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2005 Articles Part 1

 2005 Articles Part 1

Vision for Victory has begun in St. Louis!
Posted June 25, 2005
Thursday night kicked off the Vision for Victory in St Louis, Mo. In the opening rally, Flip preached that in order for restoration to take place in America, the hearts of fathers need to be turned back to their children. It is the men of God that must rise up, fight the battles of our day and pass that heritage down to their sons. It is the men of God that must turn their hearts back to the principles our Founding Fathers fought and died for. It is the men of God who must understand that just as the heart of our Heavenly Father is broken over the sin of our nation, they too must have hearts that grieve and will walk humbly before God as repentance takes hold.

What Happened When the Theology of the Church House Became Biography in the Streets of Cleveland:

Light Dispells the Darkness in Cleveland's "Gay Pride" Parade
By Mary Ellen Urmin
Posted June 23, 2005
This past Saturday, June 18, darkness once again was ushered into the city of Cleveland, Ohio as every kind of wicked sexual perversion was celebrated in the name of so-called “equality”. Even the city's own mayor, Jane Campbell, the first mayor to fly the sodomite flag next to the American flag at Cleveland City Hall, marched in the parade. A lover of child-killing (she has long had a pro-abortion stand) and eager to please the constituency of evil-doers, she waved and smiled her way through the route along with other hollow politicians looking to please man rather than God.

Nicholas of Cleveland Writes
Posted June 23, 2005
Nicholas certainly has some great ideas about what he thinks we must do to win his respect. I believe that it says, somewhere in the Bible, that God uses the foolish things of this world! Too bad Nicholas isn't foolish enough yet to be used by God. This is by no means meant to be interpreted that Nicholas is not a fool. ~Flip - Dear Mr. Benham: ...

The Abortion Breast Cancer Cover-up
Susan B Komen, "Race for the Cure"

By Angela Michael
Posted June 22, 2005

The Susan B. Komen, “Race for the Cure,” provides one of the most deplorable cover-ups for the abortion industry known to man.  Over 40,000 women die every year as a result of a virulent form of breast cancer.  Planned Parenthood, NOW, NAF, NCAP, and all these paragons of women's rights, are running the “Race for the Cure” knowing full well that one of the major causes of breast cancer in women, is ABORTION!  What utter deception!  Even the American Cancer Society and the Center for Disease Control are a part of the cover-up.  They know, but they are keeping quiet.  That is why it is so very important for us to bring the truth into the streets of our cities in the Name of Jesus.  If the Susan Komen, “Race for the Cure,” is coming to your city, give us a call and we will help you storm the gates of hell with the life-giving Gospel of Christ.  We will also get you Dr. Joel Brind's brochure. – Flip

One Body ~ Many Parts
By Diane Hochevar, president CRLC
Posted June 20, 2005
Operation Rescue descended upon many cities in our country like a tempest. The public was seeing a side of the pro-life movement that it had not experienced before. The networks broadcast footage of people being dragged, handcuffed and arrested; people chained to abortion chamber doors; disturbing photographs on oversized posters; large groups of people yelling, other groups singing, and oh! that dreadful praying.

KS City House of Horrors
Posted June 18, 2005
This is not an anomaly in the abortion industry. It is a haven for doctors who are sexual predators (they view the abortion procedure as a perverse form of sex), pathetic surgeons who kill but don't heal, money hungry sycophants, vile and unsavory drug addicts, and guys like this – Krishna Rajanna. Words cannot describe his debauchery. Neither can words describe the incredible cover-up by media, the Health Department, the Police Departments, the courts, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the American Medical Association (AMA), and our government. We see this going on daily!
Abortionist accused of eating fetuses

Chilling Decision- District Court Judge Sides with
Abortionist George Tiller to Silence Christians

By Donna Lippoldt and Kendra Wilcox
Posted June 18, 2005
“All during the trial the prosecutor kept reminding the jury: ‘this is a simple case of trespass, it has nothing to do with abortion.' That was not the case when it came to the sentence. At that point, it was all about abortion. This judgment is outrageous. Bruce has been coming to Tiller's each Tuesday since 1993. Please pray that the Christians of Wichita would rise up.” –Donna Lippoldt

Michael Jackson Trial - A Travesty of Justice
By Flip Benham
Posted June 14, 2005
Betrayal and outrage are the only words that can adequately express my reaction to the verdict in the Michael Jackson case, yesterday afternoon. The jurors had no doubt that Michael was a homosexual pedophile. Shortly after the verdict one juror queried, “What kind of a mother would allow her child to spend time with Michael Jackson?” The jurors knew - but they found him “not guilty” anyway.

Schizophrenic Law
By Rusty Thomas
Posted June 12, 2005
Dear Champion of the Lord and the Preborn, The Lord richly bless you! Recently this article was sent my way about a case in Texas. It seems the depravity of man knows no limits. Following the article are comments by Frank Joseph MD and an article I wrote called "Laci and Connor Peterson and Schizophrenic Law." Prayerfully it will reveal the folly, confusion, and the deadly fruits of men as they reject the one, true, Lawgiver, God, and seek to be a law and god unto themselves. Again, if you find any merit please pass it on to others.

Pray for Wichita
Posted June 11, 2005
Here are two articles from OSA - Wichita concerning an incredible opportunity to witness for our Lord Jesus.  Please pray for the men involved in the case that they would speak well for the Lord and his precious babies.

A Call to Denver
“Let the babes pray and sing, and read their Bibles, continuing steadfastly in their intellectual retardation; the church's extinction will not come by sword or pillory, but by the quiet death of irrelevance. But let the church step off the reservation, let her penetrate once more the culture of the day and the. . . face of secularism will change from a benign smile to a savage snarl." - R. C. Sproul, John Gerstner, and Arthur Lindsley
      We have all been witnesses to the “savage snarl” of secular humanism (the devil) as we have allowed the theology of the church to become biography in the streets. So long as we remained in the church house we were treated with a patronizing and condescending smile. The enemy knew we were no danger to him, for we would never dare unsheathe the Sword of the Spirit. But, when we came out of the closet in Jesus' Name and that Sword was unsheathed, all hell broke loose and all heaven came down.

"Take a Bow Flip"
Creative Loafing
Posted June 6, 2005

 This is a vivid illustration of what happens when Christians show up at the gates of hell.  You meet funny little guys like Sam Boykin who, though lost as a goose, shows some literary talent and a good sense of humor.  The devil uses guys like Sam to beat the Holy Spirit fire out of Christians and make them look ridiculous, if not down right pathetic.  The “accuser of the brethren” begins his malicious ad hominem (name-calling) attack to shame those who are lifting up the Name of Jesus and cause them to hang their heads and leave the battle.  But we are “…not ashamed of the Gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes…” Romans 1:16.

Zastrow and Crew Return from the Battlefield in China
By Cal Zastrow
Posted June 5, 2005

We personally distributed over 50,000 Gospel tracts to previously unevangelized villages and towns in Sichuan, Yunnan, and Guizhou provinces. Guizhou is where Mrs. Jiang Zongxiu was arrested and beaten to death by the police for passing out Gospel tracts last year. Our invitation came through a ministry that has distributed over 42 million Chinese tracts in cooperation with the growing unregistered churches in China. This was my seventh trip, and I'm hoping for another one next year.

Abortion Destroys Relationships
By Angela Michael
Posted June 2, 2005

Shauniece was crying, “How could he do this?” We comforted her and told others to stay back and just pray for the situation. We told her any man that will force a mother to pick him over her child is not worth it. Irresponsible men love abortion. Hope(less) clinic makes a lot of money off of them. We assured her we would stay with her and help her. We phoned her Grannie and she said she would come and get her.

By Chris Coatney
Posted June 1, 2005

It could matter to someone. Someone in that crowd may be thinking about an abortion or may know someone who's thinking about it. If they aren't in that situation now, they may be in the future and the signs on the bus could influence them to choose life. Most of the thousands of people at that concert are young people into punk rock or techno rock, but they need to hear about Jesus, too. Most of them would tell you they're against fascism, but many do not realize that that's exactly what abortion is.

Charlotte is a Harlot 2
By Fred Goepfert
Posted June 1, 2005

The unhappy truth is that Charlotte exceeded the “Sin City” of Las Vegas in most per-capita crime categories in 2002 (the last year reported). In 1990 the situation was even worse! The figures are from The US Department of Justice and the FBI.
Charlotte appears to be a not-so-good city which may or may not be getting better.

Meeting "Leftovers"
By Anne Morse
Posted May 29, 2005

This article made me cry when I read it, and I don't cry often. But I saw the very obvious manifestation of the cosmic battle (the seed of the serpent v. the seed of the woman) graphically illustrated by the truth revealed in this article. We, in America, find ourselves in the throes of a life or death battle between the One who came to give us life (Jesus) and the one who has come to take it away (the devil). By some accounts there are over 400,000 children (embryos) frozen in liquid nitrogen tanks at invitro-fertilization labs around the country. The all-out push for embryonic stem cell research (ESC) as a cure-all for diseases effecting many of us today, is actually a diabolical manifestation of the devil and his lie. Like abortion before it, and euthanasia in the Terri Schindler-Schaivo case, the devil is bringing death to the smallest, weakest, and least among us. Woe be unto us Christian, if we cause, by our action or inaction, one of the least of these to stumble. ~Flip

Stem cell foes, here's a challenge for you
A Pro-life Response
Posted May 26, 2005

Ronnie Wallace reponded to a challenge in the Charlotte Observer. He has written well and certainly speaks for us Christians in the pro-life movement.
This letter was in the Observer Forum (opinion page) on Saturday. Let's take him on! The article that issued the challenge:

A Meeting With the Homosexual Community of Charlotte
By Flip Benham
May 24, 2005

I just returned from an eye-opening meeting sponsored by the Charlotte Lesbian and Gay Community Center , the Mecklenburg Gay & Lesbian Political Action Committee (MeckPAC), and the National Organization for Women (NOW). I was not specifically invited to the meeting, but it was advertised as a forum on how to deal with the tactics of the “protestors” who showed up at the “Charlotte Pride” lust fest on May 4th. Being one of those “protestors,” I felt it incumbent upon me to find out what we did to cause such consternation in the homosexual community.

Flip Joins Saints in Denver
Posted May 20, 2005
Flip Benham, director of Operation Save America, arrived in Denver, Colorado on May 11, 2005, to pave the way for OSA's annual national event happening this summer from July 16th thru the 23rd. Wednesday evening the Boulee family had a spectacular lasagna dinner for Flip and a few friends. Ed and Ruth Boulee's home is located on a fabulous lake with a view of the majestic Colorado Mountains . After dinner Sara Boulee, an accomplished pianist, serenaded the party with the most beautiful music. Listening to Sara play and taking in the breathtaking view was inspirational.

Invitation to Denver
Posted May 20, 2005
Leslie Hanks, Vice President of Colorado Right to Life, is delighted that OSA is coming to the ground zero of the abortion holocaust – the State of Colorado! Here is her invitation to each one of you:

Flip, Leslie Hanks (in red), and saints at PP located at 20th and Vine in Denver

Still wondering whether or not to come to Denver?
Here is what Flip has to say:
Posted May 20, 2005

I just finished spending five wonderful days with the saints who are preparing the way for us in Denver. They are so excited that we are finally coming to their state. Having the National Event come to Colorado has been a prayer of theirs for several years. They have planned our way to storm the gates of hell in Denver, Boulder (home of the University of Colorado), and Colorado Springs (home of Focus on the Family), trusting that the Lord Himself will direct our steps.

Florida - the "Euthanasia State?"
Posted May 20, 2005
The devil himself is raising his ugly head again in Florida to take the life of another precious human being created in God's image.  That's right!  This time it is Scott Thomas who is in danger of having his feeding tube removed by his wife.  Scott's mom wants desperately to care for him, but has met resistance at every turn. Please pray for Scott and pray for the Church of Jesus Christ in America that she will not falter in times of trouble.  We failed Terri Schiavo – pray that we do not fail Scott!

Focus on The Strategy
By Bob Enyart
Posted May 17, 2005

On your Justice Sunday, you were outraged by your own judges! Dr. Dobson, you listed the 11th Circuit decision against Terri Schiavo as an example that the judiciary is “out of control.” But all six of the justices nominated by our pro-life Republican presidents (Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II), voted against your position! All six (including William Pryor whom President Bush recess-appointed last year to avoid a Democratic filibuster), voted not to save Terri's life and against our side. All six! From Bob Enyart's open letter to Dr. James Dobson.

Homosexual "Lust Fest" Confronted in Charlotte, NC
By Flip Benham

Posted May 11, 2005
The pantless vendor of the Gay Naturists International (GNI) booth openly displays and sells obscenity in a public park. Several formal complaints were registered with the police. Saturday, May 7, 2005, will be a day to remember in the city of Charlotte, NC. On this day, the Church of Jesus Christ actually allowed her theology to become biography at the very gates of hell – the “Charlotte Pride” lust fest held in beautiful Marshall Park. It was here that the homosexual community paraded its sin like Sodom and expected everyone to applaud its new found liberation as they displayed nothing but filth and utter moral debasement. The celebration of sex was the one thing that united all in attendance.

Abu Grab Scandal
Or Our Chickens Have Come Home To Roost!

By Rusty Thomas
Posted May 9, 2005

For years now the military has been targeted by the feminists and the homosexual agenda. They have sought to turn the military into their own personal play ground. To them, the military is not here to defend our nation, kill our enemies, and break things. No sir, it exists for their social experimentation. Their combined efforts have paid off. We now have women in harm's way. Mothers and daughters of America are being killed, crippled, and raped (or, as in Lynndi England's case, actually becoming the sexual predator) and we at home are to celebrate this as being “enlightened” and “progressive.” Bill Maher must be proud

Operation Stress Students?
An Opinion Piece Responded to by Flip Benham

Posted May 7, 2005
Jessica's opinion piece is a prime example of the spiteful writing endemic in the Charlotte Observer.. Her only knowledge of the Christian proclamation taking place on the public sidewalks outside Charlotte High Schools is what she was told by a high school student (we'll call him David because Jessica did) whose school, Myers Park High School, has never been visited by Operation Save America. David gave her what he had heard (hearsay) and of course, what he had read in, you guessed it, the Charlotte Observer. Allegedly David told her, “They (Operation Save America) hate everyone who isn't white. They are like the new KKK.”

Terri Schiavo's Final Hours
An Eyewitness Account
Posted May 2, 2005
Father Pavone provides some incredible insight into the death (murder) of Terri Schiavo. He was with her in her last minutes. He spoke the truth eloquently on all the major networks. He correctly portrayed this heinous act as a Gospel issue. ~Flip

Abortion, Social Security Collapse, and Illegal Immigigration
or There is an elephant in our living room so let us pretend it doesn‘t exist!
Posted May 2, 2005
This is a great article by Rusty. He correctly traces the origin of the problems we are presently facing with illegal immigration and Social Security to its root – ABORTION! That's right. We don't have enough workers in our labor force to support our present Social Security system because we have killed over 50 million children since 1973. We have literally wiped out one third of our work force and tax-payer base. Immigrants are illegally entering into the good old USA to find work (and they are finding it) because we have no labor force to do the work. Rather than paying into the system as legal workers would, these “illegal immigrants” deplete the system by using its services while not reporting income. It is not because they are bad that they are not reporting income. It is because they can't, and remain in the United States. This is the hand of God in judgment upon America for the “legalized” murder of His children. God Himself is draining the wealth of America because of ABORTION! 

Operation Rescue/Operation Save America's National Event
Posted April 28, 2005
The time is swiftly approaching. Soon OR/OSA's national event will be here. It is time to prayerfully prepare and set our face towards this date with destiny. Now, more than ever, it should be obvious that if America is going to survive and turn back from its deadly collision course with Almighty God, the Church of Jesus Christ must find its voice, turn from our wicked ways, reassert ourselves in the market place of ideas, provide the moral guidance our nation lacks, and be what Jesus called us to be, the salt and light in this poor-fallen world.

Flip's Address to the Charlotte City Council
Regarding Charlotte's annual “Gay Pride” weekend approaching in May
By Flip Benham
Posted April 27, 2005

It's getting close to Spring and the homosexual community is once again on the march, pushing its perverted agenda (a lie from the very bowels of hell) on America.  It all began with a “day of silence” observed in public schools across the country on April 13, 2005, legitimizing sodomy in all of its perverseness, and teaching – no, demanding our kids to speak kindly of it.  Ithaca College in New York bowed in sheepish acquiescence to the sodomite juggernaut, and renamed the month of April “ Gaypril” as it proudly flies the sodomite flag the entire month on campus.

Abortion staff ignores baby boy born alive?
Woman pleads for help with 'Rowan' after delivering son in clinic restroom
April 26, 2005
"I was staring at my son, crying softly and noticing the dried blood on the walls. I felt so bad. I felt so helpless. I had been so wrong to come here and yet I felt so lucky to have my son born alive. I wanted to fix and change everything once I saw his precious little face and body. All we needed was someone to get us to safety.  For story worldnetdaily

Palm Sunday at St. John's Episcopal Church
By Ken and Jo Scott
Posted March 25, 2005
Updated April 25 with much more including an audio link to Pastor Bob Enyart interviewing Ken & Jo Scott on radio after Denver Post columnist Keith Swain was fired for libeling the Scotts.
News Flash: David Ball, attorney for St. John's Episcopal called at 10:15 this evening (3-24-2005) to inform Ken and I that we will be served with a restraining order to keep us from protesting the cathedral on Easter. Imagine, they will restrain the First Amendment!!!!!!!!!

Posted April 23, 2005
In Denver, this summer, a battle plan will be placed before you.  If indeed OSA is the “wheel that brings the Church of Jesus Christ to the gates of hell” if we are the instrument that God has chosen to allow the theology of the Church house to become biography in the streets; then we must fulfill our part in the grand scheme of the battle between two seeds.  This is our duty and our privilege!

Defeating the Monster of Islam with the Gospel of Christ
Pray for our Missionaries in Thailand!

Posted April 19, 2005
Dear Br. Flip: I received this email from a friend who received it from a missionary team in Thailand. I know these people well, as I went to Bible school with them. They are in a tremendous battle with Islam while taking Jesus to the Thai people. They are tremendous people of God, bold and unwavering, ready to lay down their lives for a people, but as God prevails and protects them, they have the capacity to lead untold numbers to Christ. They work with the poor, the addicts, the prostitutes, the people who are forgotten by everyone but God.

Closest kin prevented from visiting 'grandma'
By Sarah Foster
Posted April 13, 2005
Soon death by starvation and dehydration of the helpless will be happening all across the country. Were it not for WND, the largest independent news site on the web we would be unaware of Mae Magourik and this atrocity. Those seeking to kill the inconvenient persons in our midst are couching their murderous actions in nice religious terms. In this case the granddaughter states “Grandma is old and I think she wants to go home with Jesus. Who would like to live with glaucoma and heart trouble?” Let's ask grandma - oh, no visitors without the tired grandaughter's permission. Hello Church.

Legislation Seeking to Criminalize Ultrasound without Doctor's Order Moves in Springfield
@ Illinois Leader
Posted April 13, 2005
Here is yet another example of the devil using the government of the state of Illinois as an “Oh, so willing dupe” in his hands to bring about and enhance his culture of death. Have we not seen enough of this lately in the good old USA? Pinellas Park anyone? Yet the insanity continues. The devil is strutting his stuff with impunity in the streets of America, while Christianity is rapidly being reduced into something that can only be practiced at home or in the safety of a church sanctuary. Read it and weep! Then, REPENT over what we have allowed our nation to become. Then, join us in the battle as we storn the gates of hell in Jesus' Name. ~ Flip

Revival Born Out of Repentance in a Cornfield
By Rusty Thomas
Posted April 13, 2005
The Lord richly bless you! Many of you have responded to the e-mail messages that we have sent concerning the outpouring of God's Spirit upon our children. Some of you have been moved to the point that you requested prayers for your children. I have passed on those requests to my kiddos and they have gone to the cornfields to intercede on the behalf of the broken-hearted parents who have wept and prayed for their prodigal children. I want you to know they take these requests seriously and have diligently cried out for their deliverance.

OSA-Wichita Calls for Protection from Tiller's Security Guards
Letter from OSA-Wichita to City of Wichita
Posted April 12, 2005
Today Judge Lindspaun dismissed the case against John Rayburn, Tiller's security guard, because of the city's negligence in keeping track of the days necessary to counter the motion of a speedy trial.  This is very disconcerting.  Not only do we feel the city is complicit in putting the pro-lifer's in danger, but it appears it could have been avoided with some due diligence.

O'Reilly Cancels
By Flip Benham
Posted April 12, 2005
Remember when I told you that O'Reilly was the jawbone of a donkey?  Well, it's true.  We just received word from the producer of “The Factor,” Jessie Waters, that Angela Michael would not be needed to do the segment.   According to Waters, Mr. O'Reilly does not want the segment to be about abortion, but rather parental rights. 

God Goes Back to Church
Written by Angela Michael

Posted April 11, 2005
Eight gentle Christians showed up Sunday morning April 3rd at City Temple Church in Granite City, IL to proclaim that Hope Clinic security guard Mike Held, a professing “Spirit-filled Pentecostal” who attends church there, is accountable for much innocent blood.  ... 6 days later...

Vaccinations-a Biblical Issue
by Victoria Hanline

Posted April 5, 2005
We've always thought that vaccinations were crucial for our children's good health. Doesn't the government have our best interests in mind when advocating childhood immunizations? Only recently have we begun to doubt that this is the case, and I'd like to explain what triggered our investigations.

Terri Schiavo: the Roe v Wade of Euthanasia
By Angela Michael
Posted April 5, 2005
Angel of death lawyer George Felos described Terri in her fifth day of dying as a picture of "peacefulness and her face was actually glowing”. Proverbs 12:10 “The kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.” Is that the same sight the American and British troops envisioned as they liberated the deathcamps in the Nazi Holocaust? When the rescuers forced open the doors of Dachau and Auschwitz the stench of rotting corpses filled their nostrils, and the same sight of dehydrated emaciated and starved Jews, Poles and survivors told the truth of this horrible period in our history.

Schiavo death sparks public outcry
Posted April 2, 2005
Here is a news account of saints in Charlotte, NC as OSA held a press conference at a local abortion mill to memorialize Terri Schiavo. Note that outrage over the Church and our nation allowing Terri Schiavo to be murdered is what God used to begin moving in teenagers at the Thomas family. Read Out of Death Came Life.

Unsheathe the Sword of the Spirit
Posted April 2, 2005
Everyone needs to come to Denver.  We have a responsibility before God to enable the Church of Jesus Christ to fight this battle with the Sword of the Spirit.  It must be unsheathed – not prayed about, not preached about, not sung about, not taught about, but UNSHEATHED!!!!  God does some interesting things, does He not, when we take Him at His Word!

Out of Death Came Life
From the Thomas Family
Posted April 1, 2005
Terri Schiavo's life and death is bringing a revival of repentance that is reaching even into the cornfields of Texas. The “Gentle Revolution” has begun.
When Liz and I returned from the hospital today, we came home to three of our girls greatly touched by our Lord. They had an honest to goodness encounter with the Holy Ghost. We have prayed for years for this to happen and today, of all days, it transpired. I've never seen them more glowing, passionate, and convicted about loving and serving God in the midst of this crooked and perverse generation. The following is their testimony. Perhaps their outrage and seeking God will ignite the "Gentle Revolution" in earnest.

Meet Judge Greer's Pastor
By Joseph Farah
Posted April 1, 2005
This is a must read.  Joseph Farah has hit the nail on the head.  Thank God for men like Pastor William Rice of the Calvary Baptist Church in Clearwater, Florida.

What Is It That God Wants Us To See In Pinellas Park, Florida?
By Flip Benham
Posted March 29, 2005
The battle between two seeds – Never have I seen the issue more clearly than in Pinellas Park, Florida. Indeed, America is divided and God Himself is the one drawing the dividing line. Like Elijah of old when he proclaimed “...How long will you waver between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow him; but if Baal is God follow him,” (1Kings18:21). Elijah made everyone take one side or the other, no fence straddling, no middle ground, no compromise. You are going to stand with one seed or the other. This is what is happening in Pinellas Park.

Terri Schiavo Battle: Evangelical Church is Missing in Action
Flip Benham
Posted March 27, 2005
The evangelical church has not shown up for this battle at all, at least not at the gates of hell. O they have voted for Republicans, sent e-mails to their congressmen, and have filled the phone lines in Tallahassee and Washington. That's all good, but the battle will never be won in the courts and legislatures. If that is not obvious to us all now, it should be.

New York Post
Posted March 26, 2005

From the New York Post comes this Saturday article on the vigil outside the hospice where Terri Schiavo is being starved to death. With over 300 persons supporting Terri Schiavo and only 4 fanatics crying out for her death, the media revealed its agenda by including a quote by 1 of the lattter.

Terri Schiavo's Attorney Declares Terri Wants to Live
Posted March 26, 2005
I said to her, "Terri if you could only say ‘I want to live' this whole thing could be over today." I begged her to try very hard to say, "I want to live." To my enormous shock and surprise, Terri's eyes opened wide, she looked me square in the face, and with a look of great concentration, she said, "Ahhhhhhh." Then, seeming to summon up all the strength she had, she virtually screamed, "Waaaaaaaa." She yelled so loudly that Michael Vitadamo, Suzanne's husband, and the female police officer who were then standing together outside Terri's door, clearly heard her. At that point, Terri had a look of anguish on her face that I had never seen before and she seemed to be struggling hard, but was unable to complete the sentence. She became very frustrated. From the Declaration of Barbara J. Weller, attorney for Terri Schiavo.

Joshua Heldreth (10), learning to stand for Jesus.

Scott Heldreth cried when he saw his son arrested. Ordinarily those would be tears of sorrow for a father watching his son being handcuffed. But Scott's tears were tears of joy because Joshua, in attempting to bring water to Terri Schiavo, had taken to heart the mandate in Matthew 25:35-36. “I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger, and you invited Me in.“ More About Josh

Terri Schiavo and the Culture of Death
By Rusty Thomas
Posted March 26, 2005
America as of late has been inundated with a steady dose of death. Innocent blood is flowing unabated throughout our nation. It appears that the American dream of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness is hemorrhaging and becoming a nightmare right before our very eyes. The nightly news lists the litany of woe and murderous rampages that are savaging our land. “Four dead in Dallas,” “Four dead in Atlanta,” “Ten dead in Minnesota,” “Nine year old girl strangled in Florida” and on and on the headlines churn out the grisly details of America's illicit love affair with death.

Update to Florida Report - March 25, 2005
Posted March 25, 2005
Minute Man Pastor Bill Dunfee, Josh Heldreth (10), along with several Christians with other groups, were arrested around noon today in another attempt to take water in to Terri Schiavo.

Judge in Schiavo case withdraws membership from church
By Art Toalston, www.bpnews.net
Posted March 25, 2005

Judge George Greer -- whose rulings set the March 18 removal of Terri Schiavo's feeding tube -- has withdrawn his membership at Calvary Baptist Church in Clearwater, Fla. William E. Rice, who became Calvary 's pastor last September, confirmed that a letter from Greer withdrawing his longstanding membership was received by the church March 17. Rice, in an interview with Baptist Press March 18, said he sent a letter to Greer several days after the judge commented about his church involvement in a front-page article in the St. Petersburg Times March 6.

Florida Report - March 25, 2005
by Becky Puckett
Posted March 25, 2005

Christians are continuing to flow into Pinellas Park, Florida, from all over the nation. "There were more people here Thursday at Terri's hospice than there have been all week," according to Kristene O'Dell. She said she has received many calls from those who are feeling compelled to come and stand vigil for Terri in what now appears to be the waning hours of her life.

Federal appeals court rules against Schiavo's parents
The Orlando Sentinel
Posted March 23, 2005

The Orlando Sentinel (Mar 23): Each stepped up to waiting officers, then knelt down and acknowledged that they still wanted to proceed into the hospice. Police then notified them that they were being arrested, helped them to their feet, and handcuffed each of them, including Chris Key, 43, of Texas, and three of his children. The adults were taken to the Pinellas County Jail. The children went to a juvenile center. "My 10-year-old said that Jesus said, `If you offer a cup of water in my name, you did it for me.' And he told me that's what he wanted to do," said Key's wife, Gaylen.

Florida Report - March 24, 2005
We've just learned that Flip will be spending ten days in the Pinellas Park, FL jail. Flip was labeled an “habitual offender.” Everyone else arrested yesterday, for attempting to take water to Terri Schiavo, is supposed to be released this morning. We understand that if they had released Flip today, he would have had to come back later, and this way he won't.

Florida Report - March 23, 2005
by Brenda Spurlock
March 23, 2005

Flip, Miss Eva, Coach Dave, Bill Hewitt and Joseph Parente are among the 10 to 12 rescuers arrested as they attempted to take water to Terri Schiavo this morning. Three children, ages 10, 12, and 14, were among those arrested.

Florida Report
by Brenda Spurlock
March 22, 2005

I spoke with Flip by mobile phone from Florida at 3 pm today where he is standing vigil for Terri with other Christians.

What Will We Do Now?
by Chet Gallagher
Posted March 21, 2005

Dear ones, as of this writing Terri's life has been placed into the hands of a Clinton appointed Federal Judge. Does that concern you? It should. The real question is not so much “What will the judge do next ?” But rather, “What will we do now ? Many of us are asking these kind of questions: “Should I leave for Florida today? What will happen if I do go? Will it do any good? Should I wait and see how all this plays out? What is the Spirit of God impressing me to do in this crucial moment? Have I been called to the Kingdom for such a time as this?”

Christians Tread Carefully
by Jo Scott
Posted March 21, 2005

Christians, any legislation that ends in, “... and then you can kill a person” is immoral. Supporting a bill that says it's legal to kill a person if they have signed a document that states that they have agreed to be put to death is wrong. It's sin and a lie from the very depths of hell. Since when are Christians jumping on the assisted suicide bandwagon? Terri Shaivo should not be put to death because she is a living person, created in the image of God. Man has no right, no jurisdiction, nor mandate from God to put an innocent person to death. In God's eyes it's murder whether someone agrees to be murdered or not.

The Pro-life Community Just Switched Positions
It Now Supports Assisted Suicide

by Pastor Bob Enyart
Posted March 21, 2005

You blinked, you missed it. The pro-life community just switched positions; it now supports assisted suicide! In their vital fight to save Florida's Terri Schiavo from being starved to death by judicial decree, they foolishly hinged their position on the absence of a “written directive.”

Beware of So-called Living Wills!
By Rev. Flip Benham with comments by Pastor Steve Mashburn
Posted March 21, 2005

Sunday afternoon Flip and I discussed the current crisis in Clearwater, Florida with Terri Schiavo and the issue of so-called living wills. It is our firm conviction at Operation Rescue/Operation Save America that living wills are extremely dangerous and should be viewed by Christians with extreme caution. We are opposed to “living wills.” Giving a person food and water through a tube is not a “heroic action” to resuscitate a person who is brain dead. A person giving a directive to remove a feeding tube when they can otherwise live on their own is asking the rest of us to assist them in suicide. God would never have us murder you!

Please Pray for George Tiller
From Wichita by way of Flip Benham
Posted March 19, 2005
This little chat between Miss Eva Edl and Chet Gallagher concerning the dream she had about George Tiller (the mad abortionist in Wichita) is perhaps one of the most encouraging pieces of news we have received from Wichita in a long time. It can certainly help us all as we pray for the soul of George Tiller. He has been inhabited by a spirit of murder for a long time.

Mother Arrested Trying to Save Daughter and Grandchild
Written by Angela Michael
Posted March 19, 2005

Abortion mills across this country are covering up cases where underage young ladies are being brought to abortion mills without their parent's knowledge. Many are being taken right from the schoolhouse to the abortion mill and then brought right back to school. Parents are left totally out of the picture. Here is another hideous example of what happened to a mother today, who found out that her fourteen-year-old daughter was taken from school and brought to the Granite City abortion mill. The mother of the fourteen year old was arrested and placed in handcuffs when she went to rescue her daughter and grandchild. Read and weep.

Terri's Feeding Tube Has Been Removed!
Posted March 18, 2005
We have just found out around 3:00 EST, they have removed the feeding and hydration tube from Terri Schaivo. This is indeed a shocking turn of events. We need to prepare to go to Florida. We will try to be there by Tuesday of next week to bring food and water to Terri. It is our turn now to become a living parable of our Father's love and care for the life of precious Terri Schaivo.

Terri's Feeding Tube Could Still Be Removed!
Posted March 18, 2005
Beware!   We have just found out that Judge Greer is not going to honor the subpoena from the Congress of the United States and is going to allow the tube to be pulled.  Be Ready!  Be Prepared!  Keep Praying!  See Standing With Terri for info on coming to Florida.

Breaking News Concerning Terri Schiavo!
Posted March 18, 2005
Terri Schaivo and her husband, Michael Schaivo, have been subpoenaed to appear before the United States Congress. Therefore, she has been given the protection that is granted to those subpoenaed. Indeed this is a miraculous turn of events that only God Himself could have orchestrated through the dogged perseverance of those stalwart Christians in the House and in the Senate.

Standing With Terri
Posted March 17, 2005
Below is an email conversation between Mike Warren and Flip concerning our stand with Terri Schaivo. Flip would like you to be ready to come to Florida on Tuesday, March 22, 2005 if possible. Pastor Sam Green and Pastor Ed Martin will be preparing the way for you. For help with your travel plans, please call Pastor Ed at 352-361-9009. This of course is all contingent on what happens Friday, March 18. We will keep you posted.

Not Guilty, Counselors Cleared After Charges
Posted March 17, 2005
Two pro-life counselors, Meredith Parente and son, Joseph, have been found not guilty at separate trials stemming from citations issued August 14th, 2004 outside Planned Parenthood/Women's Health Services in Downtown, Pittsburgh.

God is Going Back to School West Haven, CT
Posted March 17, 2005
Thirteen Christians held signs and banners for life and three of us distributed literature and Bibles to walk-ins. At lease ten busloads of students drove by the signs slowly as the kids were mesmerized at what they saw. One of the girls on the school bus told us she "changed her mind" after seeing the photos. Praise the Lord! Hopefully, a life was spared. We know what the kids were talking about in school today.

Fight Hate!
By Tim Hanline
Posted March 17, 2005

Here is an excellent letter to the editor of the Charlotte Observer written by Tim Hanline in response to Fight Signs, Slogans of Hate by Rebecca Ruhlen. ~Flip

Fire School of Ministry on Mission for God
By Flip Benham
Posted March 16, 2005
Fire School of Ministry, a four year college with about 150 students, partnered with Operation Rescue/Operation Save America in our God is Going Back to School effort at North Mecklenburg High School.

Fight signs, slogans of hate
Editorial in Charlotte Observer
Posted March 15, 2005

"Isn't it telling that the same words that were used to prosecute the Philly Four are the same ones that are being used against us as we take the Gospel of Christ to the schools. What are those words? "Hate Speech!" It appears that as long as we stay in the four walls of the Church building, sing praise songs, and listen to a message we are good upstanding citizens. But, attempt to live that faith out beyond those walls and you are a judgmental, bigoted, hate-monger. Church, the tide is changing in our nation! The time to put feet to our faith is now! We responded to this editorial with the article entitled, "Introducing the Real Jesus."

Messages to N. Meck
Posted March 14, 2005
Some North Mecklenburg High School students were critical of what we were saying and how we were saying it during our God is Going Back to School Campaign there. Some suspected that we might even be a cult of some kind. Following are several of their e-mails with our responses.

Introducing the Real Jesus
By Flip Benham
Posted March 15, 2005
Darkness prevails when lies that destroy people's lives (abortion, homosexuality, false religions) are taught as if they are basic human rights to be protected at all cost. When the Light shines, it can be blinding and painful, but ultimately it leads to life and restoration. Now that they've met the real Jesus because Christians were willing to take His truth to them, they can say with C.S. Lewis: I now know that God is not a figment of my imagination for He is not at all what I imagined Him to be.

Day Five at North Mecklenburg
Posted March 13, 2005
Jesus' parable in Luke 15:1-7 reveals that He expects His church to leave the ninety-nine who are safely in the fold to search for the one little sheep who is lost. That search certainly becomes more do-able when we're willing to step outside the churchhouse and go to where the lost sheep is!

The Real Million Dollar Baby - Courage and the Sanctity of Life
BreakPoint with Charles Colson
Posted March 11, 2005
Truth will always dispel the lie.  Colson has hit the nail on the head.  This is why we fight for the life of Terri Schaivo with such vehemence, and why we will fight for the lives of all of those like her.  She is valuable and precious in the sight of God, though the world may think her a “useless eater.”  The lie of killing people who cannot live a “quality life” must be torn down and smashed in the Name of Jesus.   “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God…”  2 Corinthians 10:5.

Day Four at North Mecklenburg
Posted March 11, 2005
North Mecklenburg students greeted our OSA team with super soakers (giant squirt guns), water balloons and eggs on this the fourth day of our God is Going Back to School campaign. Flip said North Meck definitely needs help in the athletic department because none of those egg throwers can pitch worth a hoot!

Day Three at North Mecklenburg
Posted March 10, 2005
Today, Flip and team tackled the issue of abortion. Baby Malachi was displayed and the brochure with his story was passed out. The phone calls keep coming. I cannot tell you the incredible conversations we have been able to be a part of. Some of the anger seems to have subsided, some has not, and now we are having many more genuine conversations... Below is an email I received from Brenda who answers the OSA emails. She does an amazing job.

We are Getting Close to the Cross at North Mecklenburg High
By Flip Benham
Posted March 10, 2005

This picture represents, better than any other, our “God is Going Back to School” campaign.  We have a brother, Joel Crumpon from Fire School of Ministry, who actually brings a cross to the schools with us.  It is an awesome picture of the love God has for us and for each one of the students and teachers in the school.  It is also an awesome picture of theology becoming biography in this world.  Jesus came to this sin sick world to save it, but the world thought He came only to condemn it (John 3:16 -21).  Those He came to save thought He hated them, because He exposed their wicked deeds.  Little did they know that He loved them enough to tell them the truth.  The wounds of a friend are faithful.” Proverbs 27:6.

Absolute or Relative
By Becky Puckett
Posted March 9, 2005

One of the questions we have been asked over and over during our “God is Going Back to School” campaign is, “What can you say out here on the sidewalk that you cannot say inside the school building?” What we can say is “God is absolute and His moral law is absolute for all people, in all places and at all times.” God and His law have been banned from our public schools. When we remove this standard, each man does what is right in his own eyes. We are here to lift up God's standard that His truth may be made known. “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” John 8:32. 

"God is Going Back to School" Continues at North Mecklenburg High
By Kristene O'Dell
Posted March 8, 2005

Today, Flip and team headed back to North Mecklenburg with the brochure entitled “Do Not Judge.” This brochure contains an email we received from a young lady at another area high school. In it she speaks of how we as Christians need to be more tolerant toward others, like those trapped in homosexuality or Muslims – the same response we heard yesterday. It also contains Flip's response to her that as Christians we are called to make judgments according to God's Word. (You can find this and all brochures that we pass out on our website in the brochure section.)

The "God is Going Back to School" Campaign Kicks Off with a Bang!
By Kristene O'Dell
Posted March 7, 2005

God's Word was proclaimed at North Mecklenburg High School in Huntersville, NC. There are 2800 students at North Mecklenburg. Flip and crew had 1400 pieces of literature to start with and only 200 when it was all said and done. Today, the message was “ Abortion is Murder – Homosexuality is Sin – Islam is a Lie, What do these Three Have in Common” (This is the title of the brochure that was handed out). They had several signs and banners proclaiming that Jesus is Lord. Those were the only signs posted. They went with Jesus in their hearts and smiles on their faces to proclaim the “good news” to the students of North Mecklenburg. The response from the students reached all the way to Dallas, TX.

The Least Among Us
By Mike Warren
Posted March 7, 2005

Unborn children, their parents, and the very fabric of our institutions are being savaged by a mindset of “death as a solution.” The philosophy of utilitarianism shouts, “To defend and provide for the least among us is too costly for us, and useless for them.”

Putting "Extremist Biography" in Perspective
By Janet Spear
Posted March 4, 2005

Planned Parenthood, et al, are the real extremists, killing women in utero and subjecting others, ex utero, to reproductive injury, if not death, to prevent women from exercising their right to reproduce children (a natural right which only proaborts question, undermine, attack and seek to replace with the WRONG of shedding innocent blood at every turn).

Flinging off the Cumbersome Burden of Saul's Armor
By Flip Benham
March 2, 2005

We are going to Denver, Colorado this July 16-23, in Jesus' Name, not loving our own lives so much as to shrink from death. The gentle revolution that is turning the abortion industry upside down is one that begins in the heart. The laws of this land will one day reflect this revolution, but only after the battle is fought. Jesus is calling the salt of the earth out of the salt shaker. It is a command!

BTK - Not the Only Serial Killer in Wichita
March 2, 2005

"Tiller the Killer," the mad butcher of children in Wichita, is finally being exposed for what he really is. This is all taking place at the very same time Dennis Rader, aka the BTK (bind, torture, kill) Murderer, is being brought to justice in Wichita. Coincidence? Not in God's economy.

Kansas AG Seeks Late-Term Abortion Records
Posted March 1, 2005
TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - The Kansas attorney general, a staunch opponent of abortion, has demanded the medical records of nearly 90 woman and girls who had late-term abortions, saying he needs the material to investigate crimes.

Terri Given Three More Weeks - Halleujah!
We pray the stay will last a lifetime!

By Flip Benham
Posted February 25, 2005
We went to battle today, in the midst of a turbulent downtown Charlotte, on behalf of Terri Schiavo, the forty-one year old wife of husband Michael Schiavo who desires desperately to kill her. Terri is a precious gift from God to all of us in America . She has been given to us to love and care for – not to kill. She has now become the flash point of the battle between two seeds - the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman.

Seeing Clearly to Fight the Good Fight
By Flip Benham
Posted February 24, 2005
Why are they like this? Why has the killing of the innocent, the weak, and the aged become a preoccupation for those dressed in black robes? Proverbs 8:36 give us a pretty good answer, "...all who hate me love death." They hate God. When one hates God he becomes enamored with death. The easiest to kill, of course, are those who cannot speak for themselves. Terri Schiavo anyone?

Posted February 24, 2005
There's something here for every single person to do. I know you love life and liberty; so the family is counting on you to fight on Terri's behalf.

Standing With Terri Schiavo - From Flip
Posted February 24, 2005
Brothers and sisters, after spending an anguishing couple of nights in prayer, placing before God what our response should be to stand in the gap for Terri Schiavo, I have come to a conclusion. This decision has been made after speaking with several of you.

Abominable Decision by Florida Supreme Court
Posted February 24, 2005
As many of you know, last year on Oct 21, we went down to Clearwater, FL to stand in the gap on behalf of Terri Schiavo. We joined her parents, brother and sister to plead for Terri's life. Pastor Sam Green brought his whole church from Palm Bay on the east coast of Florida to join us on the west coast. You see, the courts of this land were allowing Terri's husband, Michael, to remove the feeding and hydration tubes from her. Michael didn't want Terri around anymore. It was there we purposed in our hearts that, if it was inevitable that Terri must die, it was imperative she not die alone.

Extremist Biography: Flip Benham
by Kara Lowentheil of PP
Posted February 24, 2005
Planned Parenthood's “Extremist” Biography of Flip Benham is filled with bias, anger, and factual errors. Just what one would expect from an enemy that is losing the battle at the gates of hell. -
From time to time, Eye on Extremism will feature a biography of an anti-choice extremist. This will be a "rogues' gallery" — presented in alphabetical order — of prominent zealots who will stop at nothing to prevent women from exercising their right to choose.

Letter from Terri Schiavo's Father, Bob Schindler Sr.
Posted February 24, 2005
Contrary to anything you may have heard, Terri is NOT brain dead; Terri is NOT in a coma; she is NOT in a "persistent vegetative state;" nor is she on ANY life-support system. Terri laughs, Terri cries, she moves, and she makes child-like attempts at speech with her mother and me. Sometimes she will say "Mom" or "Dad" or "yeah" when we ask her a question. When I kiss her hello or goodbye, she looks at me and "puckers up" her lips.

The Streets of Bridgeport, CT - Friday February 18, 2005
By Marilyn Carroll
Posted February 23, 2005
It's a sad day in America when college students come early before class to escort moms into a killing center to have their babies torn apart unto death. They even go as far as limiting their choices and distracting them from taking our information with resources information for them to choose life. I am totally devastated and heartbroken living in a society where life and integrity has no value. I just read the street report from Orlando and it made me weep in my spirit. In Wichita it looks like another mom has died from an abortion (2 in 5 weeks). I can hardly bear the pain, living in a nation that is slipping deeper and deeper into the miry pit of hell. What makes it worse is that as all this transpires, the majority of the Church goes on its merry way; preoccupied, unaware and uncaring.

We will stand with Terri Schaivo - God helping us!
By Flip Benham
Posted February 21, 2005
Please tell Karen that we appreciate her love and zeal for our Lord Jesus and her neighbor, Terri. We were planning on being in Florida on Tuesday, February 22, 2005 . It appears, however, that our trip will be postponed. Terri's attorneys are doing a good job in causing the judge (Greer) to jump through all the necessary legal hoops that are presently protecting Terri's life. Our prayer is that the attorney's will be successful and that the laws of our land will protect the life of the weak.

A "Covenant of Understanding" with Islam?
By Flip Benham
Posted February 21, 2005
“Can two walk together unless they are agreed?” Amos 3:3
Rev. Rob Schenck was a friend to many of us in Operation Rescue/Save America. He was one of my favorite speakers in the early days of “Rescue.” Unfortunately, Rob has been suffering under the strong bewitching of a mistress named Washington, D.C. Thousands of courageous men have fallen under her “siren song” that has lured them to their deaths in the craggy rocks of politics in D.C. In the spring of 1999, when we brought Operation Rescue to Buffalo and Rochester, New York, Rob signed the “Common Ground” document that sought to dialogue about abortion, rather than fight it to its ugly death. This came as a shock to all of us!

Large Families Pleasing to God
Question to Flip and Flip's response
Posted February 21, 2005
Dear Flip, I was wondering if OSA has a doctrinal statement on natural family planning and other non abortafacia methods of birth control. For a long time I thought it was all of the devil and recently I have had talks and read things that have challenged my thinking on the subject. I really want to have a Scriptural view of it, not just a super strict stand without proper reasons.

F.B.I. Confiscates Pastor's Sermons
Resisting the World and being a Modern-day “Bonhoeffer”
By Angela Michael (information from Baptist Press)
February 17, 2005
Tuesday, Nov. 23, 2004 started out like any other normal morning for Randy Steele, senior pastor at Southwest Christian Church in Mount Vernon, Ill., a town about 80 miles southeast of St. Louis. One of the longtime members of his church was on her deathbed and he planned to spend the day consoling her family. Then the phone rang.

Fighting the Lie
Overcoming the Radical Homosexual Agenda
By Flip Benham
Posted: February 19, 2005
It is very telling that the enemy (the devil) never ceases his incremental push to bring sin into a human heart and into the heart of a nation. He always works incrementally. Witness his first assault on God's children in the garden, "Did God really say?" He begins by bringing God's Word into question. He then moves by directly contradicting God's Word, “you surely will not die.” Finally, he calls the very character and motive of God into question, “For God knows that when you eat of it (the tree of the knowledge of good and evil) your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God…”

Philly Saints Win!
Firsthand Report from Philadelphia by Kathy Pavkovic
Posted: February 18, 2005
Ten of us came up from North Carolina to stand with our brethren, and to let the City of Philadelphia and the D.A.'s office know, in no uncertain terms, that their unlawful persecution of Christians will not stand. They cannot do this! It is this city who will be defendants in a court of law for their criminality one day soon! We brought our sound system. We set up in front of City Hall across the street from the Court building where our Repent America brethren were that morning.

Testing the Faith
Judge drops all charges against Philly Christians
Adults who evangelized at homosexual event vindicated, teen girl likely off hook tomorrow

@2005 WorldNetDaily.com
Posted: February 17, 2005
12:33 p.m. Eastern
In what is being hailed as a victory for free speech, a judge in Philadelphia today dismissed all criminal charges against four Christians who were arrested for evangelizing at an outdoor homosexual event.

Message on the Philly Five
By Cal Zastrow
February 15, 2005
Real life is a battle between Jesus and the devil, heaven and hell, the Kingdom of God and the spirit of the age. A particular raging battle I desire to bring you into is occurring in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Last October, there was a sodomite street festival, "Outfest." A dear friend and fellow street preacher, Michael Marcarvage, organized some peaceful Christians to go and evangelize on the public sidewalks. Upon their arrival, angry sodomites surrounded them, blew whistles, screamed in their faces, and prevented them from walking (on the public sidewalk) with big sheets of Styrofoam insulation. The city police arrested none of those doing the assaulting, but arrested the peaceful Christians instead.

Oops! I Had An Abortion
By Patte Smith

Posted February 1, 2005
Even dear brothers and sisters who minister with me on the street sometimes refer to the sin of fornication and abortion as "mistakes." Say what? Come again? Mistakes? Like using baking soda instead of baking powder? Like mis-spelling a word? Like calling someone by the wrong name? Now, THOSE ARE MISTAKES.

From Death to Life - Jesus Saves Abortion Mill Administrator!
Kirsten Breedlove letter and response by Flip Benham
Posted January 27, 2005
Kirsten Breedlove was an abortion mill employee in Dallas, Texas, and worked her way up to become the Administrator of the A-Z Women's Health Clinic in Dallas. Christians who loved her as much as they loved those being led away to the slaughter were a powerful witness to her. Jesus was calling Kirsten to Himself. Here is just a glimpse of Kirsten's story from the inside of an abortion mill back out to you. More is coming!

Celena and Walter
Celebrity Xelena
Celebrity Xelena
Baby Celebrity Xelena
Birthdate: 01/21/2005 Length: 21 inches
Doctor: Dr. David Robinson/Children's Clinic Weight: 8 lbs. 1.1 oz.

This baby was saved in July 2004, Columbus Ohio at the OSA National Event. Her mom is so happy to have her! We thank God for a life saved and a mom changed. Celina is reading her Bible and attending church, PTL! I remember the day we met her at the mill, she had her young son with her. We tried to take her to a CPC and made an appointment but they never showed. We ended up taking her to Wendy's. If you can't get the help you need, just do it yourself. This is the product of a little inconvenience for Christians. What's better than this?

Stephen Bennett press release and response by Flip Benham
Posted January 19, 2005
Sadly Stephen Bennett seems now to have forgotten the fruit that comes forth when men and women of God take the Gospel of Jesus Christ out of the churches and into the streets. In his latest release Mr. Bennett reveals that he “is troubled by the methodology“of the Philadelphia 11. He says their actions are “[not] what Jesus would have done.” Flip's response follows Stephen Bennett's article.

Roe vs Wade 2005
Hold a Press Conference in Your City - Here's How

Below is a press release, letters, and brochures that you may use for Roe vs Wade this January. We are asking that you hold a press conference from your local abortion mill on Friday, January 21. We hope we have equipped you with all you need so that you are free to "plead the case of the fatherless to win it!"

Sample Roe vs Wade Press Release
Local pastors, business leaders, crisis pregnancy center directors, and Christians will join Operation Rescue/Operation Save America for a press conference and a memorial service mourning 32 years of unabated child-killing. Our purpose: to end child-killing in the city of ____________ by bringing the theology of the church house into the streets – right to the doors of the local abortion mills in this city!

By Flip Benham

Sometimes it is very difficult for us to comprehend the magnitude of the toll that the abortion holocaust has taken over the past 32 years. When one says that over 45 million children have been slaughtered by legalized abortion since January 22, 1973, the numbers just don't seem to register. Below is a map of the United States of America indicating the number of states that would have their populations totally wiped out if war were to come to our shores and 45 million people were killed.


Salvation Comes From Jesus - Not Washington, D.C.
By Flip Benham
Posted January 6, 2005
This time of year we are frequently asked if we will be going to Washington, D.C. for the annual "March For Life." Here is an article showing Flip's heart on how the battle will be won in the heart of our nation before it is won in the capital of our nation. - ... it is after the Gospel battle is won on the streets - not before - that the laws of this land will reflect that victory. The battle cannot be won from the top down - from Washington, D.C. to the streets. It will be won as simple Christians live out their faith in the streets of our cities.

God is Looking for Those Who Will Restore Justice in America
By Flip Benham
Posted December 20, 2004
Why is it that the Lord is so concerned for justice? It is precisely because He is merciful. He desires mercy, not sacrifice (Hosea 6:6. Matthew 12:7). He longs to be merciful to us, but mercy cannot be poured out from heaven until justice is done on earth. That's right! Mercy cannot be dispensed apart from justice. Mercy triumphs over judgment to be sure, but mercy cannot be had apart from judgment. (James 2:12-13). How can we have mercy on someone that doesn't think he has done anything wrong? Jesus can't heal those who think they are well. He came for the sick. One has to confess (judge) that he is sick in order to be healed. Mercy cannot be had apart from judgment.

ABORTION - The Heart of our Nation Is Changing
PDF Brochure Updated 2005
By Flip Benham
President Bush stated in October 2003, while signing the Partial Birth Abortion Ban: “I don't think the culture has changed to the extent that the American people or the Congress would totally ban abortion.” Au contraire, Mr. President! The culture may not be ready, but God is! And, just a cursory look at the figures below, indicate that the culture may be more ready for legalized abortion to end in this nation than any of us know. How can this be?
Adobe Acrobat PDF brochure for printing & passing out in the streets

Pleading the Case of the Fatherless To Win It!
New PDF Brochure 2005
By Flip Benham
Her most egregious sin was that she, “…did not plead the case of the fatherless to win it.” Jeremiah 5:28. The people were praising God with their mouths, while sacrificing their children to a false god. This was intolerable before Almighty God. But nobody knew it because the prophets and the priests weren't telling. Too judgmental! The people loved it this way. They wanted – no, they demanded, positive, “seeker friendly” messages. Messages that would help them feel more at peace with themselves and with “god.” The accommodating priests and prophets of the day, in order not offend the easily offended, dressed the wound of God's people as though it were not serious. They proclaimed peace, when God was not at all at peace with them.
Adobe Acrobat PDF brochure for printing & passing out in the streets

Dear Pastor - Sample letter
Dear Pastor..., This January 22, 2005, will mark the 32nd Memorial of Roe vs. Wade. We have tolerated thirty-two years of unabated child-killing. It was perpetrated by a lie from the devil himself through the Supreme Court of the United States of America, and has eliminated one third of the generation 32 years old and younger. This has been our greatest national travesty! Domestic terrorism has been sown in the womb and we are reaping the horrible consequences of domestic and foreign terrorism in our streets. It is time for us to confess our sin. To own it as Daniel and Nehemiah did, and ask God to forgive us for what we have, and what we have not done for “the least of these” who bear His image. God is waiting for us! (2 Chronicles 7:14)

U.S. attorneys complicit in arrest of Christians?
Source says government lawyers advised Philadelphia police at 'Outfest' event

Posted: January 5, 2005
By Ron Strom
© 2005 WorldNetDaily.com
Homosexual attorneys from the U.S. Justice Department Civil Rights Division not only attended a large homosexual event in Philadelphia last year, but they advised police on the scene who arrested 11 Christian protesters, says a source within the agency.

ABORTION - The Heart of our Nation Is Changing
Updated 2005
By Flip Benham
Posted January 7, 2005
President Bush stated in October 2003, while signing the Partial Birth Abortion Ban: “I don't think the culture has changed to the extent that the American people or the Congress would totally ban abortion.” Au contraire, Mr. President! The culture may not be ready, but God is! And, just a cursory look at the figures below, indicate that the culture may be more ready for legalized abortion to end in this nation than any of us know. How can this be?

The Philly Four
By Flip Benham
Posted January 2, 2005
If we learned anything on our six month journey across America , it is that Christianity is systematically being censored from the streets of our nation. By its very nature Christianity disturbs the peace of those killing babies, practice homosexual sodomy, or worship false gods. And well it should. It disturbs the peace of the devil who comes to rob, kill, and destroy! And it is not just in the big cities like Philadelphia where this censorship is going on. It is found in the smallest cities, townships, and villages across this great land.

Letter from Baghdad
By way of Mike Warren
Posted January 2, 2005
Steve sent the following letter to our k-8 church school and it will be read this coming chapel service. Thanks for all your prayers for Steve and his men. Please remember our troops and their families as you gather with friends, families and in church services this coming Christmas season.
Mike Warren

John Reyes and Kim Gustitus Formally Engaged
Posted January 2, 2005
Kim flew into Connecticut on December 29th from Bradenton, Florida to be with the Reyes family for Christmas week and the New Year. They were at the Reyes home on Thursday when a phone call from John's dad harkened them to the beach to see a harbor seal. By the time they arrived at Anchor Beach in Woodmont, the seal was gone. They thought they would take a walk on the beach and the rocks because it was such a pleasant sunny day. It was warm for December in New England (in the 50's) and most of the snow was melted. ...


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