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The OSA-Dallas Dispatch - Special Report January 2003

DISCLAIMER: While most data contained herein is factual, some fictional information has been inserted for recreational purposes.

The OSA-Dallas Dispatch

Special Report
January 2003



"We found body parts everywhere - in freezers, dumpsters, even in the garbage disposals - it was horrific!"
Dallas Resident

Staff Reporter - Missi Owen

The citizens of the United States woke from bed this morning to find that the nation has once again been the target of a terrorist attack! This time, children have fallen prey to an infamous terrorist coalition that has cells in every state. According to sources, every state of the Union has been dealt a major loss of human life!

The terrorist attacks, occurring over a span of thirty years, have claimed the lives of over forty-five million people. This number has been calculated to rise by 4,000 daily.

Some have speculated that the massacres took place within the full knowledge of the United States government. Even going so far as to allow the terrorists to march in public streets in broad daylight, championing their right to kill and prey upon helpless children. Could it be that the government was so caught up in the quest for peace and unity that she literally swept the deaths of millions of people under the rug-the greatest government conspiracy? Research indicates that the government may have even given the terrorists facilities to operate out of, while turning her head to the atrocity as far as thirty years ago.

A full scale investigation is on to discover whether or not our government officials were warned of the attack and chose to ignore it, or if they too have been shocked by recent discoveries.

Raids have been taking place all over the nation, day and night, by authorities serving search warrants to killing centers, which have been operating under the guise of women's health facilities.

Most of the victims were found to have been disemboweled and be-headed, with no sign of a struggle. It has been difficult to properly assess the damage as piecing together body parts has proved nearly impossible.

President George W. Apathy had the following to say: "I'm very sorry that we did not do something about this sooner. I have failed the people of the United States of America by not acting on this long ago. I cannot express my remorse to the nation as a whole. We have all been greatly and devastatingly affected by this mass destruction of human life."

These shocking events have caused every individual to examine their own lives. Some have even admitted to being aware of involvement with the anti-life groups.

"They made everything they were doing sound so positive-like they really wanted to help me and that it wasn't killing anyone....they said that it would save my life! I even talked several of my friends into doing it too! I can't believe I let them kill my own child. I can't believe I just handed her over to them and just accepted everything that they lied to me about. They said that I would never regret this...they were wrong," mourned Rebecca, whose last name has been omitted for privacy.

It seems shocking that in the "land of the free, and the home of the brave", we have discovered that a new form of genocide has literally destroyed an entire generation of people. The American public will spend the next several weeks, even months, searching for a new source of peace as she must come to terms with this. Who would have ever thought that this could happen to us-the indivisible? Are there more attacks to come? Is this the end of the killing? Only time will tell, but will it heal our wounds?



Staff Reporter Missi Owen

We've been uncovering more bodies all day long. I can't believe that something of this magnitude was going on under our own noses. How could we have missed this? We've found thousand of bodies in jars, dumpsters, freezers, trash cans, and garbage disposals. "Someone just threw these little people out like trash!" exclaimed Dallas county investigator, Norman Nave.

Apparently, these victims were between the ages of six to thirty-six weeks old, when they were brutally murdered. The suspects used various surgical instruments such as a suction curettage, which is hollow tube with a knife-like edge, attached to a vacuum machine. This machine was found to be almost twenty two times as strong as a household vacuum cleaner. The bodies were gruesomely ripped apart, limb from limb, by this atrocious machine, and then carelessly disposed of as if the perpetrators were flaunting their heinous crimes.

These children obviously felt every jab and poke, as some of their faces displayed horrific expressions of anguish.

It will take months to complete this investigation. The small amount of research that we have been able to complete has revealed that well over 400 grown women have also reportedly died at the hands of these terrorists, continued Norma Nave. These women's deaths were even documented by the government controlled Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia. They died from tears to their reproductive systems, heart attacks, strokes, toxic infections, and some even bled to death. Researchers are finding that even more went unreported.


Staff Reporter Missi Owen

Terrorism. One such organization is Operation Rescue-Dallas. Located in Dallas, TX, they have concentrated war strategies in the very city first infiltrated by these insurrectionists.

Some traitors have tried to keep us away because they support the terrorist's activities. "We've been spat on, pushed, beaten and cursed at, but nothing will dissuade us from rescuing these babies!" said Rachel Compassion, a combatant on the front lines with Operation Rescue-Dallas.

Rachel had the opportunity to rescue a 21 week old baby several weeks ago. His mother was going to allow the assailants to tear him apart. She felt defenseless against the terrorists and was almost overcome by their lies.

Just in the last five months, Operation Rescue-Dallas advocates have emancipated approximately forty children. Many women have been able to escape even after rescue teams have left the killing centers.

Operation Rescue-Dallas has approximately 30 soldiers committed to risking their lives on the front lines.


Baby Malachi

Baby Malachi was 21 weeks old and a resident of Dallas, TX. He was found frozen in a jar along with 3 other children. According to autopsy reports, Malachi's limbs were torn apart. Another victim of the terrorist attacks on America, Baby Malachi is survived by his mother, though she has not been located. A funeral service was recently held for Malachi by many who had tried rescuing him. Rev. Flip Benham officiated the funeral service which took place at the front portico of the Dallas City Hall.

Baby Jesse

Baby Jesse was 16 weeks old and a resident of Dallas, TX. He was found mutilated in a garbage disposal inside one of the terrorist cells in Dallas, TX. According to autopsy reports, young Jesse was torn to pieces by a sharp instrument. After his death, his body was then shredded with a garbage disposal.

Funeral arrangements are being made by members of Redeemed Community Church, in Dallas, TX.

Baby Sarah

Baby Sarah was 24 weeks old when police located her body in a canister inside of a terrorist cell in Kettering, Ohio. According to autopsy reports, Sarah received traumatic wounds to the back of her head with what investigators say were scissors. Her brains were missing when her body was located.

Investigators have not yet located the parents of Sarah, but do suspect the terrorist group N.A.F. had a part to play in Sarah's murder.

A funeral has been planned for Sarah by local Bible believing fellowships.

Baby Freedom

Freedom was a resident of Houston, Texas and almost 36 weeks old. Her body was located along with other babies in a dumpster infested with rats. Freedom is another victim of the terrorist attacks that have taken place in America, leaving almost 45 million children dead.

Although none of Freedom's relatives could be located, local Bible believing fellowships have planned to have a funeral service for her next week.

Baby Choice

Young infant Choice was found brutally murdered by poisoning, an act condoned by the N.A.F. This dear child, only 21 weeks old was another victim of a terrorist attack. The liquid used to kill her contained a poisonous substance in which the terrorists forced her to drink against her will. According to autopsy reports, Baby Choice died of dehydration, brain hemorrhaging, and severe burns.

It has been impossible to reach any relatives for Baby Choice; however she did receive a loving and supportive memorial service soon after her body was found.

Baby Joseph

Baby Joseph was a resident of Houston Texas. Police located Joseph's head in a jar in a suspected terrorist cell. His body has not been located. According to autopsy reports, Joseph's cause of death was having his head severed.

A memorial service for Joseph will be conducted in Houston next week after the investigation by authorities comes to a close.


OSA-Dallas Dispatch Staff Reporters went around Dallas and asked the residents of this great city what they thought of the terrorist attacks on the young children.

I believe that God doesn't really approve of the terrorist attacks, and that it's not right by His standards. - Tom McClain

I guess I feel very fortunate that it wasn't me that was one of the victims. - Carla Brown

It's a tragedy! - Jason Smythe

At least they didn't feel any pain because they were so young. - Mary Krenshaw

Let's Return to Normalcy. - President George W. Apathy

Wow! That's a lot of people! - Mike Campano

Oh My God! At least my baby is safe! Carrie Stroong

How could this happen to America? We're the best there is! - Jamall Williams

My boyfriend dragged me into it! I knew it was wrong, but he told me that he would leave me if I didn't do it. - Maria Sanchez

It's so tacky, the way they just killed all those babies. - Carrie Simpleton

 My brother was one of those rescue people. I used to think he was crazy and just making it all up. He even got beaten by the police and arrested back in 1987 doing one of those rescues. - Sherryl Simpson



Ryan Kichoff, OSA-Dallas Dispatch Investigative Reporter

Due to recent events world-wide, America has emerged as the world's worst enemy against terror. Who would have thought that the very country that seeks justice is harboring a terror of greater magnitude than the one it seeks to destroy?

Tuesday, seven supposed local health care providers were charged with allegations of harboring terrorists. Authorities released news yesterday that after conducting raids on all seven women's clinics, they are convinced that terrorist cells have found uninterrupted shelter in Dallas for nearly 30 years! Further evidence indicates that all but two of the clinics have been actively involved in an international terrorist organization known as the N.A.F. It is estimated that this terror group has close to 350 other such cells located within the United States, as well as 27 over seas.

The shocking press release yesterday from the Dallas branch of the FBI sent waves throughout the city. Jason Jones, a cashier for a local grocery store, said, I can't believe we have terrorist cells right here in Dallas. I thought our enemies were over seas!

According to the evidence obtained during the raid, local cells have continued working steadily without interruption since 1973. The clinic owners all declined to comment as to their knowledge of the cell's activity inside the businesses. As many as 80 employees were arrested on charges of belonging to, or harboring the N.A.F.

As to the nature of the terror, the investigators were hesitant to comment. Apparently much more vile than the terror of September 11th, these cells have created a private terror unlike anything the world has ever known. The plan of the terrorist groups: kill as many children as possible by whatever means possible.

Found among the instruments of terror were suction devices designed to tear children's bodies apart, scissors made to rip open tiny human skulls, and several different chemicals and acids used to burn the children alive.

Authorities could not give exact numbers as to how many children have already fallen victim to the attacks in Dallas, but they estimated close to 2.5 million. Due to the extent of terror that has already taken place, authorities predict full scale investigations taking as long as five years.

Religious Organizations Back the N.A.F.

      Upon further investigation, The OSA-Dallas Dispatch has learned that these terrorist cells appear to have been backed by a number of religious organizations. In the name of religious and reproductive freedom these organizations have proudly supported terrorist cells for quite some time. Investigators did not give details as to the extent of their involvement, except to say that they had been involved in distributing information through the internet and elsewhere, supporting terrorists.

Unfortunately, the terrorist cells have obtained support through many channels aside from religious circles. Many say the terrorist groups are entrenched in the political fabric of the country. According to some sources, they may have infiltrated the Congress, Senate and even the Supreme Court as well. Only time will tell how deep the roots of this organization have gone.

As America continues to look toward defending itself against terrorist attacks from the outside, this week's shocking news reveals that we need to focus first on the terror within our own borders.

Pastor Luke Warm
Pastor Luke Warm


The events that have just happened are truly tragic. We must pray for the victims of these violent acts. However, we as a nation must not lose hope, but become more united than ever. I have told my congregation that as a church we also must stand strong and continue to focus on the blessings of God in our lives. This is nothing but a ploy from Satan to get the church off of focusing on the blessings that we are receiving right now and will continue to receive in the future.

Even as abominable as the terrorist attacks may seem to be, I believe and know for a fact that it would leave a foul taste in the mouth of God if His people decided to let this travesty affect us. Some have asked, Pastor Warm, is this the judgment of God on the Church as the street ministers suggest? My reply is an indignant NO! How can God be judging us when we are prospering financially! Our Church is growing by leaps and bounds. That is not judgment, but blessings!

Even so, Itching Ears Community Church embraces a message of love. These dooms-day prophets do nothing but force their ideas on others. They stand on street corners like the Pharisees with pointing and accusing fingers ready to judge others. I think I read somewhere Do not Judge. My God is a God of love, not a God of hate. That is why I believe Itching Ears Community Church is one of the fasting growing congregations in the country. We affirm the people with love and never judge them or force them to change. Love and inclusion should be our response. We should embrace the people who committed these crimes, not judge them.

So, if I could give an answer to the pressing question about this attack and how I feel about it, my response would be this: Do not let this affect you, embrace love and acceptance, never embrace intolerance or hate.

John D. Reyes


We've been hearing recently of so many who are to blame for the terrorist attacks on America's shores leaving almost forty-five million children dead. We have read of the terrorist cells in our cities that are doing the actual killing and how they have connections with the N.A.F., N.O.W., N.A.R.A.L, and other organizations, many of a religious nature. However, the question that I have to pose today is this: How could we, the Church let them get away with it? Here they are in our midst, terrorists ripping children to pieces and we, the Church, have allowed it to happen. Sure, these terrorist organizations are doing the actual killing (some are funding the terror), but this terrorism would have never taken place if the Church of Jesus Christ had physically intervened and stopped the massacres. Could it be that we didn't know about it? Or was it that we just didn't care about it? The truth is that the Church did know about it and, didn't care. As a result, almost forty-five million people are dead because the terror was not stopped by the only entity who could thwart the terrorists efforts-The Church of Jesus Christ.

So, who is to blame? The answer is easy. I am. You are. The Church of
Jesus Christ is. We have violated Jesus' command to love our neighbors as
we love ourselves, and in doing so, we have hated our neighbor in our
hearts. Jesus referred to this hate as murder. This hate that the American Church has displayed to our children has been manifest in the flesh over forty-five million times. Who bears the guilt for this terrorism? I do. You do. The Church of Jesus Christ does. We are the only stumbling block for this terrorism. We are the only ones with the power to stop it. How? We must rescue our children from the terrorist's hands! Find out where the terrorists are located in our cities, and physically intervene. It can be done! It must be done! Our American children need us, Jesus wants to use us! "Let's roll!"


P.O. BOX 5292