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Why South Dakota's Pro-Life Bill Failed

If one will not unsheathe the Sword of the Spirit (the Word of God) we should not expect God's mighty power to be unleashed in any election. Unfortunately, we in the Pro-Life movement have become so politically astute and so politically dependent, that we have forgotten all about the God of the universe. There is only One God. His Name is Jesus. He is waiting for us to acknowledge Him and stop apologizing for Him.

Why South Dakota's Pro-Life Bill Failed
By Jason Troyer  

Why did South Dakota 's anti-abortion Referred Law 6 fail? Was it too pro-life? No! It wasn't pro-life enough. How can I say that when there wasn't even an exception for rape or incest in the law? The flaw was not in the law but in the marketing.

Vote Yes for Life lost when they decided their strategy was to cast the mother as the victim of abortion and not the child. So their misguided efforts could better be described as pro-woman and not pro-life. While women are certainly victims of abortion, the campaign disregarded the true victim of abortion and tried to get sympathy for the lesser victim.

So when they focused on the lesser victim, they had less moral authority. They must have been resigned to the fact that the undecided didn't care about the baby and we can't change their mind. There was a time in America when most people didn't care about the fate of a slave. Yet when people finally realized the humanity and victimization of a whole group of people they did do the right thing. First by rescuing only a few through the Underground Railroad, which is where America is at in the abortion battle. Then next through the Emancipation Proclamation, granting freedom to all men, which will come for the babies with the reversal of Roe vs. Wade. Today in America slavery is unthinkable, as I pray abortion will someday be.

When Vote Yes for Life cast the mother as the victim to be saved, they had a problem. What about rape and incest? They were teaching the voters to have sympathy for the mother so when these topics came up it would be cruel to their victim to force her to give birth to an unwanted child. How did they work around this problem? The pro-lifers produced a television ad that promoted the use of the plan-B pill and called it "among the best options."

How could a pro-life group get so confused? They promoted the wrong victim.

Instead of depicting the mother as the victim they should have educated the public about the humanity and rights of the child, when rape and incest came up, the sympathy would rightly still be on the baby and people could see that violence toward a victim is not the solution to the problem. It is the problem.

So how do we as pro-lifers continue the fight? We must show America the true victim of abortion. Every ultrasound shown to a new mother and father chips away at the lie of abortion. Every 4-D ultrasound shown is like a sledgehammer to the foundation of their evil empire. Every beautiful pre-born picture or grizzly post abortion picture is like a wrecking ball to the lie that this baby is just a blob of tissue. The walls of abortion will not fall tomorrow, but they will fall if we stay focused on the true victim of abortion, the baby.