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The Streets of Lubbock ,TX

From Dorothy Boyett in Lubbock

Judy Kreller (left) Dorothy Boyett (right)

November 8, 2004

Back to School - Lubbock report

November 08, 2004

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Today I went to Coronado High School in Lubbock to witness and give out Bible tracts. I stood on the sidewalk and waited for the bell to ring. T.J. came up and I had an opportunity to One-2-One witness. He became under conviction as we went through the Ten Commandments. He freely admitted that if God judged him by that standard he would be guilty and end up in eternal hell. He then gratefully received the good news of the Gospel. The bell rang and the students poured out, I had no trouble giving away over 100 tracts, only one student refused.

The officials came over and demanded that I go across the street to which I politely refused as I knew that I was on public property. Their reasoning was "if we let you stand here we have to let all of the other groups." I didn't back down as they continued to pressure me to comply with their demands. They finally backed off, after I placed a call to the City Traffic Engineer, and admitted that the sidewalk was public property. The assistant principle, identifying herself as a member of a large Baptist church in town, said, “Well I suppose we will have to let the Satanists stand here now.”

There were a few negatives from students, who said that they are Christians but they don't go around standing on street corners and "P # # # people off;" but I was also encouraged by many students who were Christian.

What struck me about today was the fact that I didn't have a sign, or any graphic pictures - in fact the subject of abortion was never raised. I was just one person standing on a sidewalk handing out Ray Comfort tracts and yet the assistant principle, a self described Christian, considered my presence to be one rung higher than the Satanists.

Dorothy Boyett


August 30, 2004

“What should I as a parent or a human being be more concerned about: a child sitting comfortably in the back seat of a mini-van eating ice cream who catches a glimpse of an aborted baby, or the little innocent baby who once was, and now will never be, for his head has been torn away from its mutilated little body? The truth must be shown so the massacre will end.” Marilyn Carroll, OSA Connecticut

Lubbock prolifers accused of targeting children by local media.
by Dorothy Boyett

When the City of Waco passed an ordinance banning free speech in a school zone, (Planned Parenthood's death camp is within this zone), prolifers from around the state drove to Waco to stand with Rusty Thomas and other Christians in that city.

“In addition to supporting our dear friend Rusty, we also knew that other cities might try to follow with ordinances of their own if this goes unchallenged,” voiced many. That could be the case now in Lubbock, Texas. Abortion protesting in school zones was the top story August 26, on Lubbock 's KLBK TV 13. The station‘s motto is: “we're on your side,” but this apparently isn't true in regards to prolifers Judy Kreller and Dorothy Boyett. Channel 13 reporter Ellen McNamara left the impression that the women are deliberately targeting an elementary school.

It was erroneously implied that Dorothy and Judy are displaying graphic images to elementary school students located “right around the corner,” however the signs are on the 3300 block of 67th street and the school is at 6901 Nashville, over half a mile away.

A mother of a four year old complained that her child saw the signs when she drove by. “He doesn‘t need to think about things like this,” she said.

Tony Thornton, CEO of Planned Parenthood, which is not affiliated with the abortion clinic, was also interviewed. He said he doesn't care which side of the fence people are on, “I don't think children should be subjected to this, the protestors have a target audience and it shouldn't be the children.”

Dorothy Boyett said “If people do not want their children to see the signs then they should take an alternative route. If you drive by an abortion clinic you will see signs!” Dorothy explained that the reason for the signs was to bypass the intellect and speak directly to the conscience of the women arriving for their abortion appointment. However, this explanation did not appear on the broadcast.

Reporter Ellen McNamara said concerned parents, whose children attend Murphee Elementary, will be asking Lubbock law makers to make sure protesting on school grounds is illegal.

“The location of Aaron Women's Clinic is not the problem, but the graphic images which parents say their children find very disturbing [is the problem]. While the clinic is tucked away at the bottom of a cul-de-sac, the signs are creeping closer to Indiana,” said Ms. McNamara.

Judy Kreller, who has been a sidewalk counseler for over ten years, said, “We find that it's the adults that don't like to see these pictures. The pictures certainly aren't easy to look at, but they do show the truth.”

The news reporter finished her story by saying, “Some cities have ordinances against protesting on school grounds, but this isn't the case in Lubbock.”

Becky Neighbors, studio announcer, concluded by informing viewers that the City of Waco does have an ordinance in place. “This prohibits protesting near a school. Lawmakers say it also prevents traffic accidents.”

Dorothy Boyett, has contacted the station demanding a retraction. “This broadcast left viewers with the impression that we were actually on school grounds” she told a representative of the station. “We have never gone to an elementary school and have no plans to do so. The signs save babies' lives and are sometimes the catalyst for women to seek repentance.”

This link is to a much abbreviated version of this story on KLBK website


March 29, 2004

Local profilers in Lubbock comment on "Unborn Victims of Violence act"

Lubbock ’s Fox affiliate TV 34 did a feature story on the "Unborn Victims of Violence Act" recently. Local profilers were asked to participate and give an opinion from the prolife prospective. Asked weather the Lacy Conner Act would affect Roe, Dorothy pointed out that the bill has an escape clause for those children murdered by abortion, "Every child that is killed by abortion is an unborn victim of violence. Planned Parenthood knows this and their greatest nightmare will be realized when the court finally agrees," said Dorothy. The network’s camera showed scenes alternating between the abortion facility on 67 th street and the Boyett grandchildren playing.

At the close of the interview it was mentioned that two babies were saved the previous week, news anchor Jen Picciano commented "this gives them encouragement to continue with their ministry."

Two pictures from the TV video - Dorothy (top) Victoria (below)

Click on image for larger view
Click on image for larger view

Dorothy Boyett
8 babies saved during 2004

January 22, 2004

Roe V Wade 31st anniversary  - Lubbock, Texas

The day began with prayer and intercession at the 67th street abortuary.   By 7am cars were already filing past the display of aborted babies at the property line.  An older lady in a Lincoln Continental shouted, "If you are not going to support this baby then mind your own business."  A young man in a pick-up declared, "I've been a Christian all my life."   He dropped of a young woman at the door and drove off.

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A press conference was held outside the Lubbock County Courthouse at noon.    A display of aborted and living baby signs lined the sidewalk.   The local TV stations aired segments from Charlotte's interview on the evening news.   Dorothy did an interview with the newspaper.  http://www.lubbockonline.com/stories/012304/loc_0123040059.shtml
The afternoon was spent giving out Bible tracts and prolife literature at Planned Parenthood.

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The University Daily, Texas Tech University newspaper carried a front-page article January 23rd entitled, "The Choice is Life."    Judy & Dorothy had made a visit to the campus yesterday to display signs, talk with students and give out literature.

34 babies saved outside Lubbock's abortuary in 2003
2 babies saved in 2004

December 19, 2003
Charges against Two Life-saving Grandmothers Dropped!

Bill Sowder, Lubbock County District Attorney has dismissed charges against Judy Kreller and Dorothy Boyett citing "Justice can no longer be served". Judy & Dorothy had been charged with trespassing in April, even though the police admitted they did not observe them on the property. The evidence submitted by the abortuary included three poor quality pictures which showed the two sidewalk counselors standing on the adjacent parking lot (they have permission from the owner to do so) and on the public sidewalk; on this "evidence" warrants were issued for their arrest. Judy & Dorothy posted bond, after spending the afternoon in the city jail, but were back outside the abortuary the next morning. Thirty four babies have been saved this year.

Click image for larger view
Judy holds one of the babies saved from death

In August, these two innocent sidewalk counselors they were offered a plea bargain of a year's probation, $200 fine, 40 hours of community service and some sort of training classes in lieu of 90 days jail time. Innocent of any wrong-doing, the two grandmothers refused and demanded a jury trial. Now the facts have proven them innocent. Another in a long string of attacks by the abortiion industry attempting to silince and stop these two grandmothers from saving children and proclaiming Christ has failed. There will be more attempts yet Dorothy and Judy will trust in the Lord Jesus and refuse to bow to an enemy that comes only to rob, kill and destroy.

Previous stories on Dorothy & Judy being charged and arrested -
The State of Texas vs Judy Kreller & Dorothy Boyett October 29, 2003
Grandmothers Arrested in Lubbock, August 19, 2003

August 6, 2003
Pink Party Organizers see Red.

The Lubbock chapter of the Susan G. Komen Foundation hosted a garden party Tuesday evening. This fund raising event, named "The Pink Party," welcomed attendees who paid fifty dollars per couple. Guests parked their cars along the streets of this fashionable neighborhood; a chartered bus shuttled them to the host home. Pink balloons and streamers decorated the well-manicured lawns. Although it was six in the evening the temperature was still in the high 90's. It went up a couple of degrees as Dorothy Boyett and Judy Kreller stationed themselves close to the "enter here" sign at the curb.

In keeping with the theme of the evening, they held two large pink signs. These signs informed pink partygoers of the connection between Koman and Planned Parenthood; more specifically that the local Planned Parenthood was given money three years in a row.

Click image for larger view

Organizers of the Pink Party saw red, accompanied by a police officer they demanded to know the source of the "misinformation." When Dorothy informed them it was data from their own web page, they said that they no longer had a connection with Planned Parenthood. Judy disputed this, and pointed out that Joe Love Nelson, CEO of Lubbock PP was one of the organizers of the evening's event.

Pink flyers were offered which gave additional facts about this organization, but people refused to take them. They didn't seem interested in the fact that Nancy Goodman Brinker founder of the Susan G. Komen organization sits on the advisory council of Planned Parenthood of Dallas, or that Planned Parenthood gets money that is intended for breast cancer research.

July 31, 2003
Lubbock Update - No killing all this week - Abortionist on vacation. We took the signs to a busy intersection this morning then we went to the mill for prayer. The abortionist's assistant came out with her coffee. She wanted to know why we preach the Word. This woman, who claims to be a practicing Catholic, has convinced herself that "if God was against abortion he wouldn't have allowed the technology that made it possible." "Why don't you just protest and not preach" she inquired. This opened up the opportunity to tell her of our concern for her soul and the souls of those that patronize Aaron's women's abortuary.

Going forward for Jesus

July 10, 2003
I was setting up the large signs outside the mill as a couple in a SUV drove by. Then they came by again and stopped in front of the mill. I grabbed the brochures and a baby model and approached their vehicle. The security guard motioned for them to enter the parking lot, but they declined with "we're leaving." I then asked them what changed their mind. They replied, "Those pictures!" Since February 13th of this year we have seen 18 babies saved!

Going forward for Jesus

April 9, 2003   What happened to spring? Judy & I had to get out our long janes yesterday. The mill was very busy. We talked to a couple of people and I witnessed to a "professed Christian" but no one we know of changed their mind. Judy spoke with Roy Middleton (owner of real estaste business next to mill) regarding his campaign to rid the street of us. He did not seem to mind being video taped and talked quite freely. Please pray for this man. He can't seem to see the plight of the helpless. The mill has been there since 1976. We have been there since 1992, displaying large Malachi's for at least 8 or 9 years. Middleton has been there the whole time and just now he is losing business and blaming it on us. If you desire you may write to him or telephone but please be very polite, all correspondance will end up public at one point and can be used against us. He adopted his own children and his son just adopted a baby (perhaps some sidewalk counselor with a sign changed the birth mother's mind outside an abortion clinic located next to a real estate company), but he can't see beyond the fact that he has had an empty suite since August and "You have cost me 9 months rent."His address is:

Roy Middleton real estate
3403 73rd street,
Lubbock Texas 79423
phone 806-797-3275.
Sorry I don't yet have an e mail for him.

He claims that in August an accounting firm came to look at his property on a Thursday morning. According to Mr Middleton they declined to rent a space and said, "We would never subject our employees and our clients to that..." He indicated our signs. Therefore, he has petitioned the city to place no-parking signs throughout the cul-de-sac. Parking will be prohibited from 8am until 5pm Monday thru Friday. This will not affect the Trinity High School people. I don't know of any other business street in the city that has a total ban on parking. Some have 30 min, one hour, etc.I appealed this action and have to speak to the Traffic Commission next Tuesday April 15th at 10am in city hall (the old Sears building) off Avenue Q. If I lose there it's on to the City Council. If anyone desires to accompany me you are more than welcome. We will dress in business attire, sorry no prolife T shirts. I have petitioned a national Prolife Law firm and hope to hear from them regarding our petition. Seven babies have been saved at the mill in seven weeks. Many of our saves and turn-arounds tell us the signs changed their mind. We are not going away, the signs are not going away. It will just be more difficult for us. Judy & I are both committed until the place closes or we close (our eyes in death). To God be the glory. Christian's never retreat.Dorothy

Going forward for Jesus  

February 28, 2002A baby was saved! PTL!DorothyFebruary 21, 2002

Planned Parenthood Association of Lubbock have purchased building number 14 in the Briarcroft center just off Avenue P and 58th Street.  
"A Planned Parenthood moving operation into a new facility 02/15/02"

Char and Dorothy at PP

The public was invited to attend a "ribbon-cutting"ceremony last week, but when prolifers showed up, CEO Jo Love Nelson moved the celebration inside so that her distinguished guests didn't have to look at the images of PP's "stock-in-trade" displayed on the sidewalk.


February 13, 2002The Lubbock County district attorney's office has dropped trespassing charges against sidewalk counselor Judy Kreller.   The charges resulted from an incident last September after Judy moved a water hose at Planned Family Clinic.  The abortuary was using high pressure lawn sprinklers to keep prolifers away from the public sidewalk.  On several occasions, people kneeling in prayer were drenched when sprinklers were turned on.  Police informed prolifers that the mill had "Every right to water their trees."Finally, on September 25th, Judy stepped onto the property, grabbed the hose that fed the sprinklers, and threw it away from the sidewalk.   The Assistant Chief of Police arrived later that morning, in answer to complaints from area businesses about water run off.  He ordered the abortuary to turn off the water and remove the sprinklers.   He announced that there would be no more water on the sidewalk.    After he left, off duty police, employed by the mill asked Judy for her identification.   She was not arrested, or informed of any charges at that time.Last week Judy received a "Courtesy" notice to report to the Warrant and Fugitive Division on Main Street. Given the opportunity to turn herself in and spare herself the embarrassment of public arrest; she chose instead to go to the sidewalk and plead for the babies scheduled to die that morning.  "God has called me to be a witness; I will never leave on my own accord until this place closes," she said as she continued to reach out to mothers with the love of Jesus. A baby was saved. The police did not arrest her.


January 1, 2001The mill in Lubbock has been closed for the last week due to the snowstorm that shut down the city. No babies have been killed that we know of. The National Guard transported me home from the hospital on Tuesday in a "Humdee."


December 15, 2000Another child spared a brutal death on Thursday. Pray for Andrae and her family. A total of three babies saved this week. We give all the praise and Glory to the Lord.