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Another Wal-Mart Employee Quits

Another Wal-Mart Employee Quits

Janet Baird, the Ohio Wal-Mart employee who quit rather than work for a company that has trampled under foot the Christian values of its founder, Sam Walton, sends us information on a Florida Wal-Mart employee who was inspired by Janet's stand and has also quit.


Another Wal-Mart Employee Quits

Janet Baird writes:

Just wanted to get the word out that another Wal-Mart associate took a stand and quit her job. Karin Laginess of Auberndale Fl., after reading an article in worldnetdaily about me quitting my job was convicted and gave her two week notice.

I thank God other people are taking a stand on the word of God. To each and everyone of you that has gotten this story out, thank you so much.

Wal-Mart made a statement to the Mansfield News Journal they were not aware of any associates quitting because of their decision to join the chamber to support same sex marriage. Well hopefully more will step out on faith.

Again thank you and God's blessings