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Showdown in Waco Continues

Showdown in Waco Continues

Please be in prayer for Liz as March 15 th is the due date of the Thomas' 10 th child. If the baby has not entered into this world by Wednesday, Liz is planning on being at the mill. - Kristene

Last Wednesday, March 9th, none were arrested or cited in front of Planned Parenthood in spite of the threat of arrest that was given the week before by the police officers. Many Christians came out who are fairly new to this aspect of bringing the claims of Christ to the culture, so God is using this opportunity to recruit soldiers into His active army. As long as they were standing 5 ft. away from each other, not forming a group or assemblage, they could sidewalk counsel, sing and pray to our hearts content. Of course, this cannot last long, (I was not there due to sickness, but how can I stand 5 ft. away from my newborn baby and 2 and 4 year olds?) however since the group already had legal plans underway to proceed with, they decided to comply.

We are planning on being tried by a jury as a group, being represented by the Christian Law Association from Seminole, FL. Also, Christians from the Waco area are being asked to come to the City Council Meeting on Tuesday evening at 5:15 p.m. (it begins at 6:00) at the Waco Convention Center to witness and support those who will speak out on our behalf to request that this unjust Ordinance that prohibits the free preaching of the Gospel, simply be retracted and dissolved.

In particular, local residents are also encouraged to contact the City Council members and Mayor before Tuesday to kindly express your concerns regarding the city ordinance; how it infringes upon the rights of free speech, religious liberties and our right to peaceably assemble. (See emails and phone numbers below.)

Please keep Pastor John Collier in your prayers. His wife is undergoing tests of possible uterine cancer. He has also received a threatening letter promising "We will protest your church!" and accusing Parkview Baptist Church of being an Aryan Nation. The Enemy will retaliate with any ridiculous threat to cause us to cower in fear, but I don't think it's going to work here.

Waco City Council 2003-4

Linda Etheridge, Mayor wacomayor@waco-texas.com  (254)776-6718
Mae J. Jackson, Ph.D ccouncil1@waco-texas.com  (254)754-3881
Carlos Pesina, Jr. Mayor Pro Tem ccouncil2@waco-texas.com  (254)754-6170
Randy H. Riggs ccouncil3@waco-texas.com  (254)772-4510, 772-6342
Robin McDurham ccouncil4@waco-texas.com  (254)755-9978
Maurice Labens ccouncil5@waco-texas.com  (254) 235-8441
Larry D. Groth, P.E., City Manager larryg@ci.waco.tx.us  (254750-5640
Patricia W. Ervin, City Secretary trish@ci.waco.tx.us  (254)750-5750

In King Jesus' Service,
Liz Thomas
Elijah Ministries