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The Streets of Richmond

The Streets of Richmond

April 26, 2006

Apr 26, 2006 Richmond, VA Street Report

Babies are often saved from death when Christians speak out on their behalf at their local abortion mill.

A baby was saved today in Richmond as a couple drove into RMCW. They were shown the front cover of our flyer with a picture of a preborn girl and the caption, "She's a Child, not a Choice." They looked at it for a while and then parked the car. After talking for some time to one another they left the premises without entering the clinic.

You can find lots of helpful information on Sidewalk Counseling by clicking on the following link.

Click Here

Remember LLM in your prayers as we reach out to high school students on Thursday, April 27 during our Day of Truth outreach.

Also please consider helping us to complete the "Richmond Literature Project". We have collected approximately $350.00 toward our needed $2,000.00 for an order of 50,000 flyers that are being delivered to every home in the City of Richmond, VA.

Click below to learn more about the Richmond Literature Project

Thanks for standing with us.

Dennis Green

Life and Liberty Ministries

P.O. Box 862

Powhatan, VA 23139

(804) 492-9216

Life and Liberty Ministries

Thank you for standing with us with your prayers and financial support.

August 3, 2005

Life and Liberty Ministries Street Report

Aug. 3, 2005

One Baby Was Saved At The Abortion Clinic Today And Another Save Is Connected To LLM'S Richmond Literature Drop Project

This morning eleven Christians "showed up" on the street at Richmond Medical Center for Women.

I stated in my last update on Saturday, July 30, " when Christians show up, babies are saved ". Today another baby escaped death and another mother escaped the guilt of killing her child.

Here's what happened.

"A couple drove in and the man let a woman out to go into the killing center. He then parked his car. As he approached the door, Mary Penner called out to him and offered him a packet of LLM's literature. He walked over and accepted it. Mary challenged him to take it inside and give it to the woman he had brought to the mill. He did. Some time later they both came back out. Mary said that she was happy to see them leaving. The woman, with a big smile on her face, thanked Mary. She said that she was also glad to be leaving and again thanked Mary for intervening."

The second victory is connected to our ongoing Richmond Literature Drop Campaign. Our Father uses even our mistakes for His glory

This morning Lauren Murch related the following story.

Several weeks ago a crew from the Murch clan joined us on the street in our effort to get convicting pro-life Gospel literature into every home in Richmond . On this particular day a group of three young people ended up on a street corner waiting to be picked up by me as we worked the streets. I couldn't find them because they ended up at the wrong corner, or so I thought. Our Father had His own plans.

While standing on the corner, Lauren Murch handed a piece of our literature to a woman who then asked Lauren to put some on a particular door because the woman who lived there was being pressured into having an abortion. Lauren put several pieces on the door and memorized the address.

Some time later Lauren wrote a letter to this woman that she had never met face-to-face. She included a "Little Feet" lapel pin that is shaped like the feet of a ten week old preborn baby

Yesterday, Lauren received a call from the lady who received the literature and the letter. She told Lauren that she had decided to let her baby live and she had been wearing the pin ever since. She was blown away by the fact that Lauren cared enough to do what she did and follow up with her.

Remember what I said, "When Christians show up, babies are saved."

Please continue to pray for Life and Liberty Ministries and the people we encounter on the street daily.

Please also consider standing behind us financially as we continue in the battle for the lives of the preborn and the souls of their families.

Dennis Green, Pro-life Missionary

Life and Liberty Ministries P.O. Box 862 Powhatan, VA 23139 (804) 492-9216

Donations can also be made online from the LLM web site.

Life and Liberty Ministries

July 30, 2005

Life and Liberty Ministries Report July 30, 2005

A Partial List of Babies Saved Due to Sidewalk Counseling in Richmond Virginia


Today a baby lives who would be dead if not for Christians taking the Gospel to the street at the death clinics in Richmond VA.

Regularly babies are saved from death as we minister to women at the abortion "clinics" in the Richmond area. I have often told people that "babies are saved when Christians show up".

It's just that simple.

I decided to send out just a sampling of instances of lives saved over the last couple of months. This list is by no means complete.

July 30, 2005 Baby saved at RMCW. Eleven Pro-lifers were present and 6 clinic Deathscorts. A young woman was given a pack of LLM's literature as she arrived at the mill and then went inside. After most of the people on the sidewalk had left, she exited the "clinic" and while crying came over to Theresa White to talk. She was ministered to and said that she was going to let her baby live.

June 24, 2005 Baby saved at RMCW. Mt Gilead brothers and sisters were on hand.

June 2, 2005 At least one baby saved today and several other women left before the abortionist arrived.

April 30, 2005 Baby saved at RMCW. On Saturday morning, a bunch of pro-aborts, Greene, Fred, Mark, Jerry & Mary and a lady from Mt. Gilead named Jameka were at the mill. Jameka talked with a family that came in with their teen-age daughter. First she talked with the father in the van parked out front, then when the mother came out to smoke, she talked with her for quite some time before she went back in. Just before we were leaving, the family came out and driving away called out, "We're going home" and the girl was with them. Hallelujah!!!

March 23, 2005 Two babies saved at RMCW. Mary Penner, Caleb and I were at RMCW on this day. A girl walked out of the clinic and down the sidewalk and was pursued by her boyfriend. He caught up with her and blocked her way on the sidewalk. With his arms around her, he moved her back to the clinic as she wept. I walked along beside them and interceded on behalf of thier child. The man took my literature and kept trying to make me be quiet. I continued to offer help until they walked back onto the clinic property. They walked past the door and stood talking by their vehicle. After about 45 minutes they left and as they passed Mary, the girl eagerly accepted more of our literature.

Shortly before the first couple left, another young woman walked out of the clinic and down to the corner. Mary approached her and offered her a piece of our literature. She said that she did not need it since she had already decided not to abort her child. Mary asked what had changed her mind. She said, "Y'all and everything." Mary spoke with her for a few minutes and then she left.

February 25, 2005 A baby was saved at RMCW. I spoke with a fifteen year old girl named Ashley and her parents as they approached the clinic. After speaking at length with them, they left without keeping their appointment.

Will you please help keep us on the street? I will gladly speak to anyone who desires to give me a call to discuss in detail the present needs of this work.

Dennis Green, Pro-life Missionary

Life and Liberty Ministries P.O. Box 862 Powhatan, VA 23139 (804) 492-9216

Life and Liberty Ministries

April 20, 2001

This morning, Mary Penner, myself, and two of my boys were ministering at RMCW. A mother and daughter walked by Mary and she gave them some literature and said a few words to the girl. The girl was obviously distressed. The mother pulled the girl toward the clinic and away from us. After about an hour, they came back out and as they passed Mary, the girl said thank you with a smile. Another child snatched from the jaws of death!

On Wednesday, I was ministering at RMCW with Mary and my son Caleb. A couple was approached by Mary and after listening for a while, decided to leave the clinic and go to the Crisis Pregnancy Center.

For the Least of These,
Denny Green
Director, Life and Liberty Ministries

March 31, 2001

On March 9 (my birthday) seven pro-lifers including myself were on the sidewalk at Richmond Medical Center for Women. Two women entered the clinic after passing us. They didn't seem to be effected by our input. After about 1/2 hour inside, the women came out and as they passed us one said, "We didn't do it, I chose life." Babies die due to a lack of Christian involvement and are saved regularly when Christians live what they say they believe. How about joining us?

On March 23rd Mary Penner, one or two Green youngsters, and I were at RMCW. A couple drove in to get a pregnancy test. This is the bait used by abortion clinics to get their victims inside. I told the couple about the lawsuits against the "doctor" and about Crisis Pregnancy Center down the street. They changed their minds about entering the clinic and went to the CPC instead.

On March 27 while ministering at RMCW, several police cars pulled up and Officer Barney Fife (I think that was his name) asked if I was about to leave. I said I wasn't, and that I would probably be there for about another hour. He said that I was in violation of a city ordinance. My sign would have to go or I would have to carry it and not let it touch the ground. This of course was ridiculous, and I showed him that it was from the code book he carried. He then said we should be willing to meet him half way and at least walk around occasionally. He didn't want to back down. After realizing that we were going to stand our ground, he changed his story and said that there must have been some miscommunication (there wasn't) and we could stay. Sheriff Taylor must be a patient man.

In mid June, Life and Liberty Ministries will join with Columbia Christians for Life in a Statewide South Carolina Face the Truth Tour. Your prayers, attendance, and support are desired. This will be the first tour of its kind in South Carolina.

For the Least of These,
Dennis Green