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2003 Articles Part 3

 2003 Articles Part 3

Man of the Year: Roy Moore
Posted December 27, 2003
By Ann Coulter @ Human Events
Roy MooreAnne Coulter has become for me one of the most brilliant, witty, and succinct writers of commentary in today's newspapers I've ever read. She has nailed the seed of the serpent on more occasions than anyone else. She is crushing his head with the truth of the Gospel of Christ. She draws no quarter, she compromises never, she serves the Kingdom she sees. Read this article and see for yourself why this laser beam of truth has been given such a platform in today's liberal media. Would that we pastors would see things with the clarity, insight, and humor of Anne Coulter.
.... It's the blue states that are constantly sending lawyers to the red states to bother everyone. Americans in the red states look at a place like New York City—where, this year, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade featured a gay transvestite as Mrs. Claus—and say, Well, I guess some people like it, but it's not for me. Meanwhile, liberals in New York and Washington are consumed with what people are doing in Alabama and Nebraska . Nadine Strossen and Barry Lynn cannot sleep at night knowing that someone, somewhere, is gazing upon something that could be construed as a religious symbol.

Encouragement for Rescuers in 2004
Posted December 24, 2003
“Disturb us, 0 Lord!
“Disturb us, 0 Lord, when we are too well pleased with ourselves; when our dreams have come true because we dreamed too little; when we have arrived in safety because we sailed close to the shore...

30 Days in Federal Prison
By Jerry Crawford & Mike Warren
That is the sentence that will soon be executed upon Rev. Mike Warren and myself. The problem is - we didn't break any law ! We are the victims of an arrogant tyrant in the person of Federal District Judge Richard Arcara. Those are strong words, but not frivolous or without merit. Briefly: * We didn't break any law! * The Grand Jury did not indict us. Arcara ordered his magistrate to hold a hearing anyway. * The federal magistrate agreed that the TRO had expired by statute, Supreme Court precedent supported our position and he recommended that charges should be dropped...

"Testimony of a burned-out Pro-lifer"
December 24, 2003: "OSA's Christmas Gift to You" 
Donnie Halbgewachs Jr. and his entire family have been a wonderful blessing from God to Operation Save America groups around the country.  From Nebraska to Texas to the Philippines, all the way down to Charlotte, North Carolina, this family has stormed the gates of hell with the Gospel of Christ.  Donnie's testimony will be a real encouragement to you.
Merry Christmas gentle warriors for our King, - Flip
I was raised in the church. I come from a strong Christian family and a rich Christian heritage. My father pastored a small church in a farm community in Nebraska for twenty-seven years. We are just simple hard working people that love our wives and kids, go to church and try to be good citizens. But something rattled my cage. The evil of institutionalized child killing.

Blatant Anti-Christian Bias in North Carolina Schools
December 23, 2003:
This letter, written by a concerned parent, is typical of the  multicultural, diverse, acceptance of any religion except Christianity garbage that has blinded the minds of school administrations across this land.  It is one more reason to get behind our "God Is Going Back to School" campaign that begins March 1, 2004.
I have just finished reading the article in the Charlotte Observer about the teacher at Concord High and your demonstration there. I have a good one for you. My name is Sherry Clawson, my son is a 7th Grader at Sun Valley Middle School in Union County North Carolina. During 5th period Drama class, on Monday, December 15th, he was forced (I say forced because a 13 yr. old is not going to walk out of class) not only to listen to a young girl talk & teach about her Religion, but to also participate in her prayer. My son's teacher, Mr. Wiese, asked what every one wanted for Christmas.  This particular young lady stood up and stated that she did not celebrate Christmas, She celebrated Ramadan.

OSA Storms the Gates of Hell at Cabarrus County High School
Posted December 18, 2003

Two newspapers in Charlotte covered this event yesterday as Christians proclaimed the Gospel of Christ at the high school. Since these two accounts today present such a contrast, we present both articles for you here to read. One, the Independent Tribune covered it with the rules of journalism. The Charlotte Observer covered it with another agenda completely. It is exciting to see such a contrast revealing the blatant media bias by certain newspapers and reporters that hate the Lord Jesus and Christians. See for yourself and then read our brief response below the two articles! - See related Press Release, Concord High School to be Confronted by Gospel of Christ.

Dr. Dobson and "Focus on the Family" Removed from Christian Radio Station
Posted December 18, 2003
This report came to us by our good friend Steve Lefemine in South Carolina
Dr. Dobson is now running head on into those Christians who believe the Gospel of Christ has nothing to do with the culture we live in, but simply the salvation of souls.  Because Dr. Dobson stood steadfastly in the corner of Judge Roy Moore, stood with Terri Schiavo, and continues in his strong pro-life stand with Operation Rescue, this radio station felt like it should be able to censor that which it doesn't like and keep that which it does.

Israeli leader to step down as National Director of Pro-life Ministry in Israel
Posted December 18, 2003
Israeli leader to step down as National Director of Pro-life Ministry in Israel - Click image for larger viewOur good friend in Israel , Marvin S. Kramer, is stepping down to decentralize pro-life activities in Israel .  When we were in Israel with him last year, he opened our eyes to the real terrorism taking place in in that little nation.  More babies are being killed in Israel per capita by abortion, than are being killed in America.  Islamic terrorists cannot hold a candle to the slaughter the Israelies are inflicting upon themselves. Their blinded eyes to the Gospel of Christ and the plight of the unborn are a sign and a judgment from God Himself that Israel is not yet ready to say, "Baruch haba ba shem Adonai" (Blessed is he who comes in the Name of the Lord).

Christmas Pursues the ACLU
Posted December 16, 2003
By Bill Shanks
Signs read "Joe, Joe, why do you persecute me?" signed - Jesus.
Signs read "Joe, Joe, why do you persecute me?" signed - Jesus.Pastors Greg Pembo, Grant Storms, Greg Hand, and Bill Shanks, along with other saints, presented a living nativity scene outside of the local ACLU office in New Orleans . We sang carols, worshiped God, prayed, and read the Christmas story from the bible all on public property. Six of us ministers then went into the ACLU's office building to deliver a Christmas present of a small nativity scene and a Christmas card signed by us all.

A Plea From Atlanta, GA
Posted December 11, 2003
By Michael Wolven
Question: What happens when a woman walks into a sign post? Answer: She gets hurt and feels at least a little embarrassed at her oversight
Question: What happens when an abortion-minded woman walks into a sign post in front of an abortion mill?
Answer: They arrest Michelle
This is why I always tell people, you never know if you will get arrested when you go down to the mill.  The truth is, little babies are being torn apart inside of that building while America's finest police at best stand by and do nothing, at worst, actively participate.  In this case, they actively participated.  An officer said he saw Michelle push the woman into the sign post.  Don't be surprised at the lie - that is the lesser of their evils and should be expected considering the line of work.

Posted December 11, 2003
By Rev. Mike Warren of RESCUE ROCHESTER
According to Ecclesiastes there is nothing new under the sun; and according to Hebrews, God is the same, yesterday, today and forever! This battle we are engaged in for the lives of unborn children is not new.  God is not surprised by it. This battle has been fought before. This battle has been won before. An excellent revelation of this fact is the book Third Time Around, by Dr. George Grant.

Flip Encourages Pastors in CT
to turn their community right side up and deliver the mail the Lord has given us. 

By Marilyn Carroll
Posted December 9. 2003
The snow started Friday afternoon, so it took us three hours to get Flip back from the airport. We had a great time of fellowship and teaching Friday night when 21 lifesavers showed up, in spite of the blustery snowy weather. Flip spoke about "30 Years Later" by Fr. Francis and how the partial birth abortion ban is a bogus piece of legislation that saves not one life. He said that you will fight this battle according to how you perceive it.

Another Woman Murdered at an Abortion Mill
Here is yet another example of the abortion industry's calloused heart toward precious women and their children. The enemy that inhabits the shell of the abortion industry is the same one who inhabited the shell of Pharaoh and Adolph Hitler. He has come to rob kill and destroy and he is filled with the demonic fury that cares nothing for life, mercy, or compassion. Yet, he (Satan) is always presented as a compassionate, merciful friend to mothers in a crisis pregnancy situation. He always appears to be an “angel of light.” His solution always seems to be the easiest and quickest way to solve a problem. It is the wide path. It leads only to destruction, not only of the child, but also the mother who chooses this path.

Two weeks ago Tuesday, another woman was murdered by an abortionist in Birmingham , AL . The media never seems to cover this butchery in our nation's abortion mills. As a matter of fact, the media is the cover the devil uses to blind us to his murderous ways. If the truth were ever told, legalized abortion in this country would come to an end. - Flip

"Years ago... at least women knew what they were getting with a coat hangar!"
Small Victories - Granite City, IL
December 8, 2003
Convicted felon "botches" woman’s abortion behind the $2 million dollar "state of the art" facade of Hope for women. Woman fights for her life on operating table, doctors bring her back to life. On December 3, 2003 a young woman from Missouri seeking a second trimester abortion was rushed across the street to Gateway Regional Hospital that sits 200 feet across from the Midwest’s largest abortion mill, Hope Clinic for Women, in Granite City, IL. They perform between 10,000 and 13,000 abortions a year with price ranges from $400.00 to $2400.00 dollars. They specialize in late-term abortions and no parental consent is needed for underage pregnant girls. The woman was reportedly screaming to hospital employees to "keep Shah and Palmer away from me!" Yogendra Shah and felon Alan Palmer are the two remaining abortionists at this killing facility and both are currently on staff at this hospital. According to the St. Louis Globe Democrat, Palmer was convicted in Nov 1979, fined $5,000, and spent six months incarcerated in prison.

Email From Singapore
Posted December 2, 2003
Dear Rev Benham: Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. I had been scrolling through your <www.operationsaveamerica.org> for the past half hour. It was my first visit to the site. I "stumbled" into it after running through "Google" for "exposing Islam" sites. I must commend you for the many positions which you are convicted of and have been acting on (even as I think there may eventually be some other positions which we may hold different convictions on). ...

Regarding the Roe v. Wade Memorial January 22, 2004 -

A message from OSA National Director, Flip Benham:

Folks, instead of going to Washington DC to celebrate the 31st anniversary of decriminalized child killing (Roe v. Wade) let us consider going to the places where babies are killed and to the courts that ushered us into this culture of death. Fr Francis McCloskey has made up his mind that after 30 years of marching in Washington, D.C., enough is enough! He will be joining the saints in Bridgeport , CT as they conduct an Ecclesiastical Court outside the federal courthouse in that city (Click and read the article below). We're asking you to do the same. Ask God to put creative ideas into your mind and heart as to how He would have you speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. We will be mourning 31 years of unabated child slaughter (45 million dead children) this Roe Memorial Day, Jan. 22, 2004 . Call your churches. Speak to your pastors. Exhort them to come out to the streets of your city. Yes, compel them to make their theology become biography at the gates of Hell. We are done with the low living of Republican and Conservative politics .  It is up to us, the Church of Jesus Christ , to fight this battle and fight we will. 

We won't hesitate in the presence of the adversary, we won't flinch in the face of sacrifice, we won't negotiate at the table of the enemy, we won't ponder at the pool of popularity and meander in the maze of mediocrity. We won't give up, let up, or shut up until we have stayed up, prayed up, paid up, preached up for the cause of Christ and His unborn children. We will go till He comes, give till we drop, preach till all know and work till He stops us. We will not bend a knee to the politics of this day but proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord until He comes for His own. He will recognize us for our banner will be clear.

By Fr Francis McCloskey
Posted November 25, 2003
of Marching on Washington , begging crumbs for infants and messing politicians' heads... If today they can vote life to babies, they can later vote them death; begging politicians is basically a pro-choice activity even if you beg for life; you're giving them life/death power, making them think they can exercise God's prerogative over life and death, the very sin the Supreme Court fell into in the first place.  And yet you know that even if Congress unanimously outlaws abortion, a judge or judges somewhere will cancel it out. Is there something better?... FOR THE 31ST YEAR...

Response to Father Francis
Posted December 5, 2003
To Fr. Francis McCloskey:  Please tell me it wasn't YOU who wrote, "begging politicians is basically a pro-choice activity even if you beg for life. This kind of talk condemns. It is divisive and insulting. It is judging towards the wrong people. I respectfully ask, who is anyone to call what I and others do "begging politicians," even in righteous anger? I know it is all going to be done God's way, whatever way that is, and I fight this culture of death from as many angles as humanly possible, because maybe God's way includes ALL of the weapons He gives us. I know there are those here in Bridgeport who condemn and ridicule me for suggesting people write and call their politicians and judges, or attend a D.C. march. However, I do not suggest to people, "ONLY do just that and nothing else." ... Father Francis' response: ...

2003, the Year of the Homosexual
By Flip Benham
Posted November 21, 2003
There can be no doubt about it now. The year 2003 has been a nuclear explosion for the expansion of the radical homosexual agenda. Almost every television sit-com has a homosexual character, always portrayed as funny, bright, and sweet. Even commercials are playing the sexual diversity card. Almost every major corporation has instituted “same sex” medical benefits. Our schools have become primary agents to press the homosexual lifestyle into the hearts and minds of our kids. Our local, state, and federal governments have all bowed and kissed the face of this deadly idol. And one had better never say a contrary word about homosexuality on our college campuses. You do at the risk of your own life. Yes, 2003 is a year that will go down in infamy. It will forever be remembered as “the year of the homosexual.”

God Continues to Go Back to School!

By Marilyn Carroll
Posted November 22. 2003
We continued the OSA National campaign today "God is Going Back to School." About 15 came out to Bullard Haven High School to hold signs and pass out gospel literature to teens going into the school. Even our own teens participated before they went to school. We passed out two big boxes containing approximately a thousand brochures. The truth was given to these youth on varying subjects including abortion, safe sex, abstinence, STD's, birth control, and salvation. I don't think it was a coincidence that the Lord led us to go there two days after Planned Parenthood was allowed into the school to spread their lies and give out condoms. Please pray for these youth, that the word of God would not return void but manifest into fruit for His glory. We were so grateful and blessed to have Pastor Miller and Pastor Pedro join us in this outreach endeavor. Bridgeport police were present. Everything went well.

Christians Standing with Justice Roy Moore During Inquisition Photo Page
Posted November 23, 2003
Calling upon the King of kings!These photos from Montgomery represent some of the Christians that stood with Justice Moore during the kangaroo court "trial" led by Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor, November 11-13, 2003. We are still standing with Roy Moore as he stands by the Lord Jesus Christ, refusing to deny our Lord and God.

Michael Jackson - the Tragic Truth about Homosexuality
Posted November 21, 2003
With all of the advancements of the radical homosexual agenda this year, God Himself has begun to unveil the absolute horror and bondage of the homosexual lifestyle. He has done it through the tragic life of Michael Jackson.

Chief Justice Roy Moore's Court Trial
By Rusty Thomas
Posted November 18, 2003
Due to the blackout and censorship that forbad the public to view the proceedings in Roy Moore's court trial, Operation Save America thought it prudent to take notes during the trial. This outline is not the actual transcript of this historical trial. It is a compilation of written, key observations taken during the trial. It is not comprehensive nor exhaustive in scope, but provides a general outline of the thoughts and arguments presented.

Pamphlets at Your School Rebuttal
By Rusty Thomas
Posted November 17, 2003
Rusty Thomas responds to an editorial in the Waco Tribune attempting to slam the gentle Christian warriors who brought the graphic truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Waco, Texas. Rusty joined the Missionaries to the Preborn as they brought the theology of the church house to the highways and byways, the high, and Baylor University. Yes, they brought the theology of the church house to the very gates of hell. It was an awesome time of witnessing for the lives of preborn children and presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ to high school and university students. The city of Waco was in an uproar, and well it should have been.

Partial Birth Abortion Ban - pros and cons
Posted November 17, 2003
The fact that a puny little federal judge from Nebraska issued a temporary restraining order one hour after the President of the United States of America signed the Partial Birth Abortion Ban into law ought to give us some clue as to the diabolical nature of this battle. The devil has used the courts of this land to totally subvert the Godly laws of our nation's founding and remove every last vestige of our country's rich Biblical heritage.

Follow the Money
By Carol LeFreniere
Posted November 17, 2003
Amid the victory celebrations in the pro-life camp over passage of the partial-birth abortion ban, I almost feel mean asking, "Exactly what are they celebrating?" The new law will not stop one abortion from taking place; it will not save one life. Yet it's being hailed as a stunning victory for the pro-life community.

Miracle in Austin - the Gates of Hell Cannot Prevail!
By Jim Phillips
Posted November 15, 2003
The padlocked gate at quiet Planned Parenthood mill site at 201 E. Ben White in Austin... God has moved through His people. The issue split the country. Families and churches were divided. The U. S. Supreme Court's decision declaring the victims to be non-human was hotly debated. Major denominations were losing members. There was a growing concern over the materialism pervading the land and a fear that the young were growing up without God. In a major city a 48 year-old layman, a former businessman turned city missionary, decided to respond. What happened next was absolutely astounding.

Judge Roy Moore Unrepentant!
By Janet Spear
Posted November 15, 2003
Just got back to B'ham from Montgomery. As I am sure you know, Roy Moore was found guilty/removed from office by a unanimous vote. . .For a victim of such a concerted, vicious, gang attack, he was remarkably composed leaving the courthouse and dealing with an equally hostile press.

Alabama ousts Justice Moore
But promises announcement next week that 'could alter course of this country'

November 13, 2003
12:20 p.m. Eastern
© 2003 WorldNetDaily.com
Posted November 14, 2003
Alabama's nine-member Court of the Judiciary removed Roy Moore from his position as chief justice today for defiance of a federal judge's order to move his Ten Commandments monument from the rotunda of the state courthouse.

President Bush Betrays Almighty God!
By Flip Benham
Posted November 14, 2003
In all of our work to bring the Gospel of Christ to Metropolitan Community Churches across this nation, we now have a President who is not only condoning homosexuality, but blessing the churches that put forth this heresy. That's right! Our President is proclaiming that one can be a practicing homosexual and a Christian at the same time. This is an abomination!

Hypocrisy in Power Equals Tyranny
When Principle Meets Two Glaring Examples
By Stephen Mashburn
Posted November 14, 2003
Even the world despises a hypocrite no matter what they may agree or disagree on. Senate Democrats have read Bill Pryor’s past comments regarding resistance to unlawful orders by federal judges that are obviously ruling contrary to the Constitution. They have hated Bill Pryor for this. Bill Pryor has now responded by saying that he now supports “the rule of law” and that he will enforce all federal orders. Bill Pryor wants to be appointed to a lifetime job on the federal bench so bad he is willing to prosecute and ruin the career of any Christian statesmen even though that is contrary to everything he has claimed to stand for in the past. ... “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” James 1:8 ...This week President Bush is praising the sodomites in the heretical “Metropolitan Community Church” on their 35th anniversary as an openly homosexual “church” in a letter to sodomite activist and self-proclaimed “pastor” Troy DO. Perry. Bush states in that October 14 missive:

Ten Commandments Judge Heads to 'Trial'
By Susan Jones
CNSNews.com Morning Editor
Posted November 12, 2003
(CNSNews.com) - Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore won't be alone when he goes before a judicial court Wednesday morning to fight for his job -- and ultimately, for his belief in God. Christians from across the nation will be in Alabama to cheer for the man who, they say, has done more to remind this country of its biblical roots, and its ethical, moral and legal foundations than any other person in the past 50 years. The Rev. Flip Benham, national director of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America, called it "shocking" that a man of Moore's ethical integrity could be tried for ethical misconduct.

Judge Moore to Face Court Wednesday, Explain Stance
Allie Martin and Rusty Pugh
Agape Press
Posted November 12, 2003
The man at the center of the debate over the public acknowledgment of God faces a hearing that could determine his future on Alabama's highest court. The suspended chief justice of Alabama's highest court is preparing for a hearing that could result in his removal from office.

Christians to Stand with Chief Justice Roy Moore
November 12, 2003
Christians from across the nation will be joining Judge Roy Moore as he appears before the Court of the Judiciary this morning to face charges of judicial ethics violations while serving as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of Alabama. “It is shocking that a man of such ethical integrity and character could be brought before a tribunal such as this,” said the National Director of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America, Rev. Flip Benham. “Chief Justice Moore has done more to remind this country of her biblical roots, and the ethical, moral, and legal foundations than any other person in the past 50 years.”

Judge Roy Moore Needs Us Now!
We must go back to Montgomery

November 11-13, 2003

Judge Roy Moore will be going to trial November 12, 2003. The trial will take place in the very court where he presided as Chief Justice before being suspended from his duties by several "Christian" associate justices - the Supreme Court of the state of Alabama. He is being charged with contempt of court for not abiding by federal Judge Myron Thompson's "illegal" court order to remove the Ten Commandments Monument from the rotunda of the Alabama Supreme Court building.

This is an outrage! We cannot not sit passively by while this utter injustice is taking place in the God-hating courts of this land. We must stand with the man who is standing with Jesus.

We must be there to support Judge Roy Moore! We are asking, no pleading with you to do whatever is necessary to allow your theology to become biography in the streets of Montgomery, once again. We know that you have been all over this country fighting the Gospel battle but, you were born for a time such as this. The trumpet has sounded. Bill Pryor, the Attorney General of the State of Alabama, will be leading the prosecution. Remember, Mr. Pryor ran for office based on the fact that he would stand by Judge Roy Moore and his right to display the Ten Commandments in the Alabama Supreme Court building. Mr Pryor confesses Christ, but Mr. Pryor has been less than truthful in carrying out the duties of his office.

It is imperative that we stand with our brother!

See you in Montgomery, Alabama, November 11-13, as we storm the gates of hell once again. Colossians 4:17.


Gay school teenagers (from all-gay high school) arrested in robberies
Posted November 11, 2003
Five male students from the city's first homosexual, lesbian and transgender public high school have been charged with a series of robberies pulled off while the suspects dressed as female prostitutes. The cross-dressing teenagers, all between 16 and 17 years old, donned blonde wigs and earrings and then solicited sex from their victims, sources said. The boys then flashed fake badges to show their "johns" they were undercover cops and handcuffed their "tricks," who, in exchange for escaping arrest, handed over their wallets, credit cards and, in two instances, cash machine PIN numbers.

Abortionist "OUSTED" from Mecca of the Midwest..Slaughterhouse!
Small Victories - Granite City, IL
November 6, 2003
Abortionist Darwin Jackson Jr., no longer performs abortions at the Hope Clinic in Granite City, IL and is no longer on staff at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, MO and his OB/GYN office has been vacated. Gross, negligent, malpractice lawsuits have been filed against Mr. Jackson, Mr.Yogendra Shah, and the Hope Clinic, including wrongful death lawsuits.

Will Unborn Babies Go to Heaven?
Brenda Spurlock & Flip give an answer.
Posted November 6, 2003
Rev. Benham, We need help with some Biblical questions that have arisen in our church. The discussion came up in our Sunday School class about what the Bible has to say about the unborn / little children who die. Most seem to believe that all children who die before the "age of accountability" automatically go to heaven. Are there verses in Scripture that give basis to this "age of accountability"? If so, why fight for the unborn child? If they are going to heaven when they die anyway, why fight to save them? Where does I Cor. 7:14 fit in? Thanks for any Biblical answers and references you can give! God Bless your ministry for Him!!

Fraudulent Email is Not from Flip
Posted November 5, 2003
Flip Benham would never send an e-mail such as the one listed below. Randall Terry, though a friend of his, is in rebellion against Almighty God, against the Church, and against the unborn babies. Randall has been confronted with his sin time and again by Flip Benham, leaders of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America, and his pastor of sixteen years - all to no avail. Flip has just been made aware of this fraudulent e-mail...

The Fire Fighter
By Ray Comfort
Posted November 4, 2003
An experienced New York fire fighter was charged this week with grave neglect of duty. Prosecutors maintained that he abandoned his responsibility and betrayed the people of New York when he failed to release some very needed rescue equipment. This resulted in the needless and tragic deaths of a family of five. Eye-witnesses were sickened when they discovered that the reason the fire fighter remained in the locked emergency vehicle was simply to test a new high tech CD player, which he maintained that he had purchased as a gift for the Fire Chief.

Posted November 1, 2003
OSA - Dallas is painting a powerful portrait of what the Church of Jesus Christ can do when she is unafraid and unashamed of the power of the Gospel of Christ! - On Saturday, October 25, 2003, OSA-Dallas stormed the gates of the local witch in town. We went to the psychic with the Good News that Jesus Christ is Lord and that, yes even a witch can be set free from the bondage of sin and death!

In the once communist atheist Country of Russia, they have banned Halloween and the evil that comes with it
By Dennis Hebert
Posted October 31, 2003
What evil things do we ban in America? The only things I can think of that have been banned lately by our Christian Courts are things like School Prayer, The Pledge of Allegiance, School Bible Clubs, carrying of Bibles in School, anything to do with God and anything to do with the Christian Faith and least we forget, the Ten Commandments from our courtrooms and the Rotunda of the Alabama Supreme Court Building.

The State of Texas v Judy Kreller & Dorothy Boyett
Lubbock, Texas October 29, 2003
Judy & Dorothy have been on the sidewalk outside Aaron's Women's (abortion) Clinic for over 10 years. They are out there if it is 100 degrees or 20 degrees handed out Bible tracts and witnessing to anyone who will listen. Even though they both work as R.N.'s they spend more than 30 hours each week interceding for those who have no voice. During 2003 Twenty-three mothers have come out of the building and told them that they had changed their mind and were going to let their baby live. Many more drive away after viewing the large pictures of first trimester aborted babies.

Terri Schiavo - God's Living Parable to a Dying World!
By Tom and Linda McGlade
Posted October 31, 2003
Pastor Sam tries to offer water to TerriPrior to our trip to Pinellas Park on the Wednesday that the feeding tube was removed, it is shameful to admit, but most of us had not really paid much attention to the plight of this precious young lady. Prompted by the encouragement of a brokenhearted woman who lived in Montana (who we had never met), who begged us to intervene on behalf of Terri, we obeyed God and went. Little did we realize that the Lord was preparing a banquet table, in the midst of a mighty host of enemies, for those who sought to rescue His helpless handmaiden! The feast was to be bountiful; yet, sadly very few were going to take part in this “Lord's Supper” – it was only for those who had eyes to see.

The "Lost Coin" Weekend
December 5th and 6th
Special Guest: National Speaker Stephen Bennett
Reaching people for Christ who are lost in the sin of Homosexuality
By Pastor Daniel Thompson
Posted October 29, 2003
... We all know those who are lost rarely go to church, therefore, we must go to them. The “man” went after that which was lost until he found it; the “woman” diligently swept till she found it, and the “father” ran to the son while he was still “a great way off.” We know the sheep could never have made its way back without another’s shoulders; the coin would have just laid in the dirt unless the woman had swept, and the son might not have made it all the way home without the father running to meet him halfway.

Terri Schindler-Schiavo - Where are the Feminists Crying for her Rights?
By Janet Spear
Posted October 28, 2003
Ever wonder where the feminists have been during all this??? I mean, here's a man who is obviously hell-bent and determined to take this woman's life. Not only that, he has involved other men in the act (attorney George Felos, Judge George Greer, and countless others) . . .yet nary a word, that I've heard, from those paragons of women’s rights, the feminists.

Please Remove Randall's Feeding Tube
By Patrick S. Poole
Posted October 27, 2003
There are few things I hate in this life more than hypocrisy, especially my own. That's why I was very hesitant to write this article. We are all broken people in need of God's redeeming grace. Even the most saintly of men and women are corrupted by sin. We should treat others as we expect to be treated, and certainly having our most private of sins trotted out for the world to see is nothing that any of us want to endure. Jesus lays out procedures for confronting a Christian trapped in their sin (Matthew 18: 15-17), which are designed to protect their name and reputation, and giving them opportunity to repent of their sins.

Paul Hill Supporter writes a Eulogy
Posted September 9, 2003
‘Below is a eulogy for Paul Hill written by his friend, Bruce Murch.
Flip’s response to Bruce follows.

September 1, 2003

Paul Hill premeditatedly and with malice aforethought murdered two abortion industry employees in July of 1994. Mr. Hill has confessed his crime of killing Mr. Britton (an abortionist) and Mr. Barrett (an escort) at an abortion mill in Pensacola, FL. He has been tried by a jury of his peers and found guilty. He is sentenced to die by lethal injection on September 3, 2003. “If we consider life sacred, he must be executed,” said Rev Flip Benham, National Director of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America.

By Rusty Thomas
Posted October 8, 2003

Obviously, Mr. Heavin went way beyond just exercising his considerable influence. He stepped up to the plate in a major way. As a result, no longer can Planned Parenthood claim the high moral ground that has deceived the masses by stating they provide services for women that nobody else does. No longer will women be enslaved to receiving "health care" from an odious organization that kills children, spreads immorality, and has provided a safe haven for pedophiles that prey upon our daughters. Mr. Heavin has removed the mask of legitimacy from Planned Parenthood and is helping to make their "services" obsolete.


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