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Let's Make A Deal!

Granite City news: February 12, 2003

Let's Make A Deal!

"Yogendra Shah, you're no Monty Hall." A.M.

Apparently the Hope Clinic lawyer Mark Levy approached our lawyer Jason Craddock and has proposed a deal concerning the Michael's and Yogendra Shah and all the frivolous lawsuits this abortionist had filed against these gentle Christian warriors.

Mark Levy, the attorney for Hope Clinic submitted a proposal from his client abortionist Yogendra Shah. "If the Michael's will quit standing in front of his offices (and exposing) then Yogendra Shah will drop all his lawsuits against them." Jason responded by telling Mr. Levy "Well, I will let my clients know, but in knowing Angela Michael, I don't think that's a viable option." The following Monday morning Daniel Michael gave Abortionist Yogendra Shah our answer. He stood out in front of Shah's OB/GYN office for all of 1 hour, showing the truth!

(OSA Note: Some background on Yogendra Shah and his lawsuits and links are cited below...)

Angela Michaels
Small Victories

"The most recent frivilous lawsuit is the outrageous claim that the Michaels and Small Victories picketing on the public sidewalk outside his private office caused a pregnant patient's water to break. This was picked up by the media and the St. Louis Dispatch wrote, "A Granite City obstetrician filed a suit Friday that asks a Madison County judge to bar two well-known abortion protesters and others from demonstrating outside his office. He says a protest they staged Oct. 28 caused one of his patients to go into premature labor. ... Dr. Yogendra Shah is seeking an injunction that would keep Angela and Daniel Michael of Highland, members of their nonprofit group Small Victories and protester Verna Cepicky of Belleville at least 160 feet from the office, at 3165 Myrtle Avenue."

Say what? If this were true - holding a sign on a sidewalk caused premature labor - the Michaels could go into business helping mothers that are past their due date by inducing labor by way of picket. No drugs needed! Call it the 'Michaels' Organic First Amendment Labor Induction' method! You can read the article on the suit from the original St. Louis Dispatch link that expired on this site, "Pray for a "Small Victory" for the Michaels in Granite City, IL". To read how Yogendra Shah fared in court read, judge refused to grant Shah a . See"Prayer for "Small Victory" is answered in a Big Way" and "King Jesus ... Wins!" here on this web site. Shah didn't like what the judge thought of his ludicrous injunction but he is still holding on to the suit about "causing premature labor" - one of suits in his "deal" the Michaels refused. God creates life and babies are not ours to "make deals with" even if this "deal was not a cruel ruse to only benefit his deadly cause in the future." - Comments added by Steve Mashburn