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Tyranny in Waco


Tyranny in Waco

This is an excerpt taken from the OSA Dallas newsletter. John and many others joined Rusty before he left for California as they challenged the City Council's ordinance restricting their activities at the mill. For more information see the articles entitled “ Waco Report,” “Update in Waco,” and “Pastors Take the Helm.”

Pastor Daniel Thompson and Elder Kevin Stanfield of Wichita Kansas along with John Reyes joined Rev. Rusty Thomas and almost 100 saints on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood in Waco, TX, defying the ungodly ordinance.

The city of Waco (who is in bed with Planned Parenthood) issued an ungodly, unconstitutional decree stating basically the following:

  • No longer can Christians preach the Gospel to public school students on public sidewalks during certain hours.
  • No longer can Christians offer life and hope to abortion bound moms on public sidewalks during certain hours of the day.
  • No longer can Christians congregate and minister the Gospel without a permit issued by the city at other times.

So what we have here is Waco's own 10-40 window - a Gospel-Free Zone! This as an all out assault on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and if we do not stand in opposition to this, you had better believe it will spread like gangrene to the rest of the United States, including our city of Dallas. Satan will do whatever he can to silence gentle Christians from proclaiming God's Word on the highways and byways of this nation.

We must respond like David of old and sound the alarm "Is there not a cause." There is indeed a cause. Our right to life has been violated by the American holocaust called abortion. If that first and foremost right has been removed by judicial fiat, what other right stands secure. The city government in Waco, state government, and our federal government have codified evil into law. They find themselves in the precarious position of defending the indefensible. Thus, instead of dealing with the source of what afflicts Waco, child-murder and Planned Parenthood, their solution is to crush the freedom of speech and the right to peaceably assemble on the streets of Waco. This cannot and must not stand!

We at OSA-Dallas will continue to stand with our brethren in Waco in defiance to this edict that violates the Word of God!

John Reyes