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2002 Articles Part 1

 2002 Articles Part 1
January - June

America, Stand with Israel!
Article announcing July 19, 2002 rally
It was not a group of Hindus, Muslims, and Christians that sailed across the Atlantic to the shores of the "New World" to begin a new nation where one was free to worship Almighty God (Jesus). It was those who loved Christ. It was upon the principles found in the Bible and the liberty found in Jesus Christ that the foundations of our nation were laid. Our Pilgrim forefathers viewed their lives as "stepping stones" upon which future generations could trod in the advancement of the Gospel of Christ.

What do Abortion, Homosexuality, and Islam Have in Common?
The nineteen men who crashed airplanes into buildings and brought many innocent people to their untimely death may have sincerely believed that they were serving God, but they were sincerely wrong. If they could come back from the dead and speak to us today, they would reveal a horror that is beyond words to describe. Rather than joining 72 virgins as promised, they have found themselves in hell for eternity - one cannot even commit suicide to get out. It is eternal damnation!

OSA Confronts Heretics!
June 15, 2002
On Saturday, June 15, 2002, we decided to head out to see with our own eyes what Fred Phelps and his cohorts were up to in downtown Dallas. They, along with demonstrators of all types gathered across the street from the Fairmont Hotel to make their voices heard. For those of you who haven't a clue as to who Fred Phelps is, he is the guy who travels around the country with the heretical teaching that "God hates Fags". What we witnessed was from the pit of hell, not the Gospel of Christ. These people spewed such vulgar and hateful speech toward anyone who disagreed with them. Their theology basically states that if one disagrees with them, he or she is a "fag". Whenever a Catholic Bishop would exit the hotel, young and old alike would scream out "YOU'RE GOING TO HELL OLD MAN! GOD HATES YOU!" As we watched, we were grieved as the children of the group would call out "GOD HATES YOU! YOU'RE GONNA BURN IN HELL!"

NEA Proclamation of Truth
Mission Accomplished! June 14, 2002
Join Operation Save America, along with NEA members (teachers who are fed up with the wicked agenda of their union examples included), former NEA members, home school youth of all ages, pastors, concerned parents and others, as we publicly proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord and His Laws reign. We will not let up, put up, give up or shut up until we have paid up, prayed up, and preached up all for the Gospel of Christ! Join us as we storm the gates of Hell at the NEA Convention in Dallas, TX!

by Mike S. Adams
June 14, 2002
When a new Women's Resource Center was established at my university (UNC-Wilmington) I was concerned that it would serve as more of a resource for feminists professors than for female students. I also suspected that the Center would try to advance a "pro-choice" agenda with little tolerance for the views of pro-life advocates. Recently, those suspicions were confirmed. ... If your tax dollars are being used to support a one-sided view on the issue of abortion, respectfully ask for information on the other side to be included. If you are denied, take your case before the court of public opinion or, if necessary, a court of law. After all, the right to Free Speech is older than the "right to choose." And censorship is decidedly "anti-choice."

A Guilty Conscience is a Terrifying Thing
June 14, 2002
Yes, terrorism is a reality today. Just ask the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and the 3,800 little baby boys and girls that are being targeted, tortured, and murdered every day in America by those who would have you believe that they are the ones being terrorized. These terrorists don't fly airplanes however, and neither do they knock at the door of the mother's womb. No! They just barge in and begin ripping off arms and legs of defenseless children. They then throw away these children like a piece of trash. ... When we show them the horrible carnage of what they do, they simply run to the media to whine that they are victims of terrorism. They are being terrorized all right; it is called a guilty, seared conscience that is in danger of reprobation.

The Incredible Spiking of the Truth
[Media cover-up of the sin of homosexuality far more insidious than the cover-up by Catholic Church]
June 12, 2002
Sweeping the sin of homosexuality under the rug has not only been the sin of the Catholic hierarchy, it has become the absolute mission of national and local media! If you want to witness a well-spun cover-up, watch the media coverage of the Bishops Conference this week. The sin of the Catholic Church, as far as the media is concerned, and the only one allowed on air, is that of pedophilia and its subsequent cover-up. There will not be a mention of the sin of homosexuality. That is, of course, unless the bombastic Fred Phelps comes out with his "God hates fags" signs.

Conservatism Is Pretend Salt
[Revised June 10, 2002]
[Was passed out at the Republican Party Convention in the state of Texas June 8, 2002!]
As Christians we are called to be salt and light in a world that is rotting on the inside from the consequences of sin, and attacked on the outside by an enemy (the devil) who has come to rob, kill, and destroy. The world, in all of its wisdom, is in utterly helpless and without hope in this battle - no answers, no solutions, no way! One need only listen to the talking heads and politicians of our day to realize they are clueless. The catastrophic events in the Mid-East, "9-11", bloodshed coursing down the corridors of our streets, workplaces, and schools - oh, what to do! Violence is filling our land!

DA may drop charges against UC protesters
June 7, 2002
Berkely Daily Planet
By David Scharfenberg Daily Planet staff (06-04-02)
The Alameda County District Attorney has offered to drop charges against the 78 pro-Palestinian activists who occupied UC Berkeley’s Wheeler Hall April 9, the Planet has learned."
[OSA Commentary below article: "The double standard toward Christians continues to be applied in the courts and celebrated in the mainstream media when it comes to public demonstrations. The axiom we sang at numerous rescues, "Be a hero save a whale, Save a baby go to jail" is now a cardinal doctrine in the courts. Today's media reports peaceful pro-life gatherings of Christians to pray, worship and share Christ as "violent demonstrations" by "fundamentalist extremists" when no law has been broken. Now when Islamic students take over a state university campus building in political dissent, we see the demonstrators go free by civil authorities even when law enforcement officers were injured. The hypocrisy grows as the media reports any demonstrations not invoking the name of Jesus, denouncing the killing of baby boys and girls by abortion or other sinful practice as a peaceful demonstration.

OSA Presents "Kids Grown Up in the Streets"
New Section for kids who have grown up going to the abortion mills to stand For Jesus. Full of articles and pictures sent in by real kids who have grown up in the streets.

June 5, 2002
by Anonymous

This is an all too real inspirational prose of a reality many of us have lived through in various degress over the years, sometimes on a daily basis. We hope it blesses and encourages you. God has some interesting conversations with us

Another Jesus, Another Spirit, Another Gospel
June 2, 2002
On Sunday June 2, 2002, three gentle Christians brought the Gospel of Christ to the White Rock Community Church in Dallas, Texas. Why would one bring the Gospel of Christ to a Church? Because White Rock Community Church is one of many springing up across our country proclaiming that homosexuality and Christianity go hand in hand. That's right! It is an evangelical church that brings the "luv" (not biblical love) of Jesus to the homosexual so that he can have his sin and die in it too! All the while believing he is a born-again child of God.

Update on Suicide Attempt in Florida
June 12, 2002
Many have read about the rescue in Florida of the young man whose suicide was thwarted by the OSA folks in Bradenton, FL. These young heroes, who love Jesus more than their own lives, saw this despairing man and pulled him off the Skyway Bridge. We just received an update from our friends in Florida concerning this young man. He is doing well! They are keeping up with him and he is staying close to King Jesus! Praise God! We are so blessed to hear that part of being a Christian is following up on the welfare of others and encouraging them to stand for the King! Please continue to pray for the young man, his name is Marcel. Jesus has an awesome plan for Marcel and we are praying for great and wonderful fruit to come forth.

The Suicide Rescue Report of May 24- Florida
By Keith McGlade(revisited)
Skyway Bridge - FL
Our group got split up and two cars carrying six of us were just crossing the top of the Skyway Bridge on I-275 (190' above the water) when we spotted him. His car was pulled to the side at the peak of the arch, but he wasn't in it. Instead, he was sitting on the concrete guard-rail that runs along the side of the bridge - the one that stops cars from falling off the side! His legs were dangling over the outside edge and his arms were fully extended horizontally. His intention was clear: He was about to let his life fall from the highest bridge in Florida where many before him had successfully dropped to their death.

my testimony

Mr. Robert Baral, RN,CEN,EMT-P
May 28, 2002
I am a retired career hospital Paramedic turned emergency room Nurse. Few lay people outside of health care can appreciate the untold lifetimes of memories - of both nightmares and miracles - that I have seen. Let me tell you about one of those nightmares that haunts me still.

News Advisory: Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation Caught Harboring Pedophiles
May 22, 2002
The problem Life Dynamics uncovered is much more widespread than they had anticipated when the project began. Today, among girls 15 and younger who get pregnant, at least 60 percent are impregnated by adult men. In fact, the data shows that a junior high school girl is now more likely to become pregnant by a grown man than by a boy near her own age. Life Dynamics conducted extensive research into this issue and has assembled a mountain of evidence showing that a primary contributing factor is the cover-up being perpetrated by Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation.

The Pro Israel Rally
On May 15th, 2002, representatives of Operation Save America, led by Flip Benham, were invited by Charles Lingerfeldt to a pro-Israel rally in downtown Dallas. Flip was asked to address the crowd of about 50 people to support Israel in their stand against Islamic terrorists. Among those in the crowd was a Messianic Jew born and raised in Tel Aviv who brought Hebrew dancers with him who danced unto the Lord Jesus Christ as they worshipped. We had the opportunity to hand out OSA's brochure "Abortion is Murder, Homosexuality is Sin, Islam is a Lie!" to those passing by on the busy streets.

A Dark Day for the City of Dallas
On Wednesday, May 8, 2002, the City Council of Dallas, Texas declared itself to be God! In a 13-2 vote, Agenda Item # 54 was passed. This ordinance "prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in the areas of employment, housing, and public accommodations; to provide a complaint, investigation, conciliation, and enforcement process; to provide exceptions; to define terms; and to provide a criminal penalty of not less than $200 or more than $500. In other words, if you do not hire someone who is a homosexual or if you refuse to rent to someone who is a homosexual, you can be sued.

Saints in Montana
May 7, 2002
We round the corner to Caras Park, and there they are, the coltish group of clean-cut young people with their signs proclaiming their fire-and-brimstone version of Christianity. A middle-aged man is their ringleader, the same man who had just been standing on the corner of Higgins and Broadway yelling his message while the young folks handed out Death-to-Sinners pamphlets.

10 Commandments Slammed Shut in Florida
April 23, 2002
Six Christians were arrested by the city police at the direction of school principal, vice principal, and the school administrator. The placards were trampled and confiscated. Originally, all were arrested for "trespassing," but when the police discovered the property was public right of way, the charges were changed to "disruption of school function."

10 Commandments Arrested in Florida
May, 10 2002
Lewis, a student of Palmetto High school picks up the cross and starts handing out literature after Keith is arrested for asking for his sign backWe posed no threat or disruption to the students as we stood outside Palmetto High School's boundaries on Friday with our two large (4' x 6') placards depicting the Ten Commandments. We came in peace as we passed out literature to students, explaining the holiness of God and the accountability He requires.

"Connecticut Abortion Clinic Under Investigation"
April 26, 2002
In a groundbreaking move, two Bridgeport doctors were arrested for failing to report the molestation to the police after they had examined the girl and administered the pregnancy test. They were charged with failure to report abuse or neglect of a minor to police. The physicians referred the now 6 month pregnant girl to the abortion clinic, who also failed to report the incident.

Street Report - Wichita KS Friday March 22, 2002
April 23, 2002
A teenage girl was admitted to the Wichita Hospital with severe bleeding. She was brought to the hospital from George Tillers Tomb after having an abortion. She was given four pints of blood before she was in a stable condition. We will update her condition if we are able to find out how she is doing.
Bob Behn

King Jesus "Shuts Down" High Place!
April 17, 2002
Saints from St. Louis area gather to pray and praise God for "shutting down" a high place of human sacrifice on the first Saturday in its existenceOn Saturday, our Lord Jesus answered our prayers. For the first time in its 28-year history, the Hope Clinic for Women in Granite City, Illinois, did not open. Not one baby was killed! They did not open on the busiest killing day of the week when they normally shed the blood of approximately 50 babies each week. This "Mecca of the Midwest" abortuary knew the gentle Christians were coming to stand for our Lord in the streets of Granite City. They knew that the National Director of Operation Save America was coming to lead Gideon's Army into spiritual battle at their diabolical high place! God performed a miracle and caused the wicked to close down in fear.
"The LORD will grant that the enemies who rise up against you will be defeated before you…" Deut 28:7

TX. Street Report April 16, 2002
April 16, 2002
There was a Christian couple who stopped and talked with Carole for a minute, but even after being reminded about their Saviors Law and their salvation they drove in and parked. They went in as I was preaching to them about the real Jesus. I must admit my heart was broken over this one because they brought their little baby with them to be a witness to their act of barbarism, hidden behind a cover of sweet lies about their future being messed up and how it would be so hard to raise two children so close in age. They had no faith because they had
no true Jesus.

Federal Judge Sentences Rescue Rochester Leaders to 30 Days
April 12, 2002
By Mike Warren

For simply walking on a public sidewalk, praying and holding signs that expose the evil of abortion, Rev. Mike Warren and Mr., Jerry Crawford received 30-day sentences from Federal Judge Richard Arcara during the sentencing phase of their Criminal Contempt trial held on March 6th and 7th in Buffalo, NY. This action stems from the legal prodding of NYS Attorney General and radical pro-abortion advocate Eliot Spitzer. Mr. Spitzer, using false allegations of violence and threats of violence at Buffalo and Rochester area abortion clinics crafted a FACE action prior to the 1999 Operation Save America event in Western New York. A TRO was set up and Rescue Rochester went back to sidewalk counseling and proclamation of the truth after that TRO had expired. Mr. Arcara stands on the belief that his TRO could be set as law with no expiration date. Both are free men pending an appeal that is to be filed by their attorneys, Mr. Bryan Brown of the American Family Association Center for Law and Policy.

April 10, 2002
We have just received news that the young lady, who was in a coma from a botch abortion at Summit Women's Center regained consciousness today! We praise God that she is alive and we ask for all of our readers to keep her in your prayers. Also pray that God will use this to shut sown the High Place for good!
[See Woman Terrorized at Birmingham Abortion Clinic - Posted April 1, 2002]

God is going back to school 2002!
April 10, 2002
The time for God to go back to School is now! Gentle saints from all across America are taking the theology that they have learned in the Church and are bringing it to the school yard! Read the exciting testimonies of the saints as they take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the survivors of the world's worst holocaust.

Connecticut Post - Protests rise on abortion clinic's move
April 6, 2002
For nearly four hours Saturday some 200 anti-abortion advocates protested, preached and prayed in their effort to drive an abortion clinic off of Main Street and out of the city."This is just the beginning," said the Rev. William Marshall, whose Bridgeport Christian Life Center hosted the rally. "We're going to get more of the black churches involved. We are going to be heard."The protests may increase to at least three times a week at both Summit's current site on Middle Street and its future site at 3787 Main St., according to Carmen E. F. Vazquez and Marilyn Carroll, leaders of the Calvary Evangelical Pro-Life Movement.

Woman Terrorized at Birmingham Abortion Clinic
April 1, 2002
On Saturday, March 30, we watched in horror as a young woman whom we had sidewalk counseled left the abortuary almost unconscious in a stretcher. As we glanced at the helpless woman, we could see that her feet were completely saturated in her own blood. Reports we have received stated that the director of the Summit Women's Center had ordered the rescue team not to turn the sirens on because "it might upset other patients" who were waiting to have their little boys and girls murdered.

Encouraging Words from Father Frank Pavone
March 28, 2002
I want to report some good news concerning how the message of Bloodguilt is reaching more and more of the Body of Christ. After the powerful weekend I spent with many of you at the beginning of February in North Carolina, I formulated a message to be sent to the Catholic community worldwide. Since then, the Bloodguilt teaching has gone out to them in the following ways:

Given' Em Heaven at Yale University
[Updated March 25, 2002]
It became immediately apparent that the school had no problem debating the abortion issue so long as God was not brought into the equation and onto the campus. Sounds like the National Right to Life! Yale was stirred into such a frenzy over the fact that God, an uninvited guest, was going to enter her hallowed gates that the pro-abortion lobby began calling its troops to battle.

A Precious Saint gone to be with the Lord
March 20, 2002
Our precious brother, Charles Ritchie, went home to be with the Lord at 11:00am on March 19, 2002. Charles had complications with his diabetes. From what we understand, he died of cardiac arrest. Although his body went into toxic shock and could not be revived, he is alive with the Lord and has finished the race marked out for him. Charles finished well! He and his wife, "Miss Cindi" have become very dear to our hearts in these past months. Though our courses have not paralleled long, our hearts were knit together with the same passion and vision that comes from engaging in our Lord's great battle.

Connecticut Post - March 20, 2002
March 20, 2002
The battle is raging in Bridgeport CT. once again! It seems that the gates of Hell are melting like wax at the sight of the LORD! Summit Women’s abortion mill is trying to relocate their business to get away from the ever-successful Gospel message of Marilyn, Carmen & Company! In this retreat of the death mill, the saints, young an old alike, are trailing them in hot pursuit and are not about to give up!! The abortion industry is shaking in its boots because the Church of Jesus Christ is on the move!

Abortion Debate Leads to Cross of Christ at Yale University
March 12, 2002 [Updated March 23 with PHOTO ALBUM]
"But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and manifests through us the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him in every place." 2 Corinthians 2:14
Dear Saints, I humbly and graciously give our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ all the praise for the wonderful four days we had with the Benhams, Rusty, Stephen, and all our brothers and sisters who shared this special time with us. We thank God most of all for the beautiful wedding Tom and Nancy had! Five persons received Jesus as Lord and many seeds were sown PTL!!!
- Marilyn Carroll

A Yale Student Answers the Negative Response to the Yale Press Release
March 8, 2002 (posted 3/12/02)
Saints: Below is a response to Leslie Cozzi's column in the Yale Daily News March 6, 2002. We republished Leslie's column and asked you to pray that truth would prevail and that our Lord would silence the lies of the enemy. "We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against prncipalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." (Ephesians 6:12) Here is just one small part of the awesome answer to those prayers that King Jesus sovereignly ordained.

From Rev. Rev. Robert Behn
Two Press Releases from Operation Save America Buffalo
Judge Arcara stores up wrath for future judgment before the court that is truly Supreme by punishing the innocent and acquiiting the guilty. Persecuted Christians bear witness to the truth by calling the unjust judge to account. Jesus is still Lord!

January 23, 2002
We have been receiving reports from all over the country of how the saints were received when they brought the message of bloodguilt to the very gates of our Lord's Church. We will get you more fully updated in a later newsletter. Here is one report. This message was brought to the most evangelical, pro-life churches in our cities. It was brought in the hope that the Church of Jesus Christ would realize her responsibility to the pre-born and repent of her apathy and indolence toward the shedding of their innocent blood. It's time to become a true voice for the v

Emancipation Proclamation Taking Buffalo by Storm

Pastor Rob Rotola of Word Of Life Church In Wichita Kansas Signs The Emancipation Proclamation Declaring All Life Sacred
New Emancipation Proclamation
Declares Unborn Children Fully Human and Free
Calls America to Formal Repentance

By Rick Kern
It peers from the shadows with the vigilance of a lioness watching over her cubs, and has all the subtlety of a thousand nails screaming across a chalkboard. It has ignited the fierce indignation of an atrophied conscience that would much rather snuggle deeper into its stiff, callous slumber than again feel the stabbing sorrow for its indifference.


Pastor Stephen Mashburn of Wichita signing the Emancipation Proclamation for the Unborn Children July 16. 2001 with other pastors
By Flip Benham
Paul Roberston has been faithfully out on the streets of Dallas, TX standing in the gap for little boys and girls scheduled to die throughout the city. For two years, six days a week, in rain and shine, this missionary to the pre-born has been used of the Lord in a profound way! He has seen hundreds of turn-always at the mill, and has counseled women after they have had their abortions. Paul is "Jesus come close" to the neighborhood surrounding the North Park Medical group. People from all around come and ask this humble servant for all types of counsel as he stands (often alone) in steadfast prayer, on the sidewalk in front of the abortuary.

What if God Gave a War and His Church Did Not Come?

Pastor Stephen Mashburn of Wichita signing the Emancipation Proclamation for the Unborn Children July 16. 2001 with other pastors
January 8, 2002
By Stephen Mashburn
Mr. Tiller's terror mill opened shop for murder a day early this week (Monday vs Tuesday) and Christians scrambled in order to get a presence on-site. Mr. Tiller knows the presence of Christians on-site preaching and worshipping Christ fosters an atmosphere incompatible with killing children. He knows what few pro-life by conviction Bible-preaching pastors appear to know, judging by their fruit. When was the last time your pastor preached on this? Does his church practice what he preaches?

Redefining 'terrorism' threatens our liberty
By James Perloff
January 4, 2002 - as a courtesty of WorldNetDaily.com

Homeland security measures allow trial by tribunals, assets seizure and closure of terrorist websites. We all want our government to resolutely prevent a repetition of Sept. 11. But for those monitoring civil liberties, a concern has been that, by twisting the meaning of "terrorist," these measures might someday be used against citizens whose only crime is political incorrectness.


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