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Letter to Rev. Ronnie Wallace from Pastor Chet Gallagher with Flip's response-

Letter to Rev. Ronnie Wallace from Pastor Chet Gallagher


I deeply regret that I was unable to join all of you in Jackson . My absence from the rank and file makes me hesitate in commenting at all. I hope that Word in Warfare went well and trust that God has accomplished all His Word was intended to accomplish.

I seldom (if ever) appreciate Monday Morning Quarterbacks and though I feel like one today I decided to weigh in on Ronnie's comments as it could well affect future strategies at these important National events.

First of all, let me say, I would have been among the first to light a match to any work of Satan, including the blasphemous Koran. However, militarily speaking, doing the right thing potentially at the wrong time (or place) requires us, as leaders, to communicate and pray as we move forward, together, strategically. Wisdom can prevail in such an atmosphere without implying compromise or cowardice.

Help me here...BUT did we actually fail beforehand to communicate with this godly pastor regarding burning the Koran on the grounds of the church he invited us to? Were we oblivious to the potential consequences as it concerned our mutually dependent relationships during this time of warfare? If so, shouldn't we...even now...prevent additional ammunition from being transferred into the enemy's primary arsenal, his WMD's ("Weapons of Mass Division"?) Will we continue to reload his cache enabling such artillery to divide us further? I pray not.

Ronnie...dear brother and friend...your words are fanning the wrong flame at this crucial time. They are simply too strong, accusatory and, in my opinion, careless. As a pastor yourself I am surprised that you choose to be so critical rather than give more grace to a fellow minister of the Gospel at least in the manner prescribed by the Word. So here is my question...(forgive me if I have presumed wrongly)...Have you at least transmitted your scathing rebuke to him or preferably contacted him personally to discuss your criticism BEFORE broadcasting it to so many others in this e-mail? I pray you have done so (as the Word of God compels it) and if not, I encourage you to make this right.

Although an associate pastor for years, I am really more equipped to serve this leadership team as a spiritual tactician. Tactically speaking, therefore, please do not forget how vital communication is between brethren fighting in adjacent foxholes. Constantly and consistently making known our positions and movements is required to avoid friendly fire and needless collateral damage. Even today's news has demonstrated how effectively the terrorists entice the media to serve their end.

Perhaps I am wrong and communications did not break down regarding the burning. I wasn't there and would appreciate someone who was there informing me rightly if I've been misinformed. But, who is the enemy here? Brothers, we'd best keep the right adversary in our sights, keep focused on him and resist giving ground to the devil.

Please forgive me for not serving as part of the team by joining you on site. I pray this belated communiqué will be received in the right spirit and therefore welcome your comments.

Bless you in Jesus Name
Chet Gallagher

Flip's Response to Pastor Chet

Dear Chet,

We would never have burned the Supreme Court decisions, the homosexual flag, and the Koran if we did not have permission to burn them from the church.

We could have just as easily, and probably should have, burned them in a great garbage heap! Nevertheless these lies straight from the pit of hell deserve an Acts 19:19 burning. We are here to draw an Elijah like line. It is not a question of "Will it work?" or "Is it the right time?" It is a question of "Is it Right?"

The prophets of old were often called by God to speak the truth whether or not the people listened, whether or not their way was rough and companions few, whether or not they would be effective. They were simply called to proclaim God's Word and let the chips fall where they may. You know this better than anyone I know.

Far too many of us these days are busy trying to build coalitions to be effective for Christ. Sounds good, but it causes us to drop the bar of God's principles to the lowest common denominator to keep people in the group. Never a good idea!

We have become far too religiously sensitive (politically correct) to tell the truth about Islam! It is a murderous, monstrosity that seeks to kill, be killed, or convert (by force) the world. Christ is not at all like this. He bids us to come unto Him (Matthew 11:28). He does not force His dogma down our throats. He bids us to come.

Islam, on the other hand, demands subjection (not submission) of all who disagree with its lying tenants. It murders people by using Sharia law and shouting Allah-Akbar if anyone is in disagreement.

Burning the Koran is preeminently a peaceful act that declares a powerful truth. Burning people, slitting their throats, crashing airplanes into buildings, strapping bombs on children in the name of Allah, hiding behind women and children during war, is violent and criminal. It testifies to the heinousness of the lie called Islam!

In Christian love,