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Letter Delivered to Angela Michaels at the Hope (less) Abortuary in Granite City, IL


Letter Delivered to Angela Michaels at the Hope (less) Aboruary in Granite City, IL  

In the midst of the chaos Saturday of yet another botched abortion, two deathscorts being arrested and three babies being saved as the Gospel of Jesus Christ was proclaimed, God wrought a miracle to encourage us - a special visit by Sandy & her three daughters and the personal delivery of a letter.

Angela (in white shirt) talking to Sandy
and 1 of her pregnant daughters

Daniel getting arrested for helping Sandy on the hospital parking lot

This is a very touching story.This letter is from a woman who crossed my path outside the abortion clinic in Granite City, IL shaking her fist in God’s face and literally in mine. She was bringing all three of her daughters to this abortion clinic when I asked her, "To kill their babies?" She responded, "explicative … yeah!"

I jumped into action and told the proclaimers this woman needs Jesus, grabbed my Bible and ran across the street and in front of the hospital emergency room talked to this woman. This is the same woman Daniel and I helped the next day, bringing her a crib and other baby items! These items were for the baby that Daniel had gotten arrested for when he was on the hospital parking lot.

I’ve participated in two deliveries of her grandbabies. The third one is due in March. The mother of these three young ladies came to the clinic and hugged me and said, "Angie, I thought we were scum, I thought nobody could love us." Angela hugged her and said "Sandy, Jesus loves you and I love you. We’re gonna get through this." This past Saturday, Sandy came down to the clinic amidst all the chaos and gave me this letter. It was a big step for her to do that and to admit it’s a baby and it’s wrong to kill it.

      I am writing you this letter to let you know how much I appreciate everything you have given and done for me and my grandchildren. If they could talk they would thank you too. I thought it was a mistake for my daughters to have the Babies, but I now realize that God doesn't make mistakes. We cannot thank you enough!! I thank God for putting you into my life. I think of you as a dear friend. I know when I first met you I just wanted to slap you for being out there not understanding why people do have their baby killed. But the more I think about it you are right, it's not right to kill them because how they got made or who their moms and dads are. I sometimes wonder if you're sorry you ever talked to me because I must be a headache to you. Then I thought you thought I was lying about my phone number and sending them girls up to you. I would still like to stay into you and your family's life after Leigh has her baby (due in March). I think you and your family are doing a good thing out there. Try not to get discouraged, you can't save the whole world. God has tried too and failed. So don't try to out do God.
                        Love you, Sandy

[ See Small Victories Street Report February 12, 2003 - 12, for much more news in detail. ]