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Response to Charles Haynes' Quran Burning Fuels Terror?

Response to Charles Haynes' Quran Burning Fuels Terror?
By Dave Ford


First let me say, I am not writing as an element of Operation Save America.  I am writing as a Christian American.  I believe in the Bible and all it says. 

It is evident you are not a Bible believing Christian.  It is even further obvious you are under the influence of Satan.  The smirk on your face will vanish when you experience the flames of Hell for your insidious lies about Islam.  You sir; you are sending Americans to Hell by this nature of article.  Islam is a religion straight from the depths of Hell.

You may feel smug with the responses you have acknowledged so far.  You may still feel you have the resemblance of being right.  God deplores all false religions.  He deplores any religion or person that teaches hate and murder.  You sir, teach hate, lies and a religion of murder.  You act as an authority on an issue you have no education in.  You must first be a follower of Satan and then become a Christian to understand and be an authority in this matter.  Once you have become a born again Christian, then and only then can you write an article of these subjects.

When America has fallen to the religion of Satan, you may not understand why.  I pray you remember the destruction you personally have done to America, my country.

Mr. Benham was showing love to America.  If he burnt the items you suggested, he is a man who loves the one and only God.  I wish I could have been there with this man, truly a man who puts Jesus first in his life. You sir, need to repent for a judgment you have made with no knowledge, just a poor opinion. 

God calls ALL Christians to expose false religions.  It seems Mr. Benham has done just that and the snakes of Satan are raising their ugly heads. The evil of Satan will always lie to the people.

You are of the media that promotes the lies of Satan.  You need to get on your knees and pray to Jesus for forgiveness of your sins.  Why a godless media has chosen to support a religion of Satan has baffled the minds of many.  God will forgive you if you truly ask Him to Mr. Haynes. 

Islam does teach to kill all who are not of their religion.  Are you ready to die?  Are you ready to see all those in America die when we don't convert?  You sir have sent the call to the Islam extremists called terrorists the sign they have waited for.  You sir, may have just cast the first stone that sends many to Hell.  You have the blood of many on your hands.  You will be held accountable.

I will pray for the deliverance of your soul. I will pray the flames of Hell touch you here on earth so you can then understand what your lies are all about.

You are a disgrace to all media in this country. You have written in ignorance in the factual tense. As God as my witness, you have personally led many to the gates of Hell with your article. May God Forgive you when you call upon His name with a repentant heart?

Serving the one & only Jesus,
The only way to Heaven,

Dave Ford