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The Vision for Victory 2005 is Victorious!

The Vision for Victory 2005 is Victorious!

God's mail is delivered

Proverbs 29:18 “Where there is no vision the people perish.”

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Angela Michael, Small Victories Ministry, shows Valarie & Jason an ultrasound of their 7 week old baby that was saved during the Vision for Victory event

The battle was waxing hot in Granite City, Illinois, and so were the sweltering temperatures as proclaimers from across the country and three modern-day prophets of our time, led the charge. Reverend Flip Benham, Director of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America, Pastor Clenard Childress Director of Life Education and Resource Network- New Jersey, and Pastor David Lackey from Operation Save America-Alabama.

On Thursday evening the opening ceremony began with praise and worship led by our gracious host Pastor Gary Motta and accompanist at the Niedringhaus United Methodist Church in Granite City, IL. Daniel and Angela Michael , Small Victories Director and OSA St. Louis/Granite City leaders, welcomed everyone. Reverend Flip Benham began with prayer and a message about the Vision for Victory beginning when the hearts of the fathers are turned to the children and the hearts of the children are turned to the fathers. In closing, Angela went through the following day's schedule of street activities

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Angela & Pastor Clenard Childress of LEARN counsel Valarie & Jason outside Hope Clinic during Vision for Victory event

On Friday morning outside these gates of hell, Pastor Childress and the youth group led in praise and worship on the sidewalk. A couple from Missouri told lifesavers they were going to keep their baby and left this deathcamp. A news crew interviewed Flip Benham and a few deathscorts, but deliberately avoided Pastor Clenard Childress and the youth group from L.E.A.R.N.

Fifty-sixty lifesavers from across the nation cared enough to live their faith out on the streets. Five “murder-for-hire” U.W.W. deathscorts ushered mothers inside, as Reverend Flip Benham and Pastor Clenard Childress led the charge against these gates. We provided coolers filled with ice-downed washrags to place behind our necks and cold water as the blazing sun beat down on everyone. Two precious babies lives were spared throughout our vigil, both mothers were from Missouri and their hearts were broken by the large presence of lifesavers and the message.

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Proclaimers exposing abortionist Yogendra Shah
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Proclaimers outside abortionist Yogendra Shah's office

Lifesavers then took the proclaiming line in front of chief abortionist's Shah's ob/gyn office across from the Granite City high school and there were only a few unsupportive drive-bys and extended fingers. A young proclaimer with Pastor Childress' group from New Jersey was approached by a woman on the sidewalk and she told this girl, “Thank you all for being here with those signs.” She said she had an appointment to go to the Hope(less) Clinic to kill her baby but after seeing them out here, there was no way she was going to take her child's life. PTL!

Praxair factory in St. Louis, which supplies this abortion mill with tanks of oxygen for the grisly procedure, burns to the ground after a large explosion. We have witnessed to the delivery man numerous times explaining the bloodguilt, “It's just my job,” he replies. We have a God who answers by fire!

Friday night at our evening rally, Pastor Childress preached a powerful message of how God has been opening the eyes of America through recent events such as the 2004 presidential election and the tragic death of Terri Schiavo. Are we, listening? Angela gave an update of the previous day's victories on the streets and went through the following day's schedule of activities.

Saturday morning approximately 41 mothers throughout the morning were inside killing their children. Praise the Lord, three precious lives were spared, including a couple who was seven months pregnant from Missouri, a young girl from Missouri who came back out and said she couldn't go through with the abortion, and Valerie and Jason from Illinois who came back out of the deathcamp into pro-lifers' arms. Once inside the ultrasound van they shared how angry clinic staffers got when they changed their mind and wanted to leave. Valerie said, “They are real nice to get you inside, but when I wasn't sure about going through the abortion, they just wanted me to hurry and get out so others in the waiting room didn't hear me.” We were able to show Jason and Valerie their 7 week old baby auditioning for its life. They were thankful and happy that there were people outside these gates to help them and love on them. Pastor Childress was able to give good counsel to both before they left.

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NOW gals

Over one-hundred lifeguards were standing in the gap for the babies and their mothers, including Christian Motorcyclists. Approx 16 teenage militant homosexual deathscorts including an angry Franklin McCallie and five over-heated NOW gals with their coat-hangers, paraded their sin and marched the innocent to their slaughter. We rejoiced for those lives that were spared, and the witnessing to the lost. Most of the deathscorts had no idea what they were doing there and found themselves in a place they should not be.

After a quick lunch, and a water-balloon and W.W.F. challenge, some from our group picked up the proclaiming line and took it across the Mississippi river to St. Louis, Missouri where the annual Gay Pridefest was underway in Tower Grove Park. Read article “Real love comes to St. Louis Gay-Pridefest and Intolerance is Fetted.”

At Saturday night's rally, OSA Birmingham leader David Lackey explained to us how we must reach the lost at the abortion clinics with the love of Jesus. We need to see the abortion clinic workers and deathscorts as God sees them and be true examples of Christ's love. Mercy's Child led an awesome time of praise and worship. We were updated on the day's victories and advised of the St. Louis Pridefest event where we would be witnessing at on Sunday morning

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Pastor David Lackey, Pastor Clenard Childress, & Pastor Flip Benham

The St. Louis event would not be complete until our fearless leader Flip Benham took the remnant and stormed the gates of Ted Drewes and succumbed to the sweet confections. I Corinthians 15:32 “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die.”

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Savanah's Graduation

On Sunday evening, we celebrated the High School graduation of the Savanah Michael, our first home-schooled of the Michael Nation, along with family, friends and siblings. Reverend Flip Benham gave the invocation and spoke about keeping your eyes on Jesus, staying pure, and parents training up a child in the way he or she should go. It was an awesome weekend serving the Lord!

 Be encouraged~ Angela