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Wal-Mart, the Demise of a Godly Corporation

Wal-Mart, the Demise of a Godly Corporation
Melody Miller and Flip Benham

“The Makeover of Wal-Mart” appears on today's AOL opening page Thursday, September 14, 2006.  You might want to see it.  It brings to light how Lee Scott, the CEO of Wal-Mart Stores and called "the most powerful CEO in America" by Fortune Magazine, has hired outside "Image Consultants" to clean up its image.  Cleaning up its image, however, means doing away with the Godly principles that made it great.

It seems that Union groups and the Democrats have been slamming Wal-Mart for low wages. Forty-six percent of Wal-Mart employees have either uninsured children, or are on Medicaid.  This news item showed women holding signs in front of Wal-Mart denouncing the low pay. Hmmmm…. Wal-Mart doesn't like this kind of press.... hmmmm. 

Because of this criticism, Wal-Mart believes that it has seen 8 % fewer customers this year. This has greatly concerned the corporation elite.  Wal-Mart is the single largest private employer in America with 1.3 million employees and an average wage of $10.00/hr. Not bad.

It is the largest retailer in America , with 127 million weekly customers. It boasts a $300 BILLION a year business.  Scott said that this criticism of Wal-Mart policy has effected changes. In an effort to change its image, Wal-Mart is "greening" its stores, making efforts to decrease energy use.  They showed diodes replacing lights in the freezer shelves which use less electricity. 

But Wal-Mart's “makeover” represents a radical shift to the left. This shift has brought it into direct conflict with the Christian family. It is now promoting abortion, homosexuality, and other anti-God policies i.e., the failed attempt to do away with the word “Christmas” last year, the dispensing of the “Plan B” abortifacient, and siding with the radical homosexual agenda.

Wal-Mart has hired a gay-marketing shop, joined the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, and begun discussions with activist groups about extending domestic-partnership benefits to its homosexual employees. Please!

Perhaps the real culprit here is the outside “Image Consultants.” In its incomprehensible push to the left, Wal-Mart has hired a gay marketing shop, Witeck-Combs Communications , known for its work targeting the gay and lesbian consumer market. Why? Wal-Mart is seeking to broaden its appeal to the upscale and urban markets. This is a colossal error!

Wal-Mart is changing! It is departing from the rock from which it was hewn. The faith and love for God and His Word by Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart, is being trashed before our very eyes. God blessed Wal-Mart because Sam Walton applied biblical principles to run his business. He never failed to give King Jesus the glory.

Wal-Mart is certainly free to support whatever it desires. We do not dispute that fact. We, as Christians, are also free to shop where God, family, country, and the memory of Sam Walton, are honored! It is not a difficult choice.