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News Reports From Pennsylvania


 News Reports From Pennsylvania

Giving Em Heaven in Pittsburgh
by Joseph Parente
Posted August 14, 2003

This weekend we had the privilege of Flip and his family visiting and speaking at our church. It was a tremendous blessing and we're very grateful that we were given the opportunity. Special thanks to Pastor Rick for opening his heart and the church to this ministry, and to Pastor Larry and family for hosting the Benham's while they were with us. We kicked-off this week's city-wide "Truth Tour" ( http://www.facethetruthamerica.com/) on Saturday morning at Planned Parenthood/Women's Health Services, and were joined by pro-lifers from all over the city...

Victory in Pittsburgh Courts
Posted February 19. 2002
Some of you may remember that I was cited with harassment for sidewalk counseling outside of Planned Parenthood/Women's Health Services at 221 Fifth Avenue in Downtown Pittsburgh on August 3rd of last year. The citing officer was Bryan Sellers, the very same officer who arrested Pastor Keith Tucci in November of 2001. I was found guilty in magistrates court by a judge who not only refused to hear the facts of the case, but openly mocked "God's work". I appealed the ruling, and Monday, February 10th, I was found not guilty by the Honorable Judge Gallo!

John Reyes and Team Redeem in Pittsburgh
February 10. 2001
This morning at the High Place in Pittsburgh, PA. 10 little babies were scheduled to be murdered at the hands of an abortionist. Yes, Abortionist, you too, will bow down to the King named Jesus Christ, and you will one day have to make an account for the blood of all the babies that you have shed. You can either bow now, by repenting (turning from your vile, wicked ways), asking King Jesus to forgive you, and allow Him to become your LORD, or you can bow when you meet Him face to face in the Judgment. We pray you do it now.

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