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Mark Gabriel on Tour

June 5-8, 2001

Mark Gabriel on Tour

We arrived in town just in time to set up our display for the evening rush hour traffic. We began the day in Mitchell, South Dakota, did our first street presentation of the murdered preborn in the state capitol, Pierre, then went to Rapid City here.

Yesterday in Sioux Falls was great! As usual, we lined the streets with the giant pictures of aborted babies and passed out flyers to unmask Planned Parenthood's evil practices. We also passed out gospel tracts with an abortion theme.

The director of the local Pregnancy Help Center (the Alpha Center), after having misgivings, became our fast friend. She was thrilled to see the truth get out and she thanked us for coming. She invited us to tour their center, so myself and a group of 4 or 5 other men took her up.

We learned that at least one couple planning to abort that day changed their mind after seeing our display. The father said, "What are the chances that they [us] would be here on the very same day..." Three women signed up for post-abortion counseling after driving by our signs. They received many more calls than usual.

The building they are in used to be the Planned Parenthood killing center. The entire place was filthy when they bought it. They wanted the state health department to see the condition of the place, but the department refused to come. They gutted the place, knocked down concrete walls and even tore out some flooring. It's completely remodeled and looks very nice. One of the killing rooms is now being used to do ultra sound imaging to show the mom's their preborn baby.

Three TV stations covered us and one newspaper. The Newspaper did a very good story and put it on the front page. Planned Parenthood refused to comment and simply issued a prepared statement.

Billings, Montana: We've stayed the last two nights at a Baptist Bible College here. Our stop in Billings went great. We started out at the Planned Parenthood killing center, downtown. There are four Montanans who picket and sidewalk counsel here weekly. They were very happy to see us bring in the calvary. We prayed for more laborers for them. In our afternoon stop, a mother and two girls joined us who may come out to the local mill in the future.

The clinic had police tape up on the inside of the sidewalk all around the abortion mill, and the place looked closed when we arrived. We spread out with our signs around the place. The mill sits on a corner across from a hospital. We passed out literature to everyone on the sidewalks, and those going into the hospital. Most of the employees of the hospital were pro-abortion.

I couldn't help but praise God for how things had changed when I was last there, about 1 1/2 years ago. That's when I was there on the sidewalk with Cal Zastrow and another brother. Cal was arrested for being within 500 feet of the place. We only had a few pieces of prolife literature that day without signs. I thanked God for how things have changed, but pray for the end of abortion altogether in Billings.

On Wednesday, we did an evening rush hour stop in Gillette, Wyoming. The police told us that the street we were on is the busiest in the whole state. The people there, and in Billings, were most receptive to the literature. We got more out in those two cities than in any in South Dakota.

Today, we continue west, up into the mountains: Livingston, Bozeman, Helena, and Great Falls. Please continue to pray for us and those we witness to. May hearts and minds be changed for the glory of God.

Mark Gabriel