addiction. None of us are immune to sin. Please, tonight, sit down with your children, your spouse, or other loved ones and ask to see what they have stored on their computer. What starts out as a look at a few naked women can lead to unspeakable horror. We thank God that our son's sin was exposed and we ask that you take the steps necessary to rescue those close to you who may be silently struggling with the demonic forces of pornography. Death and destruction lay at the end of that path.

Zack has to now endure the consequences of his sin. The personal shame is overwhelming. But we believe in the redeeming power of the cross of Christ and are already working with counselors to bring about his healing. He will face the music, he will own up to his actions, as we stand beside him.

We know this may come off as self-serving. Interpret it however you choose. But the Daubenmire family rejoices that our son was caught. After a night in jail he returned to us a free young man. Not free in the sense that he wasn't behind bars. But free in the sense that he no longer had to hide the rot in his soul. The wound had been exposed, he has come clean, we can finally help him get well.

Our family apologizes to anyone who might have been hurt by this. We offer no excuses. Sin is destructive.

God is in the restoration business and we do not walk alone. Our son was lost, and now he is found. We thank Christ for his mercy.

Coach Dave and Michele Daubenmire

Please join us in praying for Zack and the Daubenmire family.