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Pastor Ronnie Wallace's Response to “The Mississippi Link”

Pastor Ronnie Wallace's
Response to “The Mississippi Link”
July 20-26 Article
“Are Black People Avoiding Abortion Agenda?”

Read your front page story “Are Black People Avoiding Abortion Agenda?” and found it the fairest story published in Jackson during my two week visit to the city for the OSA event. However, the “Abortion Agenda” is exactly what White owned newspapers and White owned television makes every attempt to avoid.

A young white female reporter said to me last week in front of The Jackson Women's Health Organization, “The reason you people (pro-lifers) get such negative press is because you attack reporters who come to cover your events.” She was responding to the question I asked her as to why the media always turn their cameras off when I mention the connection between racism and abortion. And even though I was the offended party, she said she found the question “offensive.” Still she turned off her camera, hid in the parking lot until I finished, and came back to cover my White male pro-life friends. If my allegations were untrue she had no reason to be offended. If they are true, she corroborated my allegations by turning her camera off.

Your interview with Jamilah Hoffman of Houston is typical of the language given by Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood to promote contraception and abortion in their abortion agenda. There is no doubt in my mind that Hoffman has no idea what that agenda is or the purpose behind the agenda.

If she did, no doubt she would join me in denouncing someone who referred to Blacks as dysgenic, feeble-minded, syphilitic, irresponsible and of defective stocks. Surely she would not stand so fervently behind people who claim that “Negroes particularly in the South still breed carelessly and disastrously with the result that the increase among them is from that portion least intelligent and fit.”

If she knew that these same proponents of birth control and abortion claimed that they didn't “want word to get out they wanted to exterminate the Negro population,” their true and final goal, she would come join that majority White male crowd who descended on Jackson to bring the message of peace in the womb to a people being destroyed for lack of knowledge.

Surely she would agree with me if she knew they said, “Let's appear to let the colored run it, (the clinics) but wondered if “Southern Darkies” could ever be trusted with a clinic, or that their experience caused them to doubt “Their ability to work except under White supervision.” She may not be aware that although a full Black staff normally mans the clinic, the owner is a resident of my home state, North Carolina, a White female.

At the mere mention of the well documented Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment and the not so acknowledged “Negro Project of 1939,” all the White owned media shut down. The Negro Project is something that the government and Planned Parenthood will apologize for sometime in the future just as was done with the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. The latter was acknowledged when it was over, but the Negro Project is still in its most intensive data gathering stage and will not conclude until it can be determined if Negroes can be induced to settle the population concerns of Planned Parenthood through abortion, its top agenda item.

To promote the project, it aimed to hire “three or four “Colored Ministers,” with social-service backgrounds and engaging personalities to travel to Black enclaves and propagandize for birth control. This, I believe, was a major contributor to Black church acceptance of abortion. The same people who brought birth-control to the Black preacher was the same culprit who began saying to young mothers, don't ruin your life with an unwanted pregnancy. They began promoting “Free Love” and the Colored Ministers who had financially benefited from birth-control propaganda carried the “don't ruin your life” propaganda.

I say to you as I said to the White female reporter, that the reason we (pro-lifers) get such negative press is because we've discovered your dirty little secret — the collusion between the press and the abortion industry in hiding the connection between racism and abortion.

She left me, pretending to be upset, claiming I offended her when the real reason is because I struck that sensitive nerve that threatens to reveal the collaboration between the owners of her media outlet and the racist, elitist, providers of abortion and the tricks they play on low-income women.

Kill your babies and you solve your economic problems. That is a lie out of the pit of hell and a cover up for the eugenic exploitation of low-income families. The providers of these baby-killing centers are the same people who promote promiscuous behavior to low-income women. They promote fornication and they encourage promiscuity to produce a client base for their killing business, and use the media to hide what they are really doing.

The media complicity in hiding the connection between abortion and racism is unmistakable. The media absolves itself of its collusion and connivance by declaring itself indignant that a Black man can see through the veil of its deception and would dare question its own racist agenda.

The media cannot admit to itself that it condones the Willie Lynch theory or that it believes that it can fool all of the Black people all of the time. The media thinks that merely shutting down their cameras and indignantly walking away will stifle the truth that it (the media) knows about and participates in the deception.

So what is abortion's real agenda and its real threat to the Black community? Its agenda is population control and its real threat is extermination of the Black race! It successfully tricks Black people into killing off the generation who would inherit the legacy of Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. His niece, Dr. Alveta King rightly asks the question, “How can the dream survive if we kill the children?”

They are in our schools promoting the concepts of helplessness, of hopelessness and of poverty as the only legacy our children can look forward to because of our ancestor's previous status of bondage in America. They sell themselves as solution bearers, based on promises we hear every four years during Presidential elections.

But I'm here to tell you; the day has arrived when politicians won't be able to put a covering on Black churches. The day has arrived when politicians will not be able to claim a hip-pocket lock on the Black vote. Black people are learning that every four years, for the last 50 years, politicians have been promising us the same thing. Let me give you an example:

Fifty years ago, politicians promised Black voters that they were going to improve education in predominantly Black public schools and ensure that Black children received a quality education. They renew the promise every four years. And they will still be able to make that promise during the next Presidential election. They have no incentive to improve education for Black children, because they then couldn't make the promise.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. How long will you, Black Parents, refuse to see what happened to education? When the NAACP claimed victory at the Supreme Court decision to endorse busing to achieve integration, that was a compromise with that organization which allowed them to claim success in winning a case argued before the Supreme Court of the United States of America . They got us busing to achieve integration but no one was fighting, sacrificing, demonstrating, struggling or cared about integration.

The education of young Black girls and boys was the issue, and the point of our rage at that time. Some of us knew that if we had educated Black children, integration would have been a by-product of that education. The Supreme Court said no to education and America's Black children are still not being educated in the government schools to which their parents so proudly send them.

There is no incentive to improve education for Black children, because, if they improved education they could no longer make it the political sacred cow on their national political platform agenda, and take away their superior attitudes developed from thinking of Blacks as a particular type of Orchid that needs the tender loving care of a White cultivator. That is why things look so helpless to our young people. That is why things look so hopeless to our young people.

And it makes no difference to them that the promiscuous, fornicating behavior that was promoted and supported in the Black minority community has spilled over into the White majority community, because even if they loose an equal number of children from the White community, they will still be the majority ethnic group in America. But I must give you a little warning about who these people are. These elitist, who want to decide who lives and dies, call themselves Aryans. They are the blond, blue-eyed types who consider themselves superior to everyone else, including other Whites who don't meet their Aryan physical description. But you must remember this, whatever you allow government to do to me, eventually government will determine and realize that it can do it to you too.

You shouldn't be asking me why I'm telling you about this, you should be asking the media why they shut down their “White, elitist, racist,” controlled cameras instead of investigating and reporting the truth. You should be asking the media why they haven't responded to claims that they know about the racist connection and why they consent to the deception.

You should be asking the media about its involvement in the cover-up and its agreement with the racist abortion industry whose stated goal is to control the world's population.

You should be asking the media why, when a Black man sheds any light on the inherent racism embodied in abortion, all the white media types tuck their tails between their legs, shut down their cameras and go hide in parking lots.

You should be asking the media, why, when just the mention of Black genocide is raised by enlightened Black folk, White reporters claim they are offended and run like wounded banshees?

Abortion kills a disproportionate number of Black children, and the “Free Press” in America fully supports its genocidal practices and deceptions through its calculated silence. The media believes, as the eugenicists believed, and their predecessor, Planned Parenthood believes, that the world would be better off without any Black people in it.

In Jackson, Mississippi, right now, you have to decide if you believe as does the media, and Planned Parenthood, that the world would be better off if all Black people were exterminated?

Margaret Sanger dreamed of a world full of thoroughbreds, White, Aryan thoroughbreds, capable of controlling the destiny of our world without God! She dreamed of a world full of fornicating Aryan men and women in whose gene pools the salvation of the world would come. She believed in killing through subterfuge if her targets wouldn't go along with the deception and kill themselves and/or their offspring.

She said, ““The minister is the man” who can straighten out their “more rebellious members,” who might discover their plan of extermination. Of course they were to be, and were in fact, mere figureheads. How can we now get those same ministers to throw off the bondage of that lie and step out and tell the truth? It may never happen until and unless their Black female victims decide to shake off the debilitating burden of the lie, discover that God forgives the sin, and step up and take their place beside Tanya Britton and other Black women all over America who have decided not to help Black preachers cover-up the dirty secret of having given such bad advice when they were so vulnerable and so helpless.

Rev. Ronnie Wallace, Director
Only With Love (OWL) Ministry