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Operation Save Wal-Mart, North Carolina

Operation Save Wal-Mart, North Carolina
By Pat McEwen

Pastor Flip Benham led a group of saints to the Wal-Mart on JW Clay in Charlotte. We had a glorious “black Friday” proclaiming Jesus to the people in the Wal-Mart parking lot and along the streets approaching the store. We passed out over 2600 flyers and received many more positive responses than negative. About thirty Christians came “out of the closet” to allow their theology to become alive and active to confront Wal-Mart with her sin.

The Gospel went forth on a chilly black Friday. Wal-Mart bought the lie of sodomy and we brought the Truth of Jesus Christ. We came because we love Wal-Mart and we were not willing to sit by and allow an old friend to fall into the clutches of sin.

Pastor Flip went into the store to confront the manager and found that he was a Christian and as upset as we when he learned of the depth of depravity to which corporate Wal-Mart had sunk. He allowed us to pass out literature and hold signs in the parking lot!

We snatched victory out of the jaws of corporate greed on “black Friday.” The news reported all stores claimed record sales on that day with one exception, Wal-Mart! Corporate Wal-Mart forgot her roots and courted sin because of greed. Sin always looks good but never is.

A Florida contingent joined the faithful of the Charlotte area in putting Thanksgiving into action. Pastor Luther Laite's and Pastor Warren Baker's families were in town for the holidays.

A friend of mine, prophetically named Faith, experienced her first street outreach and was thrilled. She passed out hundreds of flyers and had the honor of sharing Christ with one woman and praying with her.

What a joy it is to serve the Lord. If more people took their faith to the streets we would have fewer bored Christians! The next time you are going to the gates, invite a Christian friend. They may have never gone before because no one took them. Remember, Christ first took the apostles with Him before He sent them.