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Fruit Cometh Forth


Fruit Cometh Forth  

by John Reyes

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." Gal 6:11

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Yesterday morning I received a phone call from Stephen Bennett who is the Director of SBM (Stephen Bennet Ministries). Stephen has devoted his life to the ministry of deliverance for the homosexual. He himself, a former homosexual, has seen many set free from their perverted lifestyles to become the men and women that God had intended them to be.

Stephen called me with some very encouraging news! This past weekend he received a phone call from a young 20 year old homosexual male who lives in the Dallas area. Here is Stephen's account of the conversation:


Saturday afternoon I came to the office to get some work accomplished and the phone rang. As I picked it up, I heard a dead silence, then a hang up. I began to pray, for I usually know these type of calls. Ten minutes later, the phone rang again and it was a young 20 year old man from Texas who was homosexual. As we began to speak, he began to cry and said he was born again early on his life and one time on fire for God. In his teen years, his struggle with homosexuality became unbearable and he gave in to the temptations, leaving God and his family behind. Now broken and crying out for help, he said he couldn't take the homosexual lifestyle any longer. He has been with countless men sexually and has hit his bottom.

He never knew his birth father - a drug addict - and his mother has been married seven times. He also said he is very effeminate and doesn't want to be. He said more than anything he knows God loves him, and wants to serve the Lord with all of his heart and leave his homosexuality behind. I was in tears and asked how he found out about the ministry of SBM. He told me he was at a "gay" pride parade in Texas this summer and someone handed him our "I Was Gay" tract. He kept it and held on to it as his only source of hope, until he could get up the courage to call the ministry.

Well, that planted seed this summer paid off.

We prayed together and he rededicated his life on the phone. Today, we are sending him out a gift pack of many of our resources and CDs to help him in his new journey with Christ. We are also directing him to a local Bible believing, preaching church in his area which has a heart for those struggling with same-sex attractions. Please keep him in your prayers - "K" in Texas The road may be rocky, yet the Lord will be with Him every step of the way.


Saints, when we went to the "Dallas Gay Pride Parade" this past September, we saw the evidence that the Church in  Dallas has lost its saltiness. It didn't seem that we were making any strides, but had become the laughing stock to the homosexual population in Dallas. We were laughed at, mocked (obviously the Church isn't taken seriously anymore) and it seemed that our words of warning were drowned out by the counterfeit praise and worship of the homosexual religious community. However, in the midst of our warnings, there was one who responded. There was one young homosexual man who took the tract "I Was Gay" that we handed out and took it to heart. Yes, many others took the tracts as well, we may never know the their outcome until we see Jesus face to face. We do however know that our efforts were not in vain! This one young man has responded to the Lord. How would he have heard if we hadn't of gone? I hope that this testimony encourages your hearts. The Lord used you in a mighty way that day in Dallas!!

Keep shining for King Jesus!