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The Election is Over – Now Let's Storm the Gates of Hell!

The Election is Over – Now Let's Storm the Gates of Hell!

The election results are in. The News media frenzy is over. Many of us are remembering once again that life does not begin and end in Washington, D.C. National, state and local elections are not nearly as important as breathless radio and TV talk show hosts would have us believe. Understand, ratings are driven by numbers. Every little thing therefore, no matter how utterly trivial, becomes a monumental “breaking news story.”

We Christians can now return to the real battlefield, where the battle can be fought and truly won in the incomparable Name of Jesus. Republicans and Conservatives run from that Name. Conservatism is pretend salt and Republicans are even worse (see, “Conservatism is Pretend Salt”, www.Operationsaveamerica.org).

We win every time we make up our minds to unsheathe the Sword of God's Spirit, turn our eyes upon Jesus, and take back the land the enemy has stolen (or that Republicans and Conservatives have given away). We win every time. We don't have to wait until the end of the book to see who wins – we do, in Jesus' Name! Faith is the victory my friends, so let's be faithful to God's call upon our lives and run the race marked out.

Consider the Presidential Election of 1992. William Jefferson Clinton was elected President of the United States of America . All of us pro-life Christians were in a state of shock. We felt that all had been lost. Nothing, however, could have been further from the truth. God was up to something.

Although President Clinton was the most pro-abortion, pro-homosexual president ever elected in this nation, and although he had a Democratic majority in both the House and Senate, the number of abortions performed in America steadily decreased during his Presidency. Ironically, the number of abortions increased every year in the previous 12 years of Republican presidents.

The Clinton Presidency saw an unprecedented drop in the number of abortionists performing abortions (almost a 40% plunge). The number of free standing abortion mills in America numbered well-over 2,000 when he entered office but shrunk to less than 800 when he left office. What happened?

Every piece of legislation out of the Democratic House and Senate (Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act – FACE anyone?) seemed to favor the abortion industry. Every Executive Order dripped with political favor to the abortion industry. The Attorney General's office under Janet Reno became the federal enforcer for the abortion industry. Politically, the pro-life movement was a shambles.

It was so bad that even political pundits like Charles Krauthammer were declaring that the abortion wars were over now that the Clinton White House was in power. “The people have spoken,” Krauthammer exclaimed. Mr. Krauthammer, however, had not figured Almighty God into his equation.

It was about this time, when all hope for a political solution to the abortion holocaust seemed lost, that several of the unsteady (not grounded in Christ) in the pro-life movement began to look for a different solution – justifiable homicide. Yes, killing abortionists - should we or shouldn't we, became the talk of the movement (see, “Why We Don't Shoot Abortionists,” www.Operationsaveamerica.org.).

Justifiable homicide was a sad development indeed, and one born out of a sense of frustration that babies were being killed and there was nothing we could do about it. So let's start shooting. What foolishness! Some of us were becoming enemies of the cross of Christ. From all outward appearances the devil had won the day.

So, what happened? How did the abortion battles begin to be won during the most pro-abortion Presidential Administration in our nation's history?

First, pro-life Christians came to grips with the fact that abortion, at its roots, was never a political issue to begin with, and therefore could never be resolved in the political arena. Oh, it certainly had physical ramifications in the political realm but, at its heart, abortion was and is, preeminently a Gospel issue. It was, is, and forever will be a battle over who is Lord and whose laws reign. Is it man's laws or God's Law?

If this were the case, then we have been promised in the Bible that the gates of hell cannot prevail against God's Church. The gates of hell, however, will forever prevail against conservatism and the Republican Party. If our hope rests in either Conservatism or the Republican Party, we are doomed to be as vexed as Lot in Sodom .

That's right! Just like Lot , we will always be wringing our hands about the pitiful estate of our land but will find ourselves unwilling and unable to do anything about it. Have you heard the Conservative radio and T.V. talk show hosts of our day? They point out much of what is true yet they have not the power to do anything about it? They will not stand in the magnificent Name, JESUS. They are impotent!

Conservatism is not the vehicle we can ride into victory. It has never found a cause for which it is willing to die. FAITH in God (Jesus) is the only vehicle we can ride into victory. Conservatism, far from being a friend, is our deadliest foe. It fools us into believing that we can compromise with the enemy and find peace.

Secondly, we realized that judgment begins in the house of God. We were very surprised to come to the conclusion that it was the Church of Jesus Christ who was most responsible for the abortion holocaust savaging our land. Instead of blaming Democrats, the ACLU, NOW, Planned Parenthood, ad nauseam, we began to realize that we were the ones who needed to repent. Instead of indicting Republicans and Conservatives for their cowardice (most are compromising cowards) we had to face our own cowardice.

We were the ones in sin. We were not being light in the world. We lost every last savor of our saltiness. Whenever this occurs, we can expect to be trampled under the feet of men. Our Lord Jesus said it would be this way (Matthew 5:13). Yes, enemies of God were now ruling over us and we had no one to blame but ourselves.

Once this was confessed and repented of, we began storming the gates of hell in the mighty Name of Jesus. We unsheathed the Sword of the Spirit (the Word of God) – something the Republican Party would never allow – and took the battle right to the gates of hell in our cities (the local abortion mills). And, surprise of all surprises, the gates of hell came tumbling down.

One by one these murderous establishments began to disappear. Fewer and fewer abortions were being performed and fewer abortionists were performing them. God Himself was beginning to intervene on behalf of His Church because His people were allowing His theology to become biography in the streets. We were out of the closet and Bill Clinton forced us out, thank God!

The abortion industry began to quake. The gates of hell began to crumble and the battle began to be won. Yes, simple moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, little boys and girls lived out their faith in the streets and abortion mills began to close by the hundreds. Many of those employed in the abortion industry gave their hearts to Christ (Norma McCorvey, the Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade , Dr. Bernard Nathanson, the founder of NARAL) are now, to this day, standing with us.

Thirdly, we realized that if abortion was truly a Gospel issue, then Church of Jesus Christ was the only institution ordained by God to overcome it (Matthew 16:18). Yes, the Church was, is, and forever will be God's solution to the abortion holocaust and to every other malady savaging our wonderful nation. We are the watchmen.

Why do radical homosexuals come out to the abortion mills to harass and harangue those gentle Christians attempting to give moms and dad's a real choice?  What do they care about reproductive freedom?  Doing what they do will never produce a child – so what's their beef? They understand the battle far better than the Church of Jesus Christ.  It is not a battle about abortion, homosexuality, euthanasia, ad nauseam.  These are simply outward manifestations of a battle that began in heaven and is now savaging the world.  It is a battle over who is Lord and whose laws reign.  Abortion is preeminently a Gospel issue.  Jesus therefore, is the only solution!      

The sign reads:  “Pro-choice, Don't bring God into this!”  The back of the white T-shirt says:  “Nothing Christ-like in terrorizing women.”  The enemies of God are revealing the true nature of the battle in everything they say, everything they do, and everything they wear.  They know that abortion is a Gospel issue better than we do.