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The Unborn Protection League
PO Box 1011     O'Fallon, MO. 63366     636-978-572

On a very cold January 22nd 2004 the Unborn Protection League and Church Without Walls along with fellow Pro-Lifers from the St. Louis area took the tragedy of abortion to the streets of metro St. Louis.

6:00am – 8:00am

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We parked our vehicles at the West County Assembly of God Church where Flip spoke on the previous Sunday. We made our way with our Graphic signs across the over-pass over Interstate 40 and climbed down the hill to the highway where we greeted the morning commuters with pictures of some of the victims of choice. The police presence was very heavy since the traffic reports indicated that traffic was backed up for miles due to some “protesters” along the highway. Other than one officer who used the loudspeaker on his squad car to tell us that we were “causing traffic problems, take the signs elsewhere” the police left us alone.

9:00am – Noon

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We stood witness at the gates of hell known as planned parenthood in downtown St. Louis . Upon our arrival we were greeted by an NBC cameraman who came to film the shivering Saints as we held our signs and prayed. Brother Cletus stood in the median with a black coffin that bore a sign, which read “planned parenthood celebrating 31 years of killing babies”. Praise The Lord, this past week, one of the killers at this location, Jackie Turner turned in her suction hose and quit killing little baby boys and girls because persevering Saints have been standing at this clinic and at the office where she has her Ob/Gyn practice to inform her patients about her part-time job. This leaves two butchers at this location and both are close to 70 years old.

4:00pm – 5:00pm

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Our next stop was Missouri Baptist Hospital (which is no longer run by the Baptist Church but the name remains), which is home to two abortionists who are on staff, and has been a sight of regular visits by Pro-Lifers. We arrived with the signs and were met by a KPLR cameraman who filmed us as we shared the truth with the sheltered residents of this upscale neighborhood. We watched as people drove by in horror at the sight of slaughtered, dismembered babies. Many covered their eyes while they drove past us others had their eyes fixed on the pictures with disbelief on their face. The message was delivered.

6:00pm – 8:00pm

The cold and tired caravan arrived at our last stop. The Schlafly Bottle works is a microbrewery in south St. Louis. Tonight it was home to a party, which was put on by NARAL to “celebrate 31 years of reproductive choice”. We got into position at both entrances to the parking lot and began to greet the guests as they arrived. Some of the first guests were local police officers who were called as soon as we arrived, Praise The Lord, they were respectful and supported our right to expose the evil that is abortion. We saw many familiar faces, deathscorts from planned parenthood and hope clinic in nearby Granite City, IL. They pointed at us when they arrived with a look of “Oh No, they're here” on their faces. We stood in the darkness and shined the light of Jesus to expose their little celebration of evil and deception. The Gospel carried across that parking lot and there was no doubt that Jesus Christ was speaking through the remnant that stood tall on the sidewalk on that cold January night.

Throughout the day it became obvious to us that Jesus was watching over His children as we took the Gospel to the streets. We may have been carrying ugly, gruesome signs but we gave them heaven every step of the way. We Praised Him for keeping us safe and giving us the strength to do His work even though we were unwanted (by the world) what does it matter if we please the world as long as we please Him. AMEN!