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The Streets in Fort Pierce, Florida

The Streets in Fort Pierce, Florida

September 21, 2001

A total of seven moms came to abort tonight but only three carried through with their plans.

The first young mom in was open to receiving literature and listened intently to our offer of help. She spoke with her male companion about the literature but then did enter the clinic. We began praying for her and soon her companion came outside to smoke a cigarette. I decided to use my trusted partner Maximilian (my dog) as an icebreaker. Max swung into action immediately and approached the young man with the innocence and joy of a young child and began licking his legs and sniffing his feet. Who could resist? The young man was instantly drawn to Max and thus began our conversation. As it turns out, Ethan was the brother of the young mom I had spoken to earlier and he was sick about the abortion. He gave a wonderful testimony to the gift of life and shared his own life story which included pregnancy and marriage at an early age.

Some 30 minutes later he was ready to go inside and fight for the life of the child he had accompanied to the clinic. We prayed for him and then shortly later, the door opened. I felt my knees begin shaking as I watched Ethan and his sister Lauren walk out of that clinic and head in my direction. It was a beautiful picture to see that young man lead his sister away from that clinic. We went over to the PCC to talk more and then I left them both in the loving hands of Jane. Ethan has promised his support to Lauren and has even offered to adopt the child should she decide that is an option. It was quite an experience. I told Ethan that I was happy to meet a man with such strength at the clinic and he replied, "To be perfectly honest, that place (the clinic) made me weak. If I had to stay there another minute I would have either broken down in tears or thrown up!" They have promised to stay in touch.

I met Jennifer as she was yelling at one of the prayer witnesses on the sidewalk. I started a conversation with her and she was extremely hostile and angry. The prayer witness she had spoken to so harshly remained so calm, so loving and so peaceful that I do believe Jennifer was simply overwhelmed. She shared with us that she really needed help and that abortion seemed like the only way out. She read very carefully the literature and asked questions. As it turns out, the clinic workers told her that she was earlier in the pregnancy than they had thought and she could not have the abortion that day. She has an appointment at the PCC on Tuesday but I must say that she needs prayer. She is not convinced that there is enough help available for her to overcome her fears. I was encouraged that despite her original anger, she shook my hand and said thank you before leaving.

During the Ethan/Lauren situation, we discovered that there was a young mom crying on the steps of the abortion clinic. She told one of the counselors that she could not have her abortion at AWW because she was too far along. However, Jennifer told me that she had overheard her say she had simply had changed her mind and was upset. We don't know the end of this story and likely never will, but, the child has been given another chance.

A mom accompanied her young teenage daughter into the clinic for an abortion but did not stay for the abortion. Instead, they went to the PCC and met with Jane. The story will remain simple and without any more details due to their need for confidentiality. However, God is working miracles through that PCC.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support.


September 14, 2001

Upon arriving at the clinic I was informed by the other counselors that there was a couple sitting in their car talking for the past ten minutes. We began a rosary and prayed for at least thirty minutes before the young mom got out. She was twenty-four years old and the mother of one other child. She said that she had come to the clinic for an abortion because she was overwhelmed at the prospect of having to care for two more babies. She was carrying twins. "I have seen the movies..." she said, "I know they are alive..." "I know it is wrong..." "I know I will be sad..." She was open to listening to us however and we prayed for the grace to help her. One of the clinic workers spotted us in conversation with her and called for help from another worker. They offered her an opportunity to go in through the garage door to get away from us. However, she did return to her car to speak to her boyfriend. We continued to pray as they talked. Sadly, she soon made her way into the clinic.

Two of us were able to coax the boyfriend out of his car and to our suprise, discovered that he was against the abortion. He had not paid for it, he had already told her that he would leave her if she went through with it. We encouraged him to go inside the clinic and speak to her again. He did. He came out and said that the inner doors of the clinic were locked and no one was at the receptionist window. We encouraged him to fight till the end for these children. He did. All to no avail. They had taken his girfriend in as the first appointment and it was too late.

He stayed with us and together we prayed. He stood in the abortion clinic parking lot - we stood next to him with only a boundary line separating us. Behind him, there was an American flag flapping in the wind -- it had been hung from the clinic garage.

In all, five babies died in Fort Pierce.

September 11, 2001

Four babies died today in Fort Pierce. The father of one of the babies was against the abortion and simply devastated by the loss of his child. He had been waiting all his life (he was 33) for a child and now he had one that was to be taken away. Our prayers are with him.


August 18, 2001

Jane reports several abortion minded clients came into the PCC this week. It is clear that her location across the street from the abortion clinic continues to save lives.

August 17, 2001

We were delighted to witness yet another turnaround at the clinic! A young Hispanic couple who simply could not penetrate the wall of prayer that had been built up around the clinic left and never returned! Certainly a testimony to the faithful prayers of the sidewalk witnesses.

Sadly, six moms did abort on Friday. One of our new counselors was especially saddened to witness an acquaintance drop off one of the moms. Her shock was replaced with determination as she set about making phone calls to track down the father of the baby marked for death. Her efforts were hampered by the devil and sadly, her persistence did not save the life of the child. However, she has been through the fires of initiation and is determined to forge onward. We welcome her to the sidewalk!

August 14, 2001

Five babies died today in Fort Pierce. The counselors reported that they witnessed a clear turnaround.

August 3, 2001

The first mom arrived at approximately 3:15. I had the chance to speak with her for about 15 minutes before she went inside the clinic. She explained to me that she had a "bad feeling" about her baby and did not want to deliver it. She was certain that something was terribly wrong and that an abortion was the only way out. She refused all information and referrals and tried very hard to convince me that she was right and that an abortion was necessary. She was accompanied by her 18 year old son who remained outside the clinic to talk for a few minutes. He was open to information and was grateful that someone had spoken to his mom but it was clear that he had no influence over her. She came outside only to reprimand him and ordered him to leave and pick her up later.

Four other moms arrived during the next two hours bringing the total to five for the evening.

News from inside the abortion clinic: Gift certificates are now available for purchase at the counter. Imagine that?!?!

July 31, 2001

Two counselors were present to witness for the six babies who died this afternoon.

July 21, 2001

Our rosary group welcomed several new prayer warriors today bringing our total to 8. Another storm made it a difficult day for counseling though we remained present as witnesses. Anthony was replaced today by Ronnie (Candace's other son) who escorted the moms through the garage entrance and made it impossible for us to reach them.

There were two signs of hope as possible turnarounds, though they are unconfirmed.

Gladys, our pro-life warrior of the year, walked up and down the sidewalk with her walker for a full hour praying the rosary. What a tremendous witness for the women and their companions. Gladys has also recruited her daughter for 2 days a week out on the sidewalk!

July 20, 2001

A driving rainstorm came to a halt just in time for the counselors to witness to the moms arriving at the clinic. In all there were seven moms who came to abort their children today. Anthony (youngest son of Candace) was being trained as a clinic escort today and failing miserably. He can't help but talk to the prolifers which is certainly not his mission in the parking lot. We are happy to report our third "PTTA" (pregnancy test turn-around) for this week. We strive to keep all women out of the clinic and have been successful with simply offering to pay the women to leave and buy a pregnancy test at a local drug store. It offers the same accuracy as the clinic test and it has given us an opportunity to speak at length to the women about abortion and pregnancy.

The Hispanic prayer group joined us on the sidewalk at 7:15 for a rosary.

Thank you for your prayers and continued support.


June 22, 2001

The clinic reopened for the afternoon at 2:15. Seems that Candace and Arnold went electronic toy shopping. They spent thirty minutes trying to get their walkie talkies to function properly and then periodically came out to videotape us with their new video camera. (So it is intimidation when we videotape the clients but when they videotape the clients talking to us it is fair game.) There were seven moms who came to abort.

June 19, 2001

Gladys reports five abortions for the afternoon. One of the young moms wandered accidentally into the Pregnancy Care Center and into the hands of Jane. Jane was unable to communicate with her due to the language difference but quickly called me and I was able to have a conversation with her. I soon realized that nothing short of a miracle would save the life of this child. Mom had no financial difficulties, no pressing problems, in fact, she could not really identify her reason for having an abortion. She simply did not want the child. Nothing mattered to her - God would surely forgive her one day, she could have another child when she felt like it, her husband didn't care one way or the other. Clearly, life has completely lost its value for this woman. She left the center and went right into the clinic to kill her child.

Thank God for the devotion of dear Gladys who is now on the sidewalk three days a week in addition to her two days counseling at Lifeline in Stuart. Her energy knows no bounds. She has also recruited her daughter for two nights a week on the sidewalk! Her devotion to the pro-life movement began with Operation Rescue and continues today.

Father Tom's dog Maximilian visited the center and of course had his first look at an abortion clinic. He parked himself on the sidewalk and would not budge - I kid you not. Like Father, like son.


June 16, 2001

The nurse practitioner was present all morning distributing abortifacients and doing STD testing. This is one of Candace's best means for attracting new victims so we ask for your prayers that her nurse will soon be led to conversion. Four women arrived for abortions - one was so overcome by the photo of an eight week old in the womb that she simply stood and stared at it without a word. Three counselors had separate opportunities to speak with her and it was clear that her "choice" had been made by her boyfriend. However, she could not find the strength to change his mind. He was unwilling to talk to us and simply turned up the music in his car to block out the truth. (A special note: Kellie returned to work today and assisted in abortions. She had spent some time in a psychiatric hospital a few months ago -- obviously, not enough time to face the reality of her problem.)

June 15, 2001

A total of seven moms came to abort this afternoon. Several counselors were present during the arrival hour and several other folks were on the sidewalk for prayer support. The companion of one young girl approached one of the counselors in an aggressive manner and began yelling typical pro-abort nonsense. Another counselor began to videotape the woman who grew angrier and eventually retreated to the inside. Several hours later as she drove away, one of the counselors took note of her license plate as a precautionary measure. Upon seeing this, the woman called the police. Some thirty minutes later a female officer arrived and took down both sides of the story. She later admitted to us that she was pro-life and said that she hoped our work would convince even one person to change their mind! The woman in question told us that she is a nurse and a counselor and has no problem with abortion as babies in the womb are not "viable" and do not deserve the same rights as the rest of us. During the same afternoon, one of the dads dropped off his "old lady" (his words) and then proceeded to spit on the car of one of the counselors.

June 12, 2001

Gladys reports five abortions for the afternoon and several girls seeking information on "emergency contraception." Thankfully, at least one of these girls was receptive to information and changed her direction for the Pregnancy Care Center to hear the truth.

Also of interest was the arrival of two police officers who positioned their cars in the middle of the street and stayed until the departure of the abortionist.

Thanks for your prayers.


June 8, 2001

The clinic opened at 3 today and soon afterwards moms began to arrive. There was only one counselor present during the arrival hour but several of the women did stop to accept literature. One young girl entered the clinic in tears clutching her boyfriend's hand. Another young girl arrived holding a teddy bear but tossed it back into the car when she realized a counselor was nearby. A dad stopped to talk and said that he had 8 kids already and that they were "all over the place" and he couldn't imagine another one running around. A young Guatemalan girl stopped to talk and said that she did not believe in God anyway so nothing mattered. Another young man wearing a gold cross said that God understands abortion. In all, 15 women entered the clinic.

The parking lot overflowed with cars and trucks and the crowd was too large for the small waiting room at AWW. Many of the women and their companions waited outside during the next 3 1/2 hours before the killer arrived. Tensions ran high among the workers, especially when a Fr. Tom save appeared carrying the 3 month old baby (born on Father's birthday) who had an appointment to die at that very place! Baby Alexandra is an angel! A counselor held that precious baby in front of the very place where moms were getting ready to abort their own children. Hazel (a clinic worker) was especially angered by the presence of the baby and began to verbally harass the counselors. This set the tone for the rest of the evening.

By 6:30, we had approximately 6-8 police cars on scene. Some stayed, others remained only a short while. Two police reports were filed: one against us and one against a dad who jumped out of his car (while the police were inside the clinic) and threatened a counselor. His own brother held him back so that he could not harm the counselor. One police officer remained on the scene until 8:30 pm. All of the 13 moms who aborted were gone by 9:45 pm.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.