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SIN is Destroying America

I am a pastor of a Wesleyan Church in Bluffton, Indiana of some 7 years.  Although part of a very conservative association of churches, my wife and I were Saved out of the Episcopal Church in 1994 and have been serving Christ since.  Hence being from a very liberal background, and living in "deep" sin (as if there is any difference in any sin) my views on how to reach the lost and being proactive instead of reactive are not viewed well among my contemporaries.  I am very interested in learning more about your organization and all that you stand for.

It is a concern of mine why, in this wicked nation that we are living in, that we are "Shocked" by the recent Amish school killings.  It has been magnified by the fact that the Amish "hurt no one," that they are "innocent" and "pure" people that do not deserve this, and that this man was crazy and twisted.


Are not the unborn "innocent," are not the unborn "pure", and yet we allow them to be "executed" by the thousands every day in America!  This should alarm us! How we have become so "used" to abortion, but so shocked by murder outside the womb! 

SIN is Destroying America
By Flip Benham, 8 October, 2006

“Death has climbed in through our windows and has entered our fortresses; it has cut off the children from the streets, and the young men from the public squares.” Jeremiah 9:21.

Jeremiah 9:21 might give us a clue as to what is happening in America . The violence savaging the lives of our people in the streets (abortion, euthanasia, suicide, murder) has become a rod of chastisement to turn us back toward God (Ezekiel 7:14). It is a sign and a judgment from God Himself that we have forsaken Him and His Law. We are in sin.

This sin is crying out to heaven and there is no earthly remedy. We can't fix it! No power on earth can!

No piece of legislation, no executive order, no Supreme Court ruling, is going to extricate us from the horrible predicament we find ourselves in today - sin. There is not a police force big enough to make one young man do what is right, let alone a nation. The National Guard cannot protect us from the wrath of Almighty God. God has more disaster than our federal government has relief.

That's right! There is no remedy for sin. It is impossible to redeem sin. No matter what you do with it – how you try to justify it or paint it pretty – it will always be sin. Murder is a sin. Murder cannot be redeemed. We can't bring people back from the dead and say, “Oh, I'm sorry. I was filled with lust or hate at the time and just needed to vent. Didn't mean to kill you?” Sin cannot be redeemed.

A sinner, however, can be redeemed. Yes, those ensnared in the bondage of sin can be set free. A murderer can be redeemed if he will confess his sin, admit that there is nothing he can do to save himself from this horrible state, and receive Christ's sacrifice on the cross for the forgiveness of his sin. It is here, and only here, that the Gospel of Christ can do its magnificent work. Though his sin cannot be redeemed, murder is murder – you can't undo it, the sinner can be redeemed. Christians call this “being Born Again.”

What is literally killing us today in America is sin! But how many believe this to be true? God's Church does not even seem to comprehend this message. How will America know she is in sin if there is no one to tell her? Those who have eyes to see the signs and judgments of God that are presently upon us are, with one voice, calling for us to return to Him so that we may be redeemed. There is help in no one else!

Why then in America , do we spend so much time and money trying to redeem sin? It is not possible. Abortion cannot be redeemed. It will always be the murder of an unborn child. No matter how you “legalize it” or call it “a woman's choice” it will still be sin. No matter how pretty you paint the pig, it will still be a pig. There is no earthly remedy for sin – only an eternal One.

Why do we spend so much time and money trying to reduce the harm of sin? Schools throw condoms at our kids so that they can sin safely. Clean needles are given to drug addicts so they can sin safely. The homosexual community is doing all it can to reduce the harm (AIDS) of its own sin. Alcoholics are told to “drink responsibly” so they can sin safely. Abortion enables us to sin and avoid the consequences (a baby).

We will do everything imaginable except deal with the root of our problem- SIN! If we are looking for peace to return to the streets of America, we are going to have to deal with our sin. The only solution for sin is Jesus the Christ. There is no other Name under heaven by which men (and nations) must be saved.